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  1. Benjamin Ruiz

    I'm probably gonna give up now and not say anything to the one whom haraised me since the age of 4 used I used like USsel but now it sucks

  2. Goldfish_56 TP

    5:51 Look at his facecam

  3. Kamikaze Lokison

    10:38 is true

  4. ArtCloud11

    Riots or the language of the unheard, however, I do feel that they should be directed towards the oppressors that have put them down for so long. Riding against police stations and government buildings would be a much better idea than other public places everyone uses

  5. Kait Keiscome

    I am not black, but I hear you. I am not black, but I see you. I am not black but I mourn with you. I am not black but I stand with you. I am not black but I fight with you. This problem of racism cannot be solved with just one person. This can only be solved if we all work together and fight for it to be solved. America is rioting. We will not be ignored.

  6. JAWD animations

    Why tf does this have 17k dislikes

  7. Desi

    i love how bob calls wade willd and mark calls him will lmao

  8. Domenic Chodan

    I love the part when he fuckin dies

  9. 1m _cReam

    My city got destroyed

  10. Chris4746

    I agree with protests against this matter but there are people in my own town that are breaking into homes and businesses, assaulting police on the street and burning buildings down. A protest is a way for the people to be heard and spread a message to the world but what is happening out there is complete and utter chaos and needs to stop. People are being hurt, some don't feel safe in their own homes. I support the cause for George Floyd but don't condone any of these actions. Black lives matter, all lives matter, I don't care what group you support, I believe all lives are equal and no one has more value than another. But people are being hurt, peoples livelihoods are being destroyed, and that is not the way to solve any of this. Continue to spread the message, continue to raise awareness, but please let this madness end.

  11. C N

    My heart! I love how close they’ve gotten since then! 😭❤️

  12. Aggressive Princess

    Still waiting on you to continue.

  13. Egg

    its wonderful to see people with influences like yours spreading awareness

  14. Alyson Bales

    You should play taboo story’s 😆

  15. Rogue WRLD 999

    I came back for the memories

  16. Alessandro Esposito

    George floyd died by drug overdose

  17. BadUploadScheduleツ

    2:52 No, that is not the context of the quote Mark, he means that when you riot, nobody will listen to you

  18. Camden Harrison

    Why are there 17k dislikes on this video...

  19. Leakers Clan

    5:27 Dad-dee LoL

  20. 《Larry Pizza Gacha》

    3:32 shingo's dog bumped into him so thats why he's crazy :v

  21. Diana Graham

    Rodents of unusual size? I dont believe they exsist

  22. MeSaDrums

    I stand with the protests. I stand with some aspects of the riots. But I really worry as to what will happen from all this... we know Covid disproportionately affects the black community more than others... This year will not go silently, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

  23. Jadon Jenkins

    I lose 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. UrgirlMAIAHÙwÚ Boink

    Plot twist: it was actually Lucas turning off the power and running up or down the staircase to hide.

  25. Ethan On Lock

    "whoever the hell, lives in this Goddamn home"

  26. RJD1116

    bABY BOI. You need to let the swing recharge before you swing again. There should be a light bar that refills under your crosshairs after you swing. That's how you get that powerful swing you sometimes get. Also, get a dang SHIELD :)

  27. Ethan

    0:06 "Moo moo moo, amooy"

  28. Lala LuvGames

    Am I the only one seeing this? Look at Markiplier .. 5:52

  29. Rachel Moorehead

    "Ok I got my eyes open this time except ThIs BoArDs gonna GET IT" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

  30. CringX

    Lighter + bullet = bomb

  31. Brennan McKnight

    Do more of "My Paper Smile."

  32. Benjamin Ruiz

    This happened to me it sucked I had 200 subs and I was doing good then it got banned I have to start all over I don't even have ten sub

  33. Eliveos

    I just wanted to quickly say you all are amazing and i love you you guys make my days better i know you'll probably never see this but I've started a USsel because you inspired me to since i was 14 . i am now 22 and finally doing it. So thank you mark and all his friends.

  34. Okay Kayla

    So some tips - sheep’s give mutton to eat - milk only makes effects go away - The faster you click the less damage you do to the mobs you try to attack, because you need to get your strength up basically lmao

  35. Mody Barakat

    Mark : nothing will come between me and diamond Me : netherite

  36. Anna Ferraro

    Phone dude: “We have some awesome news for you.” “You’re not gonna believe this! We found one. A REAL one.” Me singing: “welcome to fazbears fright, the new attraction.... you’ll be the guard at night you see some ACTION!!!”

  37. Itz_Willow Ray

    I... I can't believe this is the people on earth act like WE'RE supposed to be smart and thoughtful about our actions

  38. Hi I’m Nobody

    Which one do you think is worse on the Markiplier’s rage level this or getting over it or FNAF

  39. ExetiorX

    27:39 it was at this moment that he knew, he fucked up

  40. Carter Stevenson

    This went from 0 to 100 real quick.

  41. PurpleColonel

    If you're indiscriminately burning random buildings in the name of one life you're worse than the officers. At the very least, they are not hurting literally anybody and anything that crosses their path. That doesn't excuse the murder but it also does not justify the sheer amount of destruction that is going on. I wish all peaceful protesters, sending their message to those responsible and those capable of making changes, the best of luck.

  42. eriksson 204


  43. Sown- Laughter

    Beautiful . Timeless . Perfect . Salutes . *Hic*

  44. Corry Skylord

    1:14 kinda predicted 2020

  45. Αρχοντας Αρουραίος

    Why can't we just not fight each other and not kill each other.

    1. seigeengine

      Humanity is evil.

  46. The X1TheReaperX1

    Can i get copyrighted if i stream this

  47. Weiße Wölfin

    Mangle is fucking cute.

  48. Techzilla

    1:00 to 1:10 🤣

  49. SGTSAVAGE 123

    Lots of the scp content deserves to be books and movies

  50. waaweegee ?


  51. TimeBomb Tech98

    While I agree with a lot that was said in this video the issue that I have with it all is the inclusion of all people in a group (which is something we as a society have fought against in many different areas already). Not all law enforcement officers are racist. In fact most officers are not. The riots, chants, protests, and overall mindset of "All Cops Are Pigs / B*****ds" is just sad. There are so many more stories about police doing good for their communities and neighbors. However, the human psyche tends to hold on to negative instances easier. All that I ask, while we as a nation move through this, is that we remember that. Protest racism, protest brutality, protest hate. But remember, that most police you see are your neighbors. Most are just like you. And, if they do arrive where the protests are occurring it is not because they are trying to shut you up. They are simply there to help keep peace between you and those who disagree. They are there to keep safety for businesses and patrons. If you protest keep it peaceful and professional. The change towards less violence can NOT be brought about by committing more acts of violence. If you disagree with any of this, that is your right, however I felt these points needed to be made. Stay safe, and God bless.

  52. Sunny Figueroa

    4:31 7:44 8:15 8:51 10:06 10:16 10:42

  53. Joe Brown

    "Does anyone remember that?" He asks, about the second-funniest video in the entire history of USsel.

  54. Frosty Fazbear

    People be hatin other races and get offended when they strike back

  55. Michael Artifax

    Kenue reeves anyone?

  56. kjtj397

    Hmmm I feel liek this is bandwagoning

  57. It Me

    The riots in Dallas Texas have killed people, and now im seeing posts on Facebook from the rioters saying they are going to start moving into the neighborhoods. I'm agreeing with them there needs to be a change, I'm agreeing what happened was messed up, I stand with the protests, and now they are targeting our homes. There have been some truly beautiful moments of unity, and love between everyone to come out of this, but there's also been a lot of horrible evil acts too. I thought the riots were to stop the violence, but is seems some of them are only here for violence.

  58. Lina Mooney06

    Turn on subtitles 🤣🤣🤣 you will Thank me later

  59. Joseph North

    17K people who disliked this are definitely racist

  60. Carter Stevenson


  61. BruskMule 691

    is anyone else mad that he was saying it like eye-ron instead of eye-ern

  62. Mel Harding

    who wants Mark to make a full lets play of minecraft ?

  63. london berry


  64. smacleod69

    My family got no justice for my brothers murder 30 years ago! Cops didn;t do hardly shit. No arrest no nothing. But we didn't go out looting and plundering the damn city. NO FUCKING EXCUSE!

  65. Remus Lupin

    “Violence will only increase the cycle of violence.” Dalai Lama

  66. Oriana A

    Love ur vids soooooooooo much💛💛💛💛💛

  67. Eliza Henderson

    Ladies and gentlemen...This is where it all started.

  68. Tori Fuentez

    “something that is green and exploding” SHRIEKS DIC-

  69. Ahlexias

    One of the best games 😭 glad they brought it back!

  70. da 3 stupids

    This sh*t is crazy man

  71. Ava Cain

    lol I cant sleep now

  72. Stephanie Gravelle

    I honestly cannot wait to see when Mark meets a Witch the first time


    I really hate the representation the president of USA gives. It's disgusting I don't even want to name that old bastard.

  74. shadow the hegehog

    This means so much to me man thx

  75. Kasim Abuhamda

    Before I say this... I wanna say yes I feel for whoever passed... however I really can’t feel so bad for the stuff that goes on in America ( the chaos) because in my family’s country Palestine in Gaza every day people suffer... little kids, I ice the people, get shot and murdered. Nobody says anything at all it’s kept quiet. One black guy dies here it gets all the recognition and protests the world can offer. Ik I will get attacked for writing this but it’s rlly something only a Palestinian would know.

  76. Saul T. Nutz

    Realism is not exactly what we’re going her for- *O O O O*

  77. ßish No

    the dude with the question mark on the circle cover is Ennard -=-

  78. Naruto Uzamaki

    this is itachi but a gamer

  79. Syrup With Yeet

    Stahp spam clicking there’s a cooldown for attacking

  80. lil Patchy

    im black and when i saw the cop kill the man i thought to myself why are we here just to be killed over and over and over again by the police men that the country claims are suppose to protect us but instead they kill us over over and over again and like what mark said there is know justice behind it, it just makes me sad



  82. THE tortoise

    It angers me that the actions of one asshole causes people to go mad and project their anger on businesses that have nothing to do with the incident that's what happened with my family's business during the Los angels riots, anyone who is out there who is thinking about participating please stay out of it and stay safe during these times.

  83. FallenGaming

    36:12 Um.. thats.. interesting..

  84. Julio Fernandez


  85. Omega Delta

    Developer : use the shadows of objects to pass the eye Mark : walks behind the eye Developer : wh......WHAT!

  86. Lee Saddleback

    Siren head isn't SCP-6789. He's SCP-128_(I forgot the last digit)

  87. Alexander Sawyer

    I get people protesting the death, but stealing TVs and breaking things isn’t the right way to protest. Protest peacefully.

    1. Dan Crook

      Kaepernick tried that and hasn't played since. Repeatedly laughed at and abused by the entire population of your country. So, no, protesting peacefully is worthless.

  88. August Zigil

    william afton really got caught in a trap and he said "haha i knew it was a trap and i came ANYWAY"

  89. Really Stupid Edits

    with the pokemon in real life question you could make a few ditto turn into real animals

  90. Sprizys

    Milk is to cure you from poison from witches it does not replenish your hunger bar.

  91. DaMattGamezPM


  92. Joseph Macchiarella

    MARK, when you attack with your sword don't Spam it, swing a little bit of a time

  93. Omega Delta

    Who's here just to see mark play little nightmares again

  94. Neon Keion

    Many police officers in our country have put shame to the promise: "To serve and protect."

  95. 陈华兴

    did anyone notice that the number of coins was 666?