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  1. Martin Peralta


  2. 064678543

    My brother once joked about the idea of a superhero that spreads ignorance from his body during a bank robbery; I never knew that there really was a real-life Ignore Man

  3. Tony Robles

    Where's this bridge located @@?

  4. NuxVom

    They're trying to intimidate future witnesses in his California trial.

  5. KeepingUpWithTrash

    The Obamas made it possible for future presidents to not gaf about black people, congrats! Every other race and community has better social equality than you!

  6. llw53one

    Too cute! I appreciate this on so many levels

  7. sara deen

    This is the best video l've ever watched💕

  8. Virtual Boy

    Pls don't believe me, but I think that the mom or the dad did something to the kids either abuse or "I hope not" got murderer. Because in the last video it talked about going to Hawaii for whatever start a new life. But in the video it explained she followed and believed in a doomsday website where the world would end "I don't believe it" but I think she started looking at her life and wanted to just move since she thought the world was going to end and thought that maybe if I get rid of the kids I can experience life to the fullest.But here's the thing that like it or not but your gonna have to raise your kids either way because it's there responsibility. What she did was wrong .I'm not going to judge other people until everything gets cleared. Ps:This is just my take on the matter I don't know if this is true or not

  9. amit Thorat

    What ?

  10. Mette Zempel

    Wow am her quick

  11. Domshot 123

    0:44 or i just use a plate instrad of going to a supermarket and buying lettuce

  12. Joe Sigl

    It ain’t rocket surgery.

  13. MaxLettuce


  14. ChemicalXII

    Men. Masculinity. Testosterone.

  15. Clarence Maseko

    Halfway through this video I thought Emily was dead

  16. Michelle Williams

    I don't think that water was even deep glad they got her tho

  17. buoyancy density2017

    Earth is flat we never went to the moon That's like saying let go land on the sun .... believed a lie so long it became the truth only the real know Want to Make a Lie Seem True? Say It Again. And Again. And Again

  18. xXRenegadeXx

    God Bless The Homeless Man!

  19. NoodleBowl Studios

    He protecc He Attacc But most importantly He hurt is bacc

  20. Doctor Strange

    Stupid people get stupid rewards.

  21. A Mut

    So many idiots here. This guy wasn't even a flat earther, he used them for their funding and never actually believed it. He was a daredevil who needed funding and lied about believing it to get it. Do your research morons.

  22. christine samsammy


  23. antonio volpe

    the earth for him is now very flat

  24. Daniel Bowens

    lol this headline is misleading it should say “dad watches child walk around gate and into a pool, and only decides to do anything like once the child falls in.” Dude is dumb

  25. Sandy C

    Why didn't the guy help him out, rather than just a thankyou.

    1. robinhood123454140

      You go help him...

  26. Hey GUY!

    I once found a driver's license on the street, I mail it to the address on on the license, I put only my phone number on the back on the envelope. I got a nice call from the guy's wife thanking me. He was a tourist visiting and lost it.

  27. Abdul Vahid

    What did you expect? She's a HERO, that's what HEROES Do.🙌💟

  28. bluerocker27

    What an absolute hero


    This is last thing left to see

  30. kafilator 09

    Imagine he touches the metal part of the seatbelt

  31. CoinBit xd

    wow..what a nice guy

  32. Truth Troll

    Well done sir!

  33. Trap Town HNH

    Awesome video,Keep it up! Would you like to be USsel friends? :]

  34. Trap Town HNH

    Keep it up! Looking forward for more videos from you, don't stop! Would you like to be USsel friends? :]

  35. J K

    Why does he not want to be identified?!?! 🤔🤨🤨

    1. I'm that grey born gorilla out the concrete jungle

      Some peoples just don't want to get on the camera, specially vets. Some peoples just wants to live in quiet and peace.

  36. Matthews Samples

    Have you ever drove in the mountains; because if so that's far from dangerous. people just need to be more cautious. What a waste of time and resources to make some sort of video about a f****** Hill. how stupid

  37. Karina Wang

    michael freeman found coin

  38. W B

    Never buying a kia

  39. Jaco

    “... there was nothing she could do....” Oh, yes there is: Take the little brat to the bathroom and give him a ‘reason to cry’ (as MY parents used to say).

  40. Freeman 4498

    Why ?? Anyone explain ?

  41. Einar Baugstø

    f a k e

  42. ryan jugg

    Damn I just started watching stuff about coins and it’s weird af cus I watching this movie called dear John and it’s kinda about coins and I’m high

    1. J K


  43. daymon lindsey

    My Grandmother had a Chihuahua that would take your hand off if you raise it to her. However if you were holding the dog and she raised her hand to would attack her had issues.

  44. Mask and the Tube

    Lol the tittle what the heck

  45. Nezuko's Guardian

    "You can do extraordinary things, like launch yourself in a rocket." Yes you can do that, but _why?_ why would you do that?

  46. Rich Foreign

    Wow USsel stop recommending me dumb stuff like this I’m here thinking it’s a happy ending and then oh ya btwww the mom died fatal accident but ya dogs found

  47. Levan Didebulidze

    R.I.P. 🙏🏻 too sad 😢

  48. youtube chicken

    What if you brang your lactose intolerant friend


    Now he'll prove that the *"Earth"* is *"Flat"* one way or nahh just one way.

  50. G.A .P

    He's 18

  51. Kendra Poole


  52. M M


  53. Tommo X

    3:13 is that Pentatonix’s arrangement?

  54. rhino power

    I wanted to see the crash

  55. Trap Town HNH

    Awesome video,Keep it up! Would you like to be USsel friends? :]

  56. Matej / Psiloz

    Inside Edition please do more research on you incomplete reports, he didn't believe the earth was flat, it was a PR move, his PR management even confirmed it after hsi death.

  57. A Mut

    he wasn't a flat earther, he just used them for funding. do your research you idiots.

  58. Nicole E.

    Girl: the baby came out! The baby came out! 911 operator: the whole baby?, half the baby, wtf do you think

  59. Lisa L

    I couldn't concentrate on the dance, I was just looking at those muscles 😍

  60. April McClean

    Her license should have been taken along time ago

  61. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Wow, this is really heartwarming

    1. Benjicon Lord

      I’ve seen your comments like 8 times

  62. Meme Gaming

    She threw it at the ground though

  63. shotab0t01

    Oh my god wow

  64. Xzadrian ew


  65. shortyklee


    1. Sandy C

      Who cares. Grow up

    2. Jersey ff

      U beat me to it 🤣

  66. HelloAzu

    "Inside edition taking the mystery fun by cracking it."

  67. Anthony Ellsmore

    The crazy thing is she stoped to talk to the many crazy pilots just get in there seats .....and fly

  68. Kevin Deleon


  69. FnP Jalen

    4th person

  70. Amirah Brown


  71. Toe Knee

    That’s wholesome af

  72. Mr. FroSty

    Hey inside Edition

  73. Wassup Random Tops

    I know he’s bald or got a haircut

  74. steve buscemi


  75. VancouverCanucksRock

    Reminds me of this controlling psycho that was on the show *Fear Thy Neighbor*

  76. sleepyiguess

    Ok bruh what!?

  77. Javi Segurotti

    dumb&dumber as its finest!

  78. Baby_thrown_off_balcony

    I like the new trailer for Titanic 2

  79. jerrel scott

    Dam house foreclosure, failed suicide, and life in prison due to a parrot it really can’t get worse than that 🤦🏽‍♂️

  80. Syncitfy

    That woman is such an idiot

  81. M T

    How sweet 💜

  82. Nahir 111

    With great mustache comes great responsibility.

  83. Odira Scarce man

    Damn,Why i'm always in a wrong place? 🤔

  84. xOxO Aesthetically

    My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

  85. humicbeast

    Say goodbye to your driver's license

  86. 23_wildcat

    Almost whole family dies. other people: hey let's throw 600 balloons in the air to destroy the earth

  87. 1256 8488

    I like him. He’s a cool dude.

  88. vault dweller vault 111


  89. TheMuzicsouljah

    Can anybody please tell me what Cosby's inmate number had to do with "his life in prison" and why they found it necessary to spell out his inmate number twice? His inmate number had NOTHING to with the story unless it's to confirm he was indeed an inmate...The only thing I can think of is (and maybe it's a reach) the "NN" somehow was the syst3m's way of saying, Ni*ga Number 7687 (NN7687)...Thoughts?

  90. BigJoe6669

    let them it's called natural sélection we have to many morons on this planet anyway

  91. zσmσk вєαn

    Wait if there was another incident with the same lift before this man went on it and got killed, how come they didnt check out the lift and possibly make adjustments so this can be prevented?

  92. Michael C Greywolf

    Win or lose, the house always wins "ALWAYS WINS"

  93. FR Bmp

    I bet he molested that walker too

  94. Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)

    The store owner should get life in prison.

  95. Kent Celicious

    At age 3, I already know the earth is not flat

  96. PineyTheElder

    There shouldn’t be self serve for crab legs should limit 2 legs per person

  97. Star Key Little G

    Man why not give his victims stones to throw at him. We protect sick twisted weirdos more then the innocent. USA is so god dam evil.

  98. Jr Perez

    It's nice to see things like this still happen in America

  99. johnny casarez

    they should just put her down

  100. Haley Jasper

    Why does she owe so much money? No one even helped him