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Melanie Martinez's creative drive and talents as a visual artist have long distinguished her from other musicians. With her debut album Cry Baby, Melanie introduced the world to her distinctly original vision with hits like “Pity Party”, “Pacify Her”, “Alphabet Boy”, “Carousel” and “Sippy Cup”. Creating unique music videos for each album track, including “Soap/Training Wheels” and “Tag, You're It/Milk and Cookies”, Melanie portrays the traumas and insecurities of the album's titular character over a bed of electro pop, alternative and hip-hop. Her latest triumph K-12, an inspired new album and feature film directed by and starring Melanie, brings together a melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop and indie-leaning electro with whimsical, surreal visuals and magical realism to stunning results.
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  1. Billie Eilish fan

    i love when tierra says " you be yourself " you can hear a little " oh ! " in the background IT'S SO CUTE ♥️

  2. Shylee Ramos

    Anyone else see the nurse at 31:46 turn around and there hands was in front of them??? But the other nurses had there hands behind them.

  3. AxHalo

    yo whos pen tapping in the back lol

  4. ꨄᴊʟᴏ-sᴀɴ


  5. sapphire cyasia

    people on tic tok will using this for there "dark" oc's in two days BET

  6. Gacha Snow

    OK, OK, people no one copied it’s just popular theme in song, their just making it in their own way no one is copying the original song, than others did, in their *own* way.

  7. Lennon Roberts

    I felt like I was watching an actual movie 😳😳😂

  8. Dani Michel

    In 1 week I learn the song! Wowwwwooww

  9. Diamond Pangarungan

    Damm so catchy kinda reminds me of billie eilish (Sorry probobly wrong spelling)

  10. Yamilec Amaro

    Más perfecta no podía ser 💟

  11. ~💙Oof💙~

    I ship Crybaby and Ben. Anyone else? No? Kay...

  12. Malika Lakama


  13. I_Could_Not_Think_Of_A_NAME

    but no one said she copy billie who say that?

  14. Sean Quinto

    My brother: wth is that Me: um... Your supposed to be at your 'detention' 🤣😂🤣

  15. Mitsuki Tsukino


  16. Suger gumbystumps

    This is so cute

  17. Itz Lillian

    i came for the Album its cute

  18. princess s

    Omg am I the only one who watched this at least 4 times now😂👏👌

  19. LazyStarz

    wow, she put it out for free again..... WE LOVE U WE DONT DESERVE THIS

  20. Shaylee Burnham

    We not gonna talk about Talking Angela?

  21. mystical trashcan

    Imagine if the bus dropped from the sky really fast and killed everyone except Crybaby(i think that who Melanie plays) and her friend.

  22. Edwin Murillo


  23. Strawberry UωU

    New favorite song OwO! <3

  24. G Ibison

    My wig fell off and my house was shook down

  25. Yasibel Vlogs

    Hey melanie i love this movie musical? Its sooo good im a big fan i love u keep going i will respect u forever also can u make a part two no pressure take the time u need you just did this k12 film but just asking luv ya yasibel cruz thats my name btw

  26. Gianna Cherry

    All I think how she dedicated this song at her valentines day concert to over and my H E A R T I couldn't help but to gush and go AWWW

  27. Crybaby 30

    Were do babies come from

  28. Zarah Demon

    Me: watchingg best film Melanie Martinez: Going crazy from an orange

  29. Katherine Bautista

    If I made the same faces she did I would look ugly but she can and she makes a teacher fall for her

  30. Ashanti Berry

    I am obsessed with this song

  31. Isabella toons


  32. lucila _

    its just a name of a song ppl.. shut up

  33. Valentine The unicorn’

    *mY nurses being on drugs*

  34. Nevaeh Keller

    What’s in the cats eyes?

  35. OLIVIA

    1:27:48 firedrill !

  36. ilona tomlin

    36:03 the girl on the right is me looking at cake 😂

  37. t e a

    this kinda reminds me of heathers the certain parts she quotes them. for example: 1:14:08 there’s more, but i can’t remember the time stamps.

  38. owo owo

    I’m confused the cat can’t blink correctly

  39. Stanley Huang

    *S H U T U P*

  40. Niyah UwU

    glad im here before this becomes a trend

  41. Lyla Milbery

    I’m going to Vancouver in July and I really wanna go to this

  42. im bored

    I just wished she posted this when she was done making the song. It's such a great song tho.

  43. Lilac Fielder

    Omg nice revenge Melanie!!!

  44. Scout

    No one: Literally no one: Melanie: I will rip your fuckin face apart.


    Melanie martinezs songs are much better than billie eilish

  46. Talha zzz


  47. Green Nature

    Omg,Drama Club,I love you Crazy 😁❤️☘️

  48. ilona tomlin

    When you ignore watching this a bajillionth time for too long and finally watch it again: 😳😲😵😶😍😨🙊🙀😱

  49. Anna B

    People are complaining saying she didn’t copy Billie Eilish when I don’t see anyone saying she did in the first place???

  50. Annabella Krone

    Orange haired Melanie is something we never new we needed (I don’t know how to spell her name)

  51. Claire

    wait... will the same debate appear under every single song named "copycat" in the future???

  52. paper jam DMT /Greenland

    Can we talk about how Melanie was robbed of a Grammy, She put so much dedication into this, all for her fans to see for free, and she wasn't even put up for recommendation. They need to get their judging right.

  53. Ella Norkunas

    I love her voice i have watched this so many times!

  54. Gina Plays

    Put this on speed 1.75

  55. Lilac Fielder

    Your smile is pretty Melanie!!!

  56. Diane Cooper

    I do have to say this is hella good.

  57. ᒪOᔕT GIᖇᒪ

    Melanie! We need a k-12 2! What a cliff hanger! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my birthday is tommarow! For me?

  58. j xsrmine

    don’t let them hurt you 😭💕✋🏻

  59. steve harvey

    yay! it’s back 🥳

  60. Inez T

    I'm a big fan of u!!!!! I love ur songs Soo much my favorite is doll house, Principal,Class fight!

  61. iichicken_nuggetparty

    1:00:12 POV: your sibling found out you ate her package of oreos

  62. i guess so

    .....the duet i aways knew i needed

  63. Tetz Ahoy

    I wish this would have been an entire film lol with only her songs.

  64. t e a

    i kinda relate to crybaby..i don’t cry, but i am hella sensitive, and i do get bullied for, this whole film just kinda touched me on a deeper level. oh my goodness, even the whole friend group thing..this literally just happened to me..i’m crying lol.

  65. Amy Tucker

    :( I wanna see what the teacher look like

  66. CJ Walker

    Why is nobody talking about Tierra's part? That was fire 💯💯

  67. Gianna Sanderson :D

    i was just waiting for the cat to jumpscare me

  68. Adriana Moreno

    I think she copying her but she didn’t took the words from Billie

    1. My Snake Is cute

      Are you really that stupid? This was written 4 YEARS AGO and last time i checked Billie doesent own the word copycat and Billie copied Mel several times like black eyes mel did it first and did it better HOW THE HELL WHOLD MEL BE COPYING BILLIE Awnser all of the freakin billie stans in the commets makeing people HATE billie for no reason and there all to scared to respond because all of yall dont even know WHO THE FRICK MEL IS do your Funkin research before acking disrespectful

  69. Braelynn Hill

    31:10 when grandma's use FaceTime for the first time

    1. Braelynn Hill

      31:33 when the teacher moved you from ur bestie

  70. Camille Walker

    That was good!😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

  71. Deva Shoily Khan

    Can ppl shut up about the copying thing? WHERE IS THE DUDE WITH "ALL THE LYRICS" COMMENT?!

  72. Emma

    55:22 I’m just thinking about the person who screamed *BANANAAA*

    1. Ella Norkunas

      Omg i just relized that when u told me i have watch this alot of times

  73. Isura Barbé Brown

    This is the only album of an artist where every song is fucking gorgeous

  74. princess

    just because the song has the same title as billies song doesn’t mean she copied it...y’all are weird. 😳

  75. TaeTae Is My Bae

    i really think this song is based off the talking angela game because judging by the cover if you look into the cats eyes you can see a reflection in the eyes which came from a theory in the game that there was always someone watching from behind the screen and also its called copy cat because talking was made to copy everything the person playing the game told her to do or say

  76. iiMaggie Oop


  77. Jiselle’s World

    I’m in love ...

  78. Carolina Salguero

    i love ittt

  79. Thanos

    *melanie-has merch* *buy and sell like im a product to society* me: *i mean thats like the whole point right* This is a joke btw i know thats not what she means

  80. Historia Reiss

    Wheels on the Bus 3:54 Class Fight 12:19 The Principal 20:48 Show & Tell 24:34 Nurse's Office 28:55 Drama Club 34:58 Strawberry Shortcake 40:21 Lunchbox Friends 46:19 Orange Juice 51:00 Detention 56:10 Teacher's Pet 1:01:40 High School Sweethearts 1:06:34 Recess 1:17:34 Fire Drill 1:27:51

  81. Molly Hayes

    she can do better than this

  82. hearts in flames

    When you mess with crybaby 👁👄👁 ~👄~ ⚫👄⚫

  83. Park EunAe

    Favorite song off the album

  84. Sofia M

    i swear this song transforms me into a whole different person

  85. Gunner 559


  86. Rose girl Yisenia

    when there's a new student in your class and they have the same name as you

  87. Sky Gomez

    nah in my opinion this song is better than billie

  88. I want to believe


  89. Sky Gomez


  90. Suelia Rodrigues

    É perfeição que chama?!!

  91. flufed

    Can we just appreciate how AMAZING the cat looks omg if any of you want the artist it’s Josefin Jonsson (pastelae on insta)

  92. Olivia Rose

    💕💕💕💕 this was so good! I would have liked to see Kelly turn into a good person in the end, but I guess in real life, some people never change.

  93. uwu

    guys she didn’t steal billies song. it’s just a title and other people use it

  94. Soliva_qaant_ Gacha

    Teacher: *snack time!* this girl getting out her snack: *getting heads* me: lemme get one her: you actions hurt so do your words 🥺

  95. Veronica CHOHAN

    WHY? She just starts dances and singing at the same time?

  96. Jaycie Fischer

    I love how her legs worked in detention and then high school sweethearts came along and her legs were just like nope not today don’t get me wrong she still did good with what she had to work with!!

  97. spill THE tea

    I can’t be the only one who thought that orange and black wig was stunning😍🤯

  98. Soliva_qaant_ Gacha

    Like how am I’m not gonna be scared it’s a creepy bunny like if I was on that bus I would slap it

  99. Lvellie

    *Hey you! yes you're beautiful*

  100. Queen Snivy Plays & More!

    Donald Trump is not happy