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  1. Catnerd David

    You really couldnt settle on a title could you?

  2. Fisher N

    No lie tater tot hot dish is soooo good

  3. Bob Smith

    I have only heard one person talk like that

  4. GenesisPlayz YT

    I never said not one of these things

  5. Menes

    Thanks, ganna try using these tips.

  6. Hunter Williams

    When i was born in south Dakota we called Duck Duck Grey Duck Duck Duck Goose! When i found that out I was shocked! I still call it duck Duck goose

  7. Tedros Abraha

    People in the twin cities don't talk like that. Maybe up north out in the rural areas...

  8. Lerry Gindgren

    that tinman sticker 👀

  9. Ginger with iguana banana

    What about dontchano

  10. Mike Hpldeman

    Whoever pukes the most wins

  11. Danny

    Sexy boys, very hot!

  12. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

    After this mile I sat on my couch and stared at my phone for like 3 hours if anybody is wondering how tired eating 5 pounds of food and following it up with a mile makes you

    1. Joshua Velez

      Super Saiyan Mayne Train I ran a 9 mile race with 600 feet elevation and 17 mph winds in 51:12 what do you think I can run a track 5k, 10k and a flat half marathon in all with good weather?

  13. Tony E

    I doubt she was told to simply lose weight and be as light as possible. I do believe, however, she was told to race at her optimal race-weight. Optimal race-weight is within a healthy weight-range. This issue is being blown out of proportion. My wife’s coach has told her to lose weight. My wife did not blink an eye, she never cut herself, become depressed or even sad. She just lost weight and is happy about it and the advice she received. It my wife a victim? Was I a victim when my own wife told me to lose 5 lbs if I wanted to qualify for Kona? Some people are more sensitive than others.

  14. Lerry Gindgren

    thank you for this video, i'm glad i found it. i'm a junior and i've just started to get a lot more into running and i've been improving, but i don't think have the talent to be relevant in d1 if i even improve enough to go there at all, and i don't think i'd be good in d2. this video was a really great, honest reminder about what's important in college and life (and a good advertisement for SJU, i'll have to check that out), and i'm looking forward to hearing more from you, as this was the first video i've seen of yours.

  15. Iman Amatullah

    Everyone's optimal race weight is different. Mine was way below a normal BMI, and I was healthy and successful at running. Mary Cain's may be higher. It just depends. Listen to your body. Whatever your weight is fueling well, and training hard, whilst performing well and being healthy, is your optimal weight. Never follow others. You are an experiment of one!

  16. Tom Nemanich

    Danny “The Clap” Kloeppner. I don’t even need to explain why...

  17. Nicolas T

    Amazing video, I had the same issue than you. I can heal myself with the carnivore diet.

  18. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

    Heyyo, let me know if you know somebody else who could give this Logan Paul guy SMOKE (wrong answers only)

  19. Bryan Ryder

    This is one of the most unimportant things of this entire story, but my god was Mary Cain unbelievable as a runner. But no matter how “fast” or “slow” you are, no one deserves to go through what she experienced with NOP. Under all the medals and fast times people from that group ran, what really went on behind the scenes is disgusting and absolutely disgraceful. Really appreciate your insight on this topic and I’d love to see you really start getting some more content out here again!

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Bryan Ryder been uploading much more frequently lately man, been trying to at least once or twice a week! Thanks for stopping and appreciate the love!

  20. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

    Heyyo everybody. Thanks for stoppin OH

  21. Drikus Steenkamp

    We can make liste of petision aigenenst him and let the atheltes that has excperenced singe it

  22. E Mat

    The NOP is not a concentration camp. Cain was free to leave anytime she wanted. Not only did she not leave but she tried to rejoin this past April. "My Coach Yelled at Me". Sooooooo that's what coaches do Snowflake. Mary's parents are doctors. They knew what her training was and said nothing. Bascially Cain is crying because she never mached her HS success. So she blames the coach. She needs to look in the mirror and quit piling on Salazar. "My coach was mean" *snooze*.

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      E Mat the argument that she tried to rejoin, doesn’t take away from the fact that NOP partook in malpractice during her training. Claiming “the coach is mean” is wrongly simplifying salazar’s and NOP’s core issues. If you want to disregard her weight issues as being a “snowflake”, (many including myself would strongly disagree) then fine, but don’t forget he strongly pressed her to violate USADA regulated standards, as well as many many other athletes in the program. There’s a difference between not being able to take the heat of training (which obviously is not the case if you look at her accomplishments) and not wanting to conform to a corrupt system.

  23. Layla Rajkovich

    Lol I don’t sound like that

  24. Bear Martin

    I dumped Nike many years ago for so many reasons.

  25. Sean Santos

    First, Mary was very fast for a high school girl, she was never fast for an elite level woman. Second, Sifan seemed to do fine under NOP and Alberto. Third, you can't be so naive as to believe that morality or ethics have anything to do with it. This is big money sport, the days of the "clean" athlete are long gone. Finally, what do you make of Mary wanting to rejoin the NOP last April?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Hope I can add a few clarifying points for you, 1. Mary cain’s PR’s of 4:24 and 4:04 would essentially win any D1 Championship race, as well as compete extremely well on the world scene (Emma coburn has never broken 4:20) 2. Sifan is a case example of success, not the guideline (if one out of ten athletes succeeds, did the coach do well, or did the athlete do well)? 3. I don’t think the argument “everyone is doing it” makes it any better. That is the issue with the sport entirely. Doping strips any credibility from an athlete and a coach forever (once your body has reaped the benefits of improvement, it can’t be undone) 4. Mary Cain’s hope of coming back to a program that (at the time) she didn’t fully understand had caused her great pain doesn’t take away from the fact that they have issues. When somebody in a relationship is abused, and wants to come back to their abuser, is it their fault, or the abusers? I’ll leave that up to you. Hope this broadens your perspective a bit Sean. All the best.

  26. SANKU

    Good commentary, Ive subscribed!

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      SANKU appreciate it brotha!!

  27. leo alex

    I am BURNING all my Nike related products. I will NEVER buy or wear Nike again.

    1. leo alex

      @Gavin Sellers Too late, already burned. You must really hate women to want to wear a symbol of hatred towards women like the Nike swoosh.

    2. Gavin Sellers

      leo alex give it to me

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      leo alex it all starts with us mate.

  28. Jim Murray

    Have you ever seen a 300 pound runner setting any speed records?

    1. Rob Ford

      At your best your a moron...

    2. Samuel Côté

      Super Saiyan Mayne Train keep it up man ! 🤘

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Samuel Côté I can get behind this. My point more so is that 6 pounds for a 1500 runner is significantly different than for a marathoner-she can air more so on the side of caution than others. Completely agree with you regarding her weight though-you can’t argue with results! When you’re the best, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Appreciate the response brotha.

    4. Samuel Côté

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train Totally agree with the things you said and really shocked about the situation Cain was in. But let's not say that a weight loss of 6 pound is insignificant at this level: it CAN be a huge factor for some athlete. Different people have different bodies and everyone have their own optimal ''race-weight'' at which they perform best. Cain's race-weight was possibly heavier than most athlete her height - but it was the weight at which she was performing best... she proved it.. Salazar shouldn't have put so much pressure about her weight..

    5. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Jim Murray does it look like Mary Cain weighs 300 fucking pounds? The difference between 120 and 114 for an elite runner, especially focusing on mid distance events, is nearly insignificant. Especially since Mary Cain was already the FASTEST girl in the COUNTRY to begin with. She got slower running with NOP. Your comment is ignorant.

  29. Bob Coakley

    Great video. I was wondering what happened to Mary Cain. Now I know. www.soyouwanttobeafitnesstrainer.blogspot.com

  30. kong xiaoli

    Mary Cain reveals that she is emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by Alberto and endorsed by Nike. “Young girls’ bodies are being ruined by an emotionally and physically abusive system,” Cain said. www.dianjinwa.cn/video/53583.html

  31. The FOD Runner

    Hadn’t seen the video yet, will watch now but read about the article today, absolutely savage stuff, so sad to hear a talent was wasted and butchered 👎

    1. Sean Santos

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train She had parents. Her father is a doctor. You're being emotionally manipulated bro. [and do watch the loaded language]

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Sean Santos I mean this in no means sexually or inappropriately. He took advantage of her inexperience and youth-joining the program in her late teens (just graduating high school), there is very little she could possibly know about the post-high school or collegiate running culture, and her first experience of it was crushed. What’s most frustrating is that there are others who go through this, who don’t even realize it’s wrong because it’s all they know. I can see how my point may have been confusing, hope this helps brother.

    3. Sean Santos

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train "took advantage of her"?

    4. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Running Through It it’s pretty pathetic man, especially considering she joined as a minor and a grown fucking man took advantage of her.

    5. Running Through It

      It's tough, especially having seen similar stories when I was coaching collegiately, just seems like she had no support system and was taken advantage of by a coach who she had trusted since she was 16.

  32. Liam Dennehy

    The adidas solar glides are great if you’re looking to replace your pegs

    1. Akbar Nur Pribadi

      Skechers razor 3 ;)

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Liam Dennehy ill definitely look into them, thanks man!!

  33. Michelle Martinez

    Thanks for speaking about this subject.

  34. Organic Oregano

    Thanks for the great tips Tre, do you have any tips on how to get sent to schools like Scuba, Air assault or Airborne?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Organic Oregano stand out in your battalion and they’ll offer you slots!

  35. Mike Hpldeman

    Tell your superior officer he is a weeny. That's how you crush your rotc

  36. Andy Harshman

    What's your height?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Andy Harshman the least I weighed was 143. My body build is a bit bigger/broader than the average runner, that was about the smallest I could’ve possibly been.

    2. Andy Harshman

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train I'm 6'1 so I was trying to apply the weight and height to myself to get more of an idea of how skinny you were. What weight did u drop to?

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Andy Harshman I’m just a H A I R shorter than 6’0

  37. ExetR

    Im nnesotan and this is exactly what we do XD

  38. Jacob Synek

    Thank you for sharing your story man! It takes a lot of guts to do. Your story resonates a lot with my own.

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Thanks brother, appreciate the love. Hope you're kicking ass man.

  39. Organic Oregano

    Great video Tre ;But I'm wondering if you have any rotc tips, in particular for xc runners(smaller guys)?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      I'll make a video in the future and address it! Good question. For the time being, my biggest advice is to prepare for the ACFT. It is geared towards and favors bigger guys; however, leg tucks, hand release pushups, ball throw, and the 2 mile are still doable by small guys like you and me. To get good at anything, do it a lot. I came into the ROTC program at SJU with a 2 minute max of 30 for both pushups and situps. I did lots of pushups and situps, and my PR is 90 and 95 respectively. It's doable brother. Hope that helps.

  40. Parker Zak

    Can you show how to properly eat a whopper

  41. Mike Hpldeman

    What a waste of time lol

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Mike Hpldeman thats what I love to hear!

  42. Maren Curley

    Really thought this was going to be about the new impossible whopper from Burger King

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Maren Curley part 2 soon

  43. James Mathison

    BAD = Bad Ass Daddies

  44. Organic Oregano

    Great to see you posted, hopefully I'll be able to compete against you in track, cheers from Monmouth College. Also did you get active duty?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Organic Oregano I’ll find out my branch and component this summer brother! Hope to see you out there!

  45. Mike Hpldeman

    To be fair I'm your uncle I used to spell your name wrong for years

    1. Mike Hpldeman

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train perhaps

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Mike Hpldeman seems like you’re an imposter to me

  46. Danny

    Please make an ASMR video your voice soothes me😩

    1. Andy Harshman

      Me too ngl no homo! It reminds of I think tim allen? Pretty sure he sounds like him.

    2. Danny

      Super Saiyan Mayne Train Please just whisper into a mic, it will make me swoon🥵

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Danny Would you prefer i make a 10 hour video of me smacking my lips, or a 10 hour video of me sipping a case of surly furious?

  47. theo smith

    Paying sports at any level in college is impressive

  48. Just Bored

    21: "Would you like a bāg for your bāgel?"

  49. Kleine Fluchten

    If you are serious about running a marathon or want to set a PR then this marathon training “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it) is crucial. I was a reader of countless books on marathon training and a runner of 2 marathons and about 50 half marathons. This is a really motivating and also reassuring book. I was able to get methods that I did not know about. .

  50. olivia holmberg

    i hate it when people say “casserole” it’s hot dish

  51. Organic Oregano

    Brokski wheres the new videos? I'm about to go D3 and I need your inspiration to beat north central.

  52. Xeno Bell

    Lmao this sounds chill asf but at the same time depressing

  53. Best boy Ty

    Bruh 20°f and above is shorts weather its just common sense, its warmer than usual

  54. Luke A Hinds

    Thanks for sharing this. It's really interesting, as I have the same build as you broad shoulders, muscular arms (without doing anything at all to generate that muscle apart from swinging my arms when running). Yet I get caught up in thinking, what must it be like to run at 140-150 lbs or be 5 ft 6. I look at the skinny guys I know and get jealous in a way. These guys can never eat enough and our constantly worried about running making them disappear, yet if I can run a 100 mile week, look at a cake and get big. Anyway I digress, whats funny is that we have the physique that outside of running, these skinny guys with their narrow shoulders and light frame would be really envious of. We look more like a strong male with good genetics should, yet here we are feeling inferior to skinny guys with small bone structures and narrow shoulders.

  55. Lexi Nauer

    We do not talk like that

  56. Master Piggymaster

    Leave a coke outside an you'll know why we call it pop

  57. Xpla

    And we dont talk like that

  58. Xpla

    So I am a minnesotan my self and I just want to say great work on this, the whole thing is basically true! Work on the accent though

  59. kmiller6308

    I ant got a accent you do

  60. kmiller6308

    It’s April 30 degrees and I was in the pool

  61. cole learned

    We dont say any of these

  62. Hanan

    Number #2 is my dad everyday

  63. Jordan Thomas

    Thanks for sharing your story! I haven’t gone through this, but I have so much respect for you. It takes courage to talk about issues like this and I’m sure other runners will learn and gain something from this. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  64. Casper Ockley

    This is actually pretty accurate. Though the accent is obviously exaggerated in this video. As someone who spent their first 19 years in MN and who now lives in ND I think my Minnesotan accent is getting a little thicker though... 😂

  65. Mick

    Number 2 and 3 are me

  66. Nicholas Johnson

    The blizzard of 91 was the bad one

  67. Taylor Beddow

    Ig I'm not a true Minnesotan?!😀

  68. Stuffed Gamer

    Most things here are true

  69. Sominboy27

    05? Every true minnesotan knows that the blizzard of 91' was the one we talk about

    1. Oxi Clean

      I’ve been told that story multiple times

    2. Eve

      You betcha

    3. Nicholas Johnson

      That is true

    4. Tiger Power

      Sominboy27 ya

  70. King Ressy

    Funny as hell

  71. youssef gamer

    Bro how can i get a schollarship to play soccer college im from morocco

    1. Ilyas Souda

      Salam!! I would recommend to find the emails of soccer coaches online and sending them your highlights!!

  72. Jeff Couture

    Well...that’s different. 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Chris Pezanosky

    Thanks so much for opening up about this. As a runner I recently struggled with the same thing and am just now realizing the effects of proper recovery and nutrition.

  74. Fletch's Films

    This gives me an idea.

  75. coffinspiit

    is this a threat against my grandpa?

  76. kokothewolfcat

    ok you are the one person i didn't get mad at bc of a video like this bc your right we do say some of that stuff

  77. Ocean Murf

    Man that accent though we don't sound like that, a lot of this is very correct

  78. Hamberder 1000

    Looks warm out there is there enough ice to even ice fish

  79. James Beckham jr

    Bro love the video. I am a hs student and I play football, idk what to do because I have been looking at d1 never once I looked at d2 or 3 do u mind listing the difference. Plez is important to me

  80. Jordan Anderson

    Minnesotans don't sound like that

  81. super mario kid

    This video is crap what he said was false no one belive him and in Minnesota it barely snows

    1. Jeffrey Winters

      super mario kid you are not from Minnesota,it snows alot. Nice try

    2. Tony Bologna

      @KoolAid Man no I live in MN and it snows daily(basicly) in the winter

    3. Hi There

      That’s a lie it has been snowing a lot this February it is the number 1 most snowy February with a total of 30.4 inches and more snow on the way

    4. KoolAid Man


  82. DougAndRobertAreWrong


  83. DougAndRobertAreWrong

    “Got diggity hot dog cob” I DIED

  84. The FOD Runner

    Wow incredible times on that long run!! And 400 miles in a month, just insane!!

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      The FOD Runner thank you man! I was pretty happy and surprised myself!

  85. Organic Oregano

    What are card pouches?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Organic Oregano carb pouches/gels!

  86. Iris M

    Op, sorry I forgot to subscribe.

  87. David Jamieson

    Great effort. Pace paced exceptionally well.

  88. Rachel S.

    number 2 is me every day of winter

    1. Butch Inks

      Rachel S. Same

    2. KoolAid Man


  89. Killer 669946

    Whats that accent im from minnesota we dont talk like that


      ya I'm from Minnesota too and we don't talk like that

    2. Jcjc

      Other than the accent this is surprisingly accurate

    3. Tiger Power

      Killer 669946 ikr

    4. Nicholas Johnson

      Same I agree

    5. Hamberder 1000

      That’s cause we r surrounded bye the accent

  90. Ben Barrows

    Looks like things are going well! It looks like you’ve got the indoor track to yourself. If you’re doing more workouts in there and that’s the case again, you might consider switching directions for some of the workout.

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Ben Barrows I thought about that after I was done with the workout too! Live and learn for next time I suppose! Thank you for the advice!

  91. Organic Oregano

    I didn't know you did rotc

    1. Organic Oregano

      can you do a video on doing track and rotc.

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Organic Oregano I didn’t either! 🤪

  92. Andrew Schrater

    Nice job on that workout 👍🔥🔥

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Andrew Schrater thanks man!!

  93. The FOD Runner

    First of all, incredible pacing!! Second of all, incredible pace! Thirdly, I sympathise with the 💩, we’ve all been there 😂 great job 👍👍

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      It happens to me so frequently, I don't know what it is man!! One day I'll be able to go a whole run without having to pitstop!

  94. Nicolas T

    Do you use Garmin connect IQ in order to have a "good" running application ?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Nicolas T not typically during races, but I do during training runs!

    2. Nicolas T

      I agree, Garmin connect offers a lots of great tools. Do you track your heart reate during a race ?

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Nicolas T I use garmin connect because I like the different tools it offers yeah! I also track my mileage.

  95. Mike Hpldeman

    Almost made me sick watching it

  96. Matt Kounniyom


  97. Blue Echo

    Dang! Nice job in the race and good content

  98. Sebastian Sowada

    Yo yo yo

    1. Sebastian Sowada

      Super Saiyan Mayne Train ITSYABOI

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Sebastian Sowada YO YO YO

  99. Michael N

    Are you still in college?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Michael Anonymous yeah I am! Currently “redshirting”, I have one year of eligibility left and am currently a junior, so I’m taking time to train on my own and get more fit!

  100. Mike Hpldeman

    Bananas are people to