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  1. InsaneInc

    When da boss fight ensued 😂😂😭

  2. Kezerk12

    When he said“Definitely had me rolling, had my kids rolling as well” . Made me fucking loose it 😀

  3. my pain


  4. DJ McCoy

    That intro tho

  5. Bone girl

    Funny enough, my town has a CVS but no Walgreens.

  6. Th3Omeg2M2n R

    The kid hasn't even hit puberty yet

  7. Bald men

    I like how theres calm ass music n then theres loud ass mf arguing over it

  8. travis cerelus

    its that one scene in attack on titan

  9. ArrOH Shoots

    These are real meetings in real life 😅😅

  10. NotAnExpert

    How is this guy talking to them able to keep a straight face?

  11. J DIZZY66

    Im more mad at the fact that this is true and i like watching them types of animes

  12. lil failure

    17:13 the words in the background are quotes from the intro to love sosa lmao just noticed

  13. ShadowBlade64

    2:17 Slide to the right

  14. Crescent Reiss

    You should guys do Anime opening parody >~<

  15. CEO of VAULT-TEC

    Oblivion NPC dialogue

  16. Dejon Hadley

    I can’t think of anybody better than Gohan in early DBZ as the best representation of this video.

  17. Mike Bok

    That is my perfume, my perfume way....

  18. River Curry

    Y’all Kobe fans 😢😢😢

  19. OutlawStarx

    What about that anime a basketball did you get the highlights LOL😎

  20. pkmanber theman

    If you got a raid shadow legend ad like this comment

  21. Lorenzo Uchiha

    Inazuma eleven be like

  22. Blue

    Nears theme be snapping tho!!!

  23. Antonio Pineda

    Is one yo from dallas the accent is unmistakable

  24. RedSkittles

    Poor Desmond mane was sleep until turbulence started

  25. Jelani Mays-Smith

    "Like he wasnt vigilant AT ALL"

  26. Jist


  27. Diego Pereira

    Better call Saul

  28. ThatguyDev


  29. CatLikeThief

    My hero academia running strong...lol

  30. William Freeze


  31. Masen

    How mark say so reanimation then he brings up a reanimated itachi vs naruto

  32. Kai McColl

    People who watched the whole pts naruto series no filler episodes skipped: “oh are you approaching me” (Idc if it’s a Jojo reference when talking about naruto)

  33. Teek Roberts

    Y’all niggas on drugs deidara can beat noruto hell no

  34. little god xenon

    Yall should of played the first one piece opening or the yes we have got super powers one

  35. Kai McColl

    Me when I started watching anime: English dub English dub: *random weirdo high pitched cartoon trash* Me: ok I’m watching sub Sub anime: samurai voices (This was pts naruto)

  36. Double O

    "I'm gonna do this nigga" Pause.

  37. Alpha

    No otsuski: 1. Naruto 2. Sasuke 3. Madara 4. Too lazy to finish yall can do what y’all want.

  38. Ricardo Andazola

    I feel bad for Ben cuz he had to be ichigo

  39. craig Malhava

    Narrow songs are the best

  40. Allister Louison

    Bro, with the pandemic, we need the Hood Olympics 3

  41. Marisol Lucio

    Hawkeye is getting bodied

  42. Darwin_Goated! Goated

    I watched the whole thing from my window🤣😂

  43. Diffup

    0:23 GovErMEnT APPrOVeD!?

  44. William Freeze

    This was gold!

  45. Marisol Lucio

    Don’t get hulk mad lmao

  46. craig Malhava

    Dubs rule man 😭😭😭😭

  47. Serial Assassin

    This finna be carti soon

  48. Ultra Boy

    Demon Slayers’ backstories in a nutshell

  49. zyroblox zyroblox

    that bungee gum tho

  50. One thousand Subs Before 2021

    Girlfriend: breaks up with him cause if anime Him: I won’t lose her *cause that’s my ninja way*

  51. Israel Trevino Jr

    Punisher.... I wish his show and Daredevil's show was still going.

  52. Jolt of Lightnin

    So you’re telling me you physically can’t shoot a gun unless you are born with the ability from the Shooting Nation

  53. Nigel Jackson

    Watch the boondocks that gets right behind this fact

  54. craig Malhava

    Yu gi oh is stronger than dbz.?????😕😕😕😕

  55. Sora Kyosuke

    What anime is the music from?

  56. Drift God

    Desmond: you only dropped two weak people Leland: That's about to be three

  57. KTG Gaming - Roblox

    High quality film on a low budget

  58. the shaggy

    Expectations: Serious punch Full counter Reality: Serious punch Full co- Get's punch

  59. Rezki Clan

    The intro song make me wanna cry idek why🤷‍♂️

  60. DaxTheRipper

    I need a "This Ain't 2k" t shirt bruh

  61. Djsomeone 1

    Wait isn’t naruto shippuden opening 16 old or new and if they should of used it

  62. DaxTheRipper

    THIS AINT 2K !

  63. G4L xPredatorx

    Me: *hits bong* | CJ: *Orange grove street, bitch!* | Me: *coughs and laughs, water going everywhere*

  64. V9 Dus

    This nigga pick naruto hell naw it’s dragon ball z gang

  65. Bluerobbin

    Let’s be real jojo is a new anime came out 2012 😭

  66. Diego Medina

    Video game had fire

  67. J4D3N UPT0N

    Lol the part where it says "N* you a crip?" "Cz up my ghee", got me laughing lmao

  68. Taco American

    10-8 round for old anime

  69. CriticalX

    Yo Mark got some fire 12’s on tho.

  70. V9 Dus

    Dbz the naruto not good

  71. Johnny Chen

    i didn't have to drop him, he get a hall pass

  72. DowncastHades

    How they taking bloody stream, it came out 2012 tf

  73. Aseani Miller - Acting/Stock Market Investing

    Remember when luffy was captured by pirates when he was 7 and ace and sabo had to help him? Yea..

  74. Adam Sampson

    Didn’t Punisher War Zone come out in 2008?

  75. SasukeTomoyaUchiha13

    Attack on titan had the better argument and its a way better show

  76. :V

    8:21 my guy smiling and remember he got roasted about his teeth lmfao

  77. Swift-Kace

    Everyone Gansta till popeyes releases the NEw Popeyes Sandwich

  78. Tre CollymoreSandiford

    when they said that My Hero was in the new big three I had to go with the New Anime Team. The Bakugou retrieval arc one of the best in My Hero. It was over when they played its theme.

  79. Israel Trevino Jr

    Then the kid trains then beats the adults like he was always a boss.... anime always be like that. First adults beat them senseless, the kid trains, than the kid beats the adult, making the adult look like a fool.


    *horrible* , you forgot the mega flaming kick move

  81. Hamza

    He is the best fan of lebron


    Old forever

  83. Datu Ginel

    Man you guys are high

  84. salman samdani

    "it's me, Kyrie and LeBron" 😂😂😂

  85. Williby Young

    No this is my team ! Welcome to the team !

  86. Rylen Exp

    I was like what when he said sao

  87. WarHammerUser

    Should have killed Sakura

  88. ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻

    see you later mom 3 years later I'm back mom

  89. Bush Camperシ

    Villian:trains for 100 years Main character:*trains for 5 days* The power of friendship

  90. marquise thornton

    Y’all forgot about minato has sage mode and the Giants Toad

  91. Jorge Rodriguez

    Y’all niggas gassing itachi

  92. Chris Maystar

    I just realized this: does the Anime House not allow sport anime? No Slam Dunk, no Kuroko no Basket, no Haikyu!, nothing?

    1. Chris Maystar

      @Saadi Kadir Were they in the house though? It seems like they were on some unaffiliated court.

    2. Saadi Kadir

      Chris Maystar they did have Kuroko No Basket the generation of miracles were playing basketball with them

  93. Deadly Tuxedo

    Holy shit you guys can act those hits look real as hell

  94. Muang Pi

    I lost it when desmond the captain America 🤣🤣

  95. Random Person

    Imagine him trying to use a jojo stand for a jojo bizarre adventure

  96. EmporerJay

    U should have played boondocks


    Imma give it to my favorite show ever The Office

  98. torrence jayy

    AOT all the way

  99. torrence jayy

    Cry baby bitch ass protagonist 😂😂😂😂

  100. DeeBo

    We need the third one now more than ever