Hi I'm Jason Nash! And welcome to my channel. Some of you may know me from Vine or David Dobrik's vlog, but I'm actually a real person with feelings and emotion. In fact, right now I'm in the laundry room of my building crying behind the water heater and writing this. KIDDING! Oh I love to joke! That's why you're going to want to subscribe to this channel because we laugh laugh and laugh here.
But seriously thank you for subscribing to this channel. I do videos Monday Wednesday and Friday and please leave a comment!

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  1. Gia Nk

    omg nice views

  2. Jess Postma

    Lorraine should definitely have her own channel!

  3. Aryan Lachman

    Nov 1 is my birthday actually

  4. Dennis N.

    Kids got talent

  5. KR

    Not to be dramatic but the way David chews with his mouth open and makes those noises actually makes me want to die

  6. k pal

    Jason lost a lot weight! Good for him !

  7. SuzanF


  8. Austin J

    What episode of David's blog did they actually do the 2x2 thing and see who's bigger

  9. Roy Luna

    Did anyone else notice the bong in the cabinet at 18:54 hahaha at the left corner

  10. Joe khangman

    when jason smashes the printer after hearing his ex wife smash, he explodes the magenta cartridge lmao

  11. Payton Wilson


  12. Angel Buelna

    8:27 Natalie has a hickey on her neck

  13. Sammy Mahieu

    her words of wisdom at 4:20 omfg i LOVE her<3

  14. Doc Roid

    Yeah. As much as I had fun watching this video. This was just a bunch of BS. Jason's entire life is in the vlogs. It's real not that hard to seem impressive after doing even a little bit of research.

  15. Kennedi Oriti

    I like how jeff always gives jason shit for vlogging and in my head I laugh and agree with him yet i get where jason is coming from cause i watch every single one !

  16. R. MoNsTsR

    All they attract is jail bait lol

  17. Shaggyguy2

    in what world is paul rudd mature? hes a child in a mans body, just like david

  18. DMulah3

    Is dirty dom the guy that smelled like a skunk? That would be marijuana. Oh to be young and innocent lol

  19. Talksic

    Todd and chiqi 🤣

  20. Zedd

    after looking at jeffs mom I can confirm no botox

  21. ReDNaX

    Sad to watch this :/ He is so in love

  22. honeymewn

    Lorraine is such an understanding and kind person i have so much love and respect for her!!

  23. Fitriz Danielly

    he won!!!!

  24. eeericaa

    Lorraine is the realest member of the vlog squad

  25. koi_fish

    Ur very wrinkly... ur only 40somerhing

  26. Attalia Monge

    Jason’s mom is so freaking cute man 😭

  27. PrezDub

    David is lazy

  28. Joe khangman

    WOW great prank jason, im dead.

  29. Ducki O

    Jason and Jonah both look really really suave. Jeff looks pretty cute but Jason/Jonah cleaned up looking smooth af.

  30. Clover Johnson

    Hate to say this but Trisha and the pug look a lot alike...lol

  31. Connor Moon

    Net worth includes house and cars and all assets along with income. I can easily see David being worth 7 mil

  32. Jessica Reyes

    Any thoughts on the trisha and gabbi hanna drama lmaooo

  33. Sophie 123

    Why is this video in my recommended? Is USsel trying to tell me something?

  34. Ethan Marincovich

    2:39 Fine ... OK BOOMER

  35. Andrea Gomez

    I love the music in your videos, it’s so chill!! Btw I really like watching your video 😁😁

  36. B1ind B1ake

    In the thumbnail Jason just pulled out some of his ass hair and made David smell it. The bottom left corner was David's reaction.

  37. ᳹suicide ᳹

    I like your hair!

  38. Spllash SZN

    David acts so different when it’s not his vlogs

  39. the big whop

    Exactly one year later

  40. Virdi XXII

    "Boomer is not an age, it's a mindset" Abraham Washington, 1178

  41. sniper prince

    27:20 ty

  42. Zero Tempus

    Blonde hair man... HAHAHAHAHA you’re not a man... HAHAHAHA blonde hair hahahahahaha so funny man have brown hair or black hair manly color hHAHAHAHAHA take that bet you wear axe Ahahha

  43. Nikka Telen

    12:50 he be tryna lowkey flex his watch or smthng

  44. lynettez72

    Lorraine if you start a You Tube channel, I will watch every video, hundo-p. I love you!

  45. EddieGotJokes

    Who’s the girl at 3:30?

  46. Samana k

    Clicked on this for Jeff sos

  47. Langas' Life

    Lorraine is awesome 🤣 Such a kind and funny woman. #mammanash

  48. yully aminati

    She sooo sweetttt😍

  49. julimclemore

    I love how everyone in the group is bisexual

  50. Paper Hallucinations

    “What kind of camera is that? ... of its an iPhone.” And “Im in a stressful situation right now otherwise I’d be much friendlier.” You’re the best Jason ❤️

  51. DaphneGsell

    Never been to Miami but it’s definitely a goal! Looks so much fun!

  52. Jenny Rose

    For those of you looking for the moment Liza whips out her phone to record David winning: 12:28 - 12:31 ish. She’s wearing neon green in the same row as David but next section. :)

  53. Aly Sorlien

    I really want to come see you but I’m to broke ❤️💔💔💔 hit up David see if he’ll help me :(

  54. Ak2 S

    Some times it seems they are forcing their laugh

  55. Doc Roid

    Oh Jeff could slide right into that air hostess no problem. Mile high club baby.

  56. Austin Anderson

    Jason I am such a very huge fan of yours, you are extremely hilarious and I watch your vlogs all the time

  57. Julie White

    Jason starts the engine, wants the sensation but doesn't want to drive.....also me.

  58. Ryan Barry

    her generation created the negative form of gross

  59. Brendan Brown

    Jason I love how real and honest you are about everything. Love you man. They don’t make them like you anymore

  60. Jorge Barajas

    If you make a new intro, I wanna see a compilation of all your characters lol

  61. Sean Adam

    Category: Comedy

  62. Brian Cortez

    Taco Bell is not Mexican

  63. Rjstoner Stone

    I got food poisoning from Tommy Bahamas on the big island

  64. Michael Hittu

    Jason, I knew who you were way before I knew who David was.

  65. emily richards

    Love you Jason Nash & The vlog squad! I have been binge watching everyone's videos. So funny and loving all of you are. keep them coming!

  66. Jessica Aitken

    I watch all these videos and still get wrecked by how fine Jeff is. It does not get old. Unlike someone else we know. 😌 Hahaha I’m just kidding love you Jason and your videos.

  67. Alex Groth

    Carly is clearly the best part of the vlog squad

  68. Mabell 1980

    Love Jeffrey! Wish Daviid wasn't so quiet in this!

  69. Peter’s Channel

    People watch one video and jump to conclusions

  70. Breanna Kanthak

    Lorraine needs to start a USsel channel!! That would be amazing!! ❤️❤️

  71. leannelynne

    East-Coast David .. Well they were married once so this can be legit XD

  72. Michelle Adamik

    I would love it if your Mom started a USsel channel, she’s so interesting and funny.

  73. Angel Pantoja

    Jason meets vardan vlog? 😂😂😂

  74. Harley Ramsey

    This makes me love Lorraine even more! 🖤🖤🖤

  75. MrRed4561

    I would cook these guys

  76. fitty smalls

    Ahhh this is so wild to watch now 😩😩❤️❤️

  77. Davis Kelley

    Jason tell david to Give her sexy ass a raise! That shit looked 🔥

  78. Ally B

    Momma nash ❤

  79. Macauley Gaunt

    David thinks he's amazing. He's like an annoy rich kid in school everyone hates

  80. marcustanner100

    Jason Nash, I love your mother and your adorable kids!! I'm 25 with an ex wife and 3 kids! I relate to you so much!

  81. Jenna Dapcic

    Lorraine, you brighten my day every time! I love when you talked about millennials and parenting and how if your parents don't like you its a reflection of themselves. As a 24 year old girl who doesn't speak to her mom or have grandparents, it means so much to me to hear that and is a perfect example as to why I will always watch Jason's videos with you! 💕💕

  82. msalierin

    your mom saying hysterical is better than David's laugh.

  83. Juli Faye Silo vlog

    Wow nice Gucci me too I hope I receive this coming Christmas 🥰😇😍

  84. g_arner

    “You get the small size?”😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Slippinsteve

    I think Jeff put 87 grade gas in a lambo

  86. David Cota

    Taco Bell is not Mexican food Mexican people like it but it’s a disgrace to Mexican food

  87. Ttyyllaa Grey

    I love Lorraine!!!!💖💖💖

  88. Mrs. V

    I love this so much, Jason's a great guy

  89. Mon Forster

    I don’t think Jeff was offended about it being a jail joke. As someone pointed out, he still makes those jokes himself on his channel. I think he just didn’t smile because it was more of a backhanded compliment rather than a joke

  90. K B

    She’s crazy than a soup sandwich

  91. Dzhadin Styuart

    Who else is here from David dobrik's channel

  92. Cassatee

    GUYS I seriously thought his outro song sang “david I need you” “when will you be over” but then I looked up the real song and was totally wrong 😂😂

  93. JavaMcBurger

    Anyone else confused at 11:05 is Matt marrying Erin?

  94. Anu Kachhap

    11:26 They were bought for Wyatt but you can have them. Most dad thing ever

  95. 710 K

    3:30 ok boomer

  96. jennifer Loy fairhurst

    You always need your mum/dad to be your mum/dad, you can have loads of friends but only one Mum/dad 🤔

  97. Sksksksk Sk

    What did you do Jason