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  1. Cheebzmacka

    The 2k dislikes are all the angry horse people.

  2. Miranda Sage

    Hi my college recently made an event at our pool called "hungry hungry hippo night" where people lay on boogie boards and use milk crates to collect as many plastic ball pit balls as possible. I really think y'all need to recreate this somehow

  3. diamond wolf

    Long live skqrp

  4. Ella Jackman

    however, fuck trump

  5. Megan Ellis

    why does julien sound like TJ Miller

  6. Taylor Fulton


  7. Maximus Vardaman

    This is how The Mask was made

  8. KennM12

    “i need paper towel to get the devil out of thIS BRUSHHH” lmao

  9. Melaney Horn

    Awwe hes so cutee

  10. Elliott Berryman

    Jenna is a 33 year old lady, and Julien is a 27 year old baby

  11. Jöergen 2.0

    Ur like Bob Ross but weirder and personally better (sorry bob)

  12. Freeze 340

    Hes built like a condom *pat pat pat*

  13. Luly Abramo

    Jenna washing her hands with the water running makes me cringe more than the sopa hand

  14. Lil Squirt

    She didn’t link the tent>;((

  15. Sarah Reade

    Today is the 10 year anniversary of this video, wow time has flown by

  16. diamond wolf

    Honestly it doesn't look that bad...

  17. Daniboy 895


  18. KennM12

    i lost it at the glasses

  19. - IrisKnowsAll -

    He radiates so much crackhead energy.

  20. Queen Jiru

    I would love a redo of this but the dogs pick makeup for Jenna to do on Julien...

  21. Yesenia Estrada

    4:43 What happened to his paw

  22. Just Kibby

    I had to call poison control and sharpie's customer service line because my daughter sucked the ink out of a highlighter when she was a toddler. They're nontoxic but I wouldn't want it in my eyeball.

  23. Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Jenna - will you do a video of this craft? I think it would be so fun and cool and i love when you make crafts! I love your videos, they always make me happy. You and Julian and the dogs are hilarious and awesome!! Here’s the video:

  24. Inspector Oznola

    Jenna: Makes another box for dogs to take pictures. Dog 1: Uhhhh. Here we go again. Dog2: Is she getting ready to make us take pictures again!? Dog1: yes. And force us to kiss her... Dog2: Can't she just stare at all the previous photos of us?! Damn, this woman!

  25. Nadine Metellus

    Awh I’m so late you guys should’ve string painted your table then cover it in some sort of resin or clear coat and it would’ve been a table you can keep forever or get certain pieces cut and hung in your house.

  26. awatts02

    okay but i actually love jenna with the bangs wtf

  27. Kat VonKitty

    Jenna totally needs a whippet now!!

  28. Mari Tcsn

    10 years since Jenna posted this. Marbles was still black and not grey.

  29. Emma Smith


  30. Clara Li

    JENNA TAMERA at 5:25

  31. Sparkkie420

    Dogs lick their genitals... Jenna: Let's make a kissing booth for the dogs!!!!!

  32. clair peck

    Hey Jenna, I was wondering if you're still addicted to leggings? If so, I would love to know if you have a few new favorites or if you still LOVE your "black milk galaxy leggings" and 3/4 cut leggings? Anyway, merry presidents day and send the dogs my love. Best, Clair

  33. Mari Ka

    As a cat owner, cant believe you where so racist to cat-face in front of a cat, how dare you

  34. Komega

    Party in the front HORSES IN THE BACK

  35. Emily Dinger

    Am I the only one who loves Jenna's eyebrows. I think they look good on her

  36. Lily Anderson

    Kisses no not knowing where I am yes

  37. billie abbott

    god i wish i was marbles

  38. hope

    I forgot Julien used to have a mane

  39. Ashley Garcia


  40. Clusterr

    Doesn’t look the most comfortable

  41. Scribbeily

    Nobody: Bunny: Tries to snatch Julien's wig three times, yells at him then take his chair

  42. Robyn Hammerton

    2 for omg

  43. wörm

    jenna. get yourself a silicone mold kit. mold your foot. pour soap in it. soap foot

  44. Citlally Castillo

    Wow,,,,, julien is too good for her Virgo attitude

  45. That Darkskin Samantha

    Can you guys please react to the love story of Jenna marbles and Julien solomita because it’s so cute🥺

  46. mk s

    0:28 What is name this song?

  47. Vee

    4:22. This is just what I expected when I clicked the video

  48. diamond wolf

    When u said ow this hurts i literally screamed BEAUTY IS PAIN!!!!I'm dying 😂😂😂😂

  49. Lyndsay ?

    11:29 killed me

  50. Katie Love

    The smallest dog is the cutest

  51. Pilot 301

    Worthless narcissistic... Look at me on U-tube!

  52. Montufy

    cermet is cermet

  53. Inga Buga

    Try to make extensions with hair on your nails!!!

  54. Nightmare Bonnie Master

    He is not nasty he is cute

  55. Claire Turcotte

    “He’s Tokyo drifting” why am I still laughing

  56. Jesus Christ

    Netflit : Are you still watching ? Someone daughter : 2:33

  57. BunnTheFox

    Instructions unclear, somehow ended up in Antarctica

  58. Oopsie Daisy

    09:12 did you just friend zone me 😂 had me lost

  59. Mya Bryant

    I feel like Kermit is going through depression


    Cats - the movie

  61. bat c4t

    I think I would perfectly describe their child, a Virgo with the impulse of an Arises.I plan I do stuff nice, THEN I DESTROY IT ALL!

  62. Brandy McMullen

    It’s my bday today and it would really make my day better if you like this and commet

  63. Nicole Micucci

    Some of these commenters need to be on a list, like any fucking list. Jesus.

  64. Kenzie T

    Can we talk about how she used to peaches head like a stapler

  65. David Kirk

    This is the video Kerm should put on his dating profile.

  66. doodleartlover

    Bunny standing above kissing booth and Marble down below window of booth... So adorable! 🙂✌️👍

  67. Kay's Kitchen

    Marbles is the most chill and wholesome dog in the universe, and it is amazing that we all get to experience him. 😊😁

  68. Tiger Snake

    “Cucked by kerm once again” fuckin ended me please don’t talk to me i need to recover from that

  69. Rachel Williams

    Story time so I make the schedules for my employees and one of my associates showed me this Tiktok one day I was ROLLING LAUGHING it was so hilarious

  70. tara o’donnell

    i was randomly looking through her channel and decided to watch her oldest video without realizing it was posted 10 years ago today... woah

  71. Mossears133

    13:56 Top 10 Anime Betrayls

  72. geneva

    10:14 i feel like im looking at smth outta silent hill 2

  73. Eya

    no one: julien: they tHiiiiiiiiiCk

  74. Sarah Marie

    I miss vlogs of the dogs!

  75. The Chrome Dinosaur

    Depression level :100

  76. AGT Yeet

    you know your in love when they agree to make demonic soap hands with you.

  77. Que Bee


  78. Marina Magan

    Me: Sees thumbnail Me: is she the Grinch in disguise

  79. timothyfloogle

    Things jenna sucks at... being ugly. Cause she's kinda a super babe!

  80. Bastián L

    3:02 he's a nasty boy!!!!

  81. grandma biscuits

    considerate bukakke be like

  82. Shooting Star

    The video is still here!

  83. Jack Ketchem

    Bunny 's so cute!! All that sass and those wiggles, she's really come out of her shell a lot since the first video!

  84. Park Jimin • 박지민

    *3:56** can we just appreciate how adorable marbles is like omg*

  85. Payton Jones

    Could you do a green screen st. Patrick’s day where you are a leprechaun 🍀

  86. Park Jimin • 박지민

    _Jenna and marbles just coexist on this planet like no other parent and child._

  87. beeza weeza

    Day by Dave made me come here. Jacksfilms is still better then you.

  88. tuna

  89. Sydney Bishop

    Lmao when I saw the elder scrolls one all I could think about was Jenna

  90. Lucy Jumper

    Julien: “she hung up” Julien: *Hangs up*

  91. Аня Володина

    Дженна привет из России!😗

  92. Die Hasis

    3:35 Why was I expecting to see my face... 😂

  93. FBIMOUS377

    I keep hearing "I love the way this cake is cut"

  94. Madelynn Philips

    My mom is older than you she never did this

  95. Charlie Hindle

    'you can't be in the soap video, you owe me money' lmaooooo

  96. Q L

    Peach is so smiley

  97. roouit patan

    Literally Jenna could post her saying hi over and over for 6 minutes and i’d still watch it 40 times

  98. Courtney L

    We want merch!!!

  99. timothyfloogle

    I don't fan athletes really ...

  100. Devil's Darling

    Omg marble is such a babey