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  1. Jacob

    Probably one of the cutest things that happened on the show

  2. Rayan Agarm

    owoos he ham she

  3. stradinger


  4. ejaz ahmed

    does he talk like that at home too?


    he always looks unclean and dirty and trampy. at least make an effort to groom your self. dayummmmm

  6. Arjun

    When she sings without volume it looks weird...

  7. ReResAllsorts

    The one on the left looks like a white snoop dogg!

  8. Phoebe Rattu

    “lady crack” why is that a perfect description for him

  9. Rayan Agarm

    she cute

  10. Zer0

    I see his fathers spirit in him.

  11. an raghav

    what is the movie they are talking about?

  12. best girl

    Jannet I wish Michael could see Yo son, squeeze him in his arms❤ and play. I think he'd be his favorite nephew :)

  13. purplesyndrome

    somehow i dont like this song from the very first beginning. no idea

  14. Alex Pinheiro

    Muitooooooo Booommmmm TOP!!!

  15. Fourmation

    all band kids are disappointed watching this video.

  16. Noah Martin

    I once heard someone in the hallway in middle school say “someone peed in my pants!”

  17. Tim Jester

    The Tonight Show was the best with Carson, acceptable with Leno, but Fallin needs new writers, just not funny anymore.

  18. samanjj

    I’m squirming but I can’t look away

  19. Bulshock

    I love that Jimmy Fallon addressed this.

  20. angelcat


  21. Olivia Wilson

    “ but I don’t seek them out “ But your the gryffindor seeker what are you talking about!

  22. Nora Helen Sæten

    I love Ariana its my dream to meet she

  23. Shelsy Valoy

    THERE HE IS!!! There goes my baby again!!! 😍😍🥰🥰🥰 Hes always himself at Jimmy’s or Ellen’s!!!

  24. K Napper

    Justin’s a lil bendy though

  25. moochiejimin


  26. Jiya Verma

    0:50 what all armies were here for...

  27. bphlatsax75

    Awesome! To put it mildly!!

  28. Bekbatyr Abdukarim

    She is so cool 😎

  29. samburger

    Chris Evans is starting to speak wike his nephew

  30. Tiffany Valentine-Ray

    I’m a straight woman and I’m here for Scarlett Johansson

  31. Young Eye Sic


  32. Eithel Rotschild

    0:01 to 0:35, just pause any second during that 35 seconds. Bloomberg looks very insecure, not full of himself, scared from every letter coming out of his mouth. He looks like a one eyed big shot turkey. Guys, you want that thing to be a president? If yes than you must be a JEW like Bloomberg.

  33. :DïXxXSMR

    我是groot 😀

  34. moochiejimin

    It's not easy to maintain our voice while dancing so IT PROVES THAT THEYRE SO FREAKING TALENTED UGHH

  35. Domonique Monet

    YES !!!!! The artists. The words. The vibe. The melody. The outfits. The band. The background singers. Come on somebody🗣!!!! 💛💛💛💛✨✨✨💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  36. ms gummy


  37. apagoogoo

    if beebs wants to walk on to our sunday nighters' league some time in barrie, we'd let him skate with us. he wouldn't be the best player on the ice, but he wouldn't be the worst either.

  38. Benjamin Francoise

    Lovely girl

  39. Dale Painter

    To take a shit position

  40. Itsara modifydyfreedom

    ใครสอนให้ร้องแบบนี้ โคตรมีเอกลักษณ์

  41. Susi Q

    Toxicity trump is definitely vomitrocious!

  42. Hustle Hassan

    Willie Nelson on that cover should have been called “Rolling Stoned”

  43. Armaghan Ahmed

    Hold the phone, that's not not Jimmy's body

  44. Bomby 151

    That’s a tuba points at Bari sax

  45. Capt Morgan

    A nice “gentle humour” segment for sure. Bieber isn’t bad for a “rep B” caliber player who doesn’t play often. But I’m 58 and I can do what he did...especially the part where he stick-handles like he’s choppin’ onions and “scores” against a “goalie” who isn’t trying lol! Still, good on them both for having a bit of fun with it.

  46. Maisie Williams

    you lied

  47. lalatendu das

    The way Lil Wayne talk is very dope

  48. Vania Christabel

    i seriously love how he pronounce nazi with such hatred lol

  49. Rimbaud Junior

    I don't know Fran. The idea that it's a bunch of muscular men in tight pants jumping on top of each other actually makes me like it more

  50. Elizabeth Peters

    Wow, I'm so impressed with Justin Bieber's hockey skills! Nice!

  51. Christina Goetz

    10 groups of 10 is 100

  52. Bomby 151

    I play oboe and contrabass flute wtf 😂

  53. PedroLuis123

    Damn Meghan is thicc I never knew

  54. Beatboxflavour1992

    simply WOW

  55. Ryandean1

    What's "put stick in box" mean?

  56. An 005


  57. Rimbaud Junior

    The fact that she along with Patti Smith where one of The Inspirations for the character Daria only solidifies her infinite cool. Love Fran.

  58. Fan Account

    1:32 Love this part

  59. Alyce Bee

    This is so cringy because I know all the words to almost all of these songs

  60. Afanador Penaranda Maria Gabriela

    Bro funny how The chainsmokers get more credit for this song when we all know 5sos has real talent and you can't even hear Drews voice lol he tries so hard but... I like Alex but Drew thinks the world revolves around him, like sis you have no talent at all.

  61. Mintyz

    He has mad respect for kobe and gigi. 🙂

  62. joe chrow

    Rap has hit an All time LOW!!!

  63. Clint Yeetswood

    I’ve seen this like 7 times and it never gets old lmao

  64. El Rey David

    That was AWESOME!

  65. Jonathan Ramirez

    He's an great talent. Need to see him in more things.

  66. Deep River

    Looks like his voice hasn't matured yet

  67. bronze levelplays

    so this is fake

  68. claudia zuniga

    WHat is happening

  69. SumDude

    The way her hands were shaking made me scared

  70. beep beep richie e e e

    When I was younger I never liked him. His music or who he was but now he’s just so different. Even his music is kinda different. He seems happy so I’m happy for him and now I’m supporting him

  71. ki ko

    Fook u narcissistic jimmu fallon u injected full sauce in this wings while u were bichin about 2 drops fook u

  72. Fatima Antonio

    doc. Ru ru 😀🎤

  73. brich2929

    funny how nobody else is there at the restaurant when they're actually eating

  74. Tamir Bro

    Best flec

  75. Angelica Palacios

    I’ve missed this man so much 😭

  76. And i oop *Blink*

    Damn Sophia was in her feelings while singing

  77. Benmusicz Me

    My eyes just got cancer

  78. Sharifa Al-Sabah

    I love nicks suit

  79. Steve Williams

    Well ... She can sing . I haven't followed or even liked her but lately i have been watching her in interviews and listening to her .... it seems i have misjudged her . I now like her , she has a great voice and can hit all the notes we need her to hit .

  80. Michael Michie

    The guy is having FUN

  81. Chitra Das

    Jimmy u are too good.. Love your style 💖

  82. Jonathan Fowlkes


  83. FarkinsonTv

    Fcking playback

  84. Timothy Stand

    You came we will enjoy by you thank you bro....

  85. And i oop *Blink*

    Damn Sophia be looking good🔥

  86. Hurgin


  87. Kasper Cludts

    Yo what the f happened to quavos outfit?!😂

  88. Terry Loves Helen

    She sings good👍👏i want to see more

  89. Dude Anything2

    Who else just Flipped their phone for the upside down?

  90. RaveSQ


  91. ellyana 1458

    It’s been so Longgggg 😭😭😭

  92. Katya Dancer

    Шарлиз, просто бесподобна)))

  93. junebuggy34

    Che is a habitual line-stepper. I love it.

  94. Alyce Bee

    Who is confused on where the comments are now? Hahah lol me..😀

  95. Michelle Marie

    Why didn’t Noah wear a white shirt?

  96. tanveer 007

    I lost at 5:10 she was serious🤣🤣

  97. Adem Abi

    Ulan Mesut Can Tomay


    She very nervous. Look at her breathing. She damnear hyperventilating still looks like penny

  99. Mr Bruh

    This gave me flashbacks to juice wrld preforming at Jimmy Kimmel Live

  100. Michelle Marie

    Noah is the Most handsome man I know. And his charm is hot