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And for the conspiracy theorists out there, think of this quote :
"Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth, sooner or later that debt is paid".
- Valery Legasov, The real life physicist from the HBO serial Chernobyl.

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  1. Grant Rennie

    Sold out for advertising bucks, go to hell.




    this is more sly missions,not dogfights,either way russia and germany detected them so?


    Logistics is a major headache,even to assume this craft has perfected,not enough willing to learn how thick are the manuals nowadays? things need to be simplified like yesteryears + boeings, good to see oz lead the 6th gen (unmanned) jet fighter plane,yes its a jet allright,be good!

  5. bogdan titus

    Go back in time and you're gonna have negative gravity :))

  6. LeeLee Bee

    I so love this x 🙌😳❤🙏👏🍃 I kind of understand it, getting there. LLB x

  7. Muhammad Abdullah Waseem

    The f16, f18 and f22 are all better cheaper and more reliable

  8. Matthew Miller

    Surprising in 2020...this still held mostly true. Even with the failure the one Soyuz I can think of while not a 100% success it still worked properly to abort and save the crew.

  9. 1337Frederick

    Honestly, I think people should spend as much time reducing poverty and creating wealth equality. Oh that's right, it has already been done, it's called Torah, everyone just ignores it's perfection.

  10. Niels Østergaard

    Although interesting, I find sponored vids far less engaging. I couldn’t help thinking which parts was the instructed message from RAF

  11. Jianu Flavian

    amazing haw a spacecraft in the 70"s and 60"s pass thru radiation withought problem with ridiculous computers , and today electronics shut dawn :))))))))))))))))))))))))) , they dont make it like they used to

  12. Corey Kelly


  13. David Elliott

    The people of Ramsar in Iran live with background radiation 20 times higher than the max allowable occupational exposure to ionising radiation. They show no ill effects and might have fewer cancers. The suggestion is that (just like UV, ionising radiation low doses is beneficial. The snag is that we assume any dose of radiation is harmful. Accordingly, no real research has been done to prove the actual shape of the IR exposure graph. If people are to visit Mars we really need to do that radiation research.

  14. playboybunny

    El Chapo shirt


    Russia also invented stealth for jets. Or they would have if they listened to their engineers like USA did. It was a Russian who first tested bouncing radar waves, he wrote a science paper on the successes and it was ignored. By soviet Russia. A USA engineer saw it and took it to the bank.

  16. Francis Archie Ariola

    so even the israel iron dome cant deal with ICBMs humans are really incredibly stupidly intelligent

  17. Kevin Dahlstrom

    What’s the music playing?


    Lockheed brought 2 non flying air frames no engines in the early 90's and brought the brits in to plumb a new single engine into it. They had that locked down whilst lockheed stealthed out the design. Basically yak141 became F35. Yak141 was 30yrs before though.

  19. A Z

    F35 are faulty, costly, piece of metal that countries inside Nato need to buy because usa told so. "ALIS is still problematic The F-35’s logistics system, called the Autonomic Logistics Information System, or ALIS, is used for many functions, including mission planning, ordering parts and diagnosing maintenance issues. But while ALIS is showing some improvements to its overall functionality, it’s still prone to glitches and slow processing time." Facts and Truth... Facts and Truth... Always ruining narratives! How dare they!?

  20. Toby Bardon

    Wow, the French backed out with a plausible excuse, i am surprised. Another reason to leave the EU.

  21. SAMaxLegendAS

    Very well researched and great presentation. At the end of the day it all depends on pilot skills. As an aeronautical engineer myself I see many great aspects to this planes design. However to say it is the best in the world is not a valid argument as it hasn’t engaged in 1-1 dog-fight with the best from Russia and China. Technology wise it’s close to amazing though.

  22. Games Account

    SpaceX is the closest we have for humanity to achieve the dream people dreamed of back then. I hope they do great things.

  23. Edberto Mendez

    Great And interesting Video!

  24. Lezuum

    When you appeared with that shirt, I expected someone from Rifftrax or MST3k make a comment.

  25. Leonides Castro

    No body had been on the moon 🤔 a big lie 😂 from USA 🇺🇸 I call all this people the generation from Babel now they call this land Babylon the Great,all this people that live on the north side of Jerusalem are the sons and daughters of Babylon the Great God spread all of them trough out the whole world 😀😂💓🌎

  26. Jon Jon

    I bet there are many Venture Stars in operation, delivering spy satelites.

  27. Kon Tiki

    I thought they were talking about using Ammonia (NH4) for transporting hydrogen and separating nitrogen to produce H2 as an on demand option.Not sure if this processes can be miniaturized in a plane to use Ammonia as a fuel.

  28. Cameron Lowes

    you like it so much...??? ( pay for it )

  29. RFSA180

    SLS will never be the success they've told everyone

  30. Ladislav Husák

    I volunteer to help funding the aerospike X33 ship with the modern technology. Who's with me?

  31. Clyde Cessna

    All the good things about the plane, namely it avionics, are invisible and unverifiable by the public; all the bad things such of its lack if aerodynamic performance is very visible. The big worry is that much of the F-35s advantages rely on satellites for communication and they will be destroyed in any deep war. Also Britain has surrended operational sovereignty, namely the source codes, so that a man in the Pentagon could simply switch off the RAF aircraft by flicking a switch.

  32. Javier Loya

    We need another gun so that the military industrial complex can continue to make zillions of money while destroying the social programs in the USA.

  33. MindRiot666

    To achieve anti-gravity I think we first got to figure out how gravity works and what makes it tick.

  34. Block o Butter

    I really thought this video would get more dislikes due to how unpopular the F-35 is.

  35. Ladislav Husák

    So that's why we're stuck in the seventies regarding the space exploring... These politicians should be hunted.

  36. Speedy O

    so it wasn't existing only because it was designed at a time when it wasn't needed there was no need to colonize anywhere so no need for see dragon and the budget cut to there is is a need now lets make it now i have some ideas to improve it using things that soon will need a new use

  37. Nada Importante

    This guy sounds like Michael Cain


  39. Jasper Jones

    These nuclear tests will destroy our planet.. All nuclear tests should be stopped.

  40. Csongora WoT

    Now this is some prime quality bullshit right here, folks.

  41. Apis4

    They're not last resort. They're used for long distance transmission of THE most classified information, or the key points of it, or where to get it. A country might have explosive information about an imoedending coup d'tat or some such, and NEEDS to save the target of it, so need get that target in to their hands, and send warning of threat to the victims supporters. They could send it in black bag diplomatic mail, on a direct flight immediately, or they could send it using modern technology, internet, or even a phone..... ....but both those things can be intercepted. A one time cipher sent in physical form, on an express flight, that an agent can then use to tune to a numbers station, is unbreakable. You can just send a short message, "have ambassador ask for President attendance to state dinner at embassy" then "tell General X of coup plot" or something like this. You have gotten your people the Intel, in a way no one can intercept, and just served your national interests without arousing suspicion or causing the enemy to act suddenly and escalate the timeline and level of their schemes. Using the internet is just not safe enough for that, and such a message getting intercepted doesn't do anything but risk your people being exposed, or even killed. These things will never go out of use.

  42. Chobaca


  43. Sascha Bach

    1:49 Caeleb Dressel?

  44. Baby Yoda

    Step 1: place bed at launch site Step 2: sleep Your spawn point has been reset

  45. Gerald Walsh

    Because they knew it was impossible back then to do so, just as it is now....Van Alen belts,etc

  46. ronthekingronny

    I've been waiting for this one...

  47. dmtkr

    леонов обосрался и чуть не задохнулся...

  48. nomayor1

    It is at least ridiculous to claim anything good for the F-35, overall. What "teething developmental issues" are people talking about? This thing is 20 years in the making and they can't even resolve as fundamental problems the oxygen supply to the pilot. The only news we hear about the F-35 are about new problems being discovered. And lets get one thing straight: This is NOT due to lack of technical competence. Oh no. This is intentionally engineered wreckless, so that billions of dollars keep on flowing uninterrupted as "development costs", towards Lockheed. The F-35 is a disaster, covered by a scam, wrapped around by a scandal.

    1. Nathan Peterson

      > *_"... and they can't even resolve as fundamental problems the oxygen supply to the pilot."_* There are five instances, though all investigations show it's not the problem with the aircraft rather accidental air flow problems in the pilots gear.

  49. maxcyaneye

    You look like the outstanding move guy.

  50. Zack Johnson

    my dumb ass always thought nuclear submarines were called they because they carried nukes lol

  51. JonatasAdoM

    We use RCA cables to this day don't we?

  52. Darryl JF

    I went to RAF Finningley airshow in early 80s as a junior. A Vulcan was being displayed and I think flown. The noise it made was incredible.

  53. Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe

    Russian recklessness, incompetence, stupidity. Nothing new.

  54. Rik Ver Mar

    and the point of this is? doesn't matter if it was cheaper, more cost effective or more powerful than the Shuttle - at the time the Mighty Saturn V with its 100% success rate did it's job perfectly whilst the N1 (not 1) couldn't even launch without self destructing so years later when the race was on the Shuttle completed 133 successful missions to space where as the Buran was about as successful as the N1 - except it didn't have chance to blow up - i am not anti russia - the history books will back up my statement

  55. Christian Buczko

    What total and complete bollocks. The F22 makes the F35 look like an unreliable, piece of crap. Its faster, more manauvarable, better stealth, better weapons, has 2 engines for redundency. I can think of several others id prefer than an f35 too.

  56. Synthetrix

    Brilliant video and covers several points that I have tried to explain to conspiracy theorists over the years.

  57. FredlocksAsher2012

    love the shirts, love the accent, great reporting, well done bro!

  58. Duke

    I have never seen anything as blatantly fake as all of what Space X does. Wake up people.

  59. Michael Vaughn

    You or the writer of your scrip knows to much about the subject to be spueing the lie that a flip will take thousands of years .

  60. Junta Cornubia

    Well the first one ever into combat was written off by a Soviet era SA3 missile from the 1970s so it can't be that fucking good can it ?

    1. Junta Cornubia

      @Nathan Peterson Are you sure about that? Where Didn't it happen?

    2. Nathan Peterson

      No it wasn't.

  61. utkua

    how is this more efficient, half of the particles just escape.

  62. Mr X

    Because there is only one USA

  63. ben hager

    Well, we slept for some 13.7 billion years before we were born. I'm pretty sure we can handle this

  64. Luigi Player 2

    It turns out that carrying a payload in Earth’s orbit and to the Moon are two wildly different things. I thought the race was way closer!

  65. A Z

    Because when Korolev suddendly died, soviet space agency was in caos. Plus they recognized that at the time was impossible to survive the Van Allen belts for their astronauts... so Kruscev told Kennedy that Russia will not join Nasa efforts to reach the Moon. Next day Kennedy was assassinated. Later they managed to cooperate and Leonov meet USA astronauts in low Earth orbit. Luckily USA managed to send people to the Moon many times, as they claim

  66. adsa daa


  67. Blaine Drummond

    With all this computer assisted piloting where it's at these days maybe it's time to take another look at forward swept wings.

  68. L8bro


  69. Davis Jugroop

    My physics teacher reveal to us that mankind already have anti gravity power : The more mass a person has, the less attractive they are.

  70. Angus Osbòrne

    No need to worry with covid around, almost all planes are grounded.

  71. ra30r

    5th gen needs to have stealth and supersonic speed without afterburner. but since now it is forbiden to go supersonic (restricted to <1min flight) does it drops from 5th gen to 4++? or 4+++?

  72. safety steve

    Wonderful video. Thank you!!!

  73. tecums3h

    Totally wicked awesome!

  74. Fardilah Sandi

    Batik uniform

  75. Douglas Buck

    The F-35 if nothing but pure and utter garbage. Ever wonder why none has ever been deployed in combat? They don't think it can win a dogfight against a mig 21. It is just something that was created to line a lot of packets.

    1. Nathan Peterson

      They have been deployed in combat.


    NONE WERE A ORBITAL FIRST STAGE , more like fist step in suborbtal control systems . So it died and went to the dust bin of history .

  77. Michel Busquet

    All of you guys, believing in chemtrails , read these :înée_de_condensation

  78. max lasthero

    Save the whole bloody 15 minute clip and say..... Great Britain cannot afford a Nuclear powered carrier...... !

  79. Griffon Gonsalves

    3 minutes talking about the promotion.

  80. Vinay Kumar Vutukuru

    Boeing 767

  81. davkrod


  82. davkrod


  83. Antony

    Anyone see the one deadly flaw yet? An EMP attack can wipe them off the sky in a single stroke? Have they designed to counter than?

    1. Nathan Peterson

      EMP's don't exist like they do in movies or video games.

  84. schreder mike

    this person seems trying to explain something and save himself so he doesn't get kick at his butt

  85. Terranitup

    just shows how incompetent they have been sense the 70s

  86. Greg Esch

    serious, thanks for being so impartial! I would have never guessed the US bought base blueprints from the falling USSR! No nonsense, just facts!

  87. The Darth Knight

    Why didn’t they? Because their N1 rocket exploded rather spectacularly several times and by then the Soviet Union was starting to begin its downward spiral towards breaking up. Their lack of testing of the N1 led to its demise in now seen spectacular fashion.

  88. Bolik

    Wanted to add, that the soviets were already working on self landing boosters (just like spacex) and there were blueprints for it.

  89. Riot4Peace

    3:41 "faster than gravity is pulling you back to Earth"... Does gravity 'flow' at a certain speed? Why does speed/ velocity always seem a factor? 7:20 "the speed that is needed"... Can something escape Earths gravity if given thrust with a specific impulse of less than escape velocity? And then, why is re-entry always so fast? Can a spaceship re-enter at any speed, if not in a free fall decent?

  90. You're Denied

    The difference between man, and machine.

  91. Egelloc Daddario

    With enough $$$ NASA can directly teleport us to Star Trek universe with warp drive.

  92. Adam Metzger

    4 people have died on Soyuz.

  93. Stanley Jackson

    That cameraman must be fast

  94. Jye Smith

    Space shuttle: I can build the iss in 30 Sea dragon: hold my ocean

  95. Charlie Dekadens

    Hang on did he say the surface can reach 127 degrees celcius in the day and minus 173 degrees at night. Sounds a bit extreme for any thing to last longer that a week or a month. How can a person survive that extreme tempreture..? Or is it impossible??

    1. Trebor

      depends on the time of day you are there and how good the insulation on your boots is.

  96. haghighate sadeh

    We would have to manage to have enough fuel to get the returning possible. that means sufficient chemical fuel as well which would be too heavy to carry, unless we managed to have a refueling system ready for them to attach to the nuclear vehicle in the space/orbit. We need fuel stations in the space. Another way would be to have a shuttle fueled and eady to switch over to use for returning which seems much more likely. It would have to be sent and positioned unmanned or attached as part of the international space station.

  97. Buran01

    Uh... It isn't. The F-35 is compromised in its nature due the need to share the goals of 3 jets across the same platform. As the result: * The F-35 has worse stealth capabilities compared with the F-22 despite entering in service two decades later. Main reason is the complex geometry required to fit in the same basic shoe the needs of a running slippers, a weighlifting shoe and a camper boot. If you try to make a good air superiority jet, a ground attack striker and a naval/VSTOL while having for both large and small carriers while also having stealth features that's what happens. * In terms of top speed, climb rate, weigth to thrust ratio and maneurelability is well behind most of gen 4 and 4.5 jets. It also lacks 3D thrust vectoring and it's supercruise isn't at the same level of performance of some less modern jets which include this capability as the Typhoon or the Raptor. * The visibility in the cockpit is almost F-14 Tomcat levels of bad. * The cost x unit doubles what some potential larger, heavier, more capable potential rivals as the J-20 or the SU-57. ...So the strong points of the F-35 are the BVR electronics and the fusion data, while the weak points are the cost, the subpar aerodynamics, cockpit visibility and poor thrust to weight ratio. Too much weakness to claim such bs as "the world's best fighter in the world today". Maybe if your foe is NK, and only maybe.

    1. Nathan Peterson

      > *_"The F-35 is compromised in its nature due the need to share the goals of 3 jets across the same platform. As the result ..."_* More accurately they are three separate aircraft that share a similar design and high commonality. > *_"In terms of top speed, climb rate, weigth to thrust ratio and maneurelability is well behind most of gen 4 and 4.5 jets. It also lacks 3D thrust vectoring and it's supercruise isn't at the same level of performance of some less modern jets which include this capability as the Typhoon or the Raptor."_* Based on what exactly?


    9:10, I know that.

  99. Reza Utama

    Isn't the F35 has the most powerful single jet engine in a fighter? (Discounting the huge commercial ones)

  100. PerfectTorah

    For those who do not know it yet, Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin and all the others walked and trained in NASAs moon landing studios, while Stanley Kubrick was filming. Why just filming in Area51? Wernher von Braun warned Nasa scientists, that it would be difficult for NASA to send humans through the Van Allen Belt to the moon. NASA did not “make it to the moon”, but only on celluloid as demanded by the Nixon administration.