Welcome to my channel!! I film my life with my girlfriend Mariah and my best friends AKA the Vlog Squad.

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  1. Jack Adams

    Heaths vid is great, but Dom is lyfe!

  2. Libby Pierce

    Vegas 2020... currently 4th april 2020 i dont think its happening Heath lol

  3. Krystal Love

    I'm loving Mariah's hair. 😍😍

  4. Benji Riley

    In 6th grade I had the exact same headphones they used in the whisper challenge

  5. Erin Gauna


  6. asmr dream

    They betta have watched the movie after this

  7. Sacred

    I know not all youtube couples are fake but alot feel like it, but it's crazy how you watch Heath and Mariah and you can just tell they really care about each other and you can see how both of them motivate each other too, they just feel so genuin and its cool to watch a couple on USsel and feel that, its hard nowadays.

  8. HJ S

    Anyone notice how heaths tie is the same pattern as the carport at the overlook

  9. Jay Trueyyy

    Matt had a late ass reaction

  10. Kishari


  11. Rxtro

    They're so cute I need myself a girlfriend I can love and spend time with

  12. Tokes Outdoors

    I watched this with my fiance... We laughed so hard knowing I'd be so shitting myself too! 🤣

  13. Alisha Miller Yocupicio

    if you look at the begging heath already did the spray paint picture but did it in different colors

  14. Ruby Slatter

    Mariah is so great with heath, so patient and encouraging not to mention how great of a dancer she is!

  15. Robert Barrow

    Should have done it with white boards and markets

  16. lewis sanderson

    heath i will go camping with you i’m not even joking

  17. Layan Amin

    alex looks like hes inlove with heath

  18. Michael Goodpasture

    Cutest fucking idea ever for like a little romantic thing best thing ever

  19. Joe Mama

    I like how heath just walks on stage to sing with a beer in his hand

  20. Merry Red

    Me to my husband: BItch you wanna go camping in the backyard???? Husband: Corona Me: You a BITCH!!!

  21. Legend17

    You could do sooooo much better than her man

  22. Joe Mama

    I love how your neighbor just cracking jokes. That’s the kind of guy people want to be around in this situation, at least it’s the type of person I’d want to be around

  23. Gracie Boedker

    I love you guys

  24. Jade Bryant

    I’d love to be that in love

  25. Jessica Millar

    I was screaming at the tv “no ! To Much to much vegemite !”

  26. Charley Warburton


  27. Dani

    Vegan ice cream is the best 🥺

  28. Olivia McLachlan

    Heath: hurry hurry hurry Also Heath: *blows bubbles*

  29. Erykah

    You and Mariah are the cutest together.

  30. Kiara Dauphin

    I dont understand why people dont like mariah... she actually has an amazing personality

  31. Izzy Darkly

    I know I'm late, but holy shit this had me crying.

  32. Erica Goff

    I can't believe you're friends with SonReal!?

  33. Shelly Fish

    i-i-i i-im sorry but i ship heath and liza

  34. [KPG]

    Matt's such a pussy. Good lord.

  35. Jasmine T.

    '' are we still good for vegas 2020 '' if only they knew where we would be now

  36. Leah Cavallario

    i love you guys so much you have got me throw to hard times you guys are so funny

  37. Tori Alder

    If they break up I no longer believe in love

  38. Erin *finger guns*

    heath: explain what it is!! Mariah: its a..... vrrrrrrrrrrr

  39. Eleanorr zieger

    his face when he took out his piercings hahahah im dead😂😂

  40. Erin *finger guns*

    mariah would be the best little league mom fr

  41. Kaylei Rotella-Seidl

    I think Bubba is a great couple nickname, I love that nickname🥰

  42. Sleepy Jones

    She gotta dumper on her

  43. Alex Truelove

    Plot Twist: It's only big because Heath and Mariah are actually below 5 feet tall.

  44. Anum Jawaid

    how was this 2 years ago already? also anyone else bored in quarantine

  45. buboom 123

    Who else loves WBGL ❤

  46. Natalie Scribner

    Does anyone know where you can send art for them to?

  47. Chelsea Reffner

    Am I the only one who cried at how damn cute the glamping part was

  48. mel

    heath looked like my ex when he had glasses on and im very stressed about this realization 😔

  49. YUP its Kathleen !


  50. The Black Hundreds

    Since this was recommended to me. I just wanted to come here and say the N word. Nationalism.

  51. Jada Vance

    Dude when heath called the neighbor he would have been in the house if the fire got there

  52. Chinenye Onoh

    After watching this video I have never felt so po6

    1. Chinenye Onoh

      I meant poor

  53. madeline_ h

    "Where's the marshmallow paste"

  54. Daniella Munoz

    That’s very sad because animals maybe died

  55. Daniella Munoz

    That’s sad

  56. dl1sf

    That is the dumbest shit ever that he don’t wanna say what he likes on his burrito 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ this kid dumb

  57. L K

    i'm watching this in 2020 but like did mariah not know her pen has an eraser? lol

  58. Charlotte Burke

    “Oh that’s so hot”~Mariah

  59. Brionna Allen

    Liza: hair gets stick on something Heath: * laughs so hard he chokes and dies* Liza: welp

  60. Tristan E

    Thanks for putting that hand-washing in the video!! Wash ya hands!! Also editing style (B-roll/montage) looking good!

  61. Logan Perry

    I used to have a teacher who got super pissed of when someone returned her stapler upside down. We went into her room during her lunch break and turned everything upside down just like in this video. Got in really huge trouble but her reaction made it all worth it.

  62. Tristan E

    Yes that sponsor and watching through ads because isolation means gotta get that money to creators!! Loved the video!!!

  63. Trndsttr32

    No one notice that heaths foot size in vans is smaller than 10.5

  64. Maria Muller

    I love how well heath and Mariah work together and I love how helpful all the friends are

  65. Norahs Vlogs

    I like lizza's better

  66. Echo Froofroo

    Scott is cute :-))))))))

  67. astenyep elocin

    Lol tell me why I just realized Mariah reminds me of Janis from mean girls😂🤣 no shade but don't tell me her voice isn't the same lol

  68. vr joker

    I love how high they are at 6:00

  69. Mommabear

    Matt pointing boom boom boom hah

  70. Keaton Collop

    Mariah's humour hits different

  71. meh meh

    "Just push it".... Begins running on spot

  72. Rosie Bennett

    you need to go with sam and colby

  73. Jaelyin Massy

    you is the best a tik tok and dance you shout be on dancing with the star

  74. antoine Hernandez

    please go real camping i'm trynna see summmmn

  75. Elizabeth Rosonke

    Am I the only one that notices that Mariah was filming the bull dog shower scene and all the of the boy looked like they were nakey

  76. Julia Stein

    I hope when they get married they show their wedding dance!!!

  77. hiba is awesome

    Dude I love their relationship. God please bless me like them

  78. Keira Dube

    Omg! At 10:30 you totally look like a good version of Pete Davidson

  79. Annemijn van Rietveld

    omg this is so cute 😍

  80. Kate Fanjoy

    You guys are hilarious! I love Mariah’s laugh. It’s so infectious. Love seeing your new videos. Much love from Canada. ❤️

  81. Kishari

    he just made earbuds!!!!😂😂

  82. Lu Danvers

    Honestly I don't understand how people spend that much on clothes either, like I get having a couple of expansive clothes but with 100$ I won't buy 1 t-shirt I'll buy 10

  83. Maya Schuble

    Omg Mariah saying “weee” was the cutest thing idk why but it was adorable at 2:42

  84. Elizabeth Carpenter


  85. Avi

    Welp, no more date night in the lambo.

  86. ellie. e

    that whole toilet paper thing seems vaguely familiar

  87. Lucky Nguyener

    seeing her so happy about the little things is so precious <3 imagine how she's gonna react when he proposes

  88. Rebecca Balshaw

    i love mariahs editing

  89. Austin Joyner

    What's going on with big red

  90. Sebastian Alvarez

    Mariahs editing tho

  91. Nicole Prop

    I saw it

  92. Ellen O'Reilly

    I love seeing American people talk about our culture on St. Paddy's lol it's mad to think that anyone outside Ireland would celebrate St. Paddys

  93. adam pidgeon

    Well now I know Scott not irish cuz sham said “crayke” ahahha “craic” is pronounced “crack”

  94. Estelle L

    My gosh you guys are literally goals 😂 I love thiiiiisss

  95. Louis McMahon

    🤣🤣🤣 nice

  96. LoRae Vlogs

    Omg how fun! 💕🥰

  97. Maes Hiemstra

    the moment there was knocking on the door i would just leave my stug and leave

  98. Lorena Travassos

    The cutest Christmas video I've ever seen!!!

  99. aubrey thayer

    You know what would’ve made it 10x better? A dog...THEY NEED A DOG

  100. Wet_paper_towel1634 Madison1

    Have God love and peace be with yiu in the future