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  1. guccinder singh

    This is how motorola stays unique yet original

  2. Nasir Qureshi

    Dude those stitches marks on your hand........

  3. Maltinis

    i wish someone would make a small smartphone like the original iphone

  4. Edgar juanes

    Can you use these for a ps4 mic?

  5. Sket CZ

    Low specs and very high price because we can flip it????? NO

  6. Paula Tristan

    Wow the "hand gestures" of it all. What's up with that🤔.. @ 0.15 - 0.19

  7. Michael Moya

    For 1,500 it's not worth it, they didn't put the best snapdragon and they couldn't put 8 ram perhaps no complaints, but they could have put higher megapixels in the selfie camera, along with a bigger battery

  8. Vladimir Peter

    why don't they just hire Marques Brownlee in phone design teams to go "NOPE NOPE YES OH YES NO NO YES GREAT" during the PRE-PRODUCTION stage!.

  9. alissandra333

    Too expensive for the specs. Plus I'd have to be concerned about protecting the outside screen too.

  10. Bryan Harris

    I'm cool with the performance compromises in exchange for the practicality. However, the price is about 50% higher than I feel it's worth. I was hoping for the $900 - $1100 range. But, perhaps there's something about the manufacturing process that I'm taking for granted. Speaking of which; did Motorola bring manufacturing back to the U.S. for this? Or, is this coming out of China? If this is homegrown, then I take back what I said about price and will gladly drop 1500 bucks on it.

  11. Głïtčhęd x 3d

    800x600 display LOL Motorola seems desperate.

  12. Daniel Martinez

    I could probably write an entire toilet paper roll with a list of things that I'd rather spend 1500 dollars on than buying that piece of shit phone

  13. Głïtčhęd x 3d

    Again?? The second generation sucked.. what are they going to do next a moto droid 2020?

  14. Varun sawant

    Video calls: am I a joke to you

  15. Viraj Gupta

    best headphones

    1. Viraj Gupta

      $250 headphones

    2. Viraj Gupta

      black friday

    3. Viraj Gupta

      sony beats sennheiser bose jbl

  16. Popcorn for Dinner

    I bet this person is unbearable irl

  17. ascending deity

    I was thinking of getting an old razr tbh But this looks much cooler lol 😂

  18. Willie M

    I had the razr and I want this one also.

  19. Vladimir Peter

    Honestly this phone looks AWESOME... Pretty sure other companies are working on how to copy the shit out of it without getting sued... when I saw the ad I was like WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAH

  20. literallytrash %

    My wallet folded me when I said I wanted to buy this

  21. NoNamesLeftFuk

    I hope cheaper companies develop this fold style because damn. The only thing I've wanted from 2014 is a smaller phone that fits in my pocket. Not thinner, not less notch, not less hp jack, and not quicker charging.

  22. ItsLallerz

    If u just want a fitness watch an on a budget should I go with Fitbit versa 2

  23. V1deo.Hunter.D

    Master of the headphone jack

  24. Colin Glasbergen

    You are very negative🙁😕

  25. Epic Duck productions

    Watching the this on my original Motorola RAZR

  26. Andreas Alex Palm

    Suht norm Nokia 3310

  27. Frederick Andoh

    Good voice

  28. Felix Nope

    Tesla model 3 ✊

  29. Denis TGG

    I wonder what would happen at 7-30

  30. chqara

    Cool <3

  31. chqara

    Cool <3

  32. Waseem Moyideen

    Ugly AF

  33. Ashik Mohammed

    Please review m30s mobile phone

  34. Aleksimoose SoloMUD

    USA is spying too. Edit: United Shits of Asholes.

  35. Factual Fox

    *The part where he folded it and unfolded it to see the behaviour of the bottom of the screen tucking into the 'chin' reminded me of the time Epstein didn't kill himself.*

  36. MD Hossain

    You lucky son of a gun!

  37. Anvar2308

    Who else watching in 2029 on your hologram phones?

  38. Feuer und wasser

    Shut up and take my moneyyyyy!

  39. Ahsan Waseem

    I want a rap battle between you two, now get to it

  40. Laila Khan

    I don’t know why everyone is bashing him and the phone! Bro if you don’t like don’t buy it there are some people who love it ( me) so let them enjoy!

  41. visho89

    I think this design won't work...But this design could be the beginning of better things. This phone is more of a toy or a fashion accessory. Folding designs like the one Samsung and Huawei are doing will work because they are useful. Phone design got to full screen space and thin bezels based on intuitive use. Things got here with time. And now they want to roll back... It might have a niche following if the full outside display is with a very thin battery.

  42. Mobile Legends Fan Page

    I hope there will be Motorola V9 Fold soon, my all time favorite Motorola phone

  43. Kingpin Mario

    It has a 5 mp camera along with that 16 mp rear camera... 😒😒😒 Y say it only has 1 when it clearly has 2.... Misleading the people with that 1

  44. Syed Ibrahin

    There's a humble jerk doing promotion such a big liar

  45. Grizzly Addams

    I'll never buy another Motorola Phone. Two screens broke from one drop each. While my LG's took the same drops repeatedly and the screens are still perfect. Over $150 to repair a single screen... Never again.

  46. MaKc Hall

    I still have my first razor!!!! This is so tempting!!!

  47. Bo Funic

    Miss the volume confi on the pods... what a pitty cause I’m a big fan

  48. Charles Kim

    “That’s what she said” You looked reluctant to say that and just said it cuz it was on script lolol

  49. Le

    Still not worth it.

  50. Rashid Rafi

    19:54 marques proud with himself😂😂😂

  51. Gene Pionela

    I would like to see an updated LG chocolate slider phone !

  52. XHMBX

    Damn it'll be difficult to game on

  53. Dean Duke

    Gotta love USsel recommendations.....

  54. Isaac Steiner

    Wallpaper link please!

  55. Nige Turner

    Recommended to me at the end of 2019 ???

  56. Brandon Freniere

    "This is cool, can't wait to see apple do"

  57. BryantCivica

    If i had a phone from the good old days like 2003 and show off in this gen 2020 it would definitely have to be the Motorola Razr. Im so excited besides that price tag tho

  58. Adrian

    why is this in my recommended in 2019?

  59. TomekK

    Best smartphone that fit exactly mens pocket

  60. Rajesh Saw


  61. Tyler Rodenberg

    “My initial impressins” 😂

  62. Tom K

    I have an iPhone SE which does the job.

  63. Yahya Khan

    My first smartphone was galaxy star

  64. Alex 10,000

    Its cute. But just another phone. 2019 iphone 6s

  65. angry cow2017

    But can I dramatically hang up without cracking the screen

  66. Lindani Nxasana

    my next phone

  67. Chill Vibes

    I want it for the nostalgia and price is not an issue if I like the phone. I also like that it folds, so that is very convenient to fit in a pocket .I'm really a Samsung type of girl, but this phone is tempting.

  68. professional noob

    hey can you review the airpods pro and samsung galaxys 10 or note 10 and iphone 11 ohhh and ps5 when it comes

  69. 20Justin1

    I've never considered having a second phone before, but now I really want this phone to be a secondary phone.

  70. MrBallisticzz

    1499?! WHAT

  71. Wassim Shabrak

    I think google A won that battle

  72. Dev Patel

    5GE is not 5G it's Orgy.

  73. Paul Fagan

    Like to see how many of these Vince Gilligan will snap in half in his next series..

  74. Green space

    Sick of facetune2 ad 😒

  75. Jamie Abagu

    I got a ad for the KKK on this video

  76. MIA305

    It’s an overpriced has been Android I’m good

  77. camilo moreno

    Super cool hoodie of Jughandle!!!

  78. Dark Star

    OMG when the first Razor phone came out I had to get it but this one is not in the budget...

  79. Ranjeet kumar

    How we will do video call???😢


    5:23 Under Pressure is better, tbh on the left

  81. Chisanda Grannum

    well it is kinda cool in a way cause I had a razr in the days but on the other hand the price tag without flagship specs.. Wow! the next thing i would like to see is how it will work on a video call.

  82. Free Cdai and Rondo

    Let down asf Apple damn whyyyy

  83. Tettey Eku


  84. fox b5

    So does this phone make a great Christmas gift?

  85. Main

    Recap: it's a bust

  86. Shotgunkelly

    Thinking about the screen size wrong, compared to non flip phones its not impressive making the fold seem pointless, but when compared to other conventional flip phones youre getting 2 or probably even 3 times more screen because of the fold

  87. isk

    Only problem I have with a phone like this is my fear of slapping it closed too hard and damaging the screen... I used to have a motorola so I'd know lol.

  88. Diego Edward

    Wait he's reviewing other laptops?

  89. YASUO

    Excuse me 1,500 $ for what exactly a folding piece of plastic... i was sooooo on board until that price. I would have been there for 650$ cash cuz those specs are for that price! You ruined my childhood nostalgia Motorola!

  90. indraneel Teja

    It is unnecessary

  91. Craig Macinnes

    How you suppose to use snapchat if there is no front facing camera?

  92. Rodrigo

    I don’t really have a phone so I have an iPod touch 6th gen

  93. OGthecritic

    You literally missed the front camera though, its a 5 megapixel for video calls

  94. Poud

    iPhone XfuckingPensive

  95. Mapz Chaudhari

    Moto Razr: hello guys. It's been a long time since we met. Jerryrigeverything: Hello Razr. Moto Razr: No! Hell No!

  96. Ibrahim Awadallah

    I was shocked when I heard the price. I'm no expert but it doesn't look like it's worth anything over $800. That being said, it's definitely a cool refresh from the older razor that looks nice and modern.

  97. BLAZE_rocket

    I have an iPhone 3G

  98. J'Nelle Luckie

    Yoooooooo. Dope phone, but wow, it is dark AF in there 😂👎🏾

  99. k k

    Front camera doesn't make sense to me.

  100. Rahul Sharma

    Nobody ; Marques: “impresssssions”