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  1. Blessan Samuel

    Hey bro, my biggest question is if the S20 ultra is worth the price?? I'm looking at DSLR's and phones and this feels like a best of both world. Your thoughts??

  2. Sebastian Reyes Salas

    The phone is more beautiful


    How many price this phone in kuwait

  4. Squek Squek

    Samsung Screens are Eye Candy.

  5. malith shanaka

    1:37 it is beautiful man....

  6. David C.

    Here is a good: *It has a headphone jack*

  7. imserious2187

    I feel a fingerprint scanner that’s too fast feels less secure, that split second delay makes me feel like it’s actually scanning my print

  8. Peach c:

    I love the fold idea. But since this is a new type I'd be worried to buy one just bc this phone seems to be vulnerable to cracking

  9. D- Sean

    Only question I have is where do I get that wallpaper from

  10. fcporto porto

    Money talks

  11. biggs949597 s

    You should go into radio brother you got a voice for radio you seriously sound like a DJ on the radio if this doesn’t work out for your reviewing phones great review

  12. Sajeena Faziludeen

    I Want this😔😔😣😣 pls take this phone to me

  13. Mathue Accia

    Turn it down to 60 FPS and 1080p and see how long it Lasts

  14. Blazing Blade

    I got wireless cause my cat kept on breaking the wires

  15. Soham Kalaskar


  16. mena seven

    The gadget people are happy. Nice Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds.

  17. Erik Vank

    Force cancel my ass

  18. Silverlockt

    This might be a hard one but how does the ultra feel as a whole with dex mode since it has 12/16gb ram.

  19. Ashika Rubieparsad

    Yo jud like ur fit looks fire 👌

  20. ajit Soni

    hey bro...how will be a launch in india ..5g..plz yrr tell us...

  21. Austin Duff


  22. faber4044

    Did he say if there’s gunshots you can feel it uhhhh...

  23. Walter Charney

    Ahh waited for this and a comparison with ultra and note 10 plus

  24. Shakeel Ahmed

    Where can I get the wallpaper???

  25. CC CC

    Ur not average

  26. s r

    I will stay with my note 9...

  27. Lance Domhoff

    complained about 3d touch and it doesnt even work on ANY iphone now lmao

  28. Aci Re

    Got my iPhone 11 🙂 and im satisfied 👍🏻😍

  29. Mike R

    Will never understand why people thumb down videos like this. Ya'll mofos will dislike anything. Baffling. 2.5 thow though 🤔😆

  30. Mike R

    Salute brother. Good to see melanin all over. beautiful... Jersey!!!!!

  31. jake hi

    you should do a video of you setting up your computer


    Do you think its worth the upgrade fron the s8 to the s20/s20+/s20 ultra?


      @barsason1 thanks bro

    2. barsason1

      Yes I have the note 10 plus best phone ever so the s20 should also be a beast

  33. Cameron Bosman

    Yo, I missed these!

  34. Will Mabe

    He has a lot of stuff I like

  35. Adam MF Turek

    This dude is LEGIT! Can't believe I'm JUST finding this channel. Aannnndddd SUBSCRIBE!

  36. John G.

    You only do that “allow” thing once. I think you should have mentioned that

  37. TheEquinoxeHD

    Ad is literally 20% of lenght of the video xD Man are you serious? I forgot what I was watching during that time.



  39. Waisu thurai

    what's a phpto

  40. Michael Joel

    Dude I love your hat. Where did you get them? And the name please

  41. Janis May

    I still own the s8. I'm still satisfied with it. The only thing that's not so cool is the battery. It's ok but not very good. Sometimes you don't get one day, but the battery is already 2,5 years old. I will upgrade, if they make the under display front camera, graphen battery and snapdragon everywhere. I'm from Germany and we still have that Exynos!

  42. Ni Cole

    If the galaxy 20 lineup is $1000+ imagine the note 20 price tag! I like the specs of the ultra, the size of the screen, and the battery but I have smaller hands so it might be too big for me to hold. I’m wondering how the s20+ battery life would be 🤔

  43. Ethan

    I'll prefer the buds because its easier to sneak them into school

  44. David Martrano

    I looked at both 4's, I could not pull the trigger. Instead I chose the 3a XL, why? The price of course, I paid 4oo.oo tax included. So what am I missing, well a few things but really not too much? The 📷, almost the same? Saving hundreds made me & my pocketbook quite happy. The 3a & XL are the true value pixals. They both very much remind me of the Nexus line? Great review!

  45. Theo Fennel

    GB+ new features, more mics, batter battery and multiple pairing with other devices. You reviewers need to get it right.

  46. Nadyah official

    Petition to change the channel name to "NotUrAvgConsumer"

  47. Ryel

    3:44 wow even got that anime "SHIIIING" effect goin on lmao camwork on point

  48. Sharjeel Rashid

    Its amazing that people are using Samsung Note and S series and still wearing 'Apple' Watch :D

  49. Mary Kilcoyne

    I have skull candy venues

  50. Ulises Balbuena

    Meen, c'mon, the buds+ now have stronger base, more baterry, better fast charger, faster connection


    108 MP main camera not wide camera

  52. Rashid Hasan Rafi

    Watching this at feb 23,2020 on a 1+7t❤️

  53. Ettianne Anshin

    SD slot?

  54. Rezzy 1

    What girls pockets are that small 😂

  55. Tevrik kerr

    You spend almost $1400 for this phone and not even a silicone case.. This is why I don't rock with Samsung anymore.. Huawei for life

  56. Nikesh Niki

    Give Away 😜

  57. Sadoq Draws

    me on s4 hhh thanks God for everything ^_^

  58. Harvey Serajoseph

    Do you have any S20 Ultra Giveaway? Just give it to me. 🤣

  59. yuriy paul

    Got Coronavirus watching this

  60. Marcus Cruz

    I would buy iphone 11 and get some new airpods, not spend all my money on iphone 11 pro

  61. Avamys

    The pre-order from Best Buy in Canada comes with the Galaxy buds, 128 gb memory card, and the wireless charging circle thing for the same price you pay at other retailers who offer just the buds. Not sure if it's available in the U.S but if so definitely go for that instead. Only downside is the 128GB model is only available in grey from them.

  62. Thiru Veleyudham

    Does the ultra come with a bigger screen size

  63. Olivia Fanning

    i think its a boy


    People don't realise is that note ten is made to compete with the iPhone 10 and the s20 is made to compete with the iPhone 11 Edit: he is comparing two different generations Samsung has always waited for Apple before releasing a phone people need to understand that. Samsung being an older generation still being a heavy hitter

  65. Prem Kumar

    And Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra records 8K video it will consume 600MB per minutes

  66. PrestigeGamer

    8:20 Yeah only 2 changes. *Doubled the battery to a crazy 22 hours,Added an additional 3rd mic,Added a woofer and a tweeter,Literally only wireless earbud with multiconectivity to other phones,Made the buds even more water resistance than they were,Basically made an even better sound quality and last uptaded the app with it and all of that for 20 USD extra of charge* For a guy being a able to buy every single new technology available on the market first and having a channel that you compare and evaluate all this stuff while sometimes you get send the product for free...yeah you did pretty horrible

  67. I am The one

    iPhone 12 coming this fall 🤩

  68. Bilal Jaad

    I'm just wondering if the chipset ( snapdragon Vs exynos) affects the camera performance and photo processing on the device. After watching many reviews on the GS20U camera, I noticed that the snapdragon chip produced better image quality than the one with exynos. I just don't understand why Samsung dont use the snapdragon globally..

  69. skyhawk311

    All these you tubers getting free phones way early... still waiting on Samsung insights

  70. Yambuko Utedzi

    this is a good phone with good space,quality and size


    Basically, this video is all about kitchen tech Flex

  72. Indr4 Ilh4n

    A day in a life coming soon?

  73. Aarye Mehta Goshalia

    Bro, on the s20 ultra, the colours are only black and cosmic grey

  74. Apichar Jiratanan

    can you test out the buds against the sony buds?

  75. ITO Morales

    Got some cotton balls in your ears. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  76. Jose

    Late in the game but I just picked this up today and man it’s amazing. I use it for my photography gear and other tech things. I’m pairing the pouch with the Wandrd Prvke backpack. It’s my favorite travel/everyday photography bag but it’s lacking pockets to put tech stuff. This solved my problem!

  77. Haider Tariq

    Preorder my S20 Ultra (I'm upgrading form a OnePlus 3T so please don't judge me splashing out, I'm treating myself!)

  78. Nicholas Guns

    If you have a android device do they work the same? of course without the voice assitant but still.


    Please make a 2020 version in the future but instead making only for a budget or expensive version, please make a 3 class back to school tech bag, ex. The budget, the medium expensive, and the expensive

  80. TerraMagnus

    I'm surprised Tesla is shipping software that clearly isn't ready for consumer use yet.

  81. Andrew Martz

    thanks for the advice. I'm looking to jump into my first Macbook and I found a 'bundle' type deal that comes with the current Ipad Mini.

  82. Darkwear GT

    Wrong info S20 and plus 8 gb 12 gb ram max

  83. daniel inderos

    Can you change the screen density? Like get more apps per row?

  84. Oscar Sanchez

    I have never seen any of your videos, but im so glad you were on my recommended!

  85. exotic gaming

    Wars you rich

  86. Ryan Poohead

    1:07 me when I see a hot 15 year old girl

  87. Charles Davis

    You are NOT an Avg Consumer. You see the setup behind him? You got some gall calling this lifestyle as average.

  88. Son Goku

    Thanks for mentioning ubc adapter no tech review mentioned it nice that you mentioned and didn't get Scared to point Samsung mistake

  89. Mike Brown

    Is the 16 gigs of RAM worth getting is that an option and if so what's the price difference??

  90. The Night Owl

    Who here pre-ordered the s20+ or ultra

  91. Esten Foss

    Awesome camera that he is using, (not on the phone)

  92. Livid Szn

    This is probably a dumb question but I have an iPhone 8. Should I like actually upgrade to the 11

  93. Francis Diaz

    Hi is the screen curved like the note 9 or it is more like iPhone like because that is why I still not switching to Samsung thanks man

  94. Nehemiah Jenkins

    Where you get that wallpaper?

  95. Kevin Smith

    Here is one down side to the ear buds+. It seems the right ear bud is the bluetooth receiver. If you connect to your smartwatch and if your smartwatch is on your left wrist you will have bluetooth connection issues. And if you place your hand over the right ear bud you will have bluetooth connections issues. Has anyone else notice this?

  96. R J

    do it have secure folder?

  97. Derek Rhodes

    The screen is the perfect size😉

  98. Sinh Nguyen

    There's a need for all kinds of photos these day so the camera is not a bad feature but I don't know if I wanna mess with a camera that much man.

  99. Goofy Laws

    Your average 🍎

  100. Beven W

    I wish they would sell one with the camera on the left side for left handed people