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  1. Jake Clausen

    I can’t believe some of the questions she asked ... he is a hero that’s it. Much respect to him for being so humble.

  2. Jeremiah Billiter

    these comments make no fucking sense lol....

  3. aslam shak

    Special calls are being made to remove the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad ‍(s:) from churches in Italy, otherwise the situation in Italy will be worse. May Allah guide all the Italians, amin.

  4. Jesus Enrique Perez Diaz

    Thats is the proof wath a dog can do. Putin is considerate a monster but here he is, concerd by a little pup. He held it and pet it before let ir free. Wow!

  5. Joy Lucas

    Ayoko s knia nd q xa kilala. C DA gusto q.

  6. Randy Wyzard

    Paid shills working these videos. Find me on FB for the truth.

  7. M S

    It a an human working like this the time of slavery and today will be another time of slavery

  8. Michael Armstrong

    It's "survival of the fittest" so we'll see dumb people die first. Nature is wonderful like that.

  9. William P

    It's too late for Cuomo. Poorly prepare for NY. Pray for NYers, but he should be FIRED.

  10. Marcy 1999


  11. SuperNicoleU

    Witness the Fraud ! m.ussel.info/video/video/qKHal5GOmqBue4E.html

  12. UsaJpTv Uehara

    Oh look puto! I mean putin two nasty countries I mean oh look a meetup. 😂🤣

  13. Ben Shrope

    Fantastic job and monumental effort put forth by this administration, and the executive branch! These are exactly the kind of bad asses I want in charge when the sh** hits the fan...

  14. Ryan Michaels

    Wow what a puppet and a sell out u are trump why can't trump answer for him self I wouldn't give the CHICOMES a inch or RUSSIA have fun with all the people making u a puppeteer

  15. Southernbelle24

    He is holding that dog like it's just a piece of meat

  16. TrinkBruder

    He left the podium, went to the bathroom, and cried. Jesus. His ostensible incompetency is all the more reason to stop being so scornful

  17. Scott Raiman

    Fact! While Vile Democrats were impeaching in January. Trump was ordering a travel ban on China before disgusting leftists even heard of the Coronavirus. And what his reward? He was yet again called RACIST and XENOPHOBIC by you leftists scum! Trump saved lives! These are Undisputable Facts!

  18. Ryan Michaels

    Keep your eyes on the ball until the extraterrestrials take over what a bunch of idiot's u people are

  19. Kelvin Penn


  20. zero hour


  21. Lewis DC

    The greatest sporting photo of all time

  22. John McCauley

    Here is the cover up Trump will take this down. ussel.info/video/video/1nmqmoemy6J5pas.html

  23. TrinkBruder

    I never felt more compassion for the POTUS, in my lifetime, particularly when considering how this one has been consistently depicted, as a US citizen. This has to be the most difficult situation both Trump and a POTUS ever has experienced, and deep down, Trump has to deal with the personal issues he has growing up in NYNY and what is going on there. Again, liberals, turn it down a notch please. Like it or not he is our leader and we need his guidance

  24. Qwelbenoy Balabadisiyo

    We want to see Ivanka!

  25. flip side

    I'm not even from New York and I watch his news conferences.

  26. AVill FromDaFeild

    Finally trump is trying to be a good leader

  27. LyIe’s Aborted Fetus

    Alex Honnold’s palms get sweaty while watching this video.

  28. LyIe’s Aborted Fetus

    Alex Honnold’s palms get sweaty while watching this video.


    21:03 There was a sneak attack coming from Iran 🧐Shyt what about the sneak attack from Corona?!?!?! This orange guy got some shyt w... Instead of throwing Tomatoes somebody throw an orange 🍊

  30. Khabri

    ladkiyo ko kyu baksha ???? 2 aur maro in bc ko . hindustan ko dharam shala bana diya ha in suaro na

  31. Avid Traveller

    my feet keeps shaking when i see this picture

  32. Peter

    Kush speaks! Guess we needed to spread some of the “cred” around.

  33. NextWorld

    Everyone who works for Trump learns quickly to become double-jointed. Most of what they're doing on that stage is blowing themselves.

  34. Kurtis Curtis

    There’s no blacks in the picture you said Mohawk Indians well might been sone place else but not in that picture

  35. Strangerthingzzeditsss

    Many people jump so thay have a instinct death and not a slow and painful one 🙏🏼😭🙏🏼

  36. Tracy Teresi


  37. Harambe

    Trump was definitely saying *CHYNA* in that thumbnail

  38. Tyson Black

    A plane has five passengers, trump, Johnson, Pope, Merkel and a primary school student. All of a sudden, the plane will crash when it breaks down, but there are only four parachutes on the plane. Trump said, "I'm the smartest person in the United States. The world needs me to solve problems, and then I'm ready to jump.". Johnson said, "Britain needs me, and it has picked up one and jumped.". The pope said the world can't live without Catholicism. He took one and jumped. 'take the last parachute and jump off,' Ms. Merkel told pupils. I've lived my whole life. Your life is just beginning. The child said, now there are two parachutes left. Just now the smartest man in America jumped down with my bag

  39. Ginningston Marak

    Gutda batcha sala police..

  40. Melchor Garcia

    You are just politicking Governor!..

  41. Jinyaw Huan

    Thank and pray for good lucky to all of they must work to keep thing thing normalized against Coronavirus.

  42. Jose Emanual


  43. Jordan D

    The cruise business is going under right now - why not just purchase and retrofit a cruise ship or 2 into hospital ships?

  44. dan scolaro

    China LIED, people die. How is the US going to hold China and the DG of WHO accountable for this global disaster?

  45. 9

    People that cannot tell cats from dogs.

  46. Joy Lucas

    Ayoko s knia. Nd q xa kilala. C DA gusto q.

  47. Gorey Bits

    As usual, I feel like I’m stuck in the twilight zone

  48. GreensOplenty

    How many americans to die so trump can golf, tweet and lie?

  49. Bang Bang

    Enough with the Talmud media

  50. MITS _

    Waiting for the comedians to appears and show us their shiny objects.

  51. Scoobie Doo

    I do kinda dont get why the govt would heavy fight against drugs right now when everyone's locked up in their homes in national turmoil and then you throw strung out dopers into society because they cant find their shit. Im locked and loaded for mofo's. Hope you are too. good luck wit that

  52. Absolute Truth

    FACT: Bill Gates better NEVER come in sight of me! I will KILL the psychopath with my bare hands before his cowardly private security guards kill me!!!!!

  53. MXCN

    So much diversity.

  54. Absolute Truth

    Event 201: Bill Gates Had Patent For Covid19!!!! Gates Foundation + Billionaires + CCP China are murdering human beings globally! FACT: Bill Gates better NEVER come in sight of me! I will KILL the psychopath with my bare hands before his cowardly private security guards kill me!!!!! Event 201: Bill Gates Had Patent For Covid19!!!! Gates Foundation + Billionaires + CCP China are murdering human beings globally!

  55. Tiffany Petty

    So we the American people are to beyond any and all possibility's we American's no questions asked should understand that the whole world problems are absolutely the virus and the evil cartels. In the mist of an all out world pandemic your all worried about the drugs that have flooded our country for decades. Lots of blame shifting to every and any thing other than the truth. It seems ridiculous to even make mention in the mist of the world's pandemic. .we the American people really trusted and believed in you Mr president and we American's hope and pray that the nwo immoral evil ungodly demons criminals haven't got to you also. What a let down..while blaming this and that but the truth is the world's corporations and bank's were broke and we American's were just sold another bailout for them hook line and sinker. Every last American's citizen's will be charged 20k per person of which you in government so kind gave the people 1200 out of 20k. This virus all seems fishy. ?

  56. Matt Balderrama

    How about just spare everybody a few hours of your babbling and tell us you've gotten nowhere?

  57. Cookie Mamma

    Warriors going into battle without proper PPE! Depletion of hospital oxygen supply because of the increased ventilator use!! However hospital workers continue to battle to save the lives of he populace with expertise, diligence and pride!!

  58. Zorn Casteel

    They seem very tired ... But I think they (including the President) are doing such a great job ... Keep it up.

  59. Muzammil Hussan

    indian walo ki maa ki chut

  60. Chris Fjelde

    Trump stands like a reluctantly attentive toddler.

  61. Collective Creators

    A whole two days ?

  62. Chris Fjelde

    I swear if you put an apple in front of a Trump supporter and Trump said "That's an orange", those peoples eyes would swirl and they'd say "yes, that is an orange." And again "Scworge." And "In-duz-tree."

  63. Raj 4747


  64. 27trains

    What a loser

  65. Smiley Santana

    They seem to be blaming the other administration because it's convenient!

  66. -_BlasterGM_-

    I think killed the baby viurs that is sars but the daddy viurs is mad.

  67. Matthew Maccaro

    Coronavirus was a made guy and fredo wasn't. It was among the Italians. It was real greaseball shit. We had to sit there and take it

  68. MrBeast

    The truth ussel.info/video/video/1n_Gn3eBxpqPrIk.html

  69. NycBeauty

    I read montage is halted for 3 months. What about renters. We need help too. If we get unemployment. We can save up to pay in 3 months.

  70. David Brown

    Thank you China! I hope we gonna send you a surprise too.

  71. Chrissie Julien

    Really? Like the movie the interview?? Lol

  72. Edmond Kasuse

    H bomd is the only guarantee victory too bad corona don't care. P.S. CIA ARE BEHIND MOST DRUGS COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY WITH THE HELP OF OUR MILITARY.

  73. Bruce Lockett

    I was cured of herpes virus with herbal medicine I orders from Dr Ugbokholan

  74. Ashley Cheryl

    Please Police...... Next time Ladies Constables too..... These Girls should have been thrashed too.... Ek Baar galti hogayee.....Next time please .... Keep up the Good work

  75. KING slayer

    Health and safety completely out the window back then 😂

  76. The show reality

    This is Democrats star witness.

  77. Isreal Ferguson

    Your in abetter place so you stay in

  78. Tiffany Riff


  79. Renee Franklin

    The reporters need to ask better questions! Im sorry the suck!

  80. Cybr Friends

    why is he no talking about the serious shortage of PPE and ventilators. What is this crap about cartels about?

  81. Philonias Goods

    What time are they speaking? Anybody know?

  82. C Dean

    Treasonous trump should be held responsible for what will soon be thousands of deaths. The stupid idiot called the virus a Democrat hoax. America is over.

  83. Fee Fee

    Now the president want to blame the doctor experts on why the country was shutdown.

  84. Lawrence H

    Now Trump's base is sending death threats to Dr Fauci. Because he's too competent? WTF is wrong with these people? www.businessinsider.com/us-reportedly-increases-dr-fauci-security-after-threats-coronavirus-2020-4

  85. Ryan Scott

    The 'wartime president' needs to be tried for war crimes.

  86. Ryan Scott

    No reason to cover this crap. They say nothing. They do nothing but deflect. They are the worst administration in our nation's entire history. They make a mockery of our country.

  87. Ming zheng

    “two phone calls” you really have to kiss his butt here in public and let ppl all over the world know you are trump's little pathetic doll?

  88. no name needed

    In the midst of the Ebola outbreak in October 2014, Cuomo joked that health care workers who were under quarantine after returning from treating patients in Africa should take the time to read his memoir, “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and in Life.” “Twenty-one days, in your home, with your friends and your family, and you’ll be compensated,” he said. “Read a book, read my book. You don’t have to read my book, but stay home for 21 days.” Bill Samuels, a liberal Cuomo critic, blasted the governor for his “cringe-inducing gaffes about Ebola patients reading his book while quarantined.”

  89. Gauranshi Kaur

    Please Subscribe. ussel.info/video/video/x2aneH2AyKd6lHk.html

  90. Inline K9

    The only transparency evident here is how easy it is to see that they’re all lying. Standing close together up on that stage, they look like they're all closely related to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Nothing they are telling us makes any sense. Announcing that suddenly it has become impertive to concentrate efforts on fighting the endless, pointless drug war with money and resouces needed to fight this virus war …protecting Americans from the drug cartels (who should be too sick with covid 19 to go after us) …they’re deploying all those warships and all branches of the military (costing how much money?) because "drugs kill 70,000 Americans per year" (while the coronavirus is supposed to kill millions?)..while they can’t afford to buy ventolators and won’t supply our doctors and nurses with PPE’s…(how many Americans will THAT kill?)…and they refuse to offer realistic financial aid for everyone who's facing terrifying financial devastation as a result of our responses to the pandemic? And they are going after the cartels now, thinking we really believe they’re going to get them this time (like the cartels won’t know our military is coming to get them- no element of surprise there - lots of toilets will be flushing!) They lie to us as if we don’t know that Venezuela isn’t even a major drug trafficking country… nor do we know this is a poorly disguised smokescreen for what they’re really up to: a full takeover of the Venezuelan government, a coup, a regime change - an opportunity to get rid of democratically elected Pres Maduro and install a puppet president chosen by Trump, a man who collaborated with the Columbian cartel (of all people this is who our president chooses) - they're a vulnerable country with resources we want. Period. This is just the US doing what they always do. Nothing new here.

  91. When Pigs Fry



    Coronavirus Update: Today (so far) UNITED STATES Confirmed: 245,066 Death : 6,075

  93. Karen Stevenson


  94. Roberto Amezcua

    So all the supplies they are sending out is for selling... ARE YOU KIDDING ME... $ before LIVES... You then make States bid for the resources... WHAT THE...

    1. Bibi1031 garza

      @Roberto Amezcua good luck to you and yours too. I have a daughter that is a nurse practitioner so I worry about her everyday she goes to work. Our county has the greatest number of infected citizens in our state, so I do understand the dangers. Only God can truly help us in all honesty. Blame shifting doesn't really help, but does get the frustration eased out of most of us. 🙏🙏🙏

    2. Roberto Amezcua

      @Bibi1031 garza God bless you and your family, that no one you love finds them selves in need. I'm sure God will understand Capitalism or Communism or Socialism and understand that, hey you guys did all you could as "soon as you new of this epidemic" and you made a buck, thumbs up. Not till we have loss of loved ones it really doesn't hit home. My point irrelevant of ideology of any kind, humans are dying and being a country of such abundant gifts, we still are not capable to handle the task at hand. I'm sure we are not going to come to common ground, so good luck to you and yours.

    3. Bibi1031 garza

      @Roberto Amezcua that would be a waste of time. That list is going to be very long. That is reality. The CCP virus is responsible for this devastation, not our government nor private companies. The Defense Production Act is going to get used a lot before this pandemic is over. Thank God our forefathers set this into place! And by the way, Chinese Communist Party did this! They should monetarily pay restitution fees to any country in the world who falls into economic depression for the shitty virus they tried to hide.

    4. Roberto Amezcua

      @Bibi1031 garza I completely understand your point, however, you can teach me as much as you want about the Capitalism as long as you listen to the names of every single human being we loose from this.

    5. Bibi1031 garza

      @Roberto Amezcua is that what you understood? They contracted with companies that sell goods worldwide. We are a capitalist economy and we sway towards free market as well. The order that Trump signs helps legally stop this if the companies are domestic. If they are, the President can stop this by forcing them to only produce certain things that are needed here. If they can supply to us, they can also supply to anyone else in the world, but with this law they sure as hell better make sure that they deliver what they promised to produce for us and in a timely manner too. We are not socialists or communists folks. We can't force private companies to only sell to us and no one else. If we do this we are not following our own laws. We would be no different than communist China!

  95. Jessie Joy

    Ew why is Jared Kushner there lol. Bad call Trump.

  96. Karl Dahlin

    I'm trying to find any help for large, not for profit sector with more than 500 employees. I hear that "enhanced unemployment" is being suggested as a solution ,but charities may not participate in unemployment benefits. As an employee in a very large faith based charity I am hearing that none of these programs will be available to those like us. Where can I read about this PPE for faith based charities?

  97. American Kimchi

    Zip up all you worthless incompetent clueless motormouth morons. Copy south South Korea now and save lives. Copy copy copy copy copy South Korea got it? Kimchi is the way and only way

  98. Jonathan Palacios

    Special Oversight Committee is need asap for the people's bill! "For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” The shame and evil of Trump and his team see no limit on how they can hurt the American people.

  99. CJ Kirby

    Has anyone ever tried a popsicle?

  100. Vapxr

    Christmas tree knockdown Mince pies Knockdown! Brussel Sprouts Knockdown!!! Santa Claus **Knockdown!!!!!!** GREG PAUL **KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!** **KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!!** ** KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!** **KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!** aight aight