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  1. thijnsybren

    Can we just appreciate Link's reaction at 13:36 😂

  2. Nightshade Kelly

    The first one looked gorgeous

  3. ThePurplesquish

    My youngest daughter's birthday today. I did NOT realize the significance of the conception day. Makes sense

  4. Joshua Stephens

    I'm watching at like 12 so is it good mythical night

  5. Chan B

    R&L: dunkaroos don't exist in our universe Me: I literally brought you dunkaroos when you toured Australia, we still have them, they exist

  6. Cranberry Cannoli

    oh god i could barely bring myself to watch the chee-zits one

  7. Cincy Stone

    That’s too much chicken

  8. Friendly Tiger

    How did he know? 😂

  9. Nightshade Kelly

    Link hasn't changed much at all but Rhett has changed a lot

  10. lumos

    Yess alternate universe episodes are always great!

  11. Insignificant360

    10:46 That kid is a future MRA.

  12. ShunMedia

    5:30 Americans and their shoes in the house

  13. jaymi xo

    "wolf" "it's close to a wolf" "werewolf !!"

  14. Callie Jones

    november 14 birthdays unite ✊

  15. Graeme Guthrie

    Ice cream sandwiches are the best

  16. _HyDrA _


  17. Shay Pecker

    "with a hatered of women that strong that boy could grow up to be president one day!" man rhett did not hold back

  18. Steven Monzon

    Rhett was not holding back the second half of this video, and I’m 100% here for it.

  19. Private Teletubbies

    12:03 had me laughing

  20. Alice Nightmare

    Actually link you would make a pretty good joker

  21. Daks B.

    The banana guillotine LOL

  22. Turtles

    run turtle run XD

  23. Rad Fab

    You guys should start a podcast

  24. bloodbourne_vampire 3

    I just watched 2 grown men massage each others feet with chocolate and rose pettles for 3 minutes straight

  25. Koby Boyd


  26. Lauren Van Ansem

    This was such a chaotic episode

  27. tijana

    beautiful episode

  28. *Kika*Smilez*

    I'm so sorry! I have been one that's forgotten at times to like the videos. Never again y'all!

  29. chris warnock

    As you guys asked so nicely i give you a like

  30. Graeme Guthrie

    This was very clever lol

  31. Jacob Hendrickson

    All this episode taught me is that these guys haven't have enough jager bombs in their lives


    I must get screenshots so I can PhotoShop a picture of Link with both the hat and the bikini on I wanted him to put the hat back on *SO BAD*

  33. Falco Bird

    Twix is better than them all. I’m tempted to downvote this video man...

  34. Tony Lee Ross Jr.

    The "chocolate thunder from down under" is one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had.

  35. Jacob Weatherford

    Man these all look good note to self visit some of these places and try these

  36. Candice Perry

    I would watch good mythical morning I like will it videos

  37. Charlee CatBat

    For me, Australian Milky Ways are the best, your Milky Ways are more like our Mars Bars

  38. Vincent Conte

    Need a slowmo replay of links reaction to the balloon popping

  39. Michelle Ely

    I just can’t it’s too clingy 😖😂

  40. Frank Park

    Pretty sure Conan invented this

  41. Jacobson Studios

    Btw you do have to log into an account to like.

  42. XandeR ToXic

    Why is Rhett so anti-man in this video?

  43. lord Farthingale

    Rhett must be standing in a ditch. The dude is 6’8” tall and link is 6’

  44. Tabitha B

    This is one of the best and funniest episodes in a while


    it's never D!

  46. Aabia Fathima

    Rhett doesn’t have an upper lip

  47. Original

    Anyone noticed after they asked everyone to like the video they got 10x the likes they usually get on other videos with similar views (as of now 1.9million views with 382k likes, other videos have like 40k likes)

  48. Golden Child

    This just proves men are better at another thing than women, men were pretty close or very close, the women were not even close.

  49. dvas78

    I’m not liking or disliking the like button (for me) is 123k

  50. Dusk Spawn

    in New Zealand Kiwi is a bird, that is a "Kiwi Fruit"

  51. S h o n n n n n a

    iHop >

  52. Hunter Lane

    Spetsnaz are no joke

  53. sikretong malupet

    i completely forgot that link was tall too

  54. Haruki's moon

    I have a friend that can take both of his arms put them all the way behind his neck and touch the other side if his face so an example he would take his right arm put it behind his neck then to his chest and touch the right side and left side of his face he's like Reaally triple jointed

  55. Lorabert YES

    That last one was unexpected

  56. GBPNZ

    I had never had kombucha and tried the Humm one and it was literally so gross, so hearing them say it 'has no punch' shook me. I cannot imagine trying the other ones that they actually thought were strong lol.

  57. EpicUndead

    Ha! I got the last one right.

  58. TheHomierudy

    Sometimes I wonder if Rhett hates link and they only pretend to like each other for the show because after all these years it would be easy to start disliking someone

  59. Sazia Andrade

    13:42 why are there now two Henry Winklers in the alternate universe?

  60. Elizabeth Widener

    I loved all of Rhett's disses. 👌😂

  61. Youtubehasaids

    We don't even have Taco Bell in my country

  62. Ed Adams

    You heathens, blasphemers of the utmost. You shall pay for what you have said. Repent now. Botatoes are the best thing on bojangles menu.

  63. RobinFlysHigh

    I almost got the queen sweep!!

  64. Suleyman Arma

    - Hey I'm Rhatt Maclackling I'm about to enter the chomp zone with Giant North American Waterchase. Here we go. - I wanna hit it.

  65. Sazia Andrade

    3:44 Why did you say Henry Winkler does not exist in the alternate universe? Seriously though I actually met him.

  66. E G Dunn

    Jordan Morris boy detective????????

  67. Jack Wetzel

    He properly blamed the girl - that was not a good throw

  68. Tom Christie

    who's watching this in 2020 thanks USsel algorithm

  69. Spacemane

    When top comments are "have a seizure" but seizures are actually really serious and NOT funny.. I should know.

  70. Urška Pavlas

    Link saying :"thank you, you know what tine it is" while feeling himself haaaard😂

  71. Sam Cotton

    Ed was definitely homeschooled.

  72. liencuisine15

    Links face when rhett popped the balloon. Perfect.

  73. Darrian Weathington

    WHAT!? HOW!? Alfonso!? 16 seasons and this is the *best episode ever.*

  74. Jackhamma Gaming

    I laughed so many times in this episode, Rhett's ridiculous rant was to funny! 🤣

  75. BlackPiano

    It’s the day AFTER my b’day...one of rarest dobs in the world. I feel special! 🤗🥰

  76. Darrian Weathington

    IHOP is 1 point better than Danny's ... yeah,that's about right. You want 10/10 breakfast food, learn how to cook.

  77. noam barkay

    Whiplash referance. Nice. 12:10

  78. Kay Hirsch

    Trading in bottle caps hahaha Knowing that existed dates us a tad cause my 12 year old wants to know why people would keep their "lids". 😅😅😅

  79. Tonibriana Brown

    "Mythical's Funniest Morning Videos"? 👀

  80. Dr. Satan

    The melted Altoids look like hair pomade

  81. Galaxis

    "It's blowing away! It's blowing away!" Link jumping up and down like that.LMAO and that was totally accurate too.

  82. Gatherer Thompson

    Rhett slowly turning into Brian Posehn..

  83. BluePheonix245


  84. Celtic Batman

    Goudaspeed, Mr. Cheeser, you were a real Manchego

  85. Gracie Yeadon

    Yeah, TOBY!!!! 😑😡😠👿👺😿

  86. WilsonScooterBlueberry Love

    Whoppers are literally maltesers , which we have in Australia, and they are one of the most popular chocolates/lollies that we have here.

  87. Jabin

    Red Baron's is the best in my opinion

  88. Go Bucks

    President joke 👎🏼

  89. SheElf

    Why do they always have you guys eating such dangerous stuff?? I'm actually concerned for you guys...

  90. Roo

    Spent 13mins staring at shoulder boulders

  91. Sean P Curtis

    All this talk of Quantum Leap is making me feel old :(

  92. Kana Beats

    We'll see official gmm tacos within three weeks lol

  93. Justin Casiano

    It’s weird it’s like I can’t watch this show anymore...for some reason it seems so.. like staged?

  94. Becca Viljoen

    Aah Mr Rollerskater

  95. Anthony slawick

    definitely the funniest episode you guys have made in a while loll

  96. Dylan Meza

    Lol at the snake pube part lol

  97. Paige Kuhnmuench

    how did i get robert pattinson with just one eye despite never seeing any of his movies? couldnt tell ya

  98. Charles Jannuzi

    They found the biggest tree, and it wasn't the biggest tree. LOL.

  99. Garvish Patel

    did Link just give the finger to the viewers at 9:57

    1. Garvish Patel

      9:53 *

  100. Dearth of Doohickey’s

    13:36 at x0.25 speed. Look at Link. Your welcome