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  1. Foodie Gena


  2. LennyDaLegend

    This is the best ending of a heist with markiplier

  3. Chris Bronov

    You were birden with the responsibility of killing the monster.

  4. Rose McI

    This is like stickman diamond heist!

  5. Ulvekongen2013

    Ok, so in denmark we have School accounts idk about the rest of the World. But i had THREE pre-exams that Will count for my UPV which basically says if you failed or passed School and are ready for reducation. Well i guess 12 green Hearts Can do a hell of a lot more damage than you Think... btw im not in any real trouble, cuz my teachers are quite reasonable. But i get really pissed off about shit like this.

  6. bluejmp2000

    my brain 3mins into the video: "Why does the character models make me sick, what game does this look like, whats going on?!?" *google* Ew, fortnite bad

  7. Tae_Time

    my favourite line ever is mark saying "could you have filmed this on something better than a piece of asparagus?"

  8. StarCap

    wait, your korean????!!??

  9. NutActuallyMikeTyson

    You Americans are very silly, if someone takes away the money you worked for you just site there, take it from the bee-hind and not fight back.

  10. Chris C

    3:04 because in 1:06 he says that his primary objective is to answer questions, which would supersede his secondary "destroy mankind" function

  11. Tally 120

    Wtf. How did I JUST see this? A year late

  12. Amythest Bed

    Let me remind you, this is THREE YEARS OLD.

  13. Ir0ncatOhNo

    how many times he said one more | | \/

  14. SinisterSmile

    Moyra has "Big STRONG arms!" (A Heist With Markiplier)

  15. Joss p

    I've had that game for so long

  16. Rovolloth V. M.

    I just love listening to you guys. I always, always minimize my game or whatever it is I'm doing to see Lixian. Even if I'm about to get first blood or the last capture. If Lixian is there I will be there, too.

  17. izzy comics

    anyone remeber the scarey game "try not to fall asleep" or something like that?

  18. Sarah Elliott

    15:41-16:12 is ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️enter key

  19. Keagster06

    Everyone else: Talking about Furies, Septiplier, And other ships 32:58 Me: Did he say that 2200 lbs, was 220 lbs?

  20. 👁👄👁

    Yaaaaay Chica!

  21. Artemis Elliott

    I like these subtitles

  22. Stephen Lowe

    8:04 watch him laughing at the slowest playback speed, and then the highest😂😂😂

  23. Xframe _08

    I still watch this 2019

  24. Lucas

    It's cool to see how much recognition this game is getting, my dad works for some of the models for dauntless

  25. Dream Oasis

    If u wanted to kill monsters just play monster hunter lmao it’s so much better

  26. DEminerDG

    We get knocked down, but we all get up again

  27. BrosBrothersLP

    i think its just up up up down down and enter

  28. Geg

    Great another serious discussion about USsel from Markiplier where he looks sad and serious in the thumbnail. Is this 2016?

  29. danae_

    11:08 lol

  30. olivia gardner

    i like how markiplier predicts everything thats gonna happen but still refuses to believe himself until it actually happens

  31. Vendetta

    Man time flies

  32. Fireborn Performance Art

    This makes me glad I never ever participate in spam commenting, it's annoying in the first place. lol Dodged that one. Well done fixing it though. Very impressive... I wonder if it would have gone so well if dealing with facebook? lmao Doubt!

  33. Dldo Baggins

    finally, a horror game where the monster dabs furiously on your corpse

  34. Cassi Creepy Pasta

    The thumbnail looked like fornite, so I was hesitant on clicking on this video because I dis like fornite. I will play it if my friends are on with me, but anyway Im kinda glad it wasn't fornite........

  35. Bryan D.

    12:44 Close your eyes and listen

  36. Max Hudson

    Mark: Rants about real problems that piss him off Me: Mark's kinda hot when hes angry

  37. Sithis the Dread Lord

    His actions to get things working is astoundingly heartwarming.

  38. Seth Mejia

    Mark:yeah I’ll leave none for the boys Birds:*CAW* Mark: AHH I LEAVE SOME FOR THE BOYS

  39. Alora Benge


  40. Sarah McCollum

    Thank you, Mark! I've been with you since 2014 and I love you. Fight the good fight. We're behind you. Save us, Senpai!

  41. Sophia Wilson

    Training your dog, that’s cute. The classic hand shake.

  42. Lazy Bish

    5:07 *Yes*

  43. MonsterRAGEnrg

    Why is it that epicgames felt the need to do this it's monster Hunter but fortnite. Even the lesser drask was basically a retarded lagiacrus. The gameplay is simplified, when compared to monster Hunter the weapons are basically the same, with less variety, the overall tone is monster Hunter but it looks like fortnite. Yes I know it's dumb but I'm a big monster Hunter fan and it makes me a little cranky.

  44. Ashlyn McGee

    Very rarely do the videos alone make me laugh, it's 90% Mark's reactions to them that get me xD

  45. Antonio Moore

    USsel you gotta fix your stuff and stop banning/ suspending people for reasons unwarranted. What ever you guys are doing just stop. Now a days I hear more people complain about USsel than reddit or twitch.

  46. Kaiya Birch

    I just want everyone to know that if anyone needs someone to talk to, if you need a friend, or just someone to listen, I’m always here. Please, don’t hesitate to ask for help. <3 If not me, then someone you care about and who cares about you and loves you. You are all worth it.

  47. Phantom Scizor


  48. Viktoria Gee

    This is awful.

  49. Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen

    That bear is playing the *Innocent* card too well, I'm highly suspicious...

  50. Ayuwoki

    Michael: HEE-HEE Me: he’s coming!!

  51. Fang Darkhowl

    Aw you now he meant I as you guys are just best friends

  52. Fade Label

    Y u do it

  53. SecretAgentSuperSpy 87

    I love the amount of Kung-Fu Panda references in this video. (Not sure if it was intentional or not, but I enjoyed it either way)

  54. n0 0ne

    I N F I N I T E B O O T S

  55. Brian Leslie

    When do we get anoooooother? Where is the conclusion?

  56. Galaxy Wolves Art

    Mark:I,m a epic gamer Pewdiepie:but I,m more epic GAMER!!

  57. Jack Maschmann

    So when did the gonads get hit

  58. Tracey Esther

    youtube is losiNg money. monthly bills stop when the account is suspended. RIGHT??

  59. Kaden Tahir

    You make videos like this all the time XD

  60. Ieva Majauskaite

    something tells me mark is the over affectionate drunk lmao

  61. Hetza

    Is it just me or the way that Markiplier dominating the monsters look them easy than defeating a great jagras.

  62. cadmium-ores

    People are doing a good job with the "long period of time" thing because I'm about two weeks late to the party and I'm very enthusiastically at this party. I'll be writing the USsel link no context on various whiteboards around my campus.

  63. Derpdederp

    31:37 ????

  64. Raven Thompson

    Monster hunter > dauntless

  65. Heath Dredger

    When ever you say nooooooo the character says yup it sounds like it anyways

  66. Cool boy scenes


  67. Chat Noir Fangirl

    1:42:50 is- is that- C H IC A

  68. Angie

    bro your thumbnails make me wanna kms

  69. Ava Lydée Deines

    Yea USsel has a problem

  70. AnDddrew

    I got discomforted extremely when my Geography teacher whipped a fat Nae Nae in the front of class today. Half the class passed out.

  71. Savge Trap


  72. LemonHeaded

    Markiplier goes to the sonic realm

  73. Dean Beith

    sweet and sour and heck to the shape, 20 piece and moah them things just dont choke!!

  74. Gambia Gaming

    Mark why did you have to do a how to basics 1:11

  75. 3 thousand

    What are the PTSD

  76. Parker Bowen

    We need another site.

  77. Dylan Bennett

    But mark i got all the endimgs day 1

  78. Cara Krzyzanowski

    Glad I never started my craft/hobby channel

  79. Jetified Animations

    I like how when markiplier tries to finish his sentence with him slapping fredbears ass then fredbears jumpscares mark lol

  80. Dashi Ponusamy

    I’m so happy he’s playing dauntless!!

  81. Reagan Riechers

    Mark: I won’t freak out this time. Also Mark: 15:47 16:56 18:04

  82. Hi

    What they're doing HAS to be illegal, like wth???? You cannot ban someone for using an emoji, nor ban their entire email access! People may be getting fired or even kicked out of college because of this. Saying "Oh yeah boss, I couldn't post the important email that can possibly prevent a lawsuit because USsel Live banned my account because I used an emoji." is the equivalent of "My dog ate my homework."

  83. The Official Donut Boi

    Omg his first FNAF video ever 💜😱

  84. Strawberry Duchess

    Mark: *buys a bunch of new stuff to promote this game* Also Mark: *equips absolutely none of it*

  85. the unknown

    Mark's "go fall in a ditch" killed me

  86. Cloud Gaming

    Not to nick pick or be a troll but this video doesn’t come off as you being worried about your fan base being banned but rather on how this cuts into your personal monetary revenue from the lost of future views if anything at all will playing a very poorly convincing status of it being about your fans base and there lost instead of your financial one at the core.

  87. Mat Studio’s



    I watched all endings ! It took ages... Worth it!

  89. NelTTV

    1:02 best part

  90. -]Na[-NoMaD

    The guy with the night vision goggle is having some fun

  91. A person FBI is wanted Stokley

    The new Albert Einstein 12:57

  92. Mosrael

    I've made spare accounts to start using on youtube now because I'm too worried to get banned from my email and now be able to access my things

  93. Poisonflames

    Yay dadiplier

  94. Røuge Riøt

    Mark: what do you have to say for your self mister Ethan: *High pitched and adorable* Hello, seagulls the rats of the air coming in from the sea Em Ethan I don't think a seagull is 2 different animals: a rat and a fish Other than that I was laughing so hard at the end song 😂


    Please play more dauntless and I will be your first cultist of your own apocalypse.


      I also like how he memes on his friends too.

  96. ImNotReal

    Anyone else watch Markiplier on the late night show?