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  1. Imagination art Society

    Best April fool video ever 😂😂😂

  2. Trentin Kenline

    That's pretty good guys well done👌

  3. Holly Again

    This is pure, deep, dark, chewy evil.

  4. v c x r i s v

    Hubba bubba has left the chat 👉👈

  5. Christina Reich

    Haha I watched this the whole time and was like “what the heck are they doing????” Haha

  6. Thė Brøkęń Øñë

    I really was not expecting that lmao

  7. Brandon Ward

    Please Troll is in diff way 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. KenKaneki __981

    This is f*ckin april fools shouldve seen this one coming.

  9. JR Drives

    It hit me at roughly the 6 minute mark, how about you guys?

  10. Noah Alexander Harris

    Luke is such a pretty boy ;(

  11. Addison Bree

    I got a whole 10 min in 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m so done

  12. Slaid Gandy

    Gus Johnson is the Stan Lee of GMM cameos

  13. justin moeller

    Just so you know I watched more than half of this video. Then realize it was April fools.... You got me🤷‍♂️🙄🤦

  14. Dana Hogue

    Twelve days later....

  15. Swank Master

    Once I saw gus I knew...

  16. Puke Nation


  17. Sangita Mukherjee

    His hairstyle 😂😂😘😘😍😍💇💇radcliffe 's love it.

  18. HealthyBrian

    noooooo häagen dazs peanut butter chocolate IS the perfect ice cream

  19. pumkinqq Sama

    Indomie is Nigerian no Indonesian

  20. Ruby McNeil

    This reminds me of the 11 minutes of silence episode

  21. Glimzy the Bee

    It's April 2nd here now so this royally confused me :')

  22. Sangita Mukherjee

    Radcliffe is my only celebrity crush 😍

  23. deafn


  24. Andreus Powell

    The “its still good” branding iron spooked me...🤣🤣🤣

  25. Dominic Zebro

    You need to do another one of these!

  26. JustBlind

    6 minutes to realize....

  27. Peter Santiago

    Anyone here quarantined?😞

  28. Sandra Whitlock

    So how was the hospital?

  29. Kass K.

    i shouldn't have read the comments first

  30. NEVEC Corp

    Cheese Tires*

  31. Lemons & Listerine

    This is really hard to watch.

  32. wolfqueen137

    I'm ashamed to say it took me half the video before I realized XD

  33. J-Cat Does Some Stuff

    Once again, I forgot it was April fools.

  34. FRIDGE

    Hey, you guys should start telling us what’s going on in the world like ya used too, just every once in a while :)

  35. Eric Espinoza

    Like even when I knew what they were doing I couldn’t turn away cuz I wanted to see if anything else would happen lol they got me!

  36. Gaga Killer

    Took a me a bit

  37. Mike Traster

    7 mins into it... Me: oh G*d Da*nit!

  38. kyla arnina

    Goddamit i forgot this was supposed to be an April fool's video

  39. Cameron T

    anything 8d is awesome with hd eadqhones

  40. Brianna Elizabeth


  41. Gavin Damole

    Mustve been pretty weird for all the non april fools day viewers 🤣🤣

  42. Kakashi Hatake

    Well Played.

  43. mikebell2112

    Should have made a part 2 also ha.

  44. Grace Evans

    This is so funny I was dying. Made my day so much better, you guys are the best.

  45. Brett

    6:44 you know somethings not right wehn you see this dude 😆

  46. SilverWolf

    I realized at 6:42

  47. BabyBlaze Redstone

    Good job

  48. Krishna Patel

    Who else watched through the whole vid, waiting for something to happen

  49. RandomFunGaming

    Took me 9:07 just realize what day today is SMH 🙃😶🤬

  50. Misty Manning

    Took me 6 minutes to finally realize what was going on...

  51. Jaycee R

    But I still had to watch it all in case I missed something.

  52. Syd Sully

    Kids today will NEVER know the struggle of a CD or DVD skipping lol

  53. Helgi Freyr

    i actually watched the whole damn thing expecting something........ then i realized the date

  54. Shigure Yoshikuni

    Best April Fool Ever!!! XD

  55. Tony Donahoe

    Why did I do that

  56. Alison Postma

    Dang it. The invisible food didn’t get me, but this one definitely did. 😂😂

  57. random videos

    Uff uff aaah

  58. Hope Papernacky

    Omg this was animated by vivziepop YAASSSS

  59. Julie Smith

    Link struggling to keep a straight face is the best part 🤣

  60. eastcoastbret

    Ummm.... gum??? Hahaha.

  61. fatman248

    First one is just a bonbon??

  62. WhyX Animations


  63. Anomaleeh

    @7:43 I realized what this was lmfaooo

  64. BadW01f 2

    Guss Johnson is back! 😂

  65. Mitchell Heyda

    No teddy peanut butter?! You chumps.

  66. heather baer

    Oh god seven minutes in and I realized what day it was.

  67. Zackster

    Ohhhh ok... I get it now. I feel embarrassed.

  68. Alex Chopyak

    Definitely took me almost 6-7 minutes to realize.

  69. Chris Hansen

    halfway in at double speed nuthin is happnin!

  70. Sollus Markis

    Their bike colors are so appropriate

  71. Maxwell Marciniak

    Is this even a real candy?

  72. JPs Garcia


  73. Totenkreiger1


  74. Shotgunnwill _

    I got to 6:30 mins before I realised what this was all about. Good job guys

  75. Jeannie Smith Lunde

    This is hilarious. Kudos to you both. My jaw started hurting just watching. 😂😅

  76. Sara Payne

    K imma do it After I did it: my arms started to dissapear, and then my nose started getting wider

  77. Faizan Khalid

    I found this weirdly comforting.

  78. Sandra Whitlock

    Ewww. But I watched. Still. Ewww.

  79. Shannonigans

    Rhett... just a little trim? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  80. satish reddy

    People can totally make the funniest of the GIFs from this video

  81. Jake Johnson

    I did not catch on 😂😂😂 well played

  82. Callan McLoudrey

    This was the best intro, hands down

  83. James Gowan

    Gosh.... BORE FEST, GUYS! Suckiest episode

  84. A Lynn

    I don't know what's more funny, the prank or Rhett's hat.

  85. Lucas Magel

    Loved the Gus feature!

  86. Slayer

    God damn april

  87. pandaz worldz movie and shorts

    It's because willy wonka made it

  88. ThisIsTori

    Rhett breathes like a dad.

  89. Alex Ghe4

    At the start of the video I knew I was gonna metaphorically get Rick-Rolled

  90. Ana Fleming

    I heard milk

  91. Jordan White

    10 minutes. It took my 10 minutes to realize this was a prank!!!!

  92. Sollus Markis

    2019 is gonna be remembered a lot differently than we thought. It's the pretty decent year before we skipped 2020

  93. Foxy Mama

    Rhett looks so angry LOL

  94. Kevin Ramos

    I got 8 minutes in when i realized something wasent right here..

  95. Artistic Andy

    I just watched 2 guys eat a piece of candy for 13 minutes straight. I liked it.

  96. Big Silly Sock Full of Spiders

    Man i rlly wanted an actual episode

  97. Emily Ung

    I don’t know about y’all but that first one looks really good. Anyone know where to get it?

  98. noodlelizabeth

    some images or visual signs makes me smell things, such as seeing images or videos of grass makes me smell grass shavings. today when i saw a video of flan i started to smell chocolate or something sweet.

  99. Jenny Lewis

    I can dig thisss

  100. LiveAction Link

    Even though these 2 didn't talk much, I could tell there's a real chemistry between them just waiting to reach its full potential. They really should start their own internet show where they sit the same way they are in this video and just talk about a topic or play weird games or even review things like food. They could eat a bunch of disgusting stuff. The internet is always into that kind of weird stuff. I'm telling you now, these guys are going to be famous