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  1. CN Gaming

    Their first vid actually has an intro, like they predicted fame or something 😂

  2. Adrian Schmidt

    I love watching your successes boys. Great video

  3. Sam Wilkerson

    Where do I get that reciver

  4. Matryx Michaelz

    That's amazing. You guys should have a competition with your crew in the winter. See who can make an indoor plane to fly the longest.

  5. Branden plays pokemon cards

    I would buy this if it was for sale

  6. Teke Helms

    You need to make it fly.

  7. Avetho Plays

    The river jump reminds me of the Top Gear US Special and the challenge where the guys had to go from 0 to 60 and back to 0 before they ran off the track and into the river with the alligators.

  8. Ruddy Myers

    It’s ugly

  9. brayden spann

    It's a roof on wheels

  10. the color cat family

    The paritute looked like cat ears

  11. Scott Bower

    They still sell this model?

  12. Maximus Nye


  13. Mr Beast

    Can you make an giant rc cyber truck

  14. SQUATS 1.1.2

    Size matters....

  15. Coby richie

    Y'all need to make a C17 Globe master

  16. Michael Jacobson

    can you send me a link to the power pack you recommend to build the VIGGEN

  17. Asuna and Kirito

    Build a flying cybertruck

  18. Will P

    I done it and got 197ft

  19. JRP 12

    Flitetest: makes car *WAIT THATS ILLEGAL*

  20. Rah Rah The Meme Man

    Ooo very nice!! Now, I’m curious to see if you can make a cyber truck fly-

  21. Gavin Connor

    Is that course still in use

  22. Jeffrey Elliott

    I want to buy my first drone at the age of 58 and want it to be this DJI Mavic Air so I'm watching all the videos I can of this drone and it seems to be almost totally crash proof according to the videos I've watched with all its safety features on it !!! Are they gonna improve on this model say next year with a Mavic A-Plus ? I would hate to buy this one and a few months later boom a more improved version of this model will be made !!!!

  23. Jordan M Jez

    Make an electric golf cart fly! Lol

  24. Exploring with Ralf

    Scripted ending

  25. Jeremy Paddock

    ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ O O║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━╝

  26. Shahid Bacchus

    Flying cybertruck power wheels

  27. Richard Nieves

    I laughed so much with this video

  28. Brad Maas

    STOL, shortest landing I've ever seen, mission accomplished.

  29. timp949

    Am I the only one that wants to see a quick montage of Alex's reactions when he wins at games he made up?

  30. Villem Viitmann

    So cool

  31. Todd Clark

    Yall should add airsoft inner works like the tank episode and have an fpv dogfight!

  32. Lief Brunhilda

    Guys, it’s a turkey. It’s food. Y’all really got to work on your man cards. Dear lord.

  33. Johnny Huang

    Disappointed you didn't put cracked window decals on the driver's side windows. Details, details, details. LOL

  34. Hugo Rosales

    Just beautiful

  35. John McCarthy

    Very cool build! I have an old RC car chassis too. Maybe I'll try to do the same and make a Cybertruck out of it! 😎 I need to replace the car wheels and tires with truck ones though.

  36. Heavymetalweld 805

    Am I the only one that noticed the dirt track next to your run way?

  37. orkin abdallatyf

    hahaha sure pulled off ... smiles over the faces guys who ever watches this ...

  38. Giniling Gaming

    i wanna see cyber truck fly to cybertron

  39. Panchinolis1234

    Day 5: Yes! I finished the tank !! Day 6: The dog eated the tank....

  40. Daniel Varela

    I like truckla better tho

  41. Iforgotthewifipassword

    That was the gayest running I’ve ever seen😂😂


    flying power wheels cyber truck

  43. Berkay Simsir

    19:20 Josh, lol

  44. Ugnius Ugnius

    I lake that tesla

  45. TheScratcherStudios

    A full cover was made by Jazza. take his build with a grain of salt though. ussel.info/video/video/1ZLOh3Vh3KaKiIk.html

  46. Adrian Tan

    There's "room for improvement" 🤪

  47. Yassin Elhadidi


  48. Mario Henrico

    The ONLY 360° tower in the world 🤔🤣 What? No. Typical USA

  49. Jack Jo

    I'm new do your mom love me to

  50. Ground Zone Pilot

    I made it using FT plans: ussel.info/video/video/mWelpHNr1Yptq4k.html

  51. Tor

    do the new airbus project!!

  52. Darren Terrado

    Damn they did some very good job nice work guys 😉

  53. Rahul Ghosh

    How much kv rating the motor have

  54. Jamz 4 Your Ears

    Subbed. Want to see joshes truck turned into a cybertruck. Would be so epic

  55. RoccoFPV


  56. outofblue

    I have an idea on how to stabilize big flight objects with little wing surface


    14:30 sorry but I've been to bigger Rc plane expos in Europe when I was a kid they were so big they had military panther helicopters doing stunts (it still was solely an RC expo/event)

  58. My name Jeff!

    Were you the dude who yelled “take my money!”? At the event?

  59. david babalola

    Can you make it again but make the wings have the ability to open and close

  60. KeciapTube

    wow that whole situation about the deadstick landing is awesome, the sounds, the landings

  61. Cancerous Potatoes

    Back at creating accounts to subscribe

  62. Roget lant

    Build B-2

  63. mikeTECH

    The real cybertruck will be here before 2M subs. 🤭

  64. Roget lant

    Build v-46

  65. Samuel Carrell

    Can you please build a lancaster

  66. Gregg Hicks

    Drop an RC tank out of it. Set the tank up so that when it lands it can detach or roll up the parachute and drive back to the landing zone.

  67. bumperxx1

    Those damn pine needles is what did it in for that Chevy truck.

  68. howie phan

    when thor is unworthy when he cant call his hammer

  69. Chris Ieda

    I was laughing and smiling through the whole video! They were a hoot at Flite Fest combat!

  70. hfe18

    Wow, I want to make one

  71. Nicholas Mascioni

    this was really neat! Looking forward to more small projects like this

  72. bear dog

    Make it shoot fire works 💥

  73. Matthew Boyd

    Make the real truck cyber

  74. Dylan Braun

    Ac 130 or DC 3

  75. Vincent Hoelscher

    I would love to see a new power wheels cybertruck

  76. Av8tore71

    20+ years flying Blackhawks in the Army Gyrocopters scare the bejesus out of me

  77. Alex Schulte

    Why don’t you use previous motors,props,gyros,etc for current projects to save money? You could just gut out your planes when they go to the bone yard 💀

  78. inu nu

    id love to see them make a sr 71 blackbird and race that

  79. Sungjoo Yoon

    Buy a tesla cyber truck if you want or make one out of metal

  80. Banana Butt

    make it fly

  81. COLT.45RC

    Lol it kept spinning faster and faster wow

  82. not_henrys_mom

    young peter stripol looks like the the suburban cousin of the guy on youtube that helps you fix your computer

  83. jay mark kabo

    Hey. I subscribed because you promised a life size diy cyber truck. Keep ur promise. Or else.

  84. Emanuel Araiza

    The truck

  85. Stephanie Winkel

    Do a do 335

  86. Pinheiros Kids Tony

    I spy with my little eye a tkor hat

  87. Богдан Бевза

    Кто русский?

  88. Patrick swift

    I wish I could get one of those desks but I can’t afforded it

  89. Mau Zouza

    *Real FREEDOM...!!!*

  90. Tyrus .c

    Turn Josh‘s truck into a cyber truck

  91. * Senatrix


  92. Patrick Mani

    Josh truck into a Cybertruck!

  93. Tyrese 919

    Where is the broken window?

  94. Dutch iRacer

    Which one is better to start, this one or the fun cub?

  95. Wisey MSP

    12:13 what the heck is that guy doing??