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  1. Dunkleosteus Sashimi

    why didn´t we get Taki grilled cheese on the mythical kitchen channel, not complaining but please release the recipe

  2. Bacun Puncayks


  3. Vintage BAARON

    @11.40 SQUIAD GOALS

  4. Brøken rekørds

    Dynamic duo that they forgot, themselves

  5. Leyla Picou

    I really need that chicken fried steak burger. I thought it was just going to be the patty being the chicken fried steak, but it was the whole damn burger and i am here for it.

  6. Disaster Peepo

    Watching Link fail miserably at everything makes me feel bad.

  7. Oli Jay

    Rhett: sharp cheddar is a strong cheese All of france: *am I a joke to you*

  8. Ben Taylor

    TATSUUUUUU!!! Best ride in the park

  9. Alexandra Snyder

    I've been waiting for a new will it forever!!

  10. Danny Mckenzie

    Yeah the swiss could have done something but alas, as history foretold in its writing down they did not.

  11. ThroatyChunk

    Some of these need to be mass-produced.

  12. TessellatedGuy

    Squid ink sandwich is DEFINITELY already a thing somewhere, but maybe not in the same way.

  13. st33n

    The knife bit never gets old

  14. Amber Mitchell

    I'm convinced Josh is actually a wizard.

  15. Alexandra Maartens

    “This is the sandwhich that bites back Neil”😂😂😂

  16. Dev Decker

    You guys should have Joey CoCo Diaz on the show

  17. Justin Wetzler

    Rhett... it's time sir. I hope you have completed your spiritual journey involving your hair and beard. The time has arrived to do some trimming.

  18. Akeem a.k.a. Kavu Diabolicus

    Did link actually know what a group of squids are called a squad? cuz they are lol

  19. Joan Persson

    Waow, haven't watched GMM for a while, and damn have Rhetts hair grown :O

  20. Saad Alrajeh

    grilled cheese talking Rhett was the best thing happened to me today

  21. James Lefrancois


  22. Levi Bravo

    Link: A little red crab told me... Me: *ItS a LoBsTeR*

  23. Nitro- Verse

    I eat takis with my grilled cheese all the time so I say yes

  24. Henry Farber

    This show has their own vocabulary

  25. Fern Fernis Fernie

    1:15 he sounded like Joe from the vlog squad here.

  26. fryknight 88

    I watched the kitchen vid before this one

  27. Traylee Lemaster

    Hearing Josh say “Kobe” hurt my heart🤧

  28. Alice Xiao

    The appreciation in 2 moods... 😂

  29. Imagination art Society

    Next time :will it avocado toast 😂😂😂

  30. Big Boy

    You should do will it pizza

  31. Collin m

    I haven’t watched gmm in a while but I don’t like rhetts hair now

  32. Bruh Moment

    I like pie more but Team Cake won

  33. Drewby

    Monte Cristo, Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

  34. LivingLikeRylie

    Will it "combo's" ? Like...the snack

  35. MrCornerMan

    Link: there's no desert sandwich except for this Woody: it's smores buz

  36. Sam Solmonson

    Meals refusing to exist lol

  37. Fit Moose


  38. celloman 4

    Who else has been watching since the beginning

  39. Vanessa Atalanta

    How can Link the peanut butter addict totally forget about PB&J sandwiches as dessert sandwiches?

  40. Cameron

    Popeye's causes internet fights? I thought that was Chick-Fil-A

  41. The Apple Sauce Kid

    Created on my birthday

  42. KzCreationz & More

    I suggested this about 2 years ago lol! Yay grilled cheese!

  43. Jimmy Dean

    The popeyes grilled cheese looks IMMACULATE

  44. Anon Ymous

    13:35 He was speaking Canadian, too. LMAO!

  45. Jenna Black

    I think y'all should do "will it jock strap". That is all.

  46. Levi Bickerstaff

    I'm surprised that when they were talking about dynamic duos they didn't mention themselves.

  47. Kayla Tran

    only thing I’m looking forward to this week is to watch y’all’s videos. literally rewatched all your let’s play videos, especially the horror ones. I think I rewatched those about 4 times in one day. 10/10

  48. illioptopede

    Wow I haven't watched gmm in a while. i need to update my rhett sim

  49. kayce m.

    goth grilled cheese 💖

  50. Landon Blazer

    I used to always make Takis grilled cheeses but the bread obviously wasn't red

  51. underturd

    will it hair dye???

  52. Shawn Shotaholic

    oh my...I want that Popeye’s grilled chicken sandwich! that sounded amazing... especially the “biscuit bread”

  53. Alex In Wonderland

    why didn’t they call it funnel cheese cake 😅

  54. Katie von Gremp

    They've eaten a dessert sandwich! The Rock's cheat day apple pie on French toast.

  55. Brittanie Mccommon

    I bet if you used squid fillets, instead of the whole thing, it would probably taste like some sort of fish melt, like a tuna melt. And you'll probably see it somewhere in a fancy restaurant that specializes in weird food.

  56. MN Webb

    *eat it*

  57. Rusty Rose

    Finally another will it!

  58. Gregory Watson

    I love this 😍. I have an idea. What if you made a Will It: Rejects edition with all of the Will It items that have not been passed being recreated in an attempt to get the ole thumbs up from Rhett and Link?

  59. Revocable

    1:40 aww men I hoped that Link would use the knife

  60. Ola Samy

    Didn't Link say that he never watched Ariel?? I am all for that development though

  61. Katie von Gremp

    I'm gonna share a place that makes a good grilled cheese. The Cafe 1919 at The Huntington Library & Gardens in San Marino, CA.

  62. Logan Rae

    love the will its!!!

  63. Omekan Turtle

    Big brain time

  64. Rardard

    I’m subscribed to 2 channels that made funnel cake grilled cheese. What a coincidence

  65. TUmaDO

    i love squid!delicious!

  66. Kelsie Jo

    Rhett's hair/beard: Will it Duck Dynasty?

  67. DoveKinz

    *let's talk about that...*

  68. Luenski Freeman

    I was thinkin plane too💀😭not plain

  69. Justin Chanhnoy

    Let’s keep count on how many sharp objects are taken from Link this year 😂

  70. Yeet Kobi

    Who else was like bro it is 2020 the chicken sandwich is not popular anymore

  71. Capt Ocie

    "please don't eat real febreeze" things really have changed 😂

  72. Logan Miller

    Monty carlo is a desert sandwich

  73. DaddyBadBad


  74. Susie Quebeedo

    Anyone else get the impression Rhett is ready to book up and go on a mountain retreat for a while? 🤔

  75. ColtinBoltin

    Me, mere months into 2016 : 6:07

  76. My BoyZ


  77. Henry Horne

    Strawberry jam with chunky cottage cheese on a piece of toast. You can thank me later

  78. SaltFace Films

    Link: "I don't need your pity applause" The Crew: Awkward Laughter

  79. Toilet Paper

    when link said PERIOT k wo noehf

  80. Santos Aguilar

    You guys should totally have gordon Ramsey on one of the food will its

  81. Emely Torres

    You know it’s been a while since you been on this channel when you see that... Link’s hair goes up and Rhett’s hair goes down 😂😂. (Only the real ones will get this😂)

  82. JL Sagely

    Know who takes the first bite of a sandwich in the center of the sandwich? Someone who just ain’t right.

  83. kid kooks

    Will it poutine

  84. Elizabeth Johnsen

    Monte cristo is a dessert sandwich!

  85. Roee B

    Next, will it grill cheese

  86. James F

    What happened to Jen?

  87. Pickles TheHobo

    i'll watch any will it to be freaking fair, this is a great one but you could do will it cement where you see what makes the best cement and i would be giddy.

  88. Wolf Smith

    This is a mokbang I think but it’s rating the food that’s why I like it

  89. Malle

    Rhett looks like someone who lives in the pipe for sure

  90. Jailen Brown


  91. Kshitij Jain

    Wow Rhett looks like he's 26

  92. The Bride Of Horror

    I can’t believe how much I had missed Links gagging. Lol

  93. Dirty Pineapple

    The squid sandwich looks like venom from Spider-Man

  94. VLEX F

    “I’m trying to talk”

  95. Spartan Gaming

    Yes put the notoriously super sharp knife on links’s side

  96. Skate For fun

    Those are completely only foods that are supposed to go in the oven

    1. Skate For fun

      I take that back

  97. Tate Sayers

    Do will it tamale!!!!!!!

  98. King Craig 08

    today's my sisters b day

  99. Harper Gamble

    Where is the video for the process on making taki grilled cheese?