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  1. Oof Memez

    Soyeon is the queen of this challenge

  2. Lauren Mason

    Wow Cosmo, using someone else’s video clip at 2:10 and not getting a materials release... your video producers need to get it together.

  3. Jos A AA

    Handsome as dude too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Ariel Swiftie

    Surprised Matt is the cutest thing

  5. Classic Rat

    Debbyyyyy 👁👅👁

  6. Chandler Sampson

    She seems very immature

  7. Rieka Ryana

    can we get Harry Styles on this

  8. Na Na

    She's looking like Megan thee stallion

  9. Peggy Brooklyn

    Most of you guys day she looks older because Bratayley stopped. If Bratayley continued vlogging you'd see her growth and not say she looks older. And please stop comparing her to Annie it's not healthy for her

  10. yoona kim

    So regina's hair is not blond. its actually dark blond. gretchen is right

  11. Mobile Legends Fan Page

    Nina’s teeth 🙄

  12. susanne asahina

    Just saw the first season of drag race and ongina was my fave! She is so cute!! 🥰

  13. Syl Dadyl

    Didnt she get the tap water right??

  14. cute angel8108

    ok but those 2 guys are cute 🙈❤️

  15. Rosa Wharerau

    *Minnie looks like what my mom does when she’s drunk* *which is not so often so thanks for being back my cringe memories* 😌👌

  16. Rosa Wharerau

    *Kihyun said cloning who*

  17. Rushers loves Big Time Rush.


  18. nabhangimanurkar

    Soyeon is the clear winner !!

  19. Olivia_Chan Tr


  20. basmal sulchan


  21. WAZAAA Ken

    Thats why we love USsel 💘

  22. WAZAAA Ken

    That would be heaven

  23. Alicia Schmalicia

    He makes me physically sick

  24. J DMMG


  25. Elaine Arellano


  26. Julianne_ Ok

    I thought she was 17 wtf she's actually 25

  27. jel kura

    what do you put in his hair

  28. Aziz Ngassa

    My dad passed away when i was four..he was a great guy..from what I hear he was much like him...i hope i can be as at least a quarter as hood as he is to my children...

  29. Andrea Chua

    She got the pizza right. Cosmo did her dirty. Ughhh.

  30. Misk toys Show

    Hi i like the old fuller house

  31. she blooms ss


  32. 澪神音翡翠

    以前の動画の時より メイクがまた綺麗になっていて 素敵です! この人の人柄、すごく好きだ。

  33. R E N É E T D K M

    Giggled the entire time. 😂Thank you Gaten you are the cutest!

  34. Brenda Orellana

    ceo of thinks she knows everything but gets it wrong. haha Tyra is so funny

  35. R E N É E T D K M

    Her face when she gets one right. Lol I love this gal👍

  36. Jilla Idama-Ogagan

    Yes girl

  37. emily brooks

    i really liked annie’s outfit

  38. YeseniaJ Zuniga

    “24.95 for it to tell me I’m oogley”😂😂😂

  39. Katherine Knapp


  40. Patoduck Medina

    Para mí es lo más emocionante ..,esa niña sabe lo que amor.....por siempre

  41. PuRpLe WiNgs

    But where is wonho....??

  42. •Tea Ginger•

    *they literally don't care about what the law or people think they are literally HELLA CONFIDENT*

  43. Mackenzie Coulter

    I just became a fan of his and I knew all of these lyrics expect for the dream street one 😭

  44. wamala edward

    Are you Janette McCurdy s twin

  45. Peyton Reyes

    6:40 I am laughing 😂 the thing holding the thingy

  46. Anita

    now we just need barrett and jessica to do heathers

  47. joy

    i just realized now that she kinda looks like abby lee miller here lmao

  48. Arianna Derow

    Really.. they can’t post on there channel but they go here..🙄😡

  49. tuber-bg


  50. Bortgang

    I love this, Bit was perfect!!!❤️🏳️‍🌈🖤😁

  51. Tsana Leen

    The cutest

  52. Dan Rybczyk

    What’s the song?

  53. Rikki Hurt

    I only eat the clear gummy bears. Lol

  54. Katherine Gomez

    No, I'm radio rebel😔

  55. Ooo Oooo


  56. Ashlyn Hutson

    Gaten: people put this on their face on purpose?? Me: I think

  57. Olivia Lopez

    How you do all that

  58. Nazma VLOG

    ngekek bagian kihyun wkwk

  59. b cruz

    Remember that one time I sang the N word and tried to blame it on my brother

  60. Rachel De Jong

    They literally all say the same things

  61. Loby

    wtf is that shit

  62. Marie Seitzer

    I loooove her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Derek Mudd

    They all look better clean shaven

  64. Melani Alvarez Taracena

    When you watch carefully to Hunter you can see a beautiful face where you can see feminine, masculine and delicate. I don’t know it’s completely stunning and incredible for me. I don’t know how to express it but it’s attractive to me.

  65. Ashley Prokic

    Someone explain to me how eating salty chips helps not to have a dry throat? Salt literally makes you thirsty. Make it make sense 😂

  66. Shavaun Alredge

    Hey queen. I am so proud of you Jaida Essence Hall once again boo. You deserve this win because you bring the madness and I mean that in the fiercest way possible

  67. Malak Mohamed

    i love them sooooo much ahhh

  68. lucas abecasis

    Kids have the purest souls this vidio is so emotional

  69. noelly89

    Where can I find Sierra's outfit? Does anyone know the brand?

  70. Zarnaih Marchessa

    The idea of having your first kiss on screen 😟

  71. Sam10947

    Boys don't like to have sisters, but this is the only girl I've seen/heard not excited about having a boy brother.....she might had a nightmare of boy pulling her hair...he he

  72. Stacy Ellis Design

    Tiffany is the celebrity you want as your friend over most others.

  73. sumit kumar

    Foodgod can't even cook but only eats? Just say it you're an American.

  74. Trish Maine

    What is the definition of Confidence? When your wife catches you in bed with another woman and you slap her on the ass and say, "You're next Baby... !"!. Guys use these tickling tricks FIRST result on Google, just copy & paste search the phrase: FEMALE EJACULATION COUPLESEXGUIDE

  75. Lourdjina Occilien

    Ewwww why in public

  76. Adriana Batista

    Borrou a cara toda .Ridículo.

  77. Shari Gill

    The fact that her personal choices still cool clean won the game is fantastic!!! lamo


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  79. minazviita gonzo

    Cosmopolitan just made BTS famous

  80. Barbara

    Im in love

  81. Raechel Oglesby

    Why exactly does Kim kardashian want to hang out with something this level of annoying.

  82. Violet Gray ‘Let’s get drunk.’

  83. 저쪽에 amino bangtan boys

    Soyeon diosa

  84. Samina Quayyum

    6:43 me tryna cover up my mistakes 😂😂

  85. Janine Kennedy

    Crickets no way!

  86. Sainab Mohamed Fröknegårdskolan 8A

    yuqi killed meeeeeee

  87. Emanuele Oliveira

    Dammmnnn I like him

  88. Mina Atiq

    She sounds like Selena Gomez

  89. Anjola

    Has a man body. You're working on ankle?

  90. tamikanadjene

    “I know my shafts.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. Tihoney Gordon

    IM and shownu is me when i do tiktok

  92. Crazy Lazy Cat Lady

    why is joohyeon not here?

  93. Jackie Hilliard

    So we're gonna ignore how fine he is as a man😍😍😍

  94. Ştefania Enache

    he's just adorable, he's a piece of art

  95. Solar's baby

    5:44 baby 🥺🥺🥺

  96. Juavigia Rocha

    Oh, the ghetto 😂😂

  97. Judy Moon

    He is so cuteeee omg