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  1. AL

    I’m still waiting for the McLaren series Where is the 650 S, 675LT, 720s. So many Ferrari Porsche and Lamborghini but only 4 Mclaren

  2. your real dad

    If only they would fix the driving physics so that guardrail riders weren't the fastest around most tracks. You seem to get penalized for great driving in this game.

  3. Old Man Chip plays.......

    The nerf to ND was too hard. You should just have changes the cooldown time of it.

  4. Eli McCarthy

    I really love that Ubisoft has brought assassins creed 3 and liberation to switch. I thoroughly enjoyed them both and I get impressed every time I put one in portable mode it’s mind blowing we can do this now. A lot of people wanted 4 on switch and Ubisoft listened and we got it. So far looks good I’m really excited to play this when it comes out. Originally played it on wii u lol. I’m playing all the ac games in order and it turns out this one is next once I finish liberation so I don’t have to play the wii u version again lol

  5. wtpro 69

    Next uptate, lamborghini gallardo 2004🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. dotGlitch

    Dev Team: so how futuristic and unrealistic will wamai's gadget be?. Ubisoft: Yes.

  7. Paul Ricciardi

    I just read an article how this game had one of the top 10 player drop offs of all time. I can't believe how much content ubisoft puts out for a game that no one plays. I hope they do the same for Breakpoint. From what I hear I'm one of the few players playing and enjoying it.

  8. حمود العريفي

    We need charger SRT8 Hellcat and trackhawk

  9. kevin dotson99

    Is this s*** out yet I got on the division 2 yesterday and it look like they change some stuff but I didn't see any new story missions

  10. SharkVids Yt


  11. Lee Jones

    Anyone with an explosive resistance build has no issue with negotiator. Out of all the things that’s wrong with the game you choose to nerf that. Very disappointing. This game feels like you work too hard for unfulfilling rewards that will get nerfed a month later. I been playing since the private beta. Think I’m going back to division 1.

  12. Jasmin Wodarczyk

    Does anyone know where the screenshot in 1:08 was taken?

  13. Torva Messorem

    Waiting for the Zhanhu buffs, ubi. Kinda bad hero. Would appreciate opener and speed buff on unblockable light and zone attack. Damage buff on dodge attacks would be nice too. 5050 where I either dish out 14dmg or eat 35dmg if parried really isn't worth the risk. And i-frames on it please.

    1. Sentinelle 7274

      Torva Messorem 😂😂😂

  14. Blockbuster Video


  15. The Commentary Authority

    The entitlement in here is strong.

  16. Neiji Lee

    If a fire bolt gets reset it should not turn friendly fire on

  17. Raccoon Gaming Department

    Rabbids are wrongfully hated and highly underrated.

  18. manyIsOne

    All ps4 servers are bad, pvp, conflict, dark zone, why do you separate server potentails? That is killing this game. Lag, latency de-sync etc need I say more, tu6 was good week one now the game is just a non performing jumbled mess..

  19. 076 runner

    Worst update yet

  20. Matt 55

    A rabbid saying "start the car" is a significant part of rabbids history for me

  21. MrGullisYT

    sooo day 1 nerf?

  22. Ash Maree

    Looks repetitive and boring, imo.

  23. xBraVex

    So we waited over half a year for some flashy lights and tyres? Yikes

  24. Micheal Myers

    Ubi what happened to cents rework

  25. RS Player

    Do a big battle arena in the city of Lisbon,in Portugal.

  26. hi bye

    Who's here after bosg acog was added?

  27. hi bye

    Thonks for the bosg acog

  28. Sotgar

    Which channel do I have to follow to see those gameplay streams they keep mentioning? Sounds interesting to me, but I cant find them

  29. leader of the 3rd reich

    He looks like my geography teacher

  30. noobo_plays_ hd

    Supra ?

  31. Jebfrombritain

    Idk how to feel about this also what’s with the peach

  32. Faraaz Salim

    Want mazda 4 rotor, ferrari 2004 f1 lexus lfa etc ...accurate sound . 😍

  33. HG504

    *Laughs in Horizon 4*

  34. GoodGamerGabbs / GGgabbs


  35. Luke Traver

    So when ever this game finally comes out if it sells good and we get a number 3 will we be playing as jade in it and to be honest with you I’m still super confused what this game is is it a action adventure game where we are taking pictures of animals again like the first games or it it something else

  36. Joe Ballarino

    Rename SOTG to "The Division Weekly" which could include anything - bugs, new content, events, dev insight, etc.. leaves it open, but gives us a weekly touch with you guys so we know you're there and working for us..

    1. Joe Ballarino

      And there's no need to have a time limit.. it could 30 minutes or 3 hours, who cares..

  37. Ghastmen

    The last one is the best xd

  38. ฝรั่งGamer

    i feel like the sniper should be a defender for spawn kills and peeking

  39. Maximilian Peters

    Welcome to Halo Siege ... gg Ubi gg ...

  40. Yoda 592

    All my exotic I keep getting or 290 and don't do anything how do I increase power level to those weapons and armour

  41. Nickkyyy 6

    A saw a rabbid bleed how should I feel?

  42. Chewy67541 Gamer

    Please fix toy soldiers wasted most of my money

  43. Gökmen yıldız

    Please add e46 m3 or e30 m3

  44. Ruby

    Why does the Explosm one looks like something out of Cyanide of Happiness?

    1. Ruby

      I see

    2. Matt 55

      @ExplosmEntertainment Good job on your short! I loved it!

    3. ExplosmEntertainment

      Because we make Cyanide & Happiness.


    I miss rayman :(

  46. Infirna

    I hate this

  47. JDM Racing King

    I like the music ...and the RX8

  48. Father Fruit

    overpowered overpowered overpowered

  49. walter moran

    Well time to re install the game

  50. Jeff

    I love how this is just a parody of “love, death and robots”.

  51. Andrew Murczek

    FIX SIG 716 !!!!! .... FIX REFLEX SIGHT +20% Critical Range ... OMG ...

  52. Kelvin Pérez Sánchez

    No new guns for The Kenyan guy? Wow

  53. Creeper6677

    Amazing Stuff. ( Random Rabbids are very Surprising. )

  54. Costlier Cart

    So they added the AWP...

  55. J. Smith


  56. J. Cooper

    This reminds me of GTA series but lot more better.

  57. Behzad bz

    Ummmmmmmmmm, how is this an elite skin??????? What's so elite about this? Looks like he just grabbed the first shirt and pants he could find lol

  58. asalas salas

    More hunters!!! Put them on kenly college that thing need more work its boring

  59. Λάμπης Φιλιππής

    Wow this is how we look in the eyes of them!

  60. Wessel Romijn

    What song is this

  61. 13HollowS

    Mala Ultra Adsunt ⚔️

  62. Adheesh B

    I'll take one optimization station with a side order of pvp.

    1. Kyro Pickett

      Adheesh B agreed 💯💯💯

    2. Old Man Chip plays.......

      Heir heir

  63. greedysheldon 12


  64. greedysheldon 12

    5:47 how to get enemy's banned

  65. Luca Benaglia

    Songs: One More Lonely Night - Devine King & Levine Recognition - Frank | Elder | Clacey

  66. Jackson Arreola

    Give nokk mp7 with acog plzz

  67. Crusada

    New Operartor: V2 Rocket

  68. Michael Sloan

    I'm still waiting for the right content. I stopped playing and hate the clunky skills it has now. I still watch sotg just waiting for a fix that will really make sense. I love the electronics but when they removed the sticky bomb with the chem launcher that no one ever uses at all other then the heal. The hive is trash no shield builds no alts. Ruined

  69. Brandon Painkiller

    You did not even try to dance

  70. Brandon Painkiller

    You all sucks you can't dance and the guy who dance wow you did really bad

  71. newsonomamashine

    You shuld nerf seekers, skill builds are fine, but, i´m tired of mediocre players joining PVE groups being pretentious about their damage and abilities when all they do is stay in cover just pressing a button once and letting the game do all the work, seeker explosive builds are just broken, one of the worst features implemented in the game so far.

  72. Marwin Sevrin

    Kali is to overpowered... and unbalanced

  73. Ivan Gomez

    update 6 has been awesome. Looking forward to seeing the back of the scene stuff. Keep up the Grind and I'll stay on mine

  74. RealCity X

    If massive spent as much time fixing the game as they do bullshitting the community, players would actually have the game we paid for ..... you assholes!

  75. RealCity X

    Lmao bcs more players are playing division 1 than there are playing division 2 hmmmmmm?

  76. 阿斯蒂芬的;覅啦都送牌覅和奥德赛;发货阿里;送到附近;阿里山扩大发货啊;数量大幅恐慌阿斯兰的;副科级阿斯兰的;副科级啊是的看法了解卡洛斯附近;啊顺利打开附件阿斯兰的;开发联发科加啊四;豆腐块叫阿斯蒂芬;咯卡视角的分厘卡电视机发;lads看风景;阿里山的咖啡机;啊撒旦立刻反击;啊顺利打开附件;啊撒旦立刻反击啊;谁的离开房间阿斯顿;弗兰克急啊但是;分厘卡是;锻炼腹肌阿三;来对付恐惧;啊顺利打开附件啊;顺利打开附件阿斯顿;封口令家啊大师傅立刻吉阿达是否;绿卡决定是否;啦扩大解放;啊顺利打开附件啊;谁的离开房间啊;是的风口浪尖阿三;灯笼裤飞机啊;商量对付恐惧啊;顺利打开附件啊收到了;看风景;啊离开的飞机;lads会计法;道路喀什减肥阿克苏的法律;啊是独立访客绝对是就阿喀琉斯的; 发了看到就撒娇考试的浪费; 来的恺撒奖是大款废了;地方恺撒奖扫地机宽幅来;独立声卡技术的jfk到了;阿联肯定是凤姐角度看撒了;但是分厘卡flk基督教撒开了;阿斯蒂芬就放假啊圣诞快乐发ja;受到法律空间asd;发链接阿斯蒂芬了;叫阿斯蒂芬;恋爱时代恋爱时代sdfj;哦爱上对方哦啊但似乎佛爬山发货跑速度发货i;啊哦司法还跑额我付给啊额是废话奥额ufhoa;额我覅和;阿瑟飞机;哦啊欸发货很很aewfiph'aefja;sfjl;asdkfj;alsdkfj;lasdjflkadsjfhaiosufgpaoweifhpoah

    Can you add a Singapore operator already?

  77. Yolli Boolka

    0:16 Meat Dept 2:59 Explosm 4:44 Kanaban 6:20 Souviens Ten-Zan 8:25 Stoopid Buddies 9:48 Mostapes 11:35 Machinima 13:15 Hierro Animacion 15:01 Fanworks 16:42 Rabbids Invasion Team

    1. mikethenoob offical

      Thank you!!!

  78. Alice Smith

    squints throughout the whole thing looking for rayman

  79. Harry Book

    I really really enjoy this!

  80. RealCity X

    Hey playing division one and having more fun...also that rhymes.....but seriously I put the game in and I'm having a blast but when I play division 2 I feel over worked if that makes sense......sorry that's all the feed back I have but tbh I'm ashamed I paid 120$ for the division 2 massive.... you guys are assholes!

  81. DarkZX

    GOOD !!!

  82. MasterDaniel

    0:33 Fockin' ell'*

  83. West42nd Sweatys

    All dislike uses negotiater dilemma 😂 trash build

    1. Lee Jones

      West42nd Sweatys I don’t use negotiator and I been made a counter build with 90% explosive resistance and 100% haz protection. Wasn’t hard and negotiator can’t kill me. I dislike all nerfs. Why implement something and then nerf it a month later. Shows they don’t know what their doing.

  84. Raykid

    This was amazing! My favorite shorts have to be: ''Artificial Stupidity'' and the one made by Stoopid Buddies.

  85. SolarFarle

    Some shorts were good. some were a bit uncomfortable to watch.

  86. Anthony Roberts Magic

    we want survival mode

  87. danmoz33

    Give the players the game modes they want . SURVIVAL. Or they just won't play the game anymore

  88. DavijoMan

    Kind of glad this is most likely being pushed into the next gen. The little gameplay shown so far looked far too ambitious for current gen to handle!

  89. Fenrir10

    What about the Division 2 Vertical Grip bug(its gone, cant craft it, even when you done the Projekt)?

  90. Dragon

    BUGATTI VEYRON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????!!???

  91. danmoz33

    Npc's are getting suck behind doors at spawn locations when agents are killing them as they are spawning. It's no specific place. If your going to change a gearset for pvp don't change it for pve. It further divides pve and pvp players. Plus what is unfair is changing the strength of builds or npc's and not resetting the leader boards as some times won't be attainable anymore if you buff the npc's or nurf the builds

  92. rusty Squeezbox

    A 1970 chevelle ss 1987 grand national and a 1987 5.0 mustang would be great ubisoft

  93. Juani Arbios


  94. santtu prkl

    no new bikes what a shame

  95. Davis Azizian

    What are the other 12 cars that came?

  96. DamazViccar

    We never got that song. :/

  97. Tyler Lady

    No way the new attacker doesn’t get banned lol

  98. Tuku Giano

    Since when is this game Rocket League?

  99. Death Snow

    fix your game first my game still gets lag and crashes like ever 5 minats

    1. Joshu - Bass