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  1. Click

    Giga Bowser??????

  2. Kendall Carroll

    It's like wiz vs boomstick But both of the combatants are *buff*

  3. Chris Hansen

    8:40 _"Researching characters....."_ Hahahahaha. _Hahaha hahaha hahaha_ *_Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahah_*

  4. Glitched Dimensioner

    Can you make Alice from rage of the dragons vs baby Bonnie hood from vampire Savior?

  5. Milkymoo

    This feels like a time capsule in the best and worst of ways, God

  6. Loui Vuitton Don

    Do some characters from regular show #deathbattle

  7. Oliver Soares

    Did anybody know that Deadpool is back and his next opponent is the mask(the character played by Jim Carrey)

  8. Glenn Hatch

    Ultra instinct third times the charm

    1. jordan porter

      Still loses.

  9. B3N Walker

    No road roller


    Fight starts at 20:40. You're welcome

  11. Everett Rhodes

    IDK how aang wins because Ed beat god

  12. Carlos RT

    What if: You wanted Bowser to win. But Ganon said: DORIYAH!

  13. Nicknamepsycho

    Who wants to see Deadpool get killed by The mask? | | |

  14. Osen Oriental

    Where is Bakuryu?

  15. Myung Kou Kang

    Okay, does anyone know Ruby’s eyes were glowing like if she were one of the maiden of the seasons? Don’t say silver eyes, those are completely different than the eyes of a maiden and work differently.

  16. Dominique Productions

    Do Princess Poppy from Trolls vs King Julien from Madagascar

  17. typeOU et co

    if there was a Goku VS Superman 3... Hakai

    1. jordan porter

      @typeOU et co He has been hit by Omega beams which are like Hakai but far more powerful. Other beings have tried to erase Superman from existence and failed. Hakai wouldn't do squat to Superman.

    2. typeOU et co

      @jordan porter why wouldn't it?

    3. jordan porter

      There won't be a 3rd one. And Goku still loses, Hakai wouldn't effect Superman.

  18. Bernardo Shnardo

    Im officialy done with this channel

  19. Nic Nation


  20. Anthony Rogue

    TX Terminator vs. Rev-9

  21. M&S Fan2467

    King Dedede vs. King K. Rool (KIrby vs. Donkey Kong)

  22. M&S Fan2467

    Bowser vs. Ridley (Mario vs. Metroid)

  23. M&S Fan2467

    Cloud vs. Shulk (Final Fantasy vs. Xenoblade Chronicles)

  24. M&S Fan2467

    Godzilla vs. Bewilderbeast (Godzilla vs. How to Train Your Dragon)

  25. M&S Fan2467

    Dark Gaia vs. Unicron (Sonic Unleashed vs Transformers Prime)


    That sounds like ray and ben

  27. EMAD A

    Battle Song name ?pls

  28. GM Sykez Universe

    You all do know that ???% is basically Superman level right? And that Goku also train at a young age and still lost due to imeasurable power. Just saying but you guys could have known that the writer made both Saitama & mob characters are the embodiment of absolute magic and physical imeasurable limits. But I'm gonna just think of it this way. Your all judging the characters by what they can do right now. Not on of which they are capable of doing. Like the Luffy vs Naruto 1 minute melee.

  29. Zig Zoinks

    Lost against Android 18 AND the real Captain Marvel? Oof.

  30. Blub Gaming

    Black Panther vs Spider-Man I wanna see that happen.

  31. Casey Coolican

    God remember when Netflix would sponsor USsel channels?

  32. Anelka Gordon

    Each time deadpool talks whiz falls deeper into insanity

  33. genericmace

    I'd have to disagree, as a giant beyblade laser turtle seems more powerful that radiation lizard

  34. Justin Velazquez

    Rule #1 of death battle:never read the comments until after the fight

  35. Nighthkr

    The main bad guy of mob psycho was similar to tatsumaki and mob defeated him easily enough to basically tell him to stop.

  36. Nacho Rodríguez

    1:15 "His deadliest robot warriors" *Shows a clip of Shadow shooting the crap out of a bunch of badniks*

  37. La

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that Johnny starred in Power Rangers?

  38. bil bop

    sure, something that could be considered a god vs some mind reader that was beaten by some ten year old, really fair if u ask me

  39. dan xir

    There is no salt. All I see are comments talking about them

    1. Best Anime Hero

      Try to use the "newest" option from upper right corner next to comment section. It's really not that hard

  40. notinservice

    For the people who don't understand the outcome, think of it like this... One is a fictional superhero and the other is an anime character.

  41. Sazquacth

    King Yemma (DBZ) vs Koenma (YU YU Hakusho) I'm curious as to who would win understandably they're not the most powerful characters but I think it would be super interesting to debate,!

  42. ciela Phantomhive

    Nina Williams vs Sarah from virtura fighter?

  43. Guardian Cagnazzo

    And now time to debunk this very un-even matchup. after an entire year of trying to put up with this I just can't take it. Death Battle has little to no good feats or research behind it. Lets start with feats. Kenshiro stood in lava, which didn't even faze him. He also tanked a blast from a tank and later hit it so hard it exploded. Finally, he hit a skyscraper so hard that it fell, and then proceeded to walk through it while it collapsed on him. For star platinum he matched speed with an almost light speed stand known as silver chariot (keep in mind his armor was off and he had anubis, so he had 2x the speed and power) and won. Something i'd like to note is that they say that one of Star Platinum's greatest feats is throwing a part of a building like a javelin, but don't take the time to note that it was ONLY in the OVA that he did this, and the OVA was in no way true to the manga, or the source material. Star Platinum has done way better than that. Now, lets just get straight into the battle and lets debunk it. okay, star platinum blocks kenshiro's hit. Kenshiro gets knocked into a pyramid, so far so good. Kenshiro tries to land a hit in the air, jotaro stops time and knocks him into the ground. *AAAAND FIRST FLAG ALREADY.* Kenshiro uses his ability to see fighting spirits so he can see star platinum. I can already tell you why thats not possible. Although Star Platinum is a fighting spirit, theres still the rule applied that only a stand can see another stand, only a stand can interact and touch / harm another stand. Despite both of these SOMEHOW Kenshiro can see Star Platinum and match punches with him, which is no way possible since he isn't a stand user and shouldn't be able to clash with a stand. Finally, the most thing that pissed me off. Kenshiro somehow dodged getting his organs affected. Time was stopped, no matter how fast he was star platinum had already touched his heart so he should have lost. I hope you enjoyed this Debunking. .3.

  44. Mister_Merxy _

    I'd like to see this revisited with ultra instinct

  45. ciela Phantomhive

    Almost nothing can beat rwby right?

  46. Mr Ninja Wizard

    Why was this so quick

  47. Best Baller Mike Beastley

    Ya woohoo

  48. Sultan Shahjalal

    Requires update after DB Super

  49. princess Angel

    Hulk vs boly please

  50. Levferno

    Death battle should have more gun fights.

  51. Game Blaster

    Tbh this is one of those battles were we can never know whos gonna win. We never saw mobs ??? struggle or even go all out. Neither did tatsumaki. Honestly i think ??? would win. ??? Just looks like this unstopable being that cant be beaten.

  52. BreezyGiovanna

    Jeez i guess akraki was lieing to us that dio cant timestop or they just forgot he can timestop

  53. TheAlmightyPug101

    Next to Carl vs Robocop

  54. Levferno

    I shouldn’t be watching this during no nut November.

  55. Key master

    Man I just love taka as Deadpool

  56. BreezyGiovanna

    Eh im not surpirsed

  57. Frankie Pedwaydon

    We won

  58. jaiman animations

    Yusuke vs gon, just seems obvious

  59. BreezyGiovanna

    Nice when he says yare yare daze its over

  60. Nicholas Lee Cooper

    "Banjo Kazooie in-! that didn't happen..." Well this aged well.

  61. Breezy Air

    *Grabs hat* *Grabs pickaxe* Me: Ah time for yet another fine day in the salt mines.

  62. Mehdi Ouabas

    I am a goku fan,and putting a like on this was the hardest thing in my life so far.

  63. Luis Angel Blancas Cruz

    After all, Dragon Ball makes no sense

  64. Luis Angel Blancas Cruz

    You know who is going to win, once they show the first participant They always show who is going to win first

  65. Cole Krumrey

    Cliche Comments Ratio: 45%: "Mob did nothing wrong" 45%: "Oh. I thought Mob would win. Okay. 😐" 5%: mOb ShOuLd HaVe WoN tHiS 5%: Nice try, boi. One confirmed this outcome.

  66. Caleb Gray

    Seven Hokages vs Seven Deadly Sins?

  67. Connor Dalrymple


  68. Jake Baird

    You know what's nice about liking both these characters equally? I doesn't matter who wins to me.

  69. Brayan SALAS HUACANI

    Puta mierda de video!!!

  70. Oliver Channing

    Bane took hits from superman

  71. Count Rackula

    You all should do a death battle iZombie zombie vs Tru blood werewolf

  72. Casey Brown

    No mention of fox from melee wtf

  73. Phoenix

    I wish Bruce Wayne would use his money like Tony Stark does that's what makes me like Iron Man more than Batman even though I'm a DC fan

  74. Petras Petraitis

    Where TF is mui Goku???????

    1. Petras Petraitis


    2. MichaeL Letherman

      Petras Petraitis You can find it if you look at the date this video was uploaded.

  75. Abra rapper Oct10

    What about ultra instinct

    1. Abra rapper Oct10

      @Best Anime Hero wdym shut up

    2. Best Anime Hero

      Shut up

  76. DerpyBerb

    I once knew a guy from Untuckit...

  77. Hassaan Azam

    Whoever animated Tatsumaki.. Please start working with Hinca-P

  78. Sorceror Supreme

    Rewind Rumble is better

  79. Aiden Valentine

    This is... Requiem!

  80. Rahim Ullah

    Should be mob vs saitama. Lol this is dumb

  81. Chase Taylor

    Do Punisher Vs John wick

  82. William Moore

    Avatar Korra vs Captain Planet!!

  83. Rahim Ullah

    Honestly these guys think they are using calculations and stuff but its stupid. Mob can win easy, unbareable to watch.

  84. Fadl Fadl

    Me is a number?

  85. Serene

    I think tatsumaki is casually in the ???% levels of esperr ability

  86. TitanKiller

    For some reason seeing the cocky Touhou fans really pisses me off for some reason

    1. Dr. Latency ΛΔ

      @TitanKiller The only thing I see in two weeks of comments is "Sakuya slaps Dio" and some touhou fans saying that the fight was technically unfair due to Sakuya being actually more powerful than Dio. If for "cocky", you mean Tatagi, I still don't see the problem: is he too cocky for you? Just ask him to be more polite.

    2. TitanKiller

      Dr. Latency ΛΔ Well you might want to scroll down even more because I see nothing but cocky fans Honestly what people are saying here shows me that I should avoid Touhou

    3. Dr. Latency ΛΔ

      Sorry, I don't see people being cocky, but actually people who spam: "only a stand can harm another stand", "Dio's a vampire (you don't say)", "Dio is immortal", etc...

  87. Alexander Moccaldi

    Wait at 6:05 doesn't the red goombas count?

  88. The Smash Kid


  89. Lao Rose Renaie

    It's captain marvel vs captain marvel 😂

  90. Ty Chamberlain

    Thought of this last night. What about ruby(rwby) vs ryuko(kill la kill)

  91. GillyDings409 _

    Why does scorpian laugh like quan chi

  92. K R

    Superman has a weakspot... KRYPTONITE... Goku has a weakspot... NOTHING..

    1. Charles beaulieu

      needles, need to eat, breathe. goku has tons of weaknesses superman can exploit.

    2. TruBlooper

      Pressure points are his weakness

  93. Jackson

    I see the boy DevilArtemis in the credits

  94. Shalom Olorunfemi

    I mean with all the buildings thrown in this fight mob gets downed by some meteor that can't even crush his whole body. This after he survives being sandwiched in between 2 portions of the city

  95. Electro Yoshi

    Edward Elric may have died but he died with dignity.

  96. Brady Jones

    fact bowser can not die

  97. Shalom Olorunfemi

    Nani the heck is going on. How did mob lose i mean he can friggin control matter on a molecular level. This was shown the episode he went ???% where he joined the destroyed school back together

  98. Mr. Squiggle

    I’m late 2019 but the terminator with his laser would destroy robocop

  99. Esperanza Velazquez

    I really whanted balgog to win

  100. Jeggson Vohees

    There is literally no point to this matchup. The Mask's powers and durability far outweigh anything Deadpool has done. The Mask has gone toe to toe with Lobo just for fun, can't be permanently hurt, and has far more abilities than Wade. Can DB please start matching up fighters who's abilities are a little more equal? I know I'm asking alot from a channel with horrifically flawed judging systems, but come on.