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  1. Lè Roi Smit

    God save us ...all

  2. Busssi *3*

    Black cats give the best luck

  3. Spandan Banerjee

    Absolute bullshit! The whole video is in negative! Bhai give out alternatives also just don't negate all the time 🙏

  4. crusade_rat2014

    my uncel's dog humps my moms dog there sisters lol

  5. Huy Le

    Backed by basic life Science 👍

  6. Rose Girard

    And what happened to people eating sterile fish

  7. dat Boi97180o3

    “Femail dogs can hump if there in the mood” Im dead 💀

  8. Algo Rhythm

    I'd be fine

  9. Spyderhead

    Please find better source than WHO-China. China owns WHO; China is a LIAR (not to mention that CHINA is the force behind the LAB that released this virus upon mankind). 😎

  10. Rajesh Kumar Badatya

    God is Great....

  11. Captain Sxy

    WRONG! The only deaths were caused by teens vaping black market pods and juices that weren't approved for consumption.

  12. HaroonMuhammad

  13. MárcioRogério

    muitoo interessante.... dificil acreditar, porem realidade em breve...

  14. Mo Shak

    Damn you B I L L GATES !!!!

  15. james pro

    Hey your voice soo... Good

  16. Channon The dutchie

    Both of my dogs hump each other both females it’s mainly for dominance

  17. Enilson Aguilr

    The myth was does dog saliva heal not fuking dog bites heal

  18. MY_NOVA

    Alternative title: Why eating bat is not a smart choice.

  19. Jordan Nicholson

    Moral of the story, Canada appears to be immune to rising sea levels. Fuckin eh!

  20. Shay45

    The deadliest animal on the planet is humans Try and change my mind.

  21. Sarah The Teen

    Not as dark as #entrynumber17

  22. Arif

    That's why in Islam it is forbidden to eat wild animals.

  23. Friendly Neighborhood Boyscout


  24. VAN RIC Soriano

    I stare at the sun like 1 minute and this happens there's a dark spot in the middle of the eye and after12 hours my eyes hurt but after 2 weeks it heals only recovery is the only way to heal eat some fruit rich in antioxidants

  25. Cat and Dog

    about no insects and no food, coronavirus is getting rid of all the food in the stores!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sarah The Teen

    *I did not know my ceiling was **_food..._*

  27. Philipp Maqs


  28. Marc Bondura

    Stop calling it the WHO china joint mission that's racist. China doesnt own the WHO so are you admitting this pandemic started in china? But Trump is racist when he says that.

  29. Angela Kirby

    Man-made virus

  30. ohewell Last

    my god i love her voice, please explain everything

  31. Alexandria Fatum

    I knew that the first one was wrong cause I have two female dogs and one male and the females bump the male all the time

  32. Joseph Dorsey

    If this is an American channel at least put Imperial units in parentheses

  33. Lyhorng Leng

    One of my classmates have 2 sharp teeth and it literally look more like a real vampire than the one in the movie.

  34. Shams Vip


  35. Jack O'Driscoll

    “We wouldn’t have our tropical rain forests if it weren’t for bats” is not an accurate statement to make

  36. Spoorky

    So this is a major, major myth.

  37. JD Ortiz

    thank you for telling me that kissing a dog is safer than kissing another human

  38. Sean Woods

    More like an orphanage to explode

  39. oh word

    Lmao gave a huge sigh when I saw my state is one of the states that doesn't allow incest.

  40. Derill Troy Tacang


  41. Skeggi Skjeldarson

    When I'm dead my soul is already on it's way to be installed i a new eternal body. Maybe I can watch whats happening to my old body?

  42. Shock G

    What research know anything?its just to create jobs for researchers they dont know shit ! Macdonald is a clown

  43. paul broderick

    Yep, and some people have a garage full of toilet paper and an attic full of paper rolls!

  44. Him

    Is abundant sleeping doing something? 😁😅

  45. Anthony Bayani

    Hi guys, please help me pray for the recovery of my uncle daniel. He is in icu and tested positive of covid19. He is now undergoing dialysis due to accute kidney failure. I am still hoping that he will survive this virus.

  46. Him

    I'm trying but I'm really stupid, but I'm trying

  47. K Larson

    The KETO Flu is real, but trust me, symptoms are nothing compared to the real flu, it passes easy, you drag a bit but you get over it. The benefits are fantastic, wish I knew years ago. Educate yourself, try it, give it 30 days, anyone can do 30 days. Remember, carbohydrates and sugars are killing us.

  48. Jake White

    Virus didn't come from bats but thanks business insider for propagating the bat soup narrative.

  49. Đurđica Spajić

    The vid: Guy is reasearching Me in my mind: Is he playing Minecraft?

  50. Prakash D Jr

    The real question is : why are bats perfect food for Chinese?

  51. Chuck

    In our fucked up upside down society, somehow dogs have morphed into people's very best human friend. I'm so sick of this bullshit. PEOPLE, DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE!

  52. 4 CZNZ

    Please stop eating them

  53. Melted Butter On Bread

    This is time travel today

  54. DreadfulBoredom

    Me: All I know about Covid is that it's a respiratory virus with some mild diarrhea when it comes to the symptoms. Let's see if there's other indicators. *Watches video* Me in anxiety: (I also have acquired headaches, itchy throat, and coughing phlegms in the past two days.)

  55. Melted Butter On Bread

    What I already knew: Gravity goes towards the core The video: If you’re close enough, you get pushed to the surface The brain: Recalibrating

  56. Emi Cv

    owners think their cats are their children : Not a myth!

  57. Ryan Watt

    Me looks in the general direction of my one cat My cat: *pPpUuUuUuRrRrR*

  58. Lol Hehexd


  59. Xxbenjamin gamerxX

    The diamond looks like the realm diamond fron ninjago

  60. Lauren Jenkins

    My dog bit me before we even got him home for the first time...😂

  61. twelve11

    As those wet markets all across south east Asia continue to operate...

  62. Sean Pan

    I suggest we deposit all our nuclear wastes there.

  63. Omen

    Bats = Batman for Mother Nature. Fighting the Global Virus (Humans) to save Earth. Never has the planet been lowest in pollution and human activities since this Corona virus. All the trees and living creatures are rejoicing. Humans have killed and caused extinctions to countless living creature. It is time deservingly that Mother Nature and Bats kill humans.

  64. KrizzityKristmas

    I've had my goldfish for 6 years. Best part is I got it from a carnival.

  65. Pisonero C

    Pay heed at symptoms such as : loss of taste and smell 👃

  66. Rexon Escobar

    Let's pray brothers and sisters.

  67. Sean Woods

    I use a hammer to kill them

  68. Maroco Litil

    Top 1 : deer Mosquitos : *am I joke to you?* Me : yes

  69. Cincy32

    COVID-19 comes from the Wuhan bioweapons lab, not from bats.

  70. Andy

    “I think they just see you as a source of food, comfort, cleanliness, and a safe place to live.” That’s kind of what a mother is...

  71. Feroze Ali

    is a person with post polio syndrome at risk?

  72. Stop Playing

    1:15 start here

  73. Dami Bankole

    *looks up at my boob lights*

  74. Rexy the Tyrannasaurus rex!

    Im not tiny!😡

  75. Rack Master

    I am never having kids

  76. BlandPopcorn

    Me: Like anyone’s going to do thi- A dude in creative mode: *Hold my beer*

  77. abbsnn cose

    manifest itself. Stay safe, cheers!

  78. eduardo arantes

    My uncle once said that the rattlesnake rattle has an venomous ant inside.

  79. Sanjay Rawat

    Please spread this video in China with Mandarin. For god sake please eat Vegetables or chickens. This is not 1980 Commis you will not die out of starvation.

  80. rakesh mechanic

    Can somebody tell me where do bats get these viruses in the first place. ???🤔🤔

  81. Arclight Sama

    Bruce Wayne: Fighting crime & training in a cave full of bats ! & still the healthiest & richest man ever . HOW ??

  82. jobin james

    Can this be recommended in every chinese youtube subscribers?

  83. SkyWolfAlpha

    No one: Not a single person: USsel: wanna watch a video about ceiling lights?!


    The narrator has the cutest voice I heard

  85. Art M

    “Colloidal silver is a supreme anti-pathogen which has been very effective against many cancers in pets, particularly fatty tissue cancers. Colloidal silver helps prevent and treat parvo, restores lost energy and vitality and is effective against arthritis and other joint problems. Highest recommendation. For fighting active cancers, use from two tablespoons per day for small dogs up to two ounces per day for large dogs.” - Tony Isaacs, Natural Health Journalist, Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol for Dogs and Other Animals

    1. abbsnn cose

      the worst humans on earth are also shaking in their boots! LONG LIVE THE HUMAN RACE!!!!

  86. ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ

    4:34 women call that a bench press...

  87. The Stony

    I think we should measure Mt. Everest Height from Crust then...

  88. Peter Parker

    Heh, that's cute. Good luck figuring it out!!

  89. Reasoning Guy

    Can't we kill the virus in the bats in the first place. With hardened immunity in bats genetics.

  90. mr ghost lone

    I had direah 3 times in 1 days does it mean I got the virus 😭

  91. Durrani Mapper

    More fresh water for us! Oh no bangladesh sank

  92. Tin is Back

    wait so it's kinda like alzheimer but it's for like alcohol? correct me if im not right

  93. Itz Gishi

    I dont want my mother to die because she os the only one that takes care of me and my sisters so please pray for all people who are in the hospital having the virus. Please Virus stop spreading.

  94. Luna Crystal

    Pufferfish: 🥕🐡 Chef: 🗿

  95. Art M

    How do silver nanoparticles work as an antiviral? Silver nanoparticles interact with HIV-1 based on their size. According to a peer-reviewed article on, Silver particles were tested found to be able to bind with the virus and show an ordered spatial alignment. and have the capacity to be indeed virucidal depending on their size. In other words, to be effective virus-disablers, there needed to be sufficient small sized silver particles that would effectively create a “cap” that inhibited the virus from infectivity. Although a typical solution of colloidal silver contains nano particles as well as ionic silver, it was the nanoparticles that proved 12 times more useful in the inhibition of viruses, versus ionic forms, at concentrations were at about 0.44 to 0.91 mg/mL. Colloidal silver is so effective in being antiviral that its effects are still present 12 hours after cell infection with a HIV virus, which makes it a prime candidate for being a broad-spectrum antiviral agent not prone to pathogenic resistance. In a nutshell, colloidal silver particles, when generated at a low constant current will yield particles at such small sizes that they are perfect to attache themselves to viruses and disable their ability to replicate themselves with any host cell. This is truly nanotechnology working with medical science and it could save us from trying to outwit constantly evolving bacteria and viruses!

  96. elyon v

    Why are no not studyng them for further like immortality and organ clonong or some shit lol

  97. Sean Woods

    shit my mom is gonna give birth to my 3rd sibling in her 30's shes 39

  98. Li pov Yaj

    These so called experts always tell you about where the virus affects you but never tell you the timeline of worsening or death if you're infected.

  99. Bruce Lee

    CCP Corona virus 🇨🇳