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  1. Olivia M


  2. Lisa Sim

    Their new favourite word: Labrinth

  3. Bryan Slays


  4. Internet Nobody

    MRE's are pretty good what kind did you guys get

  5. Ashley N Harrelltb

    Wait, you guys eat windex? !?!?

  6. Divyesh Kandari

    19:40 Like if you are Indian like me

  7. Kuusik 100


  8. Roblox BaconKing

    celebi is phyhic and grass idiots

  9. [fnaf pd] Foxy the pirate fox

    I NEED 1911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. Raki Marcelo

    Puberty sucks and btw even when I haven't got to th stage of puberty I understand the jokes😂😂

  11. Dragon Heart

    I want the retro mini tv console.

  12. Tara Naughton

    I love the "no" pen! Got it for the hubby. Along with a "calm down" notebook. He loved it and took it to work.

  13. John Barrowcliffe

    Nope or dope

  14. Enderguy 290

    The app still exists till now what?!

  15. Catsqueak

    Grand dad

  16. AlphagamerHD


  17. Lisa Sim

    Me dieing of laughter because of batman

  18. Chris Fitzsimmons

    The term "footy" has been used in Australia for decades as a shortened word for football.

  19. Marley Johnston


  20. Lisa Sim

    This video cracks me up

  21. Bella Lissington

    Comment something cool... Ice

  22. Lisa Sim

    Ahhh the Chinese have struck again, That made me laugh

  23. Jayden Medina

    When can we see a video titled 10 things Luna would love and bring her in to test them out!?!?!?

  24. KING4lyfe100%

    14:58 tanner swears 😂😂😂 love ya guys

  25. ChemoMan Hd


  26. Lea Hunter

    Was that Chad wild clay?

  27. Aracy Sherrill

    No one: Literally No One: Matt: Amanda would loooove this!!

  28. The terrarian man101

    i miss when the channel was named matthias

  29. hilton betz


  30. Internet Nobody

    yo that Etika clip made me legit sad

  31. Flower Priestess


  32. Jessica Alfaro

    I need Matthias saying “I got to hot”as a ringtone.

  33. Ice green

    I like how Jack wasn't their

  34. Krabby P

    No offence, But his name is Sean not jack

  35. Vladmir Putin

    This guy needs to see some 4DX movies tbh, moving seats aren't that new

  36. Fire Ball

    Can we go on land? NO why? THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER

  37. i liek tom holland

    the cigarette things i had those at my car but its to dangerous my father took it out because i touch it before i got my finger red and big 🗿 big?

  38. Em B


  39. Aniruddha Dessai

    cardi b

  40. Maurice Santiago

    i feel bad for that fish in the background

  41. Invisible One


  42. Mona Arora

    The monke was a sure dope

  43. Gacha Bella

    Sorry I am late for this one but I had a crush on this guy in my class named Josh and I got his number that day and I told him I liked him on text and all he said was we will talk in the morning and then I was dating a girl who was my friend and then we broke up after a week then I started dating her ex so yay and now I am single as a pringel

  44. Lewis Haynes


  45. wolseley1550d

    Her Wi gooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😅😅😰

  46. Alvin Saw


  47. Alvin Saw


  48. DevilBloodGamer


  49. Nocturnal Nikki

    Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that tanner just said he is made of natural wood? No we just gonna ignore that? Ok

  50. littlemissirisie Pambrun

    I had and loved the playdouh dentist it was so fun

  51. Remy Marley

    power time space reality mind soul

  52. Nocturnal Nikki

    The first one was totally dope honestly I would do it! Also I'm a hufflepuff. *prepares for a boatload of hufflepuff roasts* "Roboboy" "Cardiarm" "Cardi B"

  53. Gacha Bella

    Ok so where I live we never get anything bad but when I saw the tornado warning I stared to pack my things but it was a false alarm and my mom said I already had to clean my room so I took 1hour to do!!!!!

  54. Samuel Mina

    rip tanner mat and michael

  55. Brooke Kilgore

    I had the drill and fill playdoh and it was one of my favorite childhood toys

  56. Serious Bastard

    Mattias:"Who puts their butter in the fridge?!" Me:"I do"

  57. tazzybasket19


  58. Grant-God-Of-Gaming

    Grandad ?? Is that you?

  59. Savage Yes


  60. Kami Kaze

    The kazoo sounded like those old microphones when they first landed on the moon

  61. Brian Uzzell


  62. Rina Naag

    Michael literally "alright line up face the wall"like hes ready for execution block

  63. Aaron Rivera

    I think he means blaster

  64. Cole Brewer

    probably gonna die

  65. Mica Cullen-Blissett


  66. Chloe Manteiga


  67. Lil Yeezy

    The reason the fanf animatronics are roaming around becouse of a guy that is called viliam afton that murdererd 4 kids all of those kids where stufed in the suits and they died in the suits the souls came out of the kids and they got in the animatronics that is why they are roaming around

  68. sam rose

    BAT BOIZ 🖤🖤🖤

  69. Banita Ghose

    That's nasty

  70. Kristina Clark

    If y'all don't get this to 200k I'm gonna lose it😂

  71. Khaleesi Snow


  72. Chi Chy

    I freaking hate BB guns. (The red gun with the yellow pellets). They used to sell them at the corner store and boys where I used to live would buy them and shoot them at me. They leave bruises. Them shits hurt.

    1. Chi Chy

      Never mind they showed the actual BB guns (orange gun tht didn't work.)

  73. cody allen

    You left the styrofoam on the paint thing, you didn’t use the real surface

    1. cody allen

      I have this, it works so well. You just didn’t use it right

  74. Amberlee Olmsted

    I need Michael’s Ig. 😉😉

  75. Justin Lewis

    its like UNO with DOS

  76. Jozef productions

    think again HEY BACK. boom I responded to the intro

  77. Cailin Grame

    Hot beverage bag

  78. Patrik Reichel

    Who plays gaynighit these days?

  79. Cassie Young

    My parents got me the playdoh dentist seat when I was six to try to help with my fear of the dentist... it made it so much worse 🤣

  80. Squigy _ Boi

    Did anyone else here Michael glitch out when he said like to buy?

  81. Agol09 Gaming

    I don’t see the join button

  82. Patrik Reichel

    The product requires a cord then how would u charge your divice/devices?

  83. Richard DreemurrTV Live

    The last product I had a different version, it was way louder, and it produced smoke when you fired it off. Those things were L I T.

  84. Patrik Reichel

    Where is the product?

  85. catrina perez

    Creepy that toy story 3 put that monkey in the movie 😅😅

  86. josh blake

    LiL John ruined the word skeet

  87. Jeandre Smith

    Grandad lols

  88. Sky Burns

    Aww.. I like Matthias science talks!

  89. Gemma and Mitchell Toys Toy

    It stands for never eat soggy wheatbeeks

  90. Vivian Kawasaki

    The 4 set is fake!

  91. Fright Insanity

    His name is mad-eye Moody

  92. catxbird sean

    Mobo pro sucks

  93. The Naruto Runner 64

    Doesn’t woods look like denis

  94. Tim Dawson

    I do Know

  95. Phoenix_King _06

    All five infinity stones?

  96. Mamam Tatat

    Jen Jemej

  97. Rainbow Zoomz

    Bat boiz

  98. Savage Werewolf

    My Fun Dip said Stuck-On-You Randome but just think what that means

  99. Shay Caputo