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  1. Alyssa Christiansen

    me cringing at my style that was like 15x worse. emma i literally shaved half my head and dyed it a full on vibrant blue. i wore patterned pink AND orange capris. I’d match that with like maybe a blue shirt. I LITERALLY FEEL GENEROUS SAYING IT WAS ONLY 15x WORSE. i actually wish i had some of the outfits she had in high school...

  2. Itzz._tima

    8th grade ?????you look 8

  3. Sammyis107

    This video is Emma just making fun of every high school girl now

  4. Sebastian Barceló Barraza

    I can’t believe how Emma make a just stayed in bed video and make it amazing, I literally love her ❤️

  5. Alondra Farias

    When they eating and Grayson and Ethan eye roll 🥵😍

  6. Zoe Thomson

    Regardless of your acne Emma you still look beautiful <3

  7. Bella

    can we just talk about how cute Emma actually was in 8th I wish I looked like that when I was 14

  8. emilyy maraa

    i just realised that her cat Declan, looks exactly like my cat Nemo

  9. Eryn 4tich

    what do you edit on

  10. Rose Diemar

    you should re-create these outfit, they are just too amazing

  11. noonh120

    Why's this in twoset ling ling 40 hours playing list lol??

  12. _TheStarShow _

    Jesus in god in all in my 👼s loves y’all all a lot sm do not worry about anything in I love Jesus In god in all in mines 👼 a lot smmmmmmmmm

  13. Julia Keeann

    dude emma edits so well, shes really funny. I hope she knows that we noticed

  14. Savannah Estabrook

    I liked the video right after Emma farted just cause😂

  15. emily brooks

    I love how nobody mentions ex that she farted

  16. sol feiguin

    yooo can i have ur old clothes lol

  17. Adam Travis

    Why are you roasting pics of when you were a literal child when you always talk about how much your style changes and how you hate outfits you wore for a month ago, etc. you should’ve done this solely on Instagram it’s kinda weird to see you flame the shit out of your outfits from when u were like an actual child like obviously you weren’t fashionable??? Lmao

  18. idiot. saturn

    her freshman year photo, didn’t even look like emma. emma was so beautiful and still is😍😅

  19. Ana Becerra

    i use this face wash of Ac-Derma it’s good it’s like turquoise colory hAjjaaj and a cream of la roche posay called effaclair duo i think and this pill i took called faclynel but i started three times a week and slowly taking it less until i only took it once a week

  20. omar rodriguez

    Emma: I am going next year....... yeah Me: well their is no next year *cough corona virus* Ummm yeah

  21. Kristina Rodriguez

    I tried salicylic acid cleansers and then benzoic acid (the Proactiv system, products from acne-dot-org and then other brands). They did help to some degree but nothing worked as well as PAPAYA SOAP. There are plenty of brands here in the Philippines. I’ve been using only that ever since and it’s the best my skin has been. I hope it works for you.

  22. Julia Keeann

    this video reminded me of how much I really love Emma

  23. Yaya Oberholzer

    lol i wish i had friends like her

  24. Yordanos /Jordan

    The one from New Years was cute! I don’t know what UR seeing

  25. Giselle Ramirez

    1:05 how tf do I know where Emma is when she don’t even know where she is (she was in Ireland)

  26. I do random Thingz

    Try quarantine its hard to stay sane omg

  27. Jennifer Amador

    La for latina😂😂😂😂

  28. Celeste Hernandez

    the blue and black skirt reminds me of "the dress"

  29. Jessiah Brehaut

    I liked this because of her dances lol

  30. Zoe Thomson

    0:42 Declan omfg

  31. Caitlyn Robinson

    hold up why did i think the third photo was Sommer Ray for a second?! baha

  32. Kareen Halder

    Plz do a new Omegle video

  33. Ezra Walker

    Who else is watching this while pulling an all nighter

  34. Moto Queen

    Neutrogena acne scrub its the best and plus change your pillow cases every 2 weeks and drink tons of water and keep a healthy diet acne thats on your forehead is caused by a bad diet

  35. PS

    Need a part 2 hahahha

  36. Katie Robinson

    update us on your cats 🐱

  37. Ava Cotton

    when you have to watch last years Coachella videos because of coronavirus

  38. Sara Jones

    The way she scrapes the fork on her teeth.. i canttttttt

  39. Nadeen Sabra

    11:07 thank me later "pyut thyem in thye yoven"\

  40. Alexa Dalton

    A product called Tactupump Forte that I had gotten from my doctor and completely cleared my acne prone skin in less then a week ! Works so well 100% recommended

  41. Emma Di Loreto

    Lowkey still have the same jean jacket

  42. K Davis

    It’s so funny to see her dresses like the average basic girl just like we all did. It really just makes her look like a normal person

  43. Addie S

    Anybody watching this in 2020

  44. K-pop Sam

    Did she die her hair

  45. Natasha Zeason

    Fun fact when you’re a baby/young little kid you don’t have 7 taste buds you actually have more than adults found on the cheeks and roof of mouth! That’s probably why kids are such picky eaters

  46. zoe granger

    9:41 i thought my wifi went out

  47. Kelly Beccaccio

    accutane makes ur skin better before it gets worse so just wait it out. however, i found that dermalogicas ultracalming cleanser has helped my skin a lot (u can order from or

  48. Erinn O'Halloran

    emma: try to make sure your drinking water and sleeping me:is awake at 3am doing literally nothing when i have to be up for a 9am zoom class tomorrow

  49. kiki

    Use the red slimy acne shit on tiktok, it works

  50. Radiø Wyeet

    This is sad.

  51. duhstydxisies

    "one more day and then there's a whole another 365 days and then there is another Coachella.." Corona virus : tHaTs fUnNy! bEtTeR LuCk nExT TiMe hUnNy

  52. Amanda Jane

    What I learned from this is that Emma grew up wealthy

  53. Scarlett Ortiz

    Can you do I try ASMR plz 🤣

  54. Sophii

    Little did she know she can’t go back this year :)

  55. OliviaRowat

    9:05 made me die for a good 20 mins teheh

  56. Letícia de Almeida

    ANYONE HERE IN 2020 and is still dying to know the creepy story as to how she had to move to LA ?

  57. Rosie's Life

    Hi Emma guess what...... My name is Emma!

  58. Syria Tuigamala

    I've watched this soo many times...

  59. Sara Lamb

    There is certain birth control that is made for controlling acne bc it regulates your hormones, that’s what I do, and within like three months... my horrible face was practically fixed❤️

  60. Jessica Messica

    Living for Emma. Whatever Ellie is on, gimme sum

  61. Sweet Nylah


  62. Sweet Nylah


  63. Maia

    “New lil water-colours” *pulls out gouache*

  64. Natalie Ramirez

    So i just got so offended by my boyfriend right now,i was literally talking about like how inspiring you are and he just said how people are talking about you and how he agrees with what they say basically and its messed up how he doesnt even know you to be saying stuff like that but keep doing what your doing you really and truly still inspire me 😊

  65. lara

    this video made me laugh SOOOO much wtf

  66. christian pasos

    she low key bad in the lifegaurd shit

  67. Miku Chan

    omg I laughed SO HARD and I took many screenshots of the funny faces

  68. Chloe Wachob

    use the spotless regimen from rodan and fields for acne it’s only two steps and it works great

  69. Quinn Ramsey

    Omg who’s watching this in 2020 and are bored from qarantine

  70. jasmine shepherd

    14:55 ummmmmm wtf is going on like James is gay and he is doing that to Emma ..............

  71. Zahara Spence

    It is good for acne

  72. Zahara Spence

    And wash your face

  73. Zahara Spence

    Use dove dove soap

  74. Ella Aziz

    why is everyone all of a sudden giving her acne treatment recommendations, let.a girl live.

    1. McKennaMac

      Ella Aziz because she asked for it at the end of the video ???

  75. Tiana-Jay Mapa

    Hey Emma! Do you touch your skin a lot? Or does it just flare up on its own? I had bad acne when I was younger and I used BENZAC AC. There’s a cream which I use and there’s also a face wash. Have you tried this?

  76. Samantha Vega

    Her parents are autistic

  77. Eleanor Hebard

    wow emma was a swimmer i was NOT expecting that

  78. Katie Hart

    Cereve cleanser and a Clarisonic were my best friends for acne

  79. Layla Bryantxo

    Use crushed up aspirin and rubbing alcohol equal amounts of each it should sting when you put it on and you wash it off after 20 mins

  80. Frands Inc.

    Emma was a furry

  81. christian pasos

    8th graders dont even look that young now

  82. David Dziekonski

    Why does she look better w out make up

  83. Noémie Allen

    You should try using Dr. bronner’s castille soap to wash your face (after removing makeup). It cleanses your skin so well and is 100% natural. Also try using aloe vera gel at night as a gel moisturizer. As it does with sunburns, it is super soothing and heals your skin super quickly. Tea tree oil mixed in an oil (jojoba or maracuja) is also great to get rid of acne!!!

  84. daliliaina _

    about the acne thing, i recomend you to go to a nutrisionist and haver them FIRST to regulate any type of grass, carbs, vitamins everything, if you keep on a medicine that dries off your skin and hair without regulating your food first, you might end up causing irreversible damage to your skin , a few people in my family had acne while being full grown adults and they went to a skin specialist first and it didnt worked at all, so yeah check your food first and then try changing to a less agressive product with someone diferent attendng you, sometimes is better if you get a softer treatment that slowly changes your skin health because the strongest products sometimes alterate your overal skin-chemestry rather than making any improvement. WOAH this whole thing has weird words im not a native english speaker but i hope the tips work? (also changing your face cream and wearing regular specialized sunscreem can help a lot too!)

  85. um ok

    im really confused as to what her natural hair colour is

  86. Girl trends secret

    emma lowkey looked like jenna from seven super girls my opinion


    Emma: Hey guys welcome to my BED

  88. Leona Issak

    cut up some paper towels, mix aloe vera gel and aspirin and cover the paper towel squares with them, put them in the freezer for 30 min, then put on acne spots then wait 15 main wash of with cleanser and moisturize do it a couple times a week and your acne should go away, make a vid out of it:)

  89. Sylvia klejka



    petition for ellie or amanda and oliva to move in 👇🏼👇🏼

  91. amani springs

    Use tea tree oil in the morning and before you go to sleep, but not all over your face just on the acne. If it ends up working give me a shout out please that would be amazing.

  92. Savannah Venter

    SAME EXACT ENERGY on the adidas shoes I told myself I’d never get them because even though they were trendy I just didn’t like them and I didn’t and I live by that

  93. zack

    emma cut out dairy!!! i know it might be hard but try a week or two full vegan and see how you like it. dairy is the worst for acne

  94. Candace

    It doesn't matter how anxious I am, whenever I watch this channel, I always end up literally in tears laughing. Thanks, Emma!

  95. Akay boiii Abc

    I rember old Emma

  96. Kimora Paige

    the whole time at in and out when she is trying meat u see greyson staring right in the camera 😂😂

  97. Heather Robinson

    Emma im gonna put you on, I use this acne treatment gel called Zapzyt and it dries up my zits in 30 minutes!! You can get it at walmart

  98. Jessica Graham

    First apartment tour: *doesn't know what to call an analog clock* Second apartment tour: *doesnt know what to call a gas range stove*

  99. atzi reyes

    try using clinic im pretty sure it will work

  100. Maddy Barlow

    Why do you literally look the exact same