Hi I'm Jason Nash! And welcome to my channel. Some of you may know me from Vine or David Dobrik's vlog, but I'm actually a real person with feelings and emotion. In fact, right now I'm in the laundry room of my building crying behind the water heater and writing this. KIDDING! Oh I love to joke! That's why you're going to want to subscribe to this channel because we laugh laugh and laugh here.
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  1. Paola Flores-Fuentes

    y'all this is hilarious.

  2. justina belluomini

    In usa they learn geography sooo different

  3. minaxi mehta

    U should decrease the time to 5-7mins. Its easier that way..

  4. justina belluomini

    Can’t believe he said Latin is the most talked language in South America

  5. justina belluomini

    The primary colors are red, blue and yellow

  6. Sandeep Unni


  7. Natalia Terrenas

    That is also my dream Can you help me meet Addison

  8. Gers central

    Let’s get him to 3M

  9. Marissa Riley

    I mean, how hard was it to say, “we’re looking for a funny caption for this cartoon” 😂

  10. Zach Schmitt

    I enjoyed Geocashing

  11. Tanea Bree

    You were so good to her wtf 🥺

  12. Macrina Covarrubias

    All the girls runing to one spot Jason: JUSTIN BIEBER!!

  13. Jordan Kingdom

    Trisha just kills the whole mood because she is so damn needy

  14. Ashely Santibanez

    Charli damelio chase Hudson Alex warren

  15. DarkDiabloMash9

    that tuna melt looks disgusting

  16. Purple Cinnamon

    Getting him Manscaped was a great gift my husband bought himself one with a travel bag and he just loves it❕❗

  17. Dave Rollins

    47 wow you are a Pup dude wait till you are 57 like me lol and you make me feel old !

  18. Niki C.G

    JESUS JASON!! That laugh!! Shit!

  19. Kaan - Agario


  20. Logan Cormier

    I really want to meet her to

  21. Danni Marie

    The whole time he's stocking the fridge... David does not move lol

  22. Iced Tea

    The game isn’t free :(

  23. Alec

    “Lets add Challenge and Vlog Squad in the title to get more clicks!”

  24. Kristy Pacheco

    I just saw a wild dead hog on the side of my property :|

  25. Andrea Andrade

    The vibes at 8:37 was exactly like “ so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift “

  26. K S

    I had a dream about #jeffwittek last night... 🤤😘

  27. It’s just Tate Morris

    7m people have watched this and no subbed

  28. Pero Perić

    I've got sudden craving for visiting some sites.

  29. Addys Ossiris Ramirez

    Nada más mire la sonria y dije addison

  30. Valentina Lopez

    I love how this was posted on my birthday

  31. lazy ZOCKER

    Do it again jason

  32. Vanessa Gonzalez

    Lmao this was a good one! Even Jonah was 😆

  33. Boo Radley

    Matt’s shorts are so short, I think I saw his balls slip out for a second

  34. Nora Long

    Hahahhhahhaha Nolan looked so confused at Carly being a bitch to Jason love him

  35. Tayler Newman

    Jeff and Jonah in this are so unfunny that it’s hilarious. (Also if anybody hasn’t listened to jason on Matt’s podcast I recommend it highly)

  36. Brogan Verishine

    Uuuuh I want to do this uuuh because I want views love you Jason lol

  37. Emma Avila

    I ride horse’s everyday and people say it’s not a sport and it’s easy that is not true

  38. nice.set.of.tupperware

    All I wanna know is how tf does the lie detector guy not laugh or show any emotions EVER?!

  39. nice.set.of.tupperware

    I'm so sorry but David sits in his car like a lesbian lmaooo

  40. Manish Mehta

    I want to meet jojo siwa I will cry💖🌈💞💄💕❤️😍🐼

  41. Paola

    Jonas’ legs look like the color of his shirt.

  42. Alpha

    this acting is worse then the acting in porn

  43. Shree Gajaralwar

    Zayn turned into a 8 yr old and enjoyed the most out of all the ppl. Love Zayn forever♥️

  44. Terri

    Cringe 😬

  45. Noob Xxxx

    I wish i was her but I’m happy for her

  46. Gabe Medina

    hqhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahajhahah chill out

  47. Gabe Medina

    Dont forget a couple of us fans really really understand and get you as a person B great bigman

  48. jake blacketor

    I was so confused this entire video

  49. Amna Farshori

    more vlogsquad who said it!!!

  50. Keanarah Soekandar

    No offence j but wtf happend to you hair btw I love you

  51. Bob M

    The guy crawling into the bar "I'm so thirsty I could lick the sweat off a cows balls". From inside the bar the man hears "Moo moo big fella"!

  52. MattyB 0209

    Love Jason. The laugh, not so much 😁

  53. Ava S

    Dang I thought i was decent at riding and then I see them and be like nope never mind i’m never gonna be good aha

  54. McKenna Park

    Mike and Matt were so good at this

  55. II- Drxpy- -II

    I wish Charli was in this video

  56. Dank Flamingo

    Is David’s video deleted. Can’t find it

  57. zoha


  58. Mike Coxlong

    Intro is so cringey

  59. Joe 123

    10:30 the doctor could be saying "we have bad news we're going to have to eat you"

  60. Mol Hill

    I’m confused, can someone please explain social distancing? Is social distancing not a think in America?

  61. Heet Jatania

    Don't forget Nick (Jonah) was highschool quarter back.

  62. Ynnckx

    Jeff got the same hair as that horny elefant from ice age

  63. erie bby

    Jonah is hilarious

  64. Joe 123

    8:10 like jeff said maybe he's watching p*** and the other dog is his girl and he's just been caught and he's like what are doing back I thought you was out while trying to turn the computer off real quick and she's like what are you doing? And he's like what was I doing? Nothing you know just chilling bored what's on the computer nothing I was just on Twitter I swear EDIT: I know your supposed to just say one thing one of them is saying but I thought it would be funnier to paint the whole scene

  65. Julian D'León

    I hate Jonah

  66. Keith Sweet

    Ugh it's corona joe

  67. SBee

    Is Dimma or however you spell it still Jason’s assistant?

  68. The Mexican G

    Right when Zane shit himself I did too litteraly

  69. Lyova Merkle

    May 23rd right Jason we have the same birthday

  70. Mikey

    Imagine staying in the top floor of a house and another family at the bottom.. "HEY WE COOKING CHICKEN FOR DINNER YOU WANT SOME??" "NAH BRO WE GOT OUR OWN BBQ"

  71. Jose Alvarado


  72. ErinChoko

    Her: *Gets Addison For their birthday* Me: *Gets a small birthday party from my family at home* But I don’t want to offend my parents. I appreciate their love and I am proud to say they are my parents. I love my parents no matter what ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🦋🌸💫

  73. VOdOxGaMiNg GL

    Lolz The Dog is literally jason

  74. Im Fluxx

    Dont feel bad man, I graduated 2 months early so I have no complaints.

  75. Deane Murray

    Jason never deserved her. He was to good for her and still is. She cries on her kitchen floor for views and exposes people who have nothing to expose. She is a b****.

  76. jessica kelm


  77. That Metal Chick

    Cuz everyrone wants to go to Slovakia, David. lol!!!

  78. Skyler Switzer

    Loved this vid!! Hope you all had a great time ! Sending love ♥️

  79. Aaron Harper

    That chick was babe till she removed the mask 😅

  80. Kate Velez

    Also DUKE!! <3 so cute

  81. Kate Velez

    Wyatt's office joke 10/10 love those kiddos!

  82. Bart Simpsonn

    the last guy roasting him...

  83. That Metal Chick

    Dude I miss this threesome! Golden age of youtube!

  84. ANYPC

    Who else is starting to notice that Jason's channel is as good as David's channel

  85. syifa arka

    i like the intro

  86. soinu foig

    Jason’s hair cut is looking like joe exotics 😂

  87. I BEesh Xxxx

    Corinna’s dog is a whole mood lmao

  88. Michael Band

    Ohhh there’s 2 shortstops

  89. amber snell

    1:17 the way david looks at natalie

  90. Susan Steele-Simonians

    Jason, Happy Birthday!!!! Remember the "Best is yet to come." Wish you your best year yet.

  91. Nicholas Rich

    Am I the only one who can't find a hoot and a half?

  92. That Metal Chick

    We have USsel and food in common. Oh and sex. Great companion

  93. Tanea Bree

    *you should share with me* help , I miss them

  94. carl weezer

    Am I the only one who loves Jason's intro😂

  95. AffableAussie

    What happened to Jonah's weight loss videos?

  96. Joel Aldana

    Is it me or jason loooks real strong?

  97. pia adapwar

    14:50 why I am clearly hearing 'david'

  98. I BEesh Xxxx

    Momma Nash bro 🥰💪🏾🙌🏾

  99. Kieran Chong

    I suddenly feel super sad and sorry for Jonah