I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati

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  1. Kapua Kuheana

    What about Prestige and e.l.f!?! And NYX aaand Milani and Neutrogena and Almay 🙃

  2. Myranda Barton

    I LOVE the candid concealer and foundation! It’s the only combo I’ve been reaching for. I’ll try to use a different foundation and I’ll have a horrible makeup day! 100% recommend the foundation too

  3. Simone Molly

    I agree with the loreal lipsticks, horrible sent. I love rimmel lipsticks

  4. Reb0912

    Essence highlighter please!!! Love that too!

  5. Kelley Sisler

    Sorry the age rewind counselor goes on my face like paint puddy. It's way to thick for under my eyes, it creases in an instant. Love your reviews so much. Thank you Tati. Congrats on your pallet, it looks amazing. 🌹💯❤️

  6. Rebecka Nyström

    I love your makeup today! So flattering on you!

  7. munbun75

    Pls do a vid showing off the box!

  8. Anxo Costa

    I'd like to watch a drag queen owned make up brands video from you! KimChi Chic beauty has gorgeous liquid eyeshadows that might compare to Haus Laboratories and Miss Fame's new palette is pure gold!

  9. Abigail Porter

    Great video Tati lovely, thank you!! Your content is just fabby, always has been and it just keeps getting better and better! Honestly, it's like I'm sitting down with a friend listening to all the make up advice!! Hope you have a great weekend. Much love from the UK xXx 💜💙💜

  10. Victoria_riya

    I love Wet & Wild highlighter. It's cheaper than Maybelline and it's blinding. Definitely gonna try the new powder.

  11. Shuktika Srivastava

    Tati where is the scott barns you promised me? I want a tati beauty x Scott barns video. 😤

  12. Kristal Polk

    I love videos like this, especially since drug store makeup fits in my budget lol. Thank you for you hit list. I will be taking up some suggestions. <3

  13. Tiffany Rosado

    Tatiiii do a video of that BOX!!!!!! The best of discontinued makeup it will bring back soooo many goods memories!!!!

  14. Dick Lord

    please do a video going through the secret box!

  15. Jazlyn Crews

    i love this duo, like way more than i should??? more of this PLEASE

  16. Melissa M


  17. Minahil Mustafa

    We need to see what that box holdes 😍❤

  18. Mary Lep

    Tati I really need an update on easy for everyday use eyeliners (gel, pen,etc .) and a how to for beginners ♥️😍

  19. Eliza Benabise

    Please please, make a video about that box! 😃

  20. DarkSession van Art

    essence do have a ton of fail products in my opinion. i had that 16 hr concealer that did nothing, a powder that says it was matte but it was so chunky and not finely mild, that concealer that says it covers tatoos but it doesn't, the color was ok but it dries so fast, the blush that after i bought and put it in my purse it made a mess because it broke (WTF moment). they do need to work on their quality and packaging though. the mascara is ok-ish and i didn't bothered with the foundation and shadows because i didn't wanted any more fails and waste of money (romanian budget here/almost poor + added tax for no reason)

  21. Stan Weysham

    can you make a drugstore brushes video please

  22. JackieViolet

    I want to see whats in the box Tati?You have me curious! Loved the video!🤷‍♀️💖

  23. Nombuso Mhlongo

    Somebody, SOMEBODY GET THESE NEWER PRODUCTS TO SOUTH AFRICA😩😩😩 I want that Photophocus loose powder, and the 40 pallet and the boo crew etc

  24. Amy Wang

    Tati's eyebrows look incredible here <3

  25. Cherry Lane Monroe

    WHAT did I hear? That later on this month you're coming out with your next product??!! When, what??

  26. Sophia Leah

    I can't believe you felt like that about madness Mondays because I love them!!!! They were so good

  27. Sparkkle.n.Slayy 1111

    Tati before her pallette:😇 Tati after her pallette launched:😈

  28. Elaine Smith

    YOU need to bring that back ..🥰

  29. Amanda Taylor

    WOW all over the place today girl 😵

  30. Heyssel K.

    Love you Tati but you don’t keep things 50/50 anymore. You do more “high end” now days.

  31. Carol Walker

    I don't like either of the blushes. And yes, you do need to worry about your dog. Keep him on a non-stretchy leash.

  32. Kelsey Little

    pls do a video going through the box!! <333

  33. Marlene Nickerson

    An eagle killed my grandpa's dog jelly bean. Picked her up, carried her a short distance, punctured her lungs and dropped her. My grandpa had no idea what happened till he found her. It's very real and it's very sad. You'll just have to keep Puka near by for safety.

  34. Aaron Lacey

    Bag of Chips or Baga Chipz?? thats the real question here...

  35. Candace Packard

    Would love to see a full face of Hourglass tutorial!! ☺️

  36. Briana Marie

    You should do a video going through the box!

  37. Barbara Rivera

    pretty sure iphone already does that

  38. MsHydroChiCali Lala

    Loved the loose powder application with powder flyin everywhere! Lol. Awesome!

  39. 24ldickson

    Did anyone notice she didnt mention a bad product from Flower? That's okay though bc Flower Beauty is amazing 🤗

  40. Dayna

    I wonder why Tati doesn't have her palette displayed in the background.

  41. 3RACHA

    is it me or does tati get more stunning with each passing day

  42. Megan Tate

    “Rhymes with hit, isn’t hit 😏”

  43. D Smith

    No list in info box. Sigh.

  44. S P

    The scent and taste that you get in your mouth from Loreal is TERRIBLE!!!! Love some of the shades, but I cannot wear them all day. Baby girl, you're as bad as I am when it comes to focusing LOL!

  45. alicia pisciotta

    Tati please make a makeup ASMR video !!!

  46. alicia pisciotta

    Tati please make a makeup ASMR video !!!

  47. Araceli Torres

    Here is an idea.. Tati beauty come out with pot shadows and create one that is a dupe to the Flower beauty shade. I would love to buy more pot shadows. I was a die hard fan of the color tattoos and other similar ones from other brands. I love how they shimmer, the full pigment and how they dont budge. I still use pot shadows a lot.

  48. Ayeshah Wahidah

    I love her so much.. I can trust her for any product because I know she will give an actual review she's so honest! I wish I was friends with her😊 She's just her and gorgeous in her own way!🤗

  49. Sarah Davis

    Tati that squirrel story was hilarious I can see a squirrel just trying to throw the acorns at puka

  50. daisymay silman

    Would love to see a full face of your oldest makeup in your collection 😍😍

  51. Frikka3

    “I’m sick of the brown neutrals...” Did she just shade her own future palette? 😆 jk Kimora. She does say that’s 90% of her life

  52. alicia pisciotta

    Tati please make a makeup ASMR video !!!

  53. alicia pisciotta

    Tati please make a makeup ASMR video !!!

  54. alicia pisciotta

    Tati please make a makeup asmr video !!!

  55. Emilygov

    Video of your special box PLEASE

  56. Michelle Polito

    Congratulations Tati, you keep it real & beautiful 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  57. Phillesha Cairney

    Please make a colour pop video

  58. alicia pisciotta

    Tati please try doing a makeup asmr video ☀️🎀✨ like if u agree >>

  59. Milta Miranda

    I loved your Monday madness

  60. jagerbaby0919

    Ok, so.... BEST: -Hard Candy Serum Plumping Lipgloss -Maybelline Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Rose Gold -Maybelline Age-Rewind Concealer -Wet-n-Wild Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder -Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder in 110 -L’Oréal Infallible Freshwear 24hr Foundation -Flower Beauty Petal Pout Lip Color -Essence Volume Stylist 18h Curl & Hold Mascara in Black -Essence Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extensión Mascara in Black -Revlon Photoready Candid Antioxidant Concealor in Biscuit -Rimmel Stay Matte Powder -Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder -Physicians Fórmula Butter Bronzer WORST: -Maybelline Browchalk -Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation -Wet-n-Wild Rebel Rose Color Icon Creme Blush -Hard Candy Glitteratti liquid Eyeshadow -Cover Girl Just Give Me Noir Gel Eyeliner -Any L’Oréal lipstick due to the fragrance -Essence All About Matt! Tzone Primer Stick -Essence Primer -Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss -Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation -Physicians Fórmula Mineral Wear 3-in-1 Setting Powder Honorable Mentions (other greats): -Haus Labs liquid eyeshadows -Flower Beauty Liquid Eyeshadow -Milani Liquid Eyeshadows -Physicians Fórmula Highlighters -L’Oréal True Match Blush (Innocent Flush) -L’Oréal Lash Paradise Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black -Physicians Formula Bronze Booster 👊💄💋 Happy Holidays, y’all!!

  61. Quinci Huey

    I want that T-shirt shes got on super cute 🤨💋

  62. Ailin del Grosso

    Best reveal video ever, you are so honest, so transparent, i freaking love you and i hope to be able to get your palette one day❤

  63. Alyssa Hirsch

    Tati, Alongside the fires, power outages are a huge thing in the California area. This is the result of faulty policy carried out by a faulty company called Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). They are calling all of the shots and even refused to give financial aid to companies who were not able to do business due to the outages! I am a strong believer in the power of people. With the voices of concerned locals coming together to fight the corruption, I believe anything can happen! I suggest contacting your nearest Congressional representative and not letting corporations control policy that has the lives of so many people at stake!


    You are so beautiful and I love you so much. Much love from Greece 👍👌👏🤗♥️💋💋💋🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🏝️🏝️🏝️🏝️

  65. Songxuan S

    I loved madness Monday

  66. Victoria Brooke

    will you be having a Black Friday Sale on your supplements??

  67. Sue Miller

    New makeup product diagnosis...mist-ified?? 🤣🤣

  68. Jules Mersie

    Is there a reason you dont wear waterproof mascara

  69. Lindsey Lux

    You look so elegant in this video! I love your hair,makeup & blazer! You are absolutely beautiful!!!

  70. Love Lee Sali

    Just got my palette, it’s so cool, loving it so much, congrats Tati.

  71. Shaira ismyname

    Please do another video with Logan...

  72. Despoina D 81

    Very helpful video,thank you

  73. Damia Rassam

    Awe, thank God it's yes vegan! Carmine is a dye made from bugs and is far too common in mass brands. Tati, please make a video calling out the use of carmine and ask manufacturers to stop exploiting bugs for fast fashion. You can change history.

  74. STAN EXO

    Nearly purchased the Maybelline Age Rewind foundation yesterday, literally yesterday. What would I do without Tati's reviews 😭

  75. Hendrika Rousseau

    Wtf is drug store make up

  76. Jules Mersie

    Literally the blush ruined the whole thing

  77. Michelle Polito

    Congratulations on the release of your first Absolutely fabulous beautiful palette 🥳🥂 A job well done beautiful Tati & looking forward to seeing more of your creativity & products 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥂🥂🥂🥳🥳🥳🥳👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  78. Angie C

    I NEEDED TO KNOW what is in the secret box 17:01 !!!!!!!

  79. Kristy Neagle Patton

    The infallible is my absolute fav!

  80. Cassandra Nelson

    Your tan is Amazing...what is it please?

  81. Melanie Bonvissuto

    Do a video about those products in that box!!!

  82. Becca.the.Brave

    I love this video! I have like 5 drugstore items I MUST try now! So excited!

  83. My Squishy

    *Content Idea* - People from around the world send you **their** drugstore brands to test. Every country has different drugstore brands.

  84. Mercedes Roth

    I love you Tati! You're the reason I'm starting to experiment with my make up & when I'm not a broke college kid (I graduate in a month!!!!) I am GOING to buy some Halo Beauty & your palette! I need them!!!!!!

  85. Ja

    It took her three minutes to get the video topic started.. I forgot why I haven’t watched any videos of hers lately

  86. Komal Bohra


  87. Carly Clement

    Your content is so good in quality and detail is so phenomenal! I am glad you have such great videos that I would rather quality over quantity!

  88. Artisha Walker

    How is your skin so clear?

  89. Aubree Smith

    Ok now we need a secret box video?!?!?

  90. Macru37 PR

    I loveeee L’Oréal lipstick scents. Always love it. I dont know why

  91. AlizMari23

    I've done my nails before when I had extra time before work. And I had to pee before I left but after I painted them. 😂

  92. hello_Life hello_Latte

    CAn we get a video of what’s in that box?!! 😇😇

  93. Mary Thibault

    soooo when are we getting a secret box video?????

  94. Aireen Bentley

    More more more of Scott!!!!!!!!!

  95. the_wackylibrarian

    Still funny and classy

  96. Kayla Pugh

    That Covergirl powder is AMAZING. I just got it the other day (because of your recommendation ☺️) and I use it all over my face and it keeps be matte almost a whole 8 hours of work without any touch ups!! So amazing. Best powder ever. Thank you for that, Tati.

  97. Michelle Velcich

    You can silent calls that you don’t know and it will send your unknown calls to voicemail it’s under do not disturb

  98. Prabha Mishra

    I would love to see what is in ‘Tati’s discontinued box’🙏

  99. Anna Tamay

    Can you make a video just on your secret box please

  100. Niche

    I reeaallllyy want to know what else is inside that box!!!!