Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on USsel. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  1. Trina Kae Renfroe

    Even though it pained me I gave my daughter in law my original Jaclyn Hill palette (you were my 1st make-up tutorial girl I watched a few years ago) I can now buy this new one and I want to buy the original one ( I love the names of the shadows) So excited💃💃💃

  2. Linda smith

    Your bedroom is gorgeous!!!! Love the curtains!!!

  3. Jackie Case

    Jaclyn fucking Hill you were the first makeup youtuber I ever watched (Im 22 now and I started watching you when I was 12) and because of you I learned that I have a passion for makeup. Because of you I learned how to apply foundation and concealer and I learned about loose powder and blending eyeshadows! I have followed your journey and passion for a freaking decade and I have always loved you! Hearing you speak about your mental health has really inspired me because right now I'm struggling horribly with depression and anxiety and have been dealing with it for probably most of my life. Hearing you say that you're going to crawl out of the depression hole makes me want to crawl out of the depression hole. If you can stay strong from that kind of backlash (which you really DID NOT deserve.) then I can stay strong in my little university life. Stay strong!

  4. numbah 5

    I've never commented on one of your videos I believe. But I've always watched. For about 4-5 years. And what you explained broke my heart. I hope you'll be able to overcome that and move on

  5. Rea Athanasiadis

    Support you 10000% You’re beautiful Your makeup looks bomb! Even though it’s nothing “crazy” And your eyes are literally mesmerizing!!! Love you! ♥️

  6. d v

    You just got yourself a new subscriber. And yes I do need your new pallette

  7. Alejandra Latour

    Props to you, you are so brave!. Sending you a big hug .

  8. Alejandra Latour

    love you girl! you are the bomb!.

  9. Nancy Ford

    I new to your channel I want say I purchased your palette I just got yesterday I fell in love with this palette it hard choose the colors to wear l😘😘💖

  10. Beauty Lover

    Love the positivity! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Anon User

    Sending love your way ♡♡♡ please take care of yourself!

  12. Alisha G

    Another product...still no tutorial

  13. Carolina Cantrell

    Your skin looks AMAZING!!! Please tell me there’s something you do to make it look like that and not that it’s like that naturally 😩😩 (before the judgement comes, I only mean that I would love to be able to make my skin look like that too, and not that I hope she has bad skin). Also, you’re so talented at doing your makeup girl! 💕💕💕

  14. mary rhees

    kylie jenner doesnt even sell her makeup brushes anymore which sucks cuz i want to buy it lol

  15. Natasha Wagner

    You are so beautiful and never listen to what people say because the only thing that comes out of their mouth is words, but not truth.

  16. Jessica Burmey


  17. Louise Schild


  18. elissa degel

    youre beautiful!!

  19. Emily Cage

    This is the first video i see of you, i love your make up but mostly i was a victim of evil words from society from years. You are strong and beautiful and all the rest is just a waste of time. Keep on and stay strong!

  20. Liz Miner

    Jac. I have loved you for years. Your first video was the first make up video I ever watched when I was 14. You are such a light and seeing the world hurt you this way is heartbreaking. I’m an addiction counselor and I had my concerns when I would see your snaps and Instagram videos and I am so proud that you are making the life changes you are. We miss your light, we miss your joy, and we miss you. Your loyal’s will be here when you are ready to be back. Much love, Liz aka the fan that remembers waiting online for your GC 1995 lipstick to drops. ❤️

  21. Emma

    You really have a good heart.

  22. Mabry Gray

    I need a tutorial on your eye look ASAP and can’t wait to see a video about the new brushes! Got mine but waiting to see how you use them!

  23. Emily la Cour

    You're such a strong person. I send lots of love your way ❤️

  24. Sandy ortiz

    I still love you ❤️

  25. Andrea Caraveo

    Am I the only one waiting for her to do a look using her pallet

  26. Sarah Ballard

    Wow ! It takes a very strong woman to admit their mistakes to themself and the world ❤️ we all make mistakes- don’t be so hard on yourself

  27. Aztec Menssen

    I’m glad you spoke about your anxiety making you puke. When I get extremely anxious this can happen and people try to force me to “admit” I have bulimia even tho I don’t and the throwing up from being anxious isn’t s choice! PUKING CAN BE A SYMPTOM OF ANXIETY!!!

  28. First Fruits

    You are fearfully and wonderfully made! God will uphold you! You've got this!

  29. Ktkg S

    Subbed! I just can't help but like this girl :)

  30. Marisol Trevino

    Have you had your thyroid checked ? A lot of the symptoms you’re having are similar to hypothyroidism.

  31. Nicole Kuhlmann

    ugh I love how you can pull off the middle part!!! looks so good all the time.

  32. Maëlle Belon

    You can be proud of yourself !! ❤

  33. Foxiepaws ACAnderson

    I feel you with the anxiety. I have a practically crippling anxiety problem but I stopped taking meds for it because of what they did to me. I would rather live with the anxiety than take valium or any of the others. I think you're going about it the right way and I have to admit that I thought you had done something to your face and I couldn't understand why you would want to mess with it because you're lovely. Now I know that it's due to allergies I can understand it. I thought you were just this girl who was good looking and had a huge following who wasn't in touch with reality but I think you've gone a long way to making me understand what you are about. I hope things look up for you with your latest launch and that your health is on the mend. You look better already and I love that Spanish look you got going on there!

  34. Mikayla

    You are such a strong person. No matter what someone says or does on a social media platform the way the world is today there will always be people who thrive on picking other people apart, but I think with every video you post it's so clear that you are always trying to be the best creator you can for the people who come to this space to see you do your thing and learn from you. Absolutely everyone in the world makes mistakes, especially when they are first learning, and I think your first lipstick launch not going as planned will ultimately mold you into an even stronger and wiser producer of the cosmetics you are so passionate about. Stay true to yourself and know that you are beautiful and you owe no one a justification for any misconceptions or assumptions they have about you. You seem like a lovely person so don't let the darkness that other people carry along with them to enter your heart. There are so many people who see your light, let those be the words that matter to you <3

  35. Jay See

    I think you’re fantastic. So glad you’re still upright and coping because you’ve not had it easy girl. Huge amounts of love for you 💕

  36. Daisy Loop

    I just completely fell in love with the whole concept about saying something positive 💕

  37. Maria Martinez

    Jaclyn you’re seriously the best! Don’t worry about what anyone says, I know easier said than done but you’re a beautiful person and have such a wonderful personality 💛✨

  38. Nusrat Tani

    I really think that her divorce was the biggest mistake

  39. Haley Brooks

    Wow. Manny looks so different now!

  40. Haley Brooks

    I miss this Jaclyn and Jon. 😞

  41. Nathalie Mora

    I cannot believe you get these types of comments, people are so damn rude. I am sorry you have to go through this, you are beautiful and strong and you can get through this. Even though you have not filmed, I hope you take time for yourself and take care or yourself. You got this. You Fabulous, girl!

  42. Haili Renee

    Omg thank you for the tips

  43. Gianni Oshun

    Wow, I still remember this video. It was actually you who inspired me to start wanting to wear makeup. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come ☺️💕 Love you Jaclyn 🥰 #YourDay1

  44. Leslie Jimenez

    I commend you for speaking out. I have to be honest that I have almost every product you have launched but in 2019 I did question your honesty. This video put me back on your map. I too suffer from depression and anxiety so I really felt your words. Thank you!

  45. SamiaMua

    Robert Welsh. Brought me here Again

  46. Charlene Gouws


  47. jessica hart

    sending lots of love your way. xoxoxox

  48. Its done Bye

    I really hope you start making videos after this launch or it's going to be repeated behaviors of talking about filming more only in your launch videos and that sucks cuz we love you and what to see videos from you!!! Like all the other gurus who been doing this for years and have there own makeup brands still film weekly especially if they have an editor... Day in the life, grwm,, trying new drugstore products, Amazon favorites, there's so many different ideas even dupe videos comparing It on your face side by side.. 😫🙏🙏💓please?! .

  49. cracyrace

    So, where is your new video?🙄

  50. Rosy Love

    I got through row 2 and went and bought it! Lol love you tons!

  51. Mariah McMaken

    Can you review the Tati beauty palette

  52. jasmine sadimin

    I hope you're feeling better sis😍

  53. Maggie Williams

    I literally love u have done for since the start! your amazing u can do this x

  54. Jessica Parker

    Keep going Jaclyn! xx

  55. Autumn Blush Beauty

    Always love you Jaclyn! 🥰

  56. Gamer online

    I love you Jaclyn and I'm definitely going to buy the vol 2 can't wait

  57. Imari Medina


  58. Darlyne

    Oh man!!! 😬

  59. chelsea scott


  60. Shelbi Bay Davis


  61. Jennifer Chavez

    I figured it out, Jaclyn and Jon stopped hydrating together

  62. Branna Mincer

    I think you look like a babe in this video.

  63. Linda Varley

    From Jacklyn: Hi. Feel bad for me. Buy my stuff. Gotta go now, see you next time I have another product. Support me. I need a new Bentley. ....we don’t need what your selling, thanks. Wake up!

  64. Globyali 0280

    People can be very cruel sometimes

  65. Rustic Beauty


  66. Taylor Brown

    You’re absolutely amazing! Totally wish I could do my makeup as well as you! Stay positive sweetie! 💖

  67. Jennifer Carballoso

    You are beautiful no matter what! And God loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so DONT worry about anything else! Love you girl! God bless you and your family

  68. Dennielle Hannah

    When you said most people watch when they are going to sleep which I am currently doing that! Your amazing and beautiful. I have been through depression and anxiety and can totally relate. This just makes me love watching you more. Real and genuine.

  69. Jazmine Vega

    I got it and it’s literally🔥

  70. Denise Taylor

    I miss this Jaclyn...i love her personality <3

  71. Odette Iceskates

    I like how Jaclyn at 2:40 "shows proof" from the FDA that her makeup is safe yet she blurted out what is the point of "showing us" it if you're going to blur it out

  72. jancee c

    You. Are. GORGEOUS and so very kindhearted💕 you don’t deserve to be treated like so many people on the media treat you.

  73. Araceli Prado

    I’m sorry about what you’re going through with people your problems I wish nobody felt this way and I hope God helps you feel better . About your weight don’t listen to anyone you’ll see that if you lose the weight right if you want people will talk because you’re to thin you’re beautiful and you’re fighting and you’ll get through it

  74. Max Low

    Wow I haven’t watched one of her vids in a min. She looks way different still beautiful as fuck tho!!!!

  75. Mia Shearing

    I got your palette

  76. Marianne Ostiguy

    sending love jaclyn, take care xxxxx

  77. Jordan Holseth

    Damn. I know people whose bodies don't metabolize alcohol well and her explanation of her sudden weight gain (and reason for drinking -- I don't enjoy being drunk either but I enjoy drinking casually if that makes sense, and even one beer especially makes me insanely bloated) seems credible. I'm not a subscriber and I haven't been a fan at all this whole time, but this whole video kinda made me sympathize for her. I don't think this will make me subscribe but I definitely want to give my two cents and say I don't think she deserves the hate for the weight gain, ESPECIALLY if it was a result of depression and anxiety. How many people do you know have eating/drinking disorders for that same reason? It's not cool and it's kinda scary to see people go through. People need to have some sort of civility when it comes to situations like this. I also don't think she deserves as much hate as she got for her lipstick mishap. It was the lab's fault, not really something she could have anticipated. She probably could have done more research into the quality they produced previously, but she was probably too naive and didn't let a professional team help her run the proper investigation and preemptive quality control. I don't think anyone knows enough of the situation to form as much of an opinion as they did. I believe everyone deserves a second chance as long as they follow through with sincerity. I hope she does

  78. Fruity Pavlova

    Why do a video explaining everything tiny detail, why not just apologise and say I fuked up. It whould have taken less then a minute.

  79. Ariel Sandine

    You're amazing. Keep on keeping on.

  80. Linda Rodriguez

    I have been watching you for a long time and I appreciate you being super blunt and saying everything it means a lot. I think you’re an amazing person no matter what and I know you’re going to get through this. You always get through everything just like you got through your divorce you’re a strong independent woman and don’t let anything hold you back not even the negative comments and I want you to remember something, the more people that hate on you that’s when you know you made it so don’t ever stress I love you!💕

  81. Shernice Montlouis

    Sending love 💞

  82. Leah Bear

    I’m not the type to usually comment on USsel videos, but after watching this video I absolutely had to say something. I am genuinely sorry that you had to go through all of this and that you have to explain everything about yourself because this world is so cruel. You’re a talented and amazing person that has done so many amazing things and I’m so overjoyed that you are trying again. There’s so many people who are so proud of you and want you to keep going. Never change. You’re amazing!

  83. Tako Tak

    Ils sont où ses yeux

  84. Paige Johnson

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ only love

  85. Simply Christina

    I just purchased and uploaded a video on this and it’s bomb

  86. Angel Thomas

    This feels....munipulative

  87. Analinda Perez

    I still think you're a beautiful person! Screw what the haters say. Nobody is perfect

  88. Vintage Vixen Makeup

    Seriously though, some of the prettiest eyes in the industry. 😍

  89. maria G

    Invest the money you’ve made - keep it safe but growing - stay involved enough to make an income but step WAY BACK from the social media stuff and just focus on yourself and what you want for the rest of your life. I’m guessing you’ve already made more than enough to keep you living well for the rest of your life, if you invest it well. Don’t worry about what anyone else says.

  90. Ophelie Gazau

    You are so courageous... ❤️ You know, everybody makes error but nobody don't cares in real life. When you are on socials media, it's an open door for all the haters. We don't give a f*ck to their opinions! You are a great person and you know it, that's all! ❤️

  91. Laura

    Good luck, Honey. You can do it.

  92. Brandon Bishop

    LUV you too!

  93. DenikaSoPretty

    I am so excited to get my hands on this palette! I’ve bought the original 2x! When I pick it up I don’t even have to bother with anything else. It’s an MUA’s dream. I love the colors I’m seeing already.

  94. Christina Pinedo

    Girl, you need a limpia ASAP.

  95. Hilary Carrington

    Still my ride or die chick. ❤️❤️❤️

  96. Maria

    Did you guys catch the name of the lipstick 💄 pls thanks

  97. Maria

    As always I love ur blue green eyes ✌️😍

  98. Maria

    Hopefully you get through all your issues. Keep being strong 💪

  99. Maria

    You shouldn’t care too much what people say or do just do you girl. Who cares!!! And answer what you want to answer ... geez 🙄 don’t worry too much. I am glad you are coming clean and being open about how your feeling that’s good take it out but move on afterwards..

  100. Kelsi Hamilton

    Jaclyn seriously hit the nail on the head with this palette. It is so bomb and I don't need anything else is my collection. I love it so much!