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  1. TheWingmakers

    Demons think they're above the law.

  2. Randy Eckardt

    Quit using stupidity. It's not Democrats verses Republicans, it's decent people trying to combat evil, which is the Repulsive Republicans. Anyone with even one active brain cell knows that Trump is a criminal fraud and has been all of his supposed 'working' life.

  3. Richard G. Wrona

    These are the questions America want answered! Subj: Things no debate moderator will ask Mrs. Clinton Moderator: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Let's start the first question with you Mrs. Clinton. “When you left the White House after your husbands last term as president, why did you steal $200,000.00 worth of furniture, china, and artwork that you were forced to return? Mrs. Clinton, when you were Secretary of State, why did you solicit contributions from foreign governments for the Clinton foundation after you promised President Obama you would not? Mrs. Clinton, why do you and your husband claim to contribute millions of dollars to charity for a tax write off when it goes to your family foundation that gives out less than 15% of the funds you collect and you use the balance to support yourself tax free? Mrs. Clinton, why are you unable to account for 6 billion dollars of State department funds that seem to have disappeared while you were Secretary of State? Mrs. Clinton, why did you say you were broke when you left the White House, but you purchased a 2 million home, built an addition for the secret service, and charge the tax payers of the United States rent in an amount of the entire mortgage? And Mrs. Clinton, how is it that your daughter, Chelsea, can afford to buy a $10.5 million apartment in New York City shortly after you left the White House? And speaking of Chelsea, how is it that her first paying job, in her late 20's, was for more than the President of the United States’ salary? Was there a quid pro quo of any sort involved?? Mrs. Clinton why did you lie to the American people about the terrorist attack in Benghazi but managed to tell the truth to your daughter the same night it happened? Mrs. Clinton why did you lose your law license? Why did your husband lose his? Mrs. Clinton, what Really happened to Ron Brown when he was about to testify against you and your husband? Take your time to respond Mrs. Clinton

  4. K

    The young guy should be snatched up for an A1 job like Erin Brockovich!

  5. del cullen


  6. Bruce Wayne

    Why that 25 years old look 40?

  7. s H o O T

    I'm afraid

  8. John Estep

    Makes me wish michigan had the death penalty, then they could be taken out and have rocks fired at their heads or chests at a comparable rate of speed perhaps via air cannon

  9. dlucas90

    The FBI raided Jeffery Epstein's island after he died, so they have the evidence but no arrests. Put that in your "conspiracy theory" BS.

  10. Undoubled Mango

    So you mean to tell me it took 4 boys to throw 1 rock? I think their was an egghead in the group that intimidated the others into covering up his mess.

  11. iHoly

    Ok Boomer

  12. Ronald Krikorian

    Prison 4 life !

  13. realdeal steal

    Jesus vincente is mayos SON NOT brother lol are they even paying attention??

  14. Lunarra

    I’ll tell something really unfair.Why, WHY do teachers get paid less?I mean, doctors get millions of money, but they get teached by TEACHERS.And you just have to abandon teachers? How unfair

  15. K

    Never underestimate a smart 20 year old.

  16. MelaniteX

    This man did a great job let him go free......

  17. G OA

    Another democrat unamerican carpetbagger

  18. Nerd Boy2002

    God dam Let the man at least have one hard punch to break that guys face.

  19. Patrick JMA

    They look 25 and 30 yrs old!😷😷

  20. god bless america god bless india

    totally understand pain of father...😥

  21. Asa Coe

    Lmsao 😅😉 Well we all know that this is because, the GOP (Gold Over People) Love's dead hero's and brain dead voters, and now pardons terrible war criminals. Their cowardice has been well noted since the Nixon and Reagan era.

  22. Ms Roxy Baby


  23. K

    Younger people can be good at research.

  24. Asa Coe

    Trump pardons war criminals... Yep, that sounds about right, White-right. Trump is not a president, he is a motivational speaker for racists pedophiles and Cowards.

  25. Rabinowitz Shekelstein

    Good on Trump. Afghans are not people. 🚫👳🏾‍♂️🚫

  26. K

    Thank goodness for great and even outstanding journalism!

  27. tober66

    He is not a politician?? What? That is why we elected him in the first place!! Idiot's!!

  28. radek borsky

    corrupted left..

  29. Mark Vincent

    “Crazy environment “ is an understatement and a half for the most part , not all , for the most part it to a collection of loonies that the American people actually pay ..... wake up America !!!

  30. William Mize

    Ask Charlie Manson 60 yrs still in

  31. SeanP7195

    I’m also not a fan of this, sentence them as teens if it doesn’t make the news, sentence them as adults if it does thing the courts have.

  32. GamicTutor

    Sorry, but they obviously fake it

  33. Micha Mason

    White rage

  34. maria Isabella sturges

    Well ... you looked for this stupidity yourself, Michael Murphy, these $ 50,000 were publicly criticized for a long time and you? you continued then? Take a spoonful of your own medicine. Donald Trump Jr Daddy's Keep boy😂 and Kimberly Guilfoyle are only interested in selling "The Famous Book" 📖before the final fall.😂

  35. phillip daugherty

    They dont have short term memories, usa decides their leaders

  36. SeanP7195

    Years ago my Father was driving to work on I-75 in Detroit and a man on the overpass shot him with an air rifle. Went thru the window and hit him but didn’t cause any damage to him but he did nearly crash. We’ve seen stories about kids doing this before and going to jail you’d think they would have learned. Oh, the judge is grandstanding

  37. LionessProwess

    Better training for every employee guys! Sorry for your loss

  38. J C

    ya,, open up the border.

  39. lola òkami


  40. Chris Carter

    No it's not called sad...it's called Justice.

  41. Julian Montgomery


  42. Rlinda mcfarlane


  43. Matt Austin

    Hope the co’s accidentally give him yard time with gen pop, then look the other way for 20 mins......

  44. Bob Leonard

    It's hard to nail down Trump on committing a crime because in the time it takes to try him for one he commits 10 more.

  45. phillip daugherty

    USA media lies to them & us. They control the media

  46. Jason Reinhardt

    Funny how a Man if the cloth is in between Hillary and Trump...... Like the Devil and Angel on the shoulders of man...🤔

  47. EAD TV

    President trump is ignoring the biggest problem with is guns. He has the power to save many lives and he does nothing about it.

  48. Angelina Rios

    Rosalie was so pretty😔she could've been so successful . But people kept hurting her..😔rip babygirl💞

  49. Esmeralda Milán

    Spanish pleaseeeee

  50. Elizabeth Rhine

    Where's the beef? #Trump2020

  51. NinjaaBrian2 21

    Let him do wat he wants

  52. Livethecreed

    Mmm big bubba and the boys gonna have fun with these 4

  53. Cory Stockton

    Why not fight for your own country. Everyone runs to America instead of fighting back against cartel. Instead of fighting for your country as America does run and hide in fear. DON'T blame Trump when you won't evan protect your own countries.

  54. tuutts39

    Prince Andrew is 8th in line to the throne. 1 Charles, 2 William, 3 George, 4 Charlotte, 5 Louie, 6 Harry, 7 Archie, 8 Andrew

  55. Teresa Ashley

    You do the crime and you do the time.👍🙏🏻

  56. •Woof•


  57. Willard Hazen

    Let's see.....your actions have consequences. By the way, nice job of raising irresponsible pukes.

  58. Dapper Greens

    CBS is another leftists scumbag lying democrat colluding joke. Trump is the greatest Commander in Chief we’ve ever had. You lying Epstein loving fake journalists have ZERO respect from sane Americans. 😘

  59. Zoe Louise

    who do they even contact for this

  60. Jacqueline McGrath Curtis

    They deserve it. They are old enough to know better. They took someone’s life and still did not feel bad for their actions.

  61. N7Bane12000

    I heard a story when I was younger about a mans wife being put in a vegetative state after a brick was thrown off an overpass. It struck her skull and damaged her brain beyond repair As a child it made me terrified, as a young husband it made me angry The thought of some random act destroying the love of my life is too much, so hearing about this story a few years ago was horrible I hope justice is served but more importantly a message is sent so that this never happens again RIP to the life that was taken

  62. Sal Tetro

    He has no chance no personality no connection with every day people go away please

  63. Citizen Charles

    So a staffer that worked for Obama appointee Ambassador Yovanavitch is upset that President Trump fired her for undermining executive branch policy. Nothing in her testimony impressed, especially her hurt feelings. She was however honest in stating she knew nothing about the Burisma investigation except what the Obama team coached her to say during her Senate confirmation. Further she knew nothing about the hold placed on Ukrainian military support, support that had been completely refused by President Obama as Russian tanks rolled over Crimea. She told the truth that she knew nothing about any pressure placed on the Ukrainian President, but she did know that President Obama was concerned about the appearance of impropriety caused by Hunter Biden's imprudent influence peddling on behalf of corrupt gas oligarchs. ...She'll be much happier in a Georgetown safe space teaching one class of "14 or 15 students" while still on full State Department salary.

  64. Sammy O

    Bro if I had 2 mins and I said what I would do I would go to jail

  65. Denzo D

    Of course, that can be expected from people who are still loyal to the previous administration. If they do not appreciate Pres. Trumps policies abroad, they can discuss it personally with POTUS, and if they still cannot support his policies, then they are free to resign. Maligning POTUS or undermining his policies/programs is tantamount to insubordination if not mutiny.

  66. Silky Johnson

    why does the reporter look like he's in blackface?

  67. Bruce  Swearingen

    GOP=The most Dangerous Organized Crime Group in 🇺🇸 history

  68. S D

    Fake news, fake cut and paste video, fake analysis. ......fake fake, fake. Can you stoop lower than this????

  69. Sophiaplays


    1. Sophiaplays

      Why tho

  70. jesus corrales

    The people recording didn’t call the police

  71. Yesenia Martinez


  72. Sandesh Kadam

    Radical Muslims

  73. A. Martinez

    Those boys made a choice... now they must deal with the consequences... especially when you discuss the aftermath and how to get away with it...however, they sounded like kids discussing the prospect of going to the slammer

  74. chad 777

    Give them the maximum sentence, that's what they deserve

  75. Brad Heilman

    Now Julian Assange and Roger Stone need to be pardoned.

  76. Raafee Khan

    "There is no winner." Is the only thing that makes sense here. Criminals paying for thier crimes isn't a win. It's how it should be. 5 lives lost. 4 being being put away as a benefit to society and the 1 outweighing the other 4 as a loss to society.

  77. Edward Kelly

    Edwards was expected to win.The state has a long history of Democratic governors.

  78. Heather S

    I can’t muster any sympathy for those brats.

  79. Marg King

    He should have been granted days to torture him never mind 5 mins.

  80. Michael Schmitt

    I could watch another hour of this...

  81. The Nimble Ninja

    Trump is doing wonders for the Democratic Party. Thanks, dufus!

  82. Sandesh Kadam


  83. USMCplzzz

    How convenient that you can DISMISS someone’s life experiences and knowledge gained with a simple phrase. Rather than use facts and logic like an adult. And we just go along with it, because it’s a MEME! Ok zoomers.


    sheep gloating over a libturd winning, what they really get is more government control, more gun control, more freaks using women's bathrooms, and more babies being slaughtered. yea I would say you really have something to be proud of! yall's slogan will go from a sportsman paradise to a perverts paradise. not to mention the economy there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  85. Brad Heilman

    Hooray for President Trump. It's about time we had a real American in the White House. Any serviceman who was convicted of war crimes while that vile Moslem, Obama was in the White House should get new trials.

  86. Jason Todd

    Trump can't stay out of the drama club I vote Bill Gates

  87. Jose Carrillo

    Damn don't they have bad hurricanes there?

  88. goodafy

    Hey ma, don't beat yourself up. You did no wrong as far as I have read, your parents that did wrong, eventually made a u-turn. I am chocolate skinned, we don't grudge against a genuine remorse. At best we all have 70-100 years to invest in planet earth, let's make the best of it If you spend your time, no one remember you when you're gone If you invest your time productively in others, then you are Mandela, M L King Jr, Ghandhi, Lincoln, Ford. Let's keep going all men are created equal.

  89. Nort Sol

    the democrats have manufacture machine Trump 20/20

  90. K C

    Ooo yeah.... bye bye.... ooo. I said ... bye bye GO ....... P SAY ...A.... I SAID ... GOODBYE GOP

  91. Hessen Lee

    Taylor FAILURE you're nothing but a DemonCRAP scumbags

  92. NihilisticEntropy

    Imagine being so corrupt that you celebrate a child's life being ruined.

  93. ManBearPig


  94. Jorge Alejandro Paez


  95. Damon Johnson

    I'm trying to understand from you Confederates and so-called Patriots the Donald Adolf twitler is such a partisan person why is it that he has a problem with every person that is a Democrat even Obama have Republican officers

  96. Suzanne Bodette

    You have to ask yourself as to why the president just doesn't show up and answer all questions. Why are they only talking about that one phone call? There were many afterward and what was in those calls? Why was the president's personal attorney involved? Because he was conducting personal business...... like the Bidens?

  97. NihilisticEntropy

    This judge is a tool.

  98. Kwum aix

    it was WOKE BLACK people who put fallen heros like SANDRA BLAND on Americas conscious while Obama was having coffee summits

  99. John McMahon

    21 minutes for the cops to get there? How far away is the nearest Dunkin' Donuts? Maybe next time fire a warning shot first through the door....not.... good job Miss Dirty Harry, one less dirt bag on the face of the earth to deal with.

  100. Niamh Gonzalez

    I hope to adopt someday 💞