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  1. L. Beebe

    Screw the cigarettes...I'd kill my husband if he left my child on a train because he had to have a "smoke"!

  2. Cer Men

    Good job of taking care of the 14 Kids 😄

  3. Empress 24

    She looks easily 27, she is not 16 yrs old, she looks over 20. She may not know how old she is? but she knew that she as lying to that couple that she was 6 yrs old, and she keeps lying. US shall send her back to Ukraine

  4. Tessa ttty


  5. Scentedd Animated

    Next Video: Person goes to jail beacuse he breathed air

  6. Achilleas Charalampides

    Imaging how annoying that would be if the tail wagged, would bother his eyes

  7. BS1

    Trump will be impeached for extortion against a foreign government for his own political gain❇ Just because Trump failed to bribe another country .. A crime was still committed.

  8. Growing through life With Dontavia

    Mountain lion like “ sooooo, your in my neighborhood & you just standing there, it’s rude to stare & not say hello😂 and I’m like 👀 staring contest bud, let’s get it. I bet that cat was like 👀 tf y’all doing ?

  9. tatiana healey

    his baby is so cute tho 🥺

  10. Irene D.

    I also naturally wake up after 4hrs of sleep & can't go back. It's brutal but after a decade, I guess I got used to it. I can be up at 4:00 am or 11pm depending when I went to sleep.

  11. Ellie Woolford

    Omg rip this touched my heart

  12. Blue Lightning

    Ofcourse that robber didnt shoot the robber would tripple his time in prison.

  13. voteZDLR

    It's really not worth stealing iPhones anymore. Believe me, I had an iPad handed down to me from a deceased family member and I didn't know the code to it. Tried a handful of codes I figured it could be, after like 15-20 false ones the thing locked me out and started then locking me out for hours at a time. Found out that basically you have to prove that it's legitimately yours and the only way it's getting unlocked is at the Apple store. There's no way to hack into it, any service or whatever saying they can, they're lying.

  14. Bryon Stephens

    What she says about the last year in Elvis' life is not what his 5 closest friends say in their almost 5 hour discussion on's on youtube...and they don't say what she says here...She was 22 and Elvis was 42...they had nothing in common to talk the above-mentioned video and judge for yourself...remember...selling a book takes some embellishment...

  15. Unknown Riceツ

    صاشف نيني

  16. tiuhti

    When american do finally something right

  17. STANG

    Rip tony :(

  18. Mohamed Shekhow

    she's a good person leave her alone

  19. A Monkey

    Happy that non-harmful snakes live in my country

  20. Vanessa Snyder

    99% of the comments I feel bad for the tooth fairy 1% he complained for several years ?

  21. Cer Men

    I did not knew that men’s can get pregenet

  22. Es2 Kaaay

    Bunch a Chad's and Chadettes

  23. Omyra WYATT

    You already posted this

  24. iisaiid

    They missed the opportunity to call him butthead

  25. Watermellon foxx

    That's sick

  26. Sienna Kelly

    This made my heart break you could just she how much she was hurting

  27. Neim Noodles

    Oh he got in a car crash

  28. Cameron Smith


  29. 666tba

    Twenty jump street much

  30. Nxvrz

    Sounds like the dude who didnt want kids and the mom drowned them and she told the dude and he said he didnt want to be with her so she went there every day to see if they were there

  31. paulz5531


  32. Andre Avaloz

    Cowards just watching.

  33. tam ee

    i cant even get a date.

  34. Danny007

    If I got him, I'd name him Armstrong.

  35. theoriginaljean

    The poor kid will have face scars for the rest of his life. And it’s okay? This is just another story? Pit bulls or any aggressive dog should all wear an invisible fence necklace. Failure to have this should cost a big time fee. That way only responsible people have these half beasts.

  36. Ayden Hayes

    I’d do the same thing as the little boy....just maybe with a bigger shampoo bottle😂,he was only trying to protect his mom

  37. habiba begum

    *Laughs in british*

  38. MrKris286

    Real life Ironman looks like Captain America made a baby with Thor lol

  39. Bhavani R.

    Shame on those teachers👎🏿💔❌

  40. Jose Vargas

    Dint this video comeout already before


    [Everyone Liked That]

  42. Cer Men

    Thx(means thank you)For the tips while shopping on the holidays safe!!

  43. elgin aquino

    Damn that white girl in 1:28 got a LOT OF JUNK IN THE TRUNK 😬

  44. Ian Martinez

    Hell nahhhhhhh

  45. ravioli the real king

    I'm on the cops side

  46. Unknown Unknown

    we all need neighbors like him

  47. Itz logan28

    Either take a bb or take a bullet i choose bb

  48. Chass The Queen

    I know how to sing like her

  49. Mary Balazo

    Call a police or just go out then help bad,neighbours no help

  50. The Jokester

    Plot twist it’s him doing it all along

  51. Mickey Andres

    He’s precious, he’s unique, he’s a healthy flippin cutie! 💕🐶😘🇨🇦

  52. Chris Mwaura

    I can watch this but not horror movies

  53. James Dunn

    Wow this shocked me I've never heard that kind of scream before I hope she's doing better

  54. Alisson Silva

    That's the weirdest crowbar I've ever seen

  55. Hadley Roper

    What a dick

  56. Big pump

    When you finally reach your breaking point 😂

  57. Sarah Dixon

    One encounter??? Seriously doubt that. He probably did her every chance he could.

  58. Hank Bridges

    That Marine played for the opening at The Superbowl! He received a standing-ovation!

  59. Fargoth

    This woman should be hanged.

  60. Daddyio oo

    ok boomer

  61. Johnboy Hegarty

    Guys guys John is my brother but it’s not like it’s a video to put on my back go see not described or click scribe button🐹🐭🐰

  62. Jane Doe

    Drinking, and carrying a firearm....hmmm Should be fired, should have to pay all that mans medical bills, should never be allowed to own a gun ever again, or join any other force, and finally should pay the guy he shot for the days he cannot leave his home. So I think that's well over 100k

  63. Panzer

    Breaking news: its her makeup

  64. Emanuel Urbina

    Ok boomer

  65. Kaigamer2134038


  66. Bri •

    hes a puppy unicorn 🥺

  67. Clay Nowland

    But what did she expect in a donut shop???? Salad??????

  68. Adolf Hitler

    dog murderer

  69. cheristar

    Yea I love a woman who can kick butts.

  70. Karenni Boy

    I would have picked the pistol forn my jacked that i always carry with me and shoot to the tires or chase it

  71. Kamar Zaman

    Best hero

  72. joshua

    “What’s it’s been like behind bars” doesn’t show anything remotely close to that

  73. Julian Guzz

    Half of y’all spend all damn day on USsel and social media complaining you can’t work cause of anxiety or a “disability” and this kid putting y’all to shame

  74. Vurie Odd

    Ah what an ICON 😍

  75. Zodiac Playz

    I feel like she should of stayed calm and not screamed but she’s a 5 year old so

  76. The Queen Is My Mom

    He's bout to come back with the milk

  77. R.I.P LA CAPONE Team 600

    His wife already killed him

  78. PATTYY L

    She killed her two kids for a man.... Wooow

  79. bigearedmouse17

    Sabreena has the lowest IQ in the house.

  80. China Luv

    Beautiful Why we can't see things like this on the news

  81. momthegreatest

    May affect their Brain if they have any.

  82. raphael dacosta

    Reverse psychology 100

  83. Abby

    What an evil, narcissistic woman.

  84. Bruna Pientencoski

    Que nenê lindo meu Deus 🙏🙏🙏 que ilumine muito a vida dele Jesus.

  85. Zodiac Playz

    I saw the video and thought “Sally face?” The man was a hero

  86. Sabrina Weller

    You would have let the bear still the bear is so cute

  87. Fortnut isTrash

    Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean people have to give you their seat or taxi.

  88. Elijah Stephens

    1:28 thiccccccccc

  89. Game rager236

    Screw that cop he should by them new dog

  90. Peter Roa

    The new hoverboard 😯😮😲😁

  91. Yan-Fei Liu

    When decks have minds of their own

  92. Dalan Chandler

    The lady seems so concerned 🙄

  93. bigearedmouse17

    Hang him, Harvest his organs feed what is left to Pigs.

  94. Paige Cammack

    Why Did The Birth Mother Give Her Up??


    i bike the wrong way so i can see incoming cars, i don't, however, resist arrest

  96. Tiffany Jarnagin

    Oh my god. I hope they find whoever she is. This gave me chills.

  97. Yousef Ismail


  98. Slp_kn .?

    Ok bommer

  99. honey bee

    I would kill her

  100. Steve Carras

    Motional S'port././I remember the old 1962 Hanna-Barbera cartoon #WallyGator ..