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Quote: "We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it's forever" : Carl Sagan
And for the conspiracy theorists out there, think of this quote :
"Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth, sooner or later that debt is paid".
- Valery Legasov, The real life physicist from the HBO serial Chernobyl.

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  1. Sean Sorrentino

    Ok, this is all cool and stuff, but I want to know who made the shirt.

  2. cail592

    OMG, Did NORD suck you off to make the add so long?

  3. Trevor Bailey

    This is a load of crap it was nothing at all to do with money, they never went back to the moon because they was told not to go back to the moon by the aliens that have been on there for thousands of years which N.A.S.A knows this so this video is a load of crap, this is a bullshit video it has nothing to do with money and never believe anything N.A.S.A tells us. i will never subscibe to this bullshit channel all lies

  4. psteinb2000

    👎🏼... ? Who & why?

  5. Luke Johnson

    Population concentration, each living creature has a magnetic field, fields like people interact, large enough concentrations create their own field. There is nothing we can do lol because people already know the answer and are unwilling.

  6. Haribo 73

    Ning Li gets a $450k grant from the government and we're wondering why she's disappeared? I can imagine she's sipping cocktails on a nice sandy beach in the Carribbean somewhere....🍹🍹

  7. Haribo 73

    Another rockin video and another rockin shirt Paul, thank you for posting it mate.

  8. GamePlayShare

    I smell lot of jet exhaust at work. Its much more cleaner than diesel engine smoke. You can breath the jet exhaust without any problems unlike diesel exhaust that is even hard to inhale. We even used kerosine to cure sore throat and to wash tar contamination.

  9. Eddie Schrock [METAL ED]


  10. Flournoy mason

    Rather than going back to the moon NASA should invest in a manned mission to Mars.

  11. Sheep Dog

    Avoid unwanted commercial. Real video starts at 2:29 . I knew a British-narrated video was going to be biased pro-British. Even though the Brits dare compare themselves with American military forces they should get over the fact they they are not ruling the seas, the air, nor land engagements anymore.

  12. Quizzicality

    I thought you died in Season 8?

  13. pencilpauli

    Would have still preferred the F-35C rather than the B version for the new carriers.

  14. Tom

    So because UK doesn't have the money or expertise to run nuclear powered carriers so they come up with a laundry list of delusional things, such as the negative environmental impact of nuclear reactors, to convince themselves that conventional power is just as good. Is the UK trying to conduct low carbon emission wars now? LMAO

  15. Per Bengtsson

    Luckily enough none of the dreaded lunar dust smeared any of the landing gear feet of the Apollo itself. One would think a lot of dust would have been pushed around thrusting the module down for a smooth landning. But no, clean as a whistle. It’s a miracle!

  16. Kevin Tung

    When I come across A bald british man who looks like hes seen some shit - I know he knows what he's talking about

  17. Bob James

    THEY DID GO TO THE MOON!! If they would have found oil on it they would have built a pipeline to it by now!🖒

  18. Philip Croft

    Excellent information; I had no idea, there were so many of these great planes made. Sadly, destroying our great creations prematurely, , is Britains second greatest hobby.

  19. Z

    U.S.A + USSR/CCCP = MARS already colonized, terraformed already plus cures for cancer, cure for aids, parkingsons, & loupous.

  20. A Brit

    Victor, Vulcan, Valiant ... and Sperrin. Don't forget the backup V Bomber.

  21. jamie nhb

    didnt nordvpm just get hacked?

  22. Thomas Cruse

    Funny billions to go about billions to go about this Antarctica treaty..only treaty to never be broken by 50 some countries..cant fly over it can't visit..why the secrets..yeah wouldn't help NASA at all...truth is coming people..hold on to your fake gravity

    1. ann onn

      Hello. Can you speak English?

    2. Thomas Cruse

      @ann onn Your an in Q?? And you can't understand?? Don't embarrass Q please..

    3. Thomas Cruse

      @SpottedSharks Yup it's a conspiracy theory...yeah hate to break it to you..nobody leaves planet earth..nobody

    4. SpottedSharks

      Ah, another idiot who believes anything a conspiracy theorist tells him. Conspiracy con men would NEVER lie to you, would they? Would they?

    5. ann onn

      Hello. Can you speak English?

  23. Thomas Cruse

    Project fishbowl....stop dreaming of being an astronaut..nobody leaves planet earth...nobody

    1. ann onn

      You're right. They've all come back, so far - burning up upon re-entry. Not that surprising.

  24. HeavensGremlin

    Capital ships in this day and age are, largely, simply huge expensive targets.....

  25. ketchup poteto

    almost bullshit about history 3:12 That's 181 series(こだま on this video)! France learned the AC electrification from Germany after wwii. Japan learned and refered the France's AC electrification system. Japan wanted buy and wanted use in test France's train, France wanted sell a lot. The negotiation has end at fail. Japan didn't use the techs directly, used a originally developped indirect system, after that 181 series(with common railway) ran, not shinkansen. The idea of Shinkansen is begining since while end of wwii, Official development term is 1959 to 1964 (hurried for Olympic). 181 series opened 1958(110 km/h) Shinkansen opened 1964(210km/h) TGV opened 1981(260km/h) 3:41 Imperial Japan's Ministry of Railways also had planed the "bullet train" as the map, and established a research group(1939-1945). the org's name had and used "kansen" in these names, and called in various name at ministry/fakemedia/engineer etc, "shin-kansen" was the one. The org's plan and Shinkansen plan are different, but several tunnels & courses were reused.


    Guys, this is true, but remember there are like 20 harrp s. 1 or 2 in most countries. And the Satan Telescope, They all do the same thing, tho they do other functions like search for signals in the skies. So when all them compile beams in 1 concentrated area, wala, what yall think it can do. Thanks. Notice he said that at the end and just ignored what I am saying. Put 1 and 1 together tho.

  27. Kalhi Balto

    i had a small toy of this, weird to think a cancled project had merchandise

  28. Roland J.

    A conspiracy, but a fact that HAARP is killing our life support system, penetrating holes in the ozone layer.

  29. Jack Russell

    Time to throw you a curve ball. What if we do away with the entire concept of Gravity as a separate force ? What if 'Gravity' as we know it is not an actual force - but a _pseudo-force_ ? What if this pseudo-force is a consequence of electromagnetism ? As strange as this may sound -- it's the sort of thinking that might actually help to shake up the paradigm & perhaps even help us uncover 'Anti-gravity'.

    1. ann onn

      Pretty easy to disprove: it does not interact with electromagnetism. For example, standing in a Faraday Cage blocks electromagnetism; it does not block gravity. You might say that we can't measure a small effect in that example, but - seriously - it's just an example. In every single experiment, right down to the quantum level, gravity does not interact with electromagnetic force at all. It *is* - in a sense - a "pseudo force". But it's not electromagnetic. The basic concept you are suggesting, though, is unifying the fundamental forces. That's absolutely a key part of current research. See " Grand Unified Theory", "Theory of everything", and string theory.

  30. Ralf Eichler

    Computers: what about Konrad Zuse?

  31. Kristian Helgesen

    Funny how all other technology evolve, except the space program...they lost it...😂😂😂 Yeah right....

  32. silas kuira

    You've hit the nail on the head. We don't even know what gravity is. But at least we know it's a wave because it obeys inverse square law of propagation. Also we have approximated it's speed from observation of large bodies in space interacting (comparable to the speed of light). Another clue that should be looked into is that it affects only positively-charged objects i.e all elements of the periodic table, dark matter and black holes. Basically everything except electrons... Also quite simply gravity is a vibration that have a constant frequency. If two bodies creating waves of the same frequency and amplitude, those waves interfere with each other in a destructive manner resulting in a weak force of attraction towards each other. These vibrations/oscillations are always at the atomic level. For man to replicate those oscillations matching the frequency and amplitude exactly, maybe materials such as quartz can be deployed and fine-tuned...

    1. ann onn

      Gravity affects electrons.

  33. Mark Hjelm

    to bad we still haven't gotten it done,we can't get through the firmament!!!

  34. Todd Hendrickson

    You should look at doing a vid on the AGC showing the many inputs it needed to preform to enter earth orbit on a equatorial orbit than changing direction to exit earth on northern polar orbit to hit the thinnest parts of the van Allen belts then realign for a lunar trajectory. Then the same for return to earth. It seems that between ground based computers and the on board computers there would be many course corrections to navigate through the thinnest part of the van Allan belts. One would think the route normally illustrated was very efficient with minimal course corrections were used but this according to NASA was not the case. They needed to navigate around the densest parts of van Allan belts for crew safety. Managing fuel with all those course corrections must have been mind numbing to squeeze every last drop out efficiently. To do this the AGC was A truly incredible system far superior than what we have today hands down don’t you all think.

  35. Gust Avo

    God, nuclear weapons are horrible...

  36. Carsten Hansen

    Disliked for commercial.

  37. iiCBreezy

    Add me on instagram// bad.spxrt

  38. Josh Matthews

    The crazy part is, there is no reason for a total eclipse to even be possible. It's an astronomical marvel that the Moon, Earth and Sun just happen to be the correct distance apart for a total eclipse to form with the corona of the sun visible. Amazing!

  39. Nir Harpaz

    I have definitely not created an anti-gravity device and it doesn't work at all, I assure you.

  40. matthew martin

    impressive video

  41. ALPHA 276

    Awnser:revert to launch

  42. Dr Logiq

    My favourite is the one at 11:30 , because of the awesome effects you can see as the exhaust plume changes colour and makes this weird electrical-looking plasma. Second favourite is at 13:18 , as you can see the sheer force of the ignition followed by the nozzles vectoring inwards, and then the clamps disengage and the thing just lifts up like it's nothing! Of course I like a lot of other shots, the separation of the Apollo booster in space and the long shots SpaceX have been doing recently where you can watch from a rocket's POV the entire journey up into space and back down to Earth. I'm so glad they stick cameras on these things, as you said, you get to see things that normally no human would be able to safely observe with their own two eyes, and it's always the most awesome parts of a launch!

  43. Trey Stephens

    I wish I was smart 😐

  44. Billy Corners

    ramps are harder on the airplanes/jets

    1. Ben

      Not particularly, far less than catapults due to the extreme forces exerted on the air frames.

  45. イルミナティフリーメイソン

    早さと安全性 おめえらどっち選ぶ?w

  46. Haven Gaming

    If you think about it we are giving up power to the united states, because we are not able to launch our ships as far as they can. This is possible because we have to refuel and they dont.

  47. Oh Yeah Yeah Commander

    It's a glorified disposable camera

  48. The positron.

    Oh space sunfish~~

  49. flashkraft

    1. Get fly wheel. 2. Create a gravity shield and cover one side of the wheel. 3. You then have a perpetual motion machine.

    1. ann onn

      @flashkraft Yeah. I agree. To be honest, my answer was mostly an excuse to paraphrase from a TV show called "Red Dwarf".

    2. flashkraft

      @ann onn Yes I know but they were talking about fringe ideas about anti-gravity in this video. Who knows maybe we will discover a free lunch one day like the one described above. Don't like our chances though. The universe does have a habit of disappointing.

    3. ann onn

      A superlative suggestion, with just two minor flaws. One: there is no such thing as a "gravity shield", and two: there is no such thing as a "gravity shield". Now I realise that, technically speaking, that's only one flaw; but I thought it was such a big one, it was worth mentioning twice.

  50. Jarrold Bates

    Stupid concept. Sleep in space for years. Geezus

  51. Nicole M

    Hahaha. The QE is an old transport ship that we gave them out of pity and they put a wooden road on it, maybe even a cobbled road. I bet one American coast guard ship could sink the QE and every ship in the task force with ease. I bet a WW1 bi-plane could shoot down every UK pilot.

  52. Roberto

    Say please

  53. Spencer Williams

    You are awesome sir ! Thank you for another amazing video.

  54. Prince Harambe

    Fucking retards !!! Testing nukes, with prior knowledge of how is dangerous fall out, and radioactive isotopes !! Typical retards

  55. Billy Hendrix

    that shirt though

  56. Ben Nupp

    So Emperor Constantine was the first Klan member. Dope.

  57. Joseph Morrone

    I don't know if we went to the moon or not but I know most of what we are told by the government and academia is all rubbish.

    1. Herr Schmidt

      @Joseph Morrone And yet you care enough to answer.

    2. Joseph Morrone

      @Herr Schmidt It's just my opinion. You don't have to like it or like me. Honestly, I couldn't care less about what you think.

    3. Herr Schmidt

      And how much of that have you actually studied to the degree that you can make this claim? Or would you just prefer it to be rubbish to avoid having to study any of it at all?

  58. Nicole M

    You look like Stone Cold Steve Austin with AIDS. Or maybe King Kong Bundy during his last weeks of terminal cancer. Or maybe him after a decade long meth and crack habit.

  59. Skyfacer

    Yet another quality USsel video from Curious Droid. Well done !

  60. PressA2Die

    I'm sorry but that shirt is hideous

  61. Alan Hembra

    Quick answer: British Navy is run by pathetic morons who know that the US Navy will protect the British so they made themselves a Carrier so they can play dress up. Fucking wankers.

  62. mosindesire

    Always a joy to watch your videos.

  63. Sage Oldmann

    Sooooo 💰💰💰💰

  64. Tepid Tuna

    I love the reaction of the scientific community to some concepts... The more they react the more likely it is to be real and they're protecting it (for whatever reason). A comment like "Ants are aliens with massive intellects" would be just ignored by scientists, so why do many scientist go "nuts" about leading edge concepts? Money and the interruption of their "competing research"? Just look at how David LaPoint was "shut down" on YT by angry scientists who threatened him enough for him to take them seriously. I've been following the work of Eugene Podkletnov and Ning Li for over 20 years. There's certainly something interesting going on IMHO. What, IDK !

    1. ann onn

      Such a comment would be ignored *if* you did not have any credible evidence. That's because all evidence (such as DNA) suggests that ants are terrestrial in origin. If you had evidence to suggest they were not, that'd be great, and scientists would love to know about it. If you don't have evidence to support the claim then yes, you will be ignored like a guy in the corner shouting that he's Elvis. All evidence suggests that Elvis is dead - a lot of people claim they are Elvis, but without evidence, it's not worth paying them attention, other than to offer mental health assistance. If Mr. LaPoint has invented a perpetual-motion machine, why doesn't he simply show evidence? Bizarrely, the thousands of others that make that claim similarly show no evidence. Significantly, I'd also like to know why Mr. LaPoint claims to work at CERN. That's one hell of a commute from his home in California, and nobody at CERN has ever heard of him. Oh, but I suppose that's all part of a huge cover-up, right? :-)

  65. David German Duck

    amazing video, what if you have a paper and a pen and make a bore in the paper with the pen, making a communication in between and say to the paper there is no bore, maybe antigravity will actuate like this, also there are some patents papers ready for antigravity. Would like to see a review about on what is going! thanks

  66. Patrick Brookings

    The conventional propulsion method is obviously way cheaper to build and maintain. I also think it's rather funny and hypocritical to focus on being 'environmentally friendly' when we are dealing with warfare, duh. What's next, to develop environmentally friendly bombs and missiles?

  67. Vergilius Vector Rilke

    where do you buy your shirts? :)

  68. Noelle P

    according to the outer space treaty we have with other countries, everyone agreed no nuclear weapons are allowed in space. so wtf

  69. Zdraviski

    Where did you get this shirt?

  70. Ben H.

    Wow!! What a great video!

  71. Sycokay

    Time to buy some burgers and look for the nearest Pulowski.

  72. Mark B

    Pros and Cons? If you can't afford it, you can't build it.

  73. david jones

    The list goes on and on and on. This is on every torrent site. NordVPN is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. london bledi

    They are going nowhere.... It’s 2019 now it’s not anymore 1969 when it was so easy to trick all the world. They are not going to land on the Moon or Mars. Moon is just a light Mars is not a planet It’s just their imagination and same time feeding our brains with propaganda.

  75. Sylviajzgger_bear


  76. Sylviajzgger_bear

    Because ppl are awake ;) and it will never can put back into the box )3ws

  77. Kennedy Mattox

    The UK carrier doesn't have arresting equipment. So what if the sea is too rough to land vertically? Does the F-35B have a short enough landing if the deck pitched and it touched half way up? Or would it just have to hammer it off the ski jump again?

    1. Ben

      With an arresting gear you're still going at high speeds and are much more vulnerable to a pitching deck, vertical landings allow you to line up and time you're landing a little more. During testing in 2018 were still operating aircraft while close to a hurricane and managed.

  78. Shawn Martin

    And to this day NASA still lies to get their hands on funding....NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER...

  79. Paul

    Is it me or does Ning Li look like the Oracle from the Matrix?

  80. RuleBritannia

    " i believe the V bomber is the most dangerous man in all of the realm" said the uniq

  81. Christian Rojas

    pip pip

  82. Michima

    Your WW2 era German flags are incorrect. As is your Japanese flag, that is the rising sun flag used by the Imperial Navy.

  83. James Maloney -JPM DIGITAL MEDIA GROUP

    Great video. 👍

  84. tat

    Aircraft carriers are vital if you possess colonies overseas like the UK does. You have to be able to project air power. However, if we take the Falklands War for example, if a carrier were sunk in that conflict it would have been game over. It is crucial to be able to protect the carrier. And unfortunately, the UK fleet has been cut back so much since the Falklands, we do not have the amount of ships to screen the two carriers properly. God help us if we get into another conflict overseas

  85. John Doe

    Combustion instability would've made the engine impossible to design and use anyways.

  86. Kuminacha :

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  87. jason lynch

    Gravity is mass trapped in a magnetic force like if you compress air it gets heavy gas compress into matters mass if you remove mass decomposed air gets lighter no mass no gravity I the earth mass is under a state of compress from the sun magnet force and its self magnetic force that for gas in denser and denser matters gas atoms to water atoms to cristal atoms can you lift the oceans can you lift the air . Air under pressure is a resistive force the earth is spinning centripetal force of moving gas molecules lift an empty scuba tank less gravity full the scuba tank more gravity

    1. ann onn

      Copied to use as an example of word-salad. Thanks.

  88. Mainchain

    answer = no air

  89. Emile g

    mate what you should do is buy an new shirt that does not make you look like what you are

  90. R Pay

    excellent explanation - thanks

  91. Rev Reva

    If 333,000, 1 thousand dollar computers is the same as the fastest computer in the world then why don’t people just buy 333,000, 1 thousand dollar computers instead of buying a 51 million dollar super computer.🧠 you would save 50 million dollars

  92. Duane Bettger

    It was killed when Congress shot down the building of a real space station, instead of the cobbled together, separate connected units that were launched individually by many rockets. Without the station the shuttle had lost it's original mission. It was to also cut down of space debris that is currently increasing, by upper stage rocket modules and parts thereof. By reusing the shuttle, it would increase load launched, inable satellite repairs instead of satellite replacement, and provide space station replenishment, crew transfer, and space stationary build. This guy is full of shit.

  93. Shawn Carson

    Lack of public interest and therefore lack of money?

  94. Aaron Köchle

    computer will do everving

  95. danan mckagan

    cool Batik shirt! :)

  96. Paul Duffin

    There is still a hovercraft passenger service running between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight in the UK. AFAIK it's the world's only commercial hovercraft service.

  97. Lachezar Krastev

    As a design engineer I think this is just BS - if something was build 50some years ago and you have the original documentation for it, it can be certainly build with the modern technologies. As well it can be easily redesigned in modern 3d cad software and improved without a great effort from a team good engineers.

  98. Konaalii Alohaohana


  99. MrShiggitty

    The basis of the occult is taking knowledge away from the public. If you see people burning books / burning technology, I'd run because they won't like none of that science reasoning.