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  1. Jessica Kiviniemi

    *childhood has left the chat*

  2. A ZZZ

    5:21 I'm not that Girl, I'm that Woman. 💣

  3. Thomas Woods

    About as flattering as blackface

  4. Lexie Harden


  5. L Ryon

    Debby, you ROCK!! Smoking hot.

  6. Kektus 420


  7. SmallFries

    Sailor moon 💕

  8. Jan Purisco

    Thank you Jocko for introducing us to this amazing woman! Semper Fi!

  9. Cupcake Nichols

    Find out the surprising but common mistakes women make that keep them in the booty call zone! New ebook just released!

  10. Kellie Otis

    It's hard to tell which one they're talking about

  11. wanderer of111

    NNN is getting harder day by day, almost lost my petrol to this one

  12. Verenaaa

    wig snatched!! (literally)

  13. Cryb3byy

    Yess put JEFFERY Star !!!!

  14. MemeGT

    Its crazy the amount of sex Ross has had

  15. Enrica Rivecchio

    Third girl is more beautiful without make-up

  16. Mitty Jazz

    Kudos to sonam kapoor a bollywood actress who showed her true face in front of camera without being hesitant unlike other stars!!!

  17. Kheymani Martin

    Stop talking about the brows this is how the drag community is they like or want to be extra then let them be

  18. Lenka Junová

    I don't know why but these taste test videos are very calming. Unlike ASMR I can watch them on a loop all day just to feel cosy and calm :-D

  19. xoALSox

    Iggy is surgery done right. Others should take note

  20. Marcella Ferreira


  21. Tyler Durden

    That's disgusting. Vaseline isn't for hair use

  22. Kellie McCann't


  23. ViVi

    Tun, tun ... TUUUUUUUN!

  24. 4EVER KIM

    Oh no those tentacles was not needed...

  25. Lacy Shrewsbury

    jonathan’s face when antoni is describing his midnight snacks 😂

  26. chava shel or

    Much better 🌹

  27. Lady of the Lord

    I I the only one who th9nks they all look better withOUT the makeup 🤷🏾‍♀️. If natural beauty gets found out Cover Girl and all of them are out of business!

  28. Ina Ric

    She looks good either ways with or without makeup

  29. Sibongisipho Madlala

    1:35 $24.95 for to tell me I'm oooglay🤣🤣

  30. Divergent

    Время уродства, реклама геев уже надоела.

  31. Ellie Johnson

    Hey Jessie

  32. Blackoil 69

    Great look. And she fine as shit.

  33. falpping bird jack sparow

    *Any Indian? This thumbnail girls looks like actress Jhanvi kapoor* 😱

  34. Pamela Rojas

    one of these is a macarewn and the other one is a máçrõń

  35. Lee131313

    From your high energy performances to this, a cute GFE, you are a treasure. Wishing you all the best in the coming Holidays. Sorry your Christmas will be warm down under.

  36. Ellie Krosa

    Could somebody...anybody...explain the baby hair-thing...?!!!

    1. La Mika

      Ellie Krosa honestly, it’s just something to get ur baby hairs out of the way

  37. Jessica Walters


  38. blood vessels

    stunning lewk! also not to sound weird but what a lovely shaped head she got.

  39. Smita Ghosh

    She's Selena's lost twin

  40. Smita Ghosh

    She looks like Selena Gomez

  41. missyv

    Kesha and her mom let Paris Hilton stay at their house on the Simple Life... now look at her! You go girl 😍

  42. Israt Jahan

    They r naturally beautiful and blessed with a beautiful skin 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  43. Bobbi W

    Wow her accent is really fading

  44. Rehan Khan

    I thnk.thy luk evn pretier wtout mkeup

  45. Bobbi W

    Kesha thought I was her friend once and ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and talked to me for like 3 mins LOL it was awesome

  46. paris quick

    yeah david is a solid double d

  47. Franka Deluca

    She seems very genuine and in ease with herself! Good for her

  48. Gracey Slade

    Next to do expensive test I'd like to see do it is any actor or actress from Harry potter

  49. Liliana Tan08

    I wish I have flawless skin like them lol ( ;∀;)

  50. Sakinah

    Try using real girls who depends on makeup for her bad acne scars and other worse imperfections. Its a whole different vulnerability.

  51. Shweta Singh

    They look better without makeup honestly

  52. Michelle Robinson

    This hair style is better suited for a little girl, instead of a grown woman.

  53. Doctron Four

    Loved the first one

  54. Secret_Armor

    Wtf are those 2 sweaty looking strings in the front. This looks like a sewer rat tf.

  55. Zimt_G

    Shut up Meg

  56. •Eccentric Being•

    Im sorry but that liquid foundation took me tf out 😂

  57. Black lighting

    These are some cute black women, cant say the same for the one's who i live by tho!

  58. Bee B E A U T I F U L

    That blonde model is GORGEOUS!! What a pretty pretty face. 😍 but you all are beautiful!

  59. Kam Clips

    They actually look better without the make up

  60. •Eccentric Being•

    Wtf, i just fell in love 😍

  61. baterdene ganbat

    Can we get kylie or cardi b on this pls?

  62. Jazzy Vine

    the fact that they put both david and liza in the thumbnail. amazing clickbait lmao

  63. ImsuAsen Ao

    All of them has beautiful skin.

  64. Cool Motions K.A


  65. Saphire Lopez

    Please give them some micellar water!!!!😱😱😱😱

  66. Ian Barrett

    Boobs are not as sensitive as balls gtfo out if here

  67. Stacy

    How about showing some women with some skin problems rather than perfect looking women. smh

  68. Olga Silva

    Gaten literally can put eye lashes on better than I ever will

  69. FoxTrap Chan

    If I had skin like that..I wouldn't even wear makeup... 🤦

  70. Benazir Akthar

    This girls are glowing without makeup🥰

  71. Alyanna

    That moment when you realize your childhood crush has done naughty things🤭

  72. Samer Ajami

    You have good sex

  73. riri u

    When they asked what kind of blood Jace had, I said to myself "red blood???" And then I instantly face palmed.

  74. Ross Modesto

    She looks super fly in this, love the hair

  75. emoteengymnast person

    EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SAYS ' oh yeah, i heard that new york has rlly good tap water"

  76. Eshan Seepersaud

    Did they numb their scalps or something? Anybody who got braids knows how this shit hurts... Either that or the stylist is extremely skilled

  77. Jupiter Rising

    Cosmopolitan. That's hilarious. I'm surprised they didn't have a white bitch trying to braid an Asian bitch's hair or some retarded racist shit like that.

  78. Claire Richardet

    Love this vid I have been waiting for this!!!!!

  79. Gabriel Gómez

    Yust came because she is my crush

  80. Gabriel Gómez


  81. Mzwakhe Nikelo

    The guy was eating soup and watching them

  82. Robin Lambert

    Wow, Gene has an amazingly calming voice .

  83. Robin Lambert

    Love seeing father and daughter bonding

  84. Marco Sosa


  85. Jonathan Dindyal

    Jessie and debby Ryan completely different personalities same person tho

  86. Fantastically Lame

    Madelaine looks so human compared to Cheryl

  87. L'or Reina

    Waaw love it 😍😍 I want this for my Long hair

  88. Grace Dinsmore

    Mila Kunis regretting playing Jackie burkhartt for 3 minutes

  89. Tatiana Carmen

    Loved every style

  90. Sinister Siang

    Felipe from Flamingo has arrived 2:22

  91. Dantes Vasquez

    Garen is so cool. 😄

  92. Flutter Girl Mystified

    I'ml ready for bed now because Mr. Simmons' voice is so pleasant. His daughter is adorable.

  93. Rob Batenburg


  94. Mohammed Nizam

    All 3 black women are beautiful, the first one was gorgeous

  95. Laijlah

    Halsey is such a beauty and doesn't look like all these instagram models

  96. nickel1459

    I loved her all the way since 2010

  97. Olga Osorya

    Когда я вырасту, то хочу быть похожей на неё! 😍

  98. Sophie Tricker

    Antoni ranting about water is a mood

  99. Dark Caesar

    The first chick is gorgeous

  100. Olga Osorya

    Уооо! Красотка! 😍