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  1. Jackeline Pineda

    Se ve que es un hombre agradable y super atractivo😍

  2. Domanic Marcus

    Cuba forgot to say, "EE HAW" at time 4:45.

  3. A GOT7 Fan

    Please invite got7 onto your show


    If you see this message i wish you a great day and a blessed year A Jimmy Fallon fan❤ From a content creator trying to grow❤

  5. Jamaine

    Who’s an OG of gallon since the start?

  6. HypnoticRL


    1. Miss Lana. M. Hudson

      Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  7. alan mar


  8. CultureDTCTV

    I wanna see Negro Spiritual performed live

  9. Варя Бакулина

    Нечего не поняла но очень интересно

  10. knaagi

    How are Madcow's ratings these days?

  11. the guy who loves life


  12. Tamara Coulthard

    Lol so funny

  13. baver asana

    This Man very funny 😂

  14. Cary Swearingin

    So how does the comment , " fire the prosecutor and youll get the billion dollars" sound from your friend Joe Biden.? Im here waiting.

  15. No One

    This chick is fucking stupid. No where in the hearing did anything she said happened or was admitted to. In fact the opposite happened. Wow Dems are stupid.

  16. Mass Lass

    Is Jimmy rocking a perm in his hair?

  17. Emanuel Almeirante

    Durm off? I choose this guy! :) the greatast drummer I`ve seen playing live!

  18. It Takes All Kinds

    Poor dogs! We send them after armed criminals, we send them into burned, unsafe buildings, we send them into war zones. Twelve hours with MoscowMitch is going too far! Above and beyond the call of duty for any creature.

  19. Ethan Cryder

    The original doesn’t end with “of the world”

  20. Mass Lass

    Interesting that Natalie Portman played Jackie and Neil Diamond song Sweet Caroline about Caroline Kennedy. Coincidence I think not!

  21. Heather Billy42

    Back here after yesterday’s school shooting in California 😔. 2 more innocent lives taken too soon. 💔💔

  22. Arief Rakhman

    Dude smile a lot, so warm..

  23. Monkey D. Titan

    Yeah His Book Topped The Best Seller's List Because people were buying his book to burn them or use them as toilet papers.

  24. smritti sridhar

    She. Is. Good.

  25. D. Adinapraja

    I need ariana full version of GODS PLAN!!

  26. Say What?

    It's reported that someone has been buying the book IN BULK! His orange daddy? Or perhaps Junior himself or his GOILfriend? Probably to "puff up" sales so he could "puff out" his tiny triggered chest. Ugh. Gross family.

  27. Usher tuple

    Kev's expressions are golden

  28. ꧁Ms Wilson꧂

    When I clicked on this thank you notes video I was wondering why it was almost 7 minutes long... 😅


    Eu só queria o shape do Dwayne Johnson... Marnada!!

  30. Zosanglur Joute

    I am both Andy Cohen gay and Anderson Cooper gay;One night I'd be like"Hey,gurlll that's Jessica. She threw up at Josh's party last week,while I held her hair in the toilet. She's hillar." Then the next day or so I'd be at the airport just in a sunglasses and earphones not willing to talk to anyone. Like very incongnito mode. Hmmm it's the fabulous life of being gay 😂

  31. Lina Tuatagaloa.C


  32. Shariful Mamun

    higgins and tariq saved this one

  33. LetsGeekToThePoint

    Omg. I had no idea he had such an incredible voice This was fun to watch.

  34. Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees

    Jay Leno always kicked ass ... David Letterman’s

  35. Lincoln Wright

    If they would've stopped with a "Lenard Bernstein" i probably would've passed out

  36. Michael Buckelew

    I was on my seat wondering whether they were going to hit the button or keep doing MJ impressions back and forth.

  37. Mizah Nao

    I really like jimmy's voice i bear necessities and under the sea

  38. Xiahouhun

    "Do Elvis!" *Does Robin Williams*

  39. Nes Paul

    WOAH kenny and dom actually made some shit shake

  40. skyler mchale

    I didn’t think she could get any more hot

  41. omaima_7_7x Zakhnin AmhamDi


  42. james4592225

    2:08 I don't know about yall, but the movie "Show Girls" was the absolute 1st thing that came to mind as soon as I saw her!! Like Ray would say from Ghostbusters...."It just popped in there!" xD

  43. Nakshatra Dagwar

    Jimmy has brain of 5 years old child .

  44. Saqib Sajad

    I love how James keeps his face still and not try n laugh but eventually laughs ❤️

  45. XxGachaLizzy KittycornXx

    Ew ew ew!

  46. Alekhya Das

    died at frying dory. probably best jokes in a while

  47. Jay M

    No matter how all of this turns out in the end, Trump will be the center of jokes for the remainder of his life. He's made an ass out of himself more times than I could possibly keep track of. Especially with his tweeting.

  48. Penny Lane

    Not first, not last.

  49. PLAYR

    _Aha! And it’s on and on!_

  50. Fairooz Prapti

    She wore her childhood frock

  51. Kevin Hornbuckle

    Her interview on Fresh Air is very interesting.

  52. King T

    Guwop doing legendary moves

  53. directfunebru

    "attached to a car door" - I don't get it

  54. Turana Mamedaliyeva

    It's my dream, too) I mean that I want to BTS will be nominated in Grammy and they'll win 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

  55. TTV_Essey

    Can i come to your show?❤

  56. John

    I'm a simple person, I see anything with Brie Larson I dislike. Is that a personal attack?

    1. John


  57. S C O R I A


  58. Khansa Abbasi

    4 mins early

  59. Jirayu T O A D

    "Did Don do it?" Lil Jon :"Yeeaaah"

  60. Umang Sharma


  61. air port

    Dory is still all right. It turns out Frying Dory was a Comedy Central special. But his ego was a little bruised afterwards because of all the "you smell like a fish" jokes.

  62. Vishano ॐ B.

    Where is lisa

  63. Liz Beth

    Jenny Slate is a favorite of mine in Drunk History. 😁

  64. Fau Nau



    Wow. I applaud Jimmy for being able to speak about anything with quality. Excited for Tonight to see Lili Reinhart!

  66. gamanin8

    This business of asking a foreign govt. to help in your election: the emphasis is always about some sort of bribery on the part of the US. But this is not the element that makes this a security issue. What does, is the fact that if another country supplies a president with personal political ammunition, THE PRESIDENT IS THEN SUBJECT TO BLACKMAIL AND MANIPULATION. Strange that this is never discussed.

  67. psychobeefsticker


  68. Big Mac

    More proof left media spin is the enemy of American people and U.S. constitution!!! 😤

  69. Jay M

    Gravitas? Wow, now there's a word I had to look up.

  70. Danielle Chan Li-Min

    Their eyebrows are so different

  71. knatethegreat08

    This is how many years our orange president deserves. 👎

  72. clylouscort

    its be the more epic when using headphone.

  73. mohin pat

    Wow the hick brothers and sisters are starting to read.....who would have thought....

  74. jeff schumacher

    Best sellers are decided before a single copy hits shelves. The "best seller" list has been a marketing ploy for many decades. It is pure elitist commercial garbage and is in no way a measurement of value.

  75. 7LOKz V

    I'm a big deal! 😂 Shut down... To every joke there's a element of truth.

  76. Buch

    I loved Frying Dory

  77. Ismael Garcia

    I love how leftist just started out of nowhere and started peddling conspiracy theories🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤯🤯🤯

  78. Willi-Klassen

    Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz 😆😆😆

  79. 15 Fathin

    Is that mr.beast

  80. Chon Chon

    The invited host for this game is terrible, he keeps interrupting the contestants.

  81. Ivo Stoyanov

    Kristen Bell is terrific!!!

  82. Golden Empress

    PRESIDENTIAL parDone of Turnkey.

  83. tomm2639

    Those disney+ movies were great jokes, more of that

  84. gold star

    Tom Fitton: Alleged Whistleblower Met with Ukraine/Soros Groups Tied To Trump Targeting at Obama WH - ⚡⚡ DC Cops Arrest Journalist After Venezuela Reporting - ⚡CORRUPTION ⚡Кто и в каком количестве получает зарплату в конвертах в партии"Слуга народа"- вещает Крюкова - ⚡Migration Is Not a Fundamental Human Right'.!!** - ⚡Ukraine Call Rough Transcript: How Trump’s Conversation Unfolded | WSJ - ⚡ >>> President Trump Releases Transcript of Phone Call With Ukraine Presiden <<< - ⚡Trump,⚡Ukraine president respond to⚡impeachment ⚡ inquiry,⚡transcript release - ⚡FINALLY: UKRAINE SCANDAL EXPLAINED: Chalkboard on DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & More - ⚡Second Trump⚡ whistle-blower on ⚡Ukraine comes forward⚡: Lawyer - ⚡⚡Is the Deep State prepared to dig up the skeletons it buried in Ukraine - ⚡1. jun. 2015 "Remembering Beau Biden" - ⚡ ⚡Deep State diplomats provide cover for Adam Schiff Ukrainegate hoax - ⚡BIDEN gate: Biden & Sons Conduct Being Investigated by Ukraine Prosecutors - ⚡‍️⚡‍️BREAKING: Hillary MORTIFIED After Learning ALL Her ‘Deleted’ Emails FOUND - Guess Who Has Them! - ⚡‍️⚡‍️Moment US Special Forces storm ISIS leader Baghdadi's lair -

  85. Ene Obande

    There's a dagger beside the book on the New York times list meaning somebody bought it in bulk. Probably going to rot in someone's warehouse.

  86. CaptinHoot51

    They played the game wrong.

  87. Yashu Tekchandani watch this

  88. CaptinHoot51

    They played the game wrong!

  89. The Wafflenerd

    Why is this on USsel recommended and why must we suffer.

  90. Eagle 808

    What a joke! Loser! 👎

  91. Guido Amare

    Another pathetic lying dem moron with zero credibility.

  92. Coletha Albert

    So Lil Jon is a Republican!?

  93. Agung Sutrisna


  94. Jessica P

    Could you imagine making out with David Blaine and then all of sudden you felt a frog jump into your mouth. 😂

  95. Y e e t M e T o T h e M o o n

    He's prettier than both my daughters

  96. Umer Mumtaz

    You DO know that Daddy Trump bulk bought the book to make the book come to top seller list. Everything that corrupt Grifter touches turns rotten!

  97. tommygun

    This ispiered me to write a poem Here it goes: Out of thousands Who are known Or who want to be known As poets Maybe one or two Are genuine And the rest are fakes Hanging around the sacred precincts Trying to look like a real thing Needless to say I am one of the fakes And this is my story. P.S. please say what you think

  98. Matt Takamine

    If a Disney Princess were to take living, breathing, dancing, singing human form, it would be Kristen Bell.

  99. qwerty s


  100. Rahul Sah