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  1. sebbe sebbe

    wish i could afford one

  2. Gabriel Tobing

    The amount of faith this guy has that it wont drop and break XX

  3. Abdullah Mubeen

    this is ultimate this is my dream which never ever become true

  4. Clasher Boy

    Seeing the iPhone 8 reminded me that it's going to get discontinued soon :(

  5. Asha H V

    Ary wins

  6. Valle Ranchez

    The best unboxing ive ever seen

  7. Jesus Torres Amaya

    Make and iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro video hoho

  8. Bruh

    I got an arris SURFboard AX7800 used on amazon and it’s amazing. I upgraded from an AirPort Extreme. WiFi 6 is nice πŸ‘ most WiFi 4 things I have like LIFX lights πŸ’‘ and my Tesla Model 3 πŸš— have a strong πŸ’ͺ signal.

  9. JuliΓ‘n SuΓ‘rez

    Very useful video, gretinggs from Colombia :)

  10. Lugia 06

    Sorry no samsung buds for me, only barbie sized hairdriers

  11. Donald Kline Media

    the box thing leave the tape on it works better and cats love it, I put bird videos on for them. 🐯

  12. Milan Milan

    Nice sofa

  13. JO E Hernandez

    Hi I am lexia and I'm your #1 fan

  14. Stanley Eng

    How do these Surface X and 7 to XPS??


    What's your process when passing off a project while editing with final cut?

  16. vObitoUchiha

    Don’t buy the headsets the battery life is not good and for playing games like rainbow six siege or call of duty it not good for sound hoarding

  17. Solid Snake

    wish i was one of the lucky ones that got to stay home...

  18. DaRKniGhT Gaming

    Sir can you give me a phone

  19. edgar guillen

    Can you pleaseeee tell me where'd you get those Gundam posters especially the banshee gundam, it seems like the light reflects of it idk if its some kind of special material but deff looks worth buying thanks!

  20. Gilly Get Bizzy

    Is that a custom switch or do they sell that retail?

  21. Ace Wild Card

    The slow boot time might be caused by programs that were loaded as the computer started up causing it to be active memory. Try closing some of the programs you dont often use that might now be in active memory that aren't a necessity.

  22. Joseph Ruiz

    What service do you use?

  23. Kayaze

    Im sorry sir but no average consumer i know of glues an 80+ dollar case to a paper plate.

  24. Michael Meyer

    UrAvgConsumer: Don't mess up your home button! Me: What's a home button?

  25. emiboi 2009

    You can’t take photos with your glue case

  26. Noah On 5G

    I'm sorry but who tf eats over their laptop?

  27. CC 22

    1:53 Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare spotted

  28. Rayray

    yo i got the same shoes as him

  29. blazingfire365

    Says u need a gamecube controller but doesnt say you also will need to buy a mayflash adapter with it.

  30. Eduardo montoya

    That daemonXmachina grip is so dope

  31. Andy Wen

    What portable HDMI+PD+USB dongle for Switch do your recommend?

  32. Dont-Worry- BOUT-IT

    Moms bank ain’t gonna be so quiet after this video

  33. NasheDete

    this was a pretty dope vid bro, please keep the comming!

  34. leon glass

    Put some movie posters on the wallsπŸ‘

  35. PixsAw

    I just wanna.......... ctrl c ctrl v

  36. Astin Asheel

    All these hacks are really old. They don't matter now.

  37. Daniel P

    I'm glad I bought a switch before this coronavirus pandemic started. Keeps me from dying of boredom while staying home

  38. Justin Johnson

    So he just doesn't say anything about the guy walking in front of the TV let it be my house we having an all out war

  39. Derick Wolters

    I don't see it being over priced the cheapest end table where I live is $169 and that's with out storage, with storage can be $189 to $300 . So I look at it as a normal price of a end table but it has a blue tooth speaker built in it.

  40. Kevyn Hoepelman

    i work i a phone repair shop, we use the mouse with the otg adapter all the time to back up info of phone with broken dgitizers

  41. 100 subs for pizza

    10:49, out of all the cases you whipped out a 50 dollar apple one which costs more than my phone...

  42. Rishan Patel

    how da hell u get sponsored by Supercell. No disrespect.

  43. ZENBOY

    Bro watching this in 2020 cause I’m bored quartine is bad vibes

  44. Elite_Locity_Art.

    My question is you have a Mac you can't take it anywhere but your house or apartment the iPad is a MacBook which you can carry so you don't need both like idk man as they said a apple product a year makes your money disappear

  45. The Only Genius

    The last hack is not ristricted for samsung devices that have dex any android phone that supports OTG can do it all u need is an adaptor and a mouse and voila

  46. Nico Radeschi

    I think jud won but that s10 tho oh😯😬

  47. oreo Baranian

    My dad picked up the Logitech speakers up for like Β£130

  48. Disney Jared 1

    U are soooo lucky to have one my parents can’t buy me one because we’re struggling with money ☹️

  49. Kaz X

    I have a iPhone 11 it’s soo good and the color is yellow

  50. Tyson Pelletier

    just ordered that exact headset

  51. Buttfrags

    This review seems very off. For 70 percent of the videos I've watched on the Galaxy buds vs airpods pro. The Galaxy buds + always wins at least in sound. Even channels knowmnprimirally for apple news like Max Tech gave the win to Galaxy buds. Making me think the UrAverageConsumer is biased or got defective units.

  52. big daddy 2004

    Hope you know your eyes can't see anything over 2k so anything higher that cost more money is a waste

  53. Sebastian Gueikian

    ur sound is very off ?????

  54. BlaZze Spams L2

    Feels bad man😭😒

  55. ghulam e panjatan ali

    Shall I go with N 10 pluse or iPhone 11pro max plz guide

  56. femi coker

    mouse support is useful, like in the case when your screen's touch sensitivity is bad for whatever reason and maybe you want to navigate the phone to enable mtp mode to get something off the phone or turn on the wifi for ftp or something like that, the feature is actually very useful, and it has worked on all android phones i've tested for as far back as i can remember

  57. d. Riv

    Never believe any of these new β€œhacks” or primitive builds on USsel.. they all for likes and subs. THEY FAKE AND MADE WITH REAL TECH BEHIND THE SCENES

  58. Aiden Gorman

    just go buy a f-ing case don't waste hot glue or your time lol

  59. Joetheking Richards

    7:24 it annoys me so much just hold the laptop out it upside down and all the crumbs will fall Down

  60. Amirko

    i have the s20 ultra this phone is a beast Im using the s20 ultra now more than the iphone 11 pro max

  61. Rishi Bhardwaj

    A mouse/keyboard works with ANY Mobile Phone that supports OTG.

  62. Dynamic Audio Mastering

    You can use a Bluetooth mouse with it as well. I connected my Microsoft surface mouse to it for fun one day and it worked.

  63. Retroflecks

    1:42 Turkey about the Armenian genocide

  64. Sam’s Vlogs

    Sam's Vlogs i need a camera

  65. AdAM SHAiKH

    01:32 Bro The Video You Saw That Phone Was Samsung Something nD iPhone Has Touch iD πŸ˜‚ Common sense bro Touch iD iS Secure Nd We Know How Bad Nd Hopper Samsung iS

  66. The Trick Cube

    What’s the link to the candy cabinet in the back?

  67. Malek Jazi

    The first hack worked but I used lipstick

  68. Oscar Oliver

    The phone is not fingerprint scanner

  69. ben herrscaft

    yo that’s not a tesla homie

  70. Mark Lee

    Can I’ll get them

  71. Andy Brunelli

    Where do I buy that couch tho?

  72. Christian Henriquez

    what game is he playing at 5:08

  73. Joseph Kleshick


  74. Savage_tatty

    galaxy buds PLUS

  75. Ron Bernstein

    well reasoned review. thx!

  76. Ciaran Gold

    I’m an art student, this ipad would be perfect for me

  77. Christian Jade

    Can i have your old ipad?

  78. Christian Jade

    Can you do a Give away?

  79. Anish Nattamai

    last thing was the best thing here lol

  80. Keon Sears

    5-minutes craft is trash, none of the hacks work.

  81. Shaniel Fernandez

    I’m trying to figure out how is anything is connected to the TV and I don’t see any wire connection which is dope

  82. Yousifian Nation

    i charge my phone the way marques does it lol

  83. Sandile Khumalo

    Cable management; πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  84. juan alarcon

    Funny n interesting video!!!

  85. Josh Morgan

    Omg that controller in the thumbnail though 😍😍😍😍😍

  86. Andres Garcia

    Go for 1.5x speed

  87. Anderson Ribeiro


  88. Famous Fighter24

    7:13 in the video there was a keyboard protector on it. Your keyboard doesn’t have that. So the crumbs will possibly get under the keys

  89. C M

    My thing is I’m a little confused where the market is for the MacBook Air when there’s a 12.9 iPad Pro with the magic keyboard that most likely is way more powerful and over all fits the need for the market the air is targeted for. Granted that’s more money but still. Wireless mouse and amazon case with Bluetooth keyboard. Makes the iPad Pro 12.9 the better option probably.

  90. Lozanov !

    Click bait ????

  91. jwala telecom

    Sony always best😊

  92. Arjunsinh Parmar

    One like for that box hack

  93. The Kidrix

    Idk why I’m watching when I already have thisπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½

  94. Nuovo

    All Android phones support mouse and keyboard!

  95. Phillip Williams

    Who else is watching when they know that they will never get one comment if you agree

  96. Tate Dillow

    AR? Really? Does anyone anywhere use it for more than putting a pretend monster on the couch? What a colossal waste.

  97. Troy Martial-Bennett

    Who needs colourware when you already had Xbox design lab

  98. Devin McGee


  99. Candice Hall

    Can I have a nintendo