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  1. Rui Chanoca

    The answer is "by cutting corners". The hospital is already degrading and flooding.

  2. Doc

    May you please update this video to include the fact that Dr. Li WenLiang of Wuhan tried to raise the alarm when he found CoronaVirus cases rapidly spreading in mid December, but the local Chinese government forced him to sign a reprimand that stated he was lying/spreading propaganda. They silenced him. He’s now dead of the same virus he tried to warn us about. He’s a MARTYR and should be honored as such.

  3. Asian Dude

    4:27 why does it say emigrants instead of immigrants

  4. Asian Dude

    Hold up

  5. Kayden Brookbanks

    Me knowing all the country’s because I play plague.inc lol.

  6. joseph Warford

    If you miss a bus in london, you get angry if you wait for another bus in over 7 minutes old people complain

  7. Xenomorph Biologist - XX121

    Wendover: “Budget airlines will often avoid luxuries” JetBlue: *Laughs in Mint*

  8. Patrick Moravek

    I live in aspen and I didn’t know half of this. But the bus system in the valley is literally the best especially during the xgames.

    1. joseph Warford

      Or 30 seconds

    2. joseph Warford

      In london a bus comes every minute

  9. Daniel Deac

    0:44 Fanta so where is CocaCola?

  10. ib3nnie

    Fuck America

  11. slightly blue

    "Hospitals" ಠ_ʖಠ

  12. KEY S

    4:32 .. What????

  13. Morgan He

    4:15 lol I go to costa

  14. Minh Phung Quang

    Elon: Ok, I’ll do it myself.

  15. Invincible Focus

    Graphene is gonna change the world of battery. And elon musk will further evolve it. Go tesla.

  16. Tom Grüber

    "clear" interresting way to say skillshare

  17. Omo Eromosele

    There can be no positive thing to gain from a godless people, China.

  18. Bill Manassas

    Ryanair, a flying bus it is.

  19. xing xu


  20. SoLxR_pAnDa_

    A mm what about Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  21. levi Ackerman

    Kosovo 🇽🇰😔

  22. Wissam El Kadamani


  23. Lim Fan

    European and American people arrived 200 years ago.The American made the African to become slave. Then, sent them to N. America. European made the Africa to become a part of the colonies. The Berlin conference in 1884 had no single African. German and French slaughtered African people who were become slave in N. America. Who gave the right to American and European people and make the African people as salve? Then, we-Chinese arrived in the 21st century. We built railway. We lent money with low interest. We also trained their soldiers. Did the European countries and North American do it when you toke Africa as your colonies? “得人恩果千年記,受人花戴萬年香。” We helped African people not because of the potential of Africa only. We Chinese people will never forget the help fr the African countries which gave us votes in 1971. So, the People's Republic of China can become the only Asian member in the security council of the U.N. It is funny that the Western media said that we are colonizing Africa.

  24. fire mar

    2:00:were SML lives!

  25. Skr K

    OMG time is life

  26. IamAcat Studios

    Captian joe stole your video

  27. Skr K

    OMG time is life

  28. Maisie's Vlogs

    “The UK” Thanks for that, we’re 4 separate countries Edit: he also didn’t even mention Ireland. Uh...

  29. ty di3

    as someone who works at a ski mountain in the north east, the climate change is honestly really depressing. i remember looking forward to the big blizzards as a kid, because snow days meant we could drive upstate to go ski. now, i don’t think we’ve had a major blizzard where i am in nearly two years. and, due to the high amount of artificial snow making, everything is iced over in a matter of days

  30. p R

    It ain't a hospital

  31. Yeet ed

    Your blood will get pumping on the 737 max

  32. Bobby Yee

    The rule is surgical. Chewing is not banned per se. Sale of chewing gum is not allowed. You can easily buy from Johore Bahru, Malaysia just across the causeway. You can chew all you like, just don't spit anywhere. Dispose in the many trash bins properly.

  33. Afrocanuk

    @ 2:16 - When you know a non-black westerner is controlling what to show the world about Africa.

  34. GeekLifeStyle

    Tamil Eelam is not owned by Srilanka. mention it as separate country.

  35. Kilroy was Here

    China is like a child that takes all the toys out of the toy box, and doesn’t let any other kids play with the toys but then gets mad and starts throwing stuff when the other kids “steal” toys. Only the things being thrown are bombs and soldiers

  36. Rackets

    China does recognize patents or copyrights so they have no restrictions..They also demand companies disclose their processes to do business there. Plus working for a roof over your head and a bowl of rice doesnt cost much.. The problem is when companies recognize the down side as they are now with the Corona virus and what it doest to their company sales...

  37. Chris Davis

    And when Anderson Doesn't care about trains that's exactly why he shouldn't be President

  38. Chris Davis

    Anderson is a good President of Amtrak and he is rebuilding Amtrak to make it great again (not)

  39. James Adams

    Fuck China !!!

  40. Aihara

    Name: D.O.B Place of Birth: *Antartica*

  41. CrazyBear65

    The Arabs would never have gotten rich if vehicles didn't primarily run on petroleum derivatives. If we all had a still in our backyards, for instance, and distilled our own fuel to run our vehicles on, then not only would the Arabs begin to lose their wealth, but so would Big Oil. This is the main reason why Big Brother makes it "illegal" for you to have a still.

  42. Jani Akujärvi

    What good did it do for them anyway.

  43. CrazyBear65

    You're from Philly, ain't you.

  44. Khrashing Phantom

    I think the biggest issue with train system of the U.S is its inexplicable attempt to emulate air travel model. Instead railways should connect more major city hubs across the country rather than longer hauls. The long haul tracks exist already, they should tie more places into those routes instead of constantly cutting costs.

  45. Khrashing Phantom

    Built a hospital in 10 days?! Well actually that sounds absolutely plausible. Get a TON of people working constantly on one thing, without having to worry about zoning, use a pre-made plan/template you already have access to, have a prefabricated lot, and work constantly until the project is done. A lot of people will say this hospital is poorly built, but I believe it is not worse than any other hospital in the area, it was just built quickly because of a ultra dedication to it. That same concept can be brought to any building project here in the U.S. Red tape conversation aside (seriously I don't want to talk about red tape in the U.S) if you dedicate a large sector of people working constantly on 1 thing it would get done fairly quickly. Especially if they have the resources to do it on hand at the start.

  46. Liquid Pixels

    In Romania: Last time I traveled by train, we covered 25 kilometers (~15 miles) in 6 hours. I wanted to die. There was so much goddamn delay on another train, so we had to wait for that train to pass so we can later use that railway, in turn causing the train we were on to be delayed even more (because it arrived 1h late ofcourse).

  47. L R

    We don't need trains.

  48. Admiral BirdCrap


  49. Bob Conrod

    I was just skiing in Verbier, Switzerland and was surprised by the amount of snowmaking machines that were there. By comparison at a ski resort in the Three. Valley area of the French Alps didn’t have any that I could see

  50. CrazyBear65

    "Only for the very rich..." "Upper class individuals..." Right there is the core of all our problems. Why is 99% of the material wealth concentrated in the hands of 1% of the population? And how could anyone ever perceive this as being any semblance of "fair?" Now people respond with, "Well nobody ever said life was fair..." No shit Sherlock! But it _should_ be. We are predators, our eyes face front, but why do we prey on _one another?_ Why does everything have to be a goddamn _competition?!_ Humans act like blue crabs in a bucket. Everyone clambering over each other to get to the top, only to be pulled back down before ever escaping. but humans are supposed to be smarter than crabs...

  51. Pandaren Warrior

    Of course it got political. Humans were involved.

  52. CrazyBear65

    The big question is, why do people _choose_ to live in cities? Why would anyone actually _want_ to be packed like sardines into a bleak concrete canyon? Why would you live in a stinking fetid sewer with other humans in such tight quarters as to limit free movement? It makes zero sense to me. I place a high value on personal space and privacy, and I prefer natural environs, rocks and trees, and freedom. Don't fence me in. If you corner me, I promise, I will bite.

  53. Antonio Carniero

    Only $200,000 that really hurts.

  54. Alexander Bailey

    Uk isn’t a country

  55. Antonio Carniero

    Guess this is one of the benefits of an autocracy.

  56. Kairumon Darkkley

    My little country (Switzerland) have a much better railroad than the United States

  57. Michael Martinez

    Start with a add end with a add plus the money from youtube l's added in adds on top.

  58. Ilian Dimitrov

    I believe you are forgetting the Three Mile Island accident

  59. maria cornwallis

    If the US didn't have to spend all those millions of dollars on defence the US could have free health care etc. etc. When Great Britain ruled the waves there was a lot of poverty in British cities but since the defence of the world has now been passed over the the USA there is no abject poverty in GB and there is totally free health care , free university education, free prescription medicines, free bus travel for the over 60s and free welfare and care for the aged and disabled... and a good state pension for all those over 65.

  60. Ruthless Reid

    Public transport sucks in US because of crime. Diversity is not our strength.

  61. Antonio Carniero

    The travel ban due to COVID-19 has already caused out tourism and education sectors to suffer and those are some of our largest east coast businesses. We depend on them more than anyone. Plus our politicians who always vote against a corruption investigation are by no doubt paid of by China.

  62. Troy Macgill

    In the late Fifties, good old Dad was an Electrician's Mate on the old Balao-class smokeboat Diodon SS-349. He never said much about his career except that he ate a lot of steak and shrimp (at least while heading out on patrol) and that the sub slipped into Vladivostok harbor to monitor enemy communications...

  63. Antonio Carniero

    I wanna go through Israel security and tell them I came just to see what rating I would get.

  64. Antonio Carniero

    I'm gonna go for the pat down just to feel the touch of another human being and moan the whole time making them uncomfortable af.

  65. Luxurious 03

    Cheap submarine vs gigantic nuclear powered aircraft carrier with multiple fighter jets

  66. Luxurious 03

    Couch room: mega sized Bedroom: capsule

  67. KappaJohns

    Quick update for anyone watching now! Airbus bought out the C Series stake out entirely and Bombardier has exited commercial aviation entirely as well.

  68. _predictedscroll _

    Theres 4 countries in the UK so it's not 1 country how does the rest of the world think the uk is a country

  69. _predictedscroll _

    The uk isn't a country it's a state cause you cant put countries in countries.

  70. GamingMaster _04

    “The only window able to open is the driver’s window, reportedly to pay tolls” Yeah, but what if the girl in the toll booth has a gun or a bomb?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  71. Zen Stup

    First day arrive China, wow this country has nothing. 10 days later leaving the hotel be like "have I been sleeping for 10 years?"

  72. Armin Aka Minecraft god

    He forgot Belgium

  73. NxOne

    6:01 LMAO

  74. human Lott

    Coronavirus get married to China. Happy Wed.

  75. Amber Fierstein

    I was given extra questioning luckily not in a sepret room, as I was travelling with cousins and had a different last name. I agree that it was stressful and nerve racking but they do it for our safety and I honestly feel safest in Israeli airports in comparison to British or American ones

  76. Niko942

    If petrol and energy are more expensive in Europe you can bet it's because of the government.

  77. Bansiew MNgap

    In the absence of corruption, it's amazing how much progress humans can make

  78. belvan 88

    good video ... very informative thank you for uploading this vodeo

  79. Mert Tosya

    I recommend the video "How Zoning Laws Are Holding Back America's Cities" by "Institute for Humane Studies". The video shows that a big part of suburbanization in America was due to government officials imposing their view on how houses should be.

  80. Adrian

    Manila is the densest city proper in the world. Go here and tell me that Paris is THAT dense

  81. bruce baker

    When you cheat it's easy to win Monopoly.

  82. May Huang

    Hong Kong: Am I a Joke to You?

  83. Banself

    *China laughing behind*

  84. Valerron White

    Where is Arhangelsk and Murmansk, Northern Russian ports?

  85. Ashutosh Mishra

    I don't know why is America apparently more concerned about other nations ? They create more problems than they solve

  86. Tessie Gegone

    Guam was part of Maharlikan empire now we called Phillipinas

  87. Noah A

    Anker seems to actually care about quality

  88. Alaskafunman

    it sad that that he doesn't talk about the college out there

  89. Tom Madigan

    What a load of crap....Barrow mayor claims oil is running out and we will have to resort to renewable energy like all of the other oil producing countries. No other country is turning to renewable energy, there is no, repeat NO effective renewable energy at this time other than nuclear. Stop your propaganda and influence campaigns which are all based on global wealth transfer.

  90. Inw Youtube

    And why is this the problem? Australia has always belonged to China ☺️

  91. Tony Ally

    2:51 pay tolls? 🤔

  92. Cooldude Organ

    Dear Sam, there is no such thing as the tarmac. There are only aprons/ramps, taxiways, and runways. Thank you for listening, Jeremy

  93. Matthew Revell

    The Qing empire is a modern empire.

  94. Alpha Diallo

    Very nice

  95. InventorZahran 327

    Elongated Muskrat

  96. DavidinSLO

    Here on the West Coast, my son has taken Amtrak from San Luis Obispo to San Diego. 300 miles and takes an incredible 8 hours. Seriously? Alaska Airlines has just opened a direct one hour flight between these two cities, virtually the same price. Bye, Amtrak - nice knowing ya.

  97. Dave Hansen

    My friend Larry configured the 757 and 767. I always argued with him on ski or fishing trips. I like high wing, aerocomander, B 26, etc. with wide body and landing gear on the fuselage. When you fly, the flying time is minimized by the get ready, get into your seat and getting into the air. I miss the old days when flying meant singing and drinking in the lounge and meeting people from all over the world. Iguana

  98. Ekotale

    Hi, there is a North Korean Diplomatic mission in Mexico. Just saying.

  99. Trevor Antram

    ussel.info/video/video/mqPSfp2GyHp9mo0.html look at the poor bastard in the middle lane whos waiting to turn but has to wait until the whole train goes by before he can.

  100. Xavier Etienne

    I just remember the Titanic for some reason. 😣