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  1. luke cage

    It is an awesome game welldone

  2. Salty Storm ツ

    Rainbow Six Royale

  3. Marcoult Rudy

    la vache !!! aucun effort sur l'accent anglais ^^

  4. Hans Pitt

    I swear to god if you guys rework house I will kill myself. I’ve spent like 50 hours with the boys on house and I can’t live without ti


    mira and cav😍

  6. SoKoL

    french accent /20

  7. TiTho

    the game gets more and more ridicolous unrealistic when will there be a siege game which is REALISTIC

  8. memory10031993

    5:04 Pulse: dafuq mira that was me in there 1v5 till the end a fucking thank you would be nice.

  9. Paritosh Deshpande

    13:37 can you impact trick Chalet Garage?

  10. Golden Ghost Gavin

    Petition to put the Negotiator in the game

  11. Chris Benson

    I’m sure if you had any competent teammates on casual or ranked, you’d still be able to take down Oryx before he Kool-Aid Man’d your Monty.

  12. NekoMikoYe

    Bro I love how in game they filled the stadium with people who asked to keep broken hit boxes

  13. Jack

    In all reality, a PMC group based in international waters is JUST the stupidest idea. Long-range missiles exist and nobody bats an eyes when you kill mercs that aren’t affiliated with a country. People barely care when they are.

  14. Solid Tense

    Cav just staring at the camera killed me

  15. CouscousKingpin

    Petition to get The Negotiator in to Rainbow Six: Siege; like to sign.

  16. TiTho

    blitz is still broken and can get shot through the shield....rework BLITZ

  17. *gasp*


  18. Abo chicho ابوً جيجو

    Thise two New careckter will destroy this game

  19. Nuts8

    Someone please explain to me if there's even a reason to bash through a wall if it damages you? Kinda seems like bashing through a wall would not only take 10 hp but fuckin expose you and let you get blasted instantly.

  20. FireFallGaming

    “There’s always next year.” Have you seen Tachanka now?!

  21. Shawl Tahir

    There's always next year Next year: Fuze kills the whole arena.

  22. Mert Adatepe

    Ubisoft: How do we make this game better? Us:Rainbow Six Siege E3 2014

  23. Theodoros Korales

    YOOO MORE OF THOSE. Pls one more there defenders wins

  24. Dads Homemade Clam Chowder

    Hey I have an idea how about you dont change house and just make a new map :D

  25. Alex Alcaraz

    The highest ranks get drafted to ww3

  26. Fire Pitch

    I don't play this game or understand much machanics,... But that dude really just threw that match by pulling what we call a pro simp move lmao

  27. Minino Is hΞrΞ

    why is ela pro league set in the thumbnail, why you guys at ubi keep reminding me i made a bad decision for not buying it, WHY

  28. Spastic Gnome

    1. Destruction me: plays sledge to destroy garage doors

  29. Dániel Baráth

    The amount of french accent gives me AC Unity flashbacks.

  30. Carmar4

    Tachanka shouldve been there and done a full team wipe change my mind

  31. Bateen Kazm

    This game is pretty cool

  32. Radin Farzaneh

    Doc is in love with mira 4:56

  33. Hitsuran

    I would prefer if you let us buy one from event packs instead of this . And when will we get proper Military elite again? Would be cool if every operator had 2 elites one more military and serious(not freaking retro) and other cringy tumblr or overwatch like . You would make more money and made everyone happy.

  34. TheR6BeatBoxer [DW]

    Make a actual movie honestly

  35. Grant M.

    Ubisoft: “ok we need to keep his game fresh and realistic. Anyone have any ideas Employee: how about we add someone with superpowers? Ubisoft: GENIUS

  36. Cart0onz Jr

    favorite cinematic of all time

  37. chiyosake

    First it was Giorno Giovanna’s weapon charm, now it’s a Lara Croft-Ash Elite skin.

  38. Starkiller Ren

    It like Star Wars battlefront 2

  39. Prophet of regret

    I got into the rainbow six franchise with raven shield.

  40. Nathanael

    *busts through wall* Oryx: OH YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH

  41. Just some martian with internet

    Will glaz hit registration be fixed?

  42. Arkiarmor

    Defenders shoulda had lord tachanka

  43. Mimiskou973

    And we are still waiting for rainbow quarantine... 😂

  44. Febrez Christ

    Why can't we still deploy on a helicopter :'( It's not fair man, I've been waiting for that feature since the launch and it never came out. Ubi Pls

  45. Tyson J

    Pick and choose hero’s Thinks about overwatch

  46. MyNameIsNotJan

    I wish they have the Lord a unicycle

  47. ImLagg

    Cav < Spookie bitch

  48. MyNameIsSalem394

    Harry was already in greece for the tournament

  49. Chris Benson

    My man Blitz looking like an scuffed up HD Prince Charming from Shrek 2. And Mira’s voice is unprocessed silk but it’s still smooth.

  50. Nhật ký của mẹ - Henryhanado - Family exploring

    Oryx in a nutshell “oh yeah”

  51. germane1995

    Good job on that cinematic!

  52. Lucas lupoldi


  53. Somenew

    delet dis

  54. Lo vro

    i didn't know i was gay for sledge untill i played rainbow six..

  55. LuzuVlogs Gamer

    ORYX Should be ATTACKER! Change my mind!

  56. Felix Blaksley

    Where is cross play between consoles?

  57. Lovingcanadian CAN

    When the last short movi3 came out with thatcher i wondered what happened to 6 now we Henry

  58. Keiran Gray

    Operation health

  59. tehillah zimba

    When sledge getting a master chief elite skin ?? Ubi baby please make it happen

  60. Chowkiebenene ————

    An attachment overhaul would be nice. At least give suppressor a valuable function

  61. Julius Kaiser

    Petition to add The Negotiator to the Game

  62. Ladislav Červinka

    I really need to have there "Not my ancestor" thing. :o

  63. Dwayne Johnson

    You didn't lose...you just get second place...i guess that's much better than nothing...

  64. Mikey The Gamerman

    Hey it’s Chloe from uncharted the lost legacy

  65. Keiran Gray

    RIP Jägers and Bandits ACOG

  66. Josiah Llanos

    We need a Trini operator in Rainbow Six Siege

  67. Andres Felipe Serrano Serrano

    4:12 Best operator ver xD

  68. Enma

    please stop the updates this will go wrong

  69. Sh4n3Pla6u3o4

    Ubisoft: How do I make this game more realistic? Meanwhile Ash's hitbox

  70. Koala Lover

    Caverns was banned multiple times... I can see why now.

  71. BudGaming 101

    90% of the comments There is always next year

  72. que johnson

    Best animation of 2020!!!!!!!!!

  73. clete pillow07

    So they added Kool aid man?

  74. woober

    They might as well make a whole movie

  75. Filip Jęcz

    I have to say, this is the coolest interpretation of an Online game that I ever seen. The stadium map, the audience... This has sooo much potential for a miniseries.

  76. TheArmyScoutSniper

    So..other than cav nearly choking out thatch...I'm pretty sure this confirmed pulse and hibana were or are a thing

  77. SaltyMantis266

    I feel bad for Pulse cuz he almost aced and clutched.

  78. nat sauce

    That would be a really cool tournament to actually watch in a stadium

  79. keep scrolling


  80. Ryan deM

    Give buck an elite skin. I’ve been waiting years for his elite but y’all decide to give ash her second fucking elite skin? So stupid

  81. Shawl Tahir

    Imagining if siege was respawn enabled is bone chilling.

  82. xJigsawJayx

    Anyone else wants siege film ?

  83. Kingsley Mak

    we need new guns!!! Guns, lots of guns!

  84. Refresher_12

    Is it me or does Pulse sound different than usual? 3:51

  85. Crip Battle Brother Mortalis

    "There is always a Next year" Next year: *Happens*

  86. Piggy The Ninja YT

    If tachanka isnt in the next S.I event then im not playing

  87. Albertini 1

    the last aspect was interesting, choosing your attacking operator after the prep phase would make so much more sense!

  88. Gerrik Labra

    In my book defenders won by tactics, attackers won by plot

  89. Slim

    it confuses me on how people were skeptical of no respawns bc like CSGO was really popular back in 2014-2015

  90. Juneao Alfred

    i played Tombraider since Camilia luddington as a model so thse R6 LaraCroft is a mess.

  91. Charming Owl

    While it's good the Rainbow franchise has taken off since the day's of Vegas and Ghost Recon, it's concerning to see that the game may very well deviate largely from what made it popular/sustainable to begin with. Hopefully they can focus on revamping what they have and ground it in reality versus trying to just be another arcade shooter for the masses.

  92. LostRider16

    Please add an arcade mode with original ops without their nerfs

  93. fatal nightcore

    id really like their last idea of the adaptability of the prep phase. If what they are aiming at is being able to switch your attack ops during the prep phase I feel like that would make the game much more attack-oriented rather then balanced. By picking an operator before the game you commit and try to adapt your own operator to the situation, not switch to something that is more viable in a scenario. By switching operators during the prep phase the defense is already at a disadvantage because you pick your new attack op based on what their weakness is. That's not fun as defense will have a much much harder time defending against operators that counter them. If what they are aiming for is adaptability then they should just keep the prep phase as it is.

  94. Ebrow

    Human eyes can only see 4 gb of ram

  95. ALJ Gaming

    Blitz is the hype man lol

  96. Brandon Gutierrez

    6 decisions that made siege gay: 1. Removing a cog from bandit and ash for no reason.

  97. PoofyPanda

    I barely understood half of this video

  98. alfred algeo

    Looks amazing, shame I couldn't play, Ubisoft decided that the players in the middle east don't matter 🤷🏼‍♂️

  99. greaf


  100. SublimeTime3 B

    Is this in public testing?