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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2018 American Idol, Maddie Poppe!
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  1. sweekarify

    Waiting for Hawaii performance..when is it going to air?

  2. jonah mera


  3. Miranda Rumi

    Amazing singer... good looking too. Reminds me of Patrick Swayze...

  4. L P

    Arthur Gunn will be doing Bob Marley on Sunday's episode!!!! ussel.info/video/video/yp-4oZ-dlYqmhJs.html

  5. L P

    Arthur Gunn will be doing Bob Marley on Sunday's episode!!! ussel.info/video/video/yp-4oZ-dlYqmhJs.html

  6. Michael khuman

    Arthur gunn

  7. Avery Dunn

    bro watching this after hearing her say that she sang hit me baby one more time before this song and it got cut makes it so different 😂

  8. Shane House

    Lionell Richie was sending mixed messages idk if they were complimenting her or dissing her tbh. But whatever

  9. Kxlapu

    “Good to demetyou” 😂😂😂

  10. River Jamir

    Why is there no lockdown or social distancing in America when so many are being infected and dying .. the highest in the world to be presice.

  11. binita moktan

    Vajya aajai trending ma xa tw😂😂

  12. fly high .77

    Please perform moment in the show....its the best song

  13. Budakavatar

    Other judge: That’s pretty good Katy: That’s the worse song she picked Focus on her pitch bitch.

  14. Jamie Tessneer

    Nothing was good about this

  15. Prabij Shrestha

    From nervous kid to confident kid . he is growing in american idol.

  16. Cora Canja

    You are really the best..

  17. Monica Frizzell

    I love how she said how young are you instead of how old are you edit btw she was really good

  18. heartless41


  19. Trent T

    This girl is grace and beauty. I love her

  20. Desii Lovee

    Zach can’t let go of his guitar that he can’t play the tempo any different

  21. Serious Nepal

    arthur gunn and he is best .

  22. Yvette Decarlo


  23. JM Rosario

    I'm just gonna cut right through it while trying my best to not be 'ranty' you're playing to the camera TOO much!!!! maybe because you were an actor hence the habit?? But please improve. I know you got talent. pls pls prove yourself worthy of being in the Top 20. I know you can do it. I want to be proven wrong. Cause amber was supposed to go!

  24. Charles Paul

    I do not know why I cried when he said, "I don't know what that is(range)." He is an inspiration. I am a Filipino but I was always watching American Idol. More power to you sir.

  25. Cora Canja

    She the best...

  26. capez17

    So sweet

  27. AMinuteWithMiriam

    anyone else keep coming back and watching this? It just gets me so moved every time.

  28. Kzar DS

    cant stop listening to this

  29. Randomchannel

    Send Margie home and keep this guy... i didnt like margie but he took her spot for sure

  30. Patty Rick

    With how he started the song, i kinda want to hear him sing Gravity or slow dancing by John Mayer

  31. Max Cherkasskikh

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'sssssssssss sssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking gooooooooooooooooooddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Niraaj Rasaily

    I want see Arthur gunn pfom

  33. Love Mimi

    This is the best performance in America idol ever ❤️🙏 still watching

  34. Bodhi Ratna

    He already won people heart

  35. BareFoot Becki Payne

    Amber you Rocked it! This is only the first step my friend! Never Give Up!! You have touched so many with your strength and your voice! The judges don't know shit! Next is the Voice!! We'll tell Blake that Luke doesn't have a clue!! I know he would agree! The world knows who you are now........RockStar!! 🎤❤

  36. St. Jello

    Congratulations little lady

  37. Ten Music Page

    Wowww okay!!!!

  38. Primo Lising

    Great dancer

  39. Reign Queen

    Go ahead, baby girl!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  40. RKLS SB782YT

    Someone told me long ago theirs a come before the storm I know it’s been coming down for some time (Magical interlude But I wanna know have you ever seen the rain Well I wanna know have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day

  41. Sandip Lohani

    He is the pride of Nepal 😎

  42. lizzy sauceda

    when she saiod dancing on my own i was oh yes callum scott´s song.n i forgot it was robin´s song

  43. Dr OLI's vlog

    Waiting for author gunn new episodes

  44. Portia

    Lionel freaking out while Katy was just jamin lol! Yes!

  45. Arjun Tamang

    He is the already winner for me💘💘

  46. Teresa Miller


  47. Ally P

    So much love!!!!! Congratulations Katy and The Idol Family. It's definitely gonna be a wonderful addition!!!!!

  48. Andrea XoXo!!


  49. Positive Energy

    Katy really cried without tears coming out, never seen that before A girl walking down the street ussel.info/video/video/uoPMiKd4mW-Dl5c.html

  50. eman gulo

    I hope LYODRA can perfom in American idol 2020

  51. Andrea XoXo!!

    I really feel bad for them. It was horrible!!! Not because they are bad, they are both great, just not together. 😥

  52. g balo

    the next kurt cobain for sounds like him

  53. Santosh Shrestha

    Young Beyoncé

  54. Ayrton A.K

    why does he look like Johny Depp in here

  55. g balo

    he is for sure my favorite and you guys see the way katie looks at him lol

  56. ZiN STHA

    Where is auther gun

  57. bowler8

    she was so pretty here, shes lost so much weight and off her face too, she looks so much like her mother nwe

  58. Martín H.

    It was cool but nobody will defeat uche on that stage

  59. lovelyblkwoman Brown

    U love God...u had no business there in satan's world. Wake up my people...stop being blinded by satanic fame.

  60. Ajay Ron


  61. Yasmine Bey

    She is an incredible singer and I love what she said, I got through 100% of my worst days!

  62. love yourself

    Just gonna say it: it was trash

  63. John Holmes

    She never changed.

  64. Kenzie Ravenson

    All in favor of the judges giving her another chance.

  65. Beth Maldonado

    Are they smoking a big crack pot? This girl is a star. Yeah this song was weird but there's no denying her beautiful voice.

  66. MOvalle

    So disappointed that she was cut. I was so looking forward to hearing more of her.

  67. Beth Maldonado

    Meh with a side of meh and a drizzle of meh

  68. Niña Armenta

    1.1M views?? Wow! Way to go Francisco Martin! 😍👏🏻💯🙏🏻

  69. Robin

    Francisco Martin and Arthur Gunn are going to final

  70. Beth Maldonado

    This song on Idol ... again. I'm over it. Can we please hear something different?

  71. ellie heeks

    she's what we need in the music industry + the world in general

  72. Eko Sijabat

    *CORONA has entered the chat.

  73. Nicole Fernando


  74. bobds78

    It makes a virtuoso like Lionel cry, WoW! Love what Arthur Gunn is doing. His style is out of this world.

  75. Amethyst Maries

    She looks like CoCo Jones😍😍

  76. mr mrmr

    He's become one of my favorite artists. I never thought it would happen from American Idol, but it did! 👍

  77. Family Ez To Dez

    That's TRENDY OUTFITS nowadays! 😘😍

  78. Ains Bates

    She did sooooo good!!!

  79. Michael Jones

    She got me tearing up. It something about her voice that touches ur heart. Rooting 4 u Just Sam!

  80. Hosana Pardede

    I LOVE YOU GIRL❤️❤️❤️ you're amazing!! God bless you🥰

  81. Robert Valdez

    Selina, that was too cool.

  82. Iris Alvarez

    She has a gift! She is so beautiful and genuine and a truly a great person.

  83. Isaac Mata

    She is so impressive with such a beautiful soul. Couldn't stop smiling and singing along. Love that she chose that song, she did it justice! Long live Selena and Sam!

  84. Iris Alvarez

    In my opinion this feels like it should be the original, since she just killed it.

  85. k96

    In my opinion, this years Alejandro Aranda is Author Gunn.

  86. Jr. Niev

    Thats wrong!! That is wrong on so many levels. They said no because she sang a Christian song. Wow! So if you sing hiphop or RnB your good. What they are saying is we dont wnt what you have or what you are singing. This is why American Idol sucks. Going back to the voice forget these guys.

  87. God Frieza

    Just think if he had that band working how awesome it could have sounded

  88. Matthew Morgan


  89. Jade TobagoScenes

    Wow he is so handsome

  90. Camille Lopez

    Daniel is adorable😍

  91. Camille Lopez

    Daniel is adorable😍

  92. kenebron Cabale

    God bless 🙏

  93. Camille Lopez

    Daniel is adorable😍

  94. AFA ESE

    Amazing can’t wait to see Arthur’s now.

  95. Michael Jones

    In my opinion, she had the best performance!

  96. Michael Jones

    Tremendous performer. Think she sings well and if she had just a few more years of maturation, even with all the talent in the competition because of her complete artistry she could win. Right now, I just believe the voice sounds a little “kiddie” right now and there are more seasoned acts competing. However, I believe the future is bright for her & we could indeed be hearing much from her in the years to come!

  97. Berenice

    THIS IS THE WINNER OF AMERICAN IDOL 2020, MARK MY WORDS!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😃😃😃😃😃


    wait wtf is the music about in the intro sequence when she is crying and like emotional. Are the editors of American Idol on crack? how could they let Mexica maraca music play out at the part it was comical and made me laugh ahah wtf. Great performance tho

  99. Josh B

    Garbage! Nowhere near top 20 material.

  100. I Am Love

    Adorable... playing dress up and singing into her hair brush.