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  1. Best Original Videos

    These guns are useless on round 50 lol

  2. Reaper of RipoN

    How do I get a bug fixed

  3. Justin Tucker

    What a hype trailer!

  4. Shaiphrang Synrem

    Call of duty the best of the best shooting game pc or mobile.....👍👍🤘🤘

  5. Gavin Ross

    I wish playing games was like this. Instead all I get is interrupted!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Yan Frost

    Cod Ghost Forever

  7. XGermanMOnkey1X ?

    One of the biggest traps ever.

  8. Dunk Gaming

    So cool

  9. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Die videos könnt ihr euch sparen, arbeitet lieber daran das das spiel gut wird, also skill based matchmaking raus danach könnt ihr neue sachen veröffentlichen

  10. Guzmann Escobar

    Battle royale 😏

  11. 히이로유이

    저 여자배우 누구임

  12. Arcade Roulette

    Crazy idea but how about remove the safe spaces and add more cover to some areas . Cover some windows and doors not allowing access to some vantage points. Finally fix the spawns. Hate losing a gunfight only to be reset across the map where an enemy has his sights aimed down waiting for me to run out.

  13. Allahu Snackbar

    Lets go old comrades

  14. Kuat Sampurno

    ID : kapten_bokir OpenID560355951436877399

  15. Xeecute_ Order

    I remember when the trailer first came out I quit before the resistance came out. 2 years comeback and I see new maps dlc weapons and divisions what happened?

  16. Barleywine14

    Not a gamer so bear with me. Bought Call of Duty WWII and it came with a code for this dlc pack. I downloaded it into the PS4 and now it is nowhere to be found. It isn't in the game when I start the PS4 up. Is it some sort of online only play? I thought it would show up on my game without going online.

  17. storminus prime

    One of the best cod game trailers I’ve seen in a while

  18. Nigerian_ Killer

    This made me cry in 2020 😭😭😭

  19. Joann Drakeford

    1:38 teachers give difficult iq questions 1:45 Asian student in the corner: Who would win? A full trained pilot in a heavily armed chopper Or One juggernaut boi

  20. Alanchettos

    It’s been one hella of a ride but a trueeee ending in our hearts is missing

  21. ShoeE

    Ngl, I still play this

  22. Ω SirFlank Boring Ω

    Girls dying: My time has come. Boys dying: Bravi six, going dark.

  23. Ω SirFlank Boring Ω

    Why i keep coming back here

  24. stephan adam

    Is there ffa on this

  25. MasterDogg07

    Black ops: Russians Modern warfare: terrorists Infinite warfare: *MARS*

  26. Mr.Whaler

    0:49 Did that Marine have a laser where the scope is suppose to be on his M4.

  27. T_irq_ 77

    You ruined the game with your unwanted seasons.

  28. Shiro

    "Nikolai always talks about going home, honestly I don't even know where home is anymore" -Tank Dempsey

  29. SC Rules

    Can we get dcma as a game loop, where we use the dmca get peoples information/location etc?

  30. James V. Robinson

    Girl's mind: he's thinking another woman Boy's head: Exit, light.....Enter, night Who would win? A full trained pilot in a heavily armed chopper Or One juggernaut boi

  31. Dingo

    this game is trash I must say

  32. Christopher Rodriguez

    I'll be afraid to fight Bruno😂

  33. Marty McFLY 1985

    PS4 all Multiplayer DLC downloaded PS4 says all updates up to date. Yet game says MISSING 1 OR MORE Multiplayer DLC. Season 1 worked always Season 2 unplayable

  34. legacyX

    You release this like if i haven’t used them since launch of season two

  35. N.E 13

    3:28 When his first words are "Fortnite".

  36. lonecourierjoeyV2

    Missed oppertunjty for them to have their own voice lines

  37. SanAnMan 1

    The 40 millimeter shotgun under barrel for grenade launchers, that easily can be equited using L1 or LB. Yeah as much equipment you like.

  38. Beach Front Highway

    "WATCH OUT!!!!" - Some random Australian guy

  39. Martin Vigo

    Fix your game. Servers/Netcode are trash.

  40. SG10Gaming

    1:11 in 2020 hits different. Almost cried

  41. GermanTwo

    This was one of my first xbox 360 games loved every second of it I always wanted a sequel. It’s really sad that some people didn’t give it a second chance. One of my favourites, The nostalgia. :(

  42. Wuwarrior 2917

    Bringing back something like Elite for the new Modern Warfare actually wouldn't be too bad. I don't remember alot of people signing up for Elite when MW3 came out, I think this was around the time people started to get burnt out on Call of Duty.

  43. Note Gaming Paper

    A legend was born

  44. dragon ballzetta

    1:49 its funny how It sounds

  45. wilko 101

    1 year later and this map did not age well. missing 2016 bo3 vibes:(

  46. uno_ gaku

    bruh i thought this was a lit trailer i didnt even know about the dislikes

  47. Ezy duck 1604

    Anyone know the song name throughout the trailer

  48. Manuel Martinez

    Btw this game is dead u know thay

  49. Me comi un platano :v

    3:29-5:13 my favourite part

  50. Diana Guerrero

    What if you combine call of duty with resident evil?

  51. ANG-Z

    2:54 is that the Element 115 meteorite??

  52. وعد القزاز

    لاعب كرة السلة الذي طلع بالفيديو يشبه شخصية لمار من gta v

  53. Chilliyyy

    Who was bored so them came here to hate on a game 🤓

  54. Ms Irina


  55. Rice Crispy Man

    I swear, most of the people that disliked probably never played Zombies in Spaceland.

  56. From Jennifer's Desk

    People running around I see in this trailer🤨

  57. jon roman

    When the trailer was better than the game


    I know whats going on season one you had or you could make cod4 guns and season 2 is modern warfare 2 and now next season is gonna be mw3 guns plz bring back the fmg if so

  59. shorsh king

    is that for pc or ps4 ?

  60. Redlabor 204

    We need a cod ghost 2

  61. Ramiro Cano

    0:39 this girl and her brothers with the same clothes are available at the store in Fortnite :U


    Activision is the new evil EA

  63. Sam Salvador


  64. Serbia Soldier

    Maje this Game for android

  65. Herman Jacobs

    Captain Price 's voice on this film is just not right, it just sounded comically funny, rather that I expected it from the legendary Bill Murray.

  66. Antonio Paulo

    Brasil por aqui?

  67. Latiel Bobadilla

    I wonder if COD are getting pay by gun companies to showcase theie guns...

  68. Olanrewaju Faremi

    Last gun 😂😂❤️

  69. Will B

    Ppl don’t even cam anymore fr

  70. Genevieve Bogad

    this Is a dollar store ghost.

  71. andrew evolution

    I can´t find servers of Ground War here in Brazil ! We need more servers or be able to choose server region !

  72. Sougat Sharma

    Great game, graphically few years too late, gameplay wise few years too early. Would have been a massive success.


    Way ahead of it’s time

  74. ne ne

    Pls remastert bo2

  75. Ares Ramirez


  76. No commentary Gameplay

    2020 okey

  77. Captain Price

    Just release battle Royale before leakers leak the entire mode

  78. Foley ._.lionel

    😭 I miss the old cods !

  79. Hello help

    Im a mobile player but i heard the campaign is confusing so that means multiplayer is better

  80. G. Maldonado Maynard

    Everybody gangster til the 9 year old you roasted in MW2 is 19 now and is the one roasting you. when your ex becomes significantly hotter and youre not sure whether you should go back remember switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading.

  81. Yaniii— YT

    watching the trailer 4x in a row thinking how great it was-🥺

  82. Douglas_ Gaming_ 85

    "The rules have engaged when it's changed, if you can't identify the targets, you are the targets" -Capt.price 2019

  83. I Do IQ

    There needs to be a second ghosts game there's even a cliff hanger for the campaign


    Those a-10 rips have to be one of the best parts of the game by far

  85. Thinkblox

    Is it me or did this game have the best graphics out of all of all the other cods!?!? Or is it just nolstolgia

  86. Khushi Patel

    Pls release splitscreen in co op and ground war


    !!! FBI

  88. Simon Ghost Riley

    Was this guy in the Irishman as Tony Pro?

  89. x Diablit0 x

    Make the mexcio flag 🇲🇽 a calling card/also add the ksg and ballistic knife 💯😈

  90. ThePotKage

    Well I guess I'm the first one seeing this back on my recommendations

  91. MarceThePunk

    Dear lord if I don't find that remix, I'm gonna do it by myself.

  92. Stanley Angkarian

    Add new weapons for call of duty mobile from call of duty advanced warfare

  93. Hamzah


  94. Jux O

    0:39 man best part in this trailer but bro I hate how they add things and it’s not in the game I mean this part was never in the game

  95. Marc-Anthony Martin

    Infinite warfare predicted ancient evil

  96. Dari

    The dislikes says it all 😂

  97. Marc-Anthony Martin

    So we got another modern warfare. Can we please get ghost 2 now?

  98. rampageman 221

    This is the most intense round 1

  99. Josh RVG

    "You were more than just allies. Brothers in arms. You were my friends." ~Nikoli

    1. Your favorite Vampire Succubus

      No matter your opinion on the game, or the maps, I still think it was a fitting end for the story.

  100. Kassidy Cora

    This one and MW3 were my FAVORITE!!! ❤️miss this game