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  1. jacobweave1231

    He’s the MVP right now without a doubt.

  2. Love Lol

    I’m at the game right now

  3. Bennybass

    Boyle you gotta stop watching the show and get out quick and hit someone man, come on

  4. Bam Boo

    If you only had one play or game like this in your life, you're a lucky man. This dude has plays like this every week! Better tape up good fellas, there's gonna be a lot of broken ankles in those backfields.

  5. Jefferson Ochoa

    I may or may not have a strong feeling that my Ravens will make it to super bowl...but we'll find out this season

  6. Shadow Wolf

    rematch from the super bowl but this time nick foles isnt their im going with the patriots GET IT DONE...GO PATS

  7. Glen Delgado

    Why Everytime I look for game highlights for da boys it's always the other team's successful plays. This is sports media bias. Fake sports news!

  8. Kwashawn Hart


  9. joe smith

    That was Lamarkable!

  10. Duston Bohannan

    49ers - 52 Cardinals - 17 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Wolf J Gamer

    Donald sounds so different than I thought he would

  12. Henry in NorCal

    Nice drive. Hope the kid continues to improve.

  13. Marcus Harris

    I know it will not happen; however an apology is not enough on how the Panthers played today...ALL tickets should be refunded and no pay dues to the players, coaches, and head office of the Carolina Panthers organization...#keeppounding #weoweittothem

  14. Steve Silvas

    This IDIOT should be Prosecuted For Assault With A DEADLY Weapon!! In The REAL World He'd Be In PRISON Right Now!!

  15. Devin

    And people thought this would be close 😂

  16. Tboy Trey

    This video didnt age well at all

  17. Antonio Garland

    I can only imagine if Vick had a offense tailored to him like this my goodness

  18. mobius one

    please tell me that cat got a good home

  19. Zac

    He's great runner,good passer,the problem is when you call run plays for him instead of last resort scrambles,and i see him bang for extra yards instead of sliding.

  20. Kay6161

    Do the broncos and other teams need a woman coach who can help them through hard times, communicate, teach to team and do what is needed in a time out, nurture and communicate well?????too many coaches have been on multiple teams, time for a women's touch

  21. h s.A

    Better than the 'Highest Paid' running back of the NFL. Easily.

  22. my_soles_clean

    LARMARKABLE!!!!! bro your contribution to the English language will not be forgotten!

  23. PuppetLeo oof

    IM HErE fRoM tHe fUtURe, Falcons are destroying panthers, 29-3

  24. Tara Plock

    You can only compare Lamar Jackson to Michael Jordan.. He is heads and shoulders better than any QB playing right now

  25. bavariasuhl

    good - threw the idiot out the game foreever ...

  26. Broke Swag

    Look how he dropped that shoulder 🥶🥶🥶

  27. MizerisMoney

    Dolphins have gone from a joke to winning games and now at least being kind of fun to watch.

  28. Lor Bmoreflow

    41-7 😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️ some shootout

  29. Porozil


  30. 0 keiji

    Hahaha look at them ravens score u guys totally off

  31. Tina Moore

    Criminal? When somebody come after you, you should be able to defend yourself. And they are not showing what the quarterback did first as often.

  32. Mystic Ace

    Cards: 16 49ers: 31

  33. R b

    It's easy to criticize from the sidelines. These guys are tremendous athletes. The Saints just capitalized off a Buc turnover.

  34. ronald martin sr

    Miles Garrett, you did nothing wrong in defending yourself they only are defending Mason Rudolph who pulled your helmet first they are targeting you because White players can never do anything wrong the (K)orrupt (K)aracter (K)lowns of the NFL are just like the rest of white America only see that they never do wrong, Mason was angry they were losing and was embarrassed he was tackled and tried to take your helmet off it was his anger that provoked you.

  35. R.W. Skinner

    Mom can we buy superbowl 52 DVD No we have it at home Superbowl 52 DVD at home ☝️

  36. Lor Bmoreflow

    Aged so nicely dont fw baltimore

  37. Dustin Platt

    Analysts and "experts" and commentators comparing the Texans to the Ravens all week. How Watson had similar stats and ability to Lamar and how this would be a close game. When are "experts" going to finally admit that the Ravens are legit and Lamar is a MVP contender?

  38. Zane W

    Keep Russelin'

  39. julio Souffront

    Oakland 42 Cinncipoopy 0 Let's go raiders just win baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. lukakalu96

    Thats just not fair. 👀

  41. Bradley Russell

    One of the greatest moments in music. RIP PRINCE

  42. Haden Shoup

    Is it just me or did he say "Lamarkable?" 😂😂😂

    1. Napz Meka

      Hahaha i said the same thing homie haha

    2. joe smith

      Yes it was indeed!

  43. Creig Matom

    Allen suck we need cam

    1. Hanif Martin

      😂😂😂Now they need Cam he is not coming back

  44. Lamont Watts

    The QB should be kick out for kicking at MG

  45. Boltonator SAOMD

    After this touchdown the Jags didn’t do jackshit for the rest of the game. Man that Foles deal was TOTALLY worth it, huh?

  46. snyder Gee

    Everyone that keeps saying Dallas should have won that game is totally forgetting who the QB was on the other side. Green Bay would have got the ball back with almost 5 minutes left and the chances of that bad man Aaron Rodgers doing what he does are pretty damn High

  47. Travis Donald Stanley

    And Captain Kirk has taken command of the Bridge!!!!!!

  48. Bobby Smith

    The falcolns r cursed

  49. Aries Anderson

    These micheal Vick comparisons 👀


    The eagles will win simply because the patriots can stop a good run offense 🤷🏾‍♂️ Fly Eagles Fly 🦅

  51. Mourning Star

    Ladies and gentlemen: The New Way

  52. kassabi 101

    Great now all the kickers will do this

  53. x_GojiraKing5672_x

    Redskins= Garbage

  54. Damien Land

    As a steelers fan this hurts, but damn Jackson is one hell of a player!

  55. Karson Champion

    F**k !!! Of course we lose to the team the beat the Patriots!! (9-1) Now we are 6-4... Texans are still the best though!😉 One heck of a run, not gonna lie (PROPS)

    1. Karson Champion


  56. mrcooldeadly85

    Vick 2.0... Lamar a beast and how the Ravens changed their offense to fit his playing style was genius.

  57. Tyler Butts

    I telling u guys nowwe ending 9 and 7 and were winning this super bowl the Falcons r winning this superbowl

  58. Chris The Commentator

    Spoiler: Ravens destroyed Deshaun and the Texans with ease!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. The Pryor80

    NFL is dictating games. All these new refs are here to carry out there money agendas. Bad calls, no calls, bad spots. Phantom calls. Is it because gambling is legalized? The new replay rule is laughable and makes the NFL and there refs look stupid.

  60. chaosawaits

    0:13 that laugh though

  61. shabong

    53:45 Big F to his balls

  62. Carson Barnes

    Lebron would be a pro-bowl level receiver/TE right this very moment.

  63. Ulm Destroyer 101


  64. e double

    This dude is just killing it every week

  65. Diamond Moore

    They said "Anybody can do that against the Bengals" what's the excuse this week?💀🤡🤣

    1. Original6Productions

      Diamond Moore Man ain’t nobody say that bs. People been recognized his talent since he put the patriots on blast. And besides the bengals are ass

  66. Franko Djordjevic

    Why are we winning?

  67. NINJA Gaming

    Homes need to use his speed

  68. Hatchet Jack

    No Play Slay getting burned quit a bit , and still clucking, SMH Cricket

  69. It doesn't matter who I am...

    What is the crowd chanting at the end? It sounds like they chanting Vick.

    1. Bandz Yolo

      It doesn't matter who I am... MVP

  70. Aquarius N

    Dude is a beast...damn.

  71. Ace Cloak


  72. Margie Farrar


  73. Aarons117

    Who else here trying to feel better about the dolphins in this time of struggle

  74. Curtis 23

    I thought Elway retired


    How many defenders had a chance but really didn't

  76. Humphking

    He sat in that pocket and threw a pretty spiral were only his man could get it.... Pretty good for a running back.

  77. shiv

    just a sad redskins fan passing thru to look back at the only time there was hope for this season

  78. Curtis 23

    They playing good. Lol




      lmao coming to america

  80. Curtis 23

    Get TF outta here Lol.

  81. AfroKenny

    We should have Co-MVPs just like in 03. I know that's an unpopular opinion but Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson are f*ckin up the league.

    1. AfroKenny

      @BananaBro967 The last 2 weeks his teams have lost so CMC is not in the top 2 candidates.

    2. BananaBro967

      AfroKenny no only Lamar and cmc how do u not include him?

  82. 12 PackersFan

    Someone tell him to stop tryharding

    1. Angelo DATRUTH181

      Hater 👊😑

  83. Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC

    Personally I think they're going to blow their 20 and 0 lead. Allen is starting to show his rookie behaviors for sure. And now Our Idiot offensive coordinator runs the ball on 3rd and 7!! Number 72 on offense needs to be fired and Noah Fant can't block worth crap!!

    1. Travis Donald Stanley

      Vikings are looking good now. The Fans are going to get really loud now. 27-23.

  84. 47 til infinity

    Mane i have never been more excited to watch other teams quarterbacks. Mahomes, Lamar, Deshaun, Russell Wilson, and a couple others its so fun

    1. camdog124

      I be saying the same thing

  85. Ángel Cuevas

    Donde ver el partido??

  86. OG lordfrank

    Why does number 80 have the ball behind his back? 😂

  87. Maui Waui

    Someone check on Steve Young didn’t have a heart attack😂😂😂

  88. Martinaholland Holland

    Wilson you’re my best man I ever seen out there bro come on man we got a win still was not games we got to win one game I Wilson you’re my best man I ever seen out there bro come on man we got a win still was not games we got to win one game I already

  89. Connor Reid

    So proud of my ravens

  90. A Warrior of Christ

    Garret who commits a personal-foul, slamming Rudolph to the ground. Then tussles with Rudolph on the ground and while being pulled away by Steeler players, he still holds the face mask of Rudolph, rips it off and hits him over the head with the helmet? He only gets suspended indefinitely, without pay, and suspended from playing postseason games. Garret should be prosecuted for felonious assault, fined and banned from the NFL! Pouncy who punched, Garret, and kicked him in his head should be charged with assault and battery, fined and suspended. Every player that was involved with this brawl should be fined and anyone that is seen throwing punches should receive hefty fines! The hypocrisy of it all with the NFL is that they will suspend and fine players for incidents such as this and they throw a player out of the NFL like Colin Kapernick who takes a knee to protest the inaction of the Justice Department which allows the unprosecuted murders of African Americans and people of color by this nations police departments! What a joke!

  91. Martinaholland Holland

    I’m Percy Harvin and I’m the best

  92. Wheaty2002

    Most iconic onside kicker ever! Perfect execution.

  93. Jarrell Williams

    Hell be released for running this kick back 😞😞😞

    1. Michael Koszowski

      Jarrell Williams. ...lmao !!

    2. Anthony Fashona

      Jarrell Williams LMAOOO

  94. Ronald Johnson


    1. Mike Gambino

      I would've too

  95. Keith Benjamin

    Still not better than the 47 yarder against the bengal that spin move was vicious 🔥 lamar is vick reincarnated 💯

    1. Ayele Diallo Kimoni

      He’s better than Vick. He’s more like Vick’s successor.

    2. Berry Tharp

      Michael Vick is not dead, btw.

  96. Hockey Pelican

    Miami can score a 101 YD return TD. But they still can't tank right...

  97. A Bottle Of Bleach

    Two weeks until all hell breaks loose, mark my words they are going to fight worse next time.

  98. Cash Ferrell

    What the hell im a Texans fan

  99. kevin williams

    Ive seen more qbs get hurt in the pocket getting their arm tapped. Yall have to get out of the hes going to get hurt mindset. Just watch him run.

    1. Muse Ahmaed

      @Demon Love how?

    2. Demon Love

      kevin williams they want him to get hurt

  100. MLE

    33-0 rn you hate you see it 😂 y'all gasin' the texans way too much.