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  1. Nate River

    They better train him to pass the ball. I mean some real deconstruct to reconstruct training

  2. Mohsin Raza

    He probably watches nutmegs in football Next he's gonna do the elastico with the in n out move

  3. eddie pasquite

    Later son i kick your ass in our house. .. lol

  4. Zippitty22

    Fuck the Knicks. Shit ass team, and fuck the fans. I feel so bad for people that have to play on that team.

  5. aksus21

    Knicks will get well deserved last place :) team of the century 😂

  6. smokeyfreshhh

    Knicks organization blows. Thats why they dont deserve Zion !

  7. moiz Murtaza

    What ronaldo lawyer said

  8. Phet Tumbling

    Aron Baynes attempting to do some magic 🙄

  9. Joel Driver

    If you want somebody who will bring your offense to a screeching halt...he's the guy. Catch the ball...foot jab...swing the ball back and forth a couple of times...another foot jab...yet another foot jab...dribble dribble...between the legs dribble...back up against the defender and dribble some more...step back...pump fake....and finally a shot that clangs off the rim.

  10. Tomaž Verhovnik

    New York fans are the real shitheads, so as the team...

  11. Daniel Spinosa

    I don’t think he’s a hall of famer

  12. That Guy

    DeRozan has a Heath Ledger Joker tattoo nice

  13. JmFromYT

    26sec camel toe.

  14. So Cool1

    Nutmegged? L😐

  15. DsrTrey Hab

    He trash, cancer for the team

  16. Bob Narama

    can't wait to have a rip city jersey

  17. Tizzo 82

    I still can't believe, this fucking guy got "Bubbly" over.

  18. Al Padilla

    Baynes trying to fall on every PG this season

  19. Karlis Pusko

    They are right! They cry out loud that they are assholes. Why would anyone think it was about KP?

  20. Angelo Atizado


  21. Vida Vida

    Where's Atlanta Hawks highlights?

  22. Heatfan1214

    Intro music?

  23. CMA 2

    Yo watch dem fuckin elbows dog😂🤣

  24. Barty Crouch Jr

    Kena ole

  25. Jack Cade

    ....and he still wets the ft

  26. Claudio Emetumah

    Bruh the team shouldn’t even exist anymore just delete them

  27. Jet Black Storm

    Get boo’ed om draft day, was the star of their team, but also gets boo’ed when he gets back. NY fanks are toxic af this is why you are always botto feeders

  28. Nethaniel

    😂 griezman always thinking he is on same level as Messi and ronaldo

  29. Nethaniel

    Never stop making this

  30. michael Pittm

    That's why no one wants to go to the knicks. They have a toxic fan base. KD and Kyrie didn't want to deal with that.

  31. Charles Cummings Sr

    Love to be a fly on the wall at Thanksgiving dinner!

  32. ponshon

    Gayは何もしてない ファールじゃない でも相手に文句言うことじゃない 審判に言いなさい

  33. TOP PIX

    Holy shit!!! I so something behind him.. Haha

  34. TheWooloomoolloo

    Interesting to note that some so-called fans can afford uttering expressions of racism. If they feel no problem telling Kristaps to go back to Latvia, would they tell someone next time to go back to Africa? No? Then why these "fans" troll Kristaps this way?

  35. Malachi Alrick

    He called him sea shell lol

  36. David Stitzel

    Melo is a glorified CJ McCollum. Both gonna be shooting 20+ shots and making only 4

    1. Gucci Slippers

      David Stitzel Cj McCollum is very efficient. Has one the highest mid range percentages ever year

  37. dpaulclare

    Such a boring reaction

  38. hjyou

    Why aren't the Knicks fans chanting this every night at the ownership and management?

  39. alienboyguitar

    Thumbnail's a little funny. You see guys staring close to each other like going for a kiss, then you see a word *Gay* 😅

  40. kassi420

    This was a great Promo by MJF

  41. Habeev07

    Great move for Portland because they are down 3 rotation bigs (Collins, Gasol, Nurkic). GLAD TO SEE MELO IS GONNA BE CATCHING PASSES FROM DAME AND CJ. People forget that it was CJ in that gym with HOODIE MELO not long ago.

  42. King Oliver

    Trae got Rickey with the oldest trick in the book 😄😄

  43. Slim Griff

    100 million contract extension for what? Dude should be arrested for THEFT.

  44. Ričijs

    For him it was zero fucks given. Just reminded him, that made right choice leaving

  45. HighCity

    Vid has nothing to do with him signing to the blazers

  46. Jae- jin

    No dance, disappointed

  47. Billy DaBaus

    Isn't it considered a double dribble if you let the ball bounce more than once before continuing with the dribble?

    1. Ryan Lajara

      I only see once, he dribble the next bounce

  48. Randy G

    The Knicks has arguably the most toxic fanbase in the entire league... prove me wrong 🤨🤔🧐. No wonder big name free agents don't want to come there. Stay classy NY 🙄

  49. Piotr Bojanowski

    Isn't it traveling?

    1. Aaron McCoy

      No. You can take as many steps as you want as long as you are still in the act of dribbling. Only when you are making an attempt of stopping or shooting do you have to worry about the 2 step rule.

  50. Franco COMMON SENSE

    Jeremy Lin(Linsanity) > Carmelo Anthony (post Nuggets)

  51. BlazingShadow 05

    and they wonder why nobody wants to play for their team 😂

  52. Jerome Lund


  53. PG trojka

    People will be surprised. He can help Blazers big time if he is motivated. And it seems he is very motivated. They could be a playoff team eventually. I think it's good for the league.

  54. lester diaz

    Pure assasin.. This is interesting

  55. shiningwizard327

    Tony’s comment “I have to laugh.” was the cherry on top LMAO

  56. Nightrain92

    Might boo him once, takes a whole lot to boo him twice

  57. Super Nintendo

    Lillard needs him bad right now.

    1. 67Loowit_scarab

      He can't expect anfernee to play at his level every single game. He needs help. Hopefully this frees lillard up

  58. Send Nudes

    Ice Trae is on a tear rn, happy to see him picking right where he left off

  59. adrian pizzata

    Doug is not a champ... those events he won don't even put him in the category of "CHAMP" bullshit marketing

  60. John Dennis

    way better then wwe 💯

  61. Zook T

    lol dude had this mixtape cut long time ago and just needed a title

  62. Rapha Alpha 12

    Him, CP3 and DeAndre Jordan should be in a team together

  63. Jomel ink

    Jj redick and Ricky Rubio😓

  64. MrX R

    When he gets back to his 100%. Will drop 40 easily on this Knicks fans team lol

  65. Dean Ickes

    Why did we get rid of Meyers Leonard ?.

    1. Vladpryde

      You're kidding, right? Did you not follow his non-existent career for 7 years? If it wasn't for Olshey's stupid ass, he'd be playing in China.

    2. 67Loowit_scarab

      Why not? It's not like they could foresee the injuries.

  66. hafabricknoface tso

    “5 bucks I get likes”

  67. Marc Gamatero

    he is the best

  68. spence white

    Suffer Knicks suffer lmao you will never be relevant again 😂😂😂 even prisoners cheer when one of their own escape smh

  69. Glizzee

    Comment section has everything but what actually happened lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️

  70. NotADocButA

    Where's the Denver highlights?

  71. stanglova86

    He wouldnt be able to help a bad team like portland if he went to the clippers much better

  72. Christen Code

    I’m sorry but this is a horrible highlight reel. It’s just random plays from random times in his career.

  73. Randy G

    Not surprised these so called Knicks "fans" would be this classless. Never forget these are the same people who were booing KP when he got drafted. That's why no big name free agent wants to go there or their draft picks not wanting to stay . Swear these people are the worst 🙄

  74. Mike Olivares

    The whole franchise sucks, management, owner, players and also the fans.

  75. Ramshackle Alex

    Arsene Wenger as Whistler's Mother is fucking gold 😂

  76. Rusty James

    Been a Melo hater for a year, but he deserves to play. Let's go....

  77. DonNoDraper

    He doesn't get aggressive usually & his jumper is trash attack the rack son draw in the defense & kick it out to Trae 🤦‍♂️ r Huert.

  78. Reggie Rustia

    this is what you call "mic skills"?

  79. Ramshackle Alex

    Damn, just noticed the CONCACAF burn at 1:12

  80. Jay Johnson

    That boy is back🔥🔥

  81. joocaddie

    What the hell is this? Is wrestling back? This is actually entertaining.

  82. The Modern Day Gamer

    Honest to God they got Josh Allen throwing 70+ miles per hour at his pro day and chucking 80-90 yard bombs. That man needs to have bazooka. Also has anyone else noticed how you can only throw the ball like 70 yards with 99 throw power ? It’s dumb give me 80 with 99 and that extra 15 with bazooka

  83. Corey Mccall

    Blazers fans get ready to see melo hog the ball. It’s gonna be fun asf.

    1. Warren Ignacio

      funny...stfu mf..gtfoh

  84. shindean

    Vince: "It'll be fine, nothing to worry about, only Jericho knows how to work the mic..." HHH: "Well, they got this guy called 'MJF', so that's 2." Vince: "GET PUNK ON THE PHONE, NOW!"

  85. Camden

    Knicks fans just doing it for clout. Perfect example at 0:40

  86. Ion McKinney

    Cody Rhodes!!! Vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman!! 1 Contended Chamption!! Ready Fighter Good Luck!! Saved!! or.. Maxwell Jacob Friedman.. You Are Fired!! This Happened...

  87. Joenel Saracho

    Knics fans are cancerous...

  88. Ira Onacra

    LeBron Crocs , didn't like signing Melo to LAC.

  89. Luis Estrada 4

    Baynes try to hurt him get him out the league

  90. world b flea

    They should’ve chanted Rapist!

  91. KalvinGaming PH

    Towns always get heated to other players 🙄

  92. kun cheekz


  93. jahson molt

    yeah cool

  94. adyingshadow

    This is a great reason why no one wants to play for the knicks. Your front office sucks and the fan base sucks. Don't blame players for not wanting to play for your team. Look at yourselves in the mirror

  95. Scottie Pimpin

    He better not wear no. 7 and disrespect the great blazer Brandon Roy

  96. Kwyjibo

    Signature move.

  97. Adam Rogers


  98. PeterPlu

    Why is everyone treated this as if knicks fans are just horrible people. The man asked to be traded, might have been justified but still, he crushed the only hope fans have had in the last decade. If anything the boos show how much the fans care and appreciate basketball and want to come to their games to have a good time and get rowdy. It’s called being passionate. If things with KP ended differently he would have gotten a big standing ovation, but no he gave up on the knicks, something that no true New York knicks fan would ever do even with all the loses

  99. Marvin Schmid

    You booed him on his own draft night, so why would he care? Sh*t fanbase, sh*t franchise. I hope you stay terrible for another 20 years cause you deserve every bit of that.