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  1. Quintyiah Simpson


  2. Travis Lewis

    Dababy is the type of person to get Karens to bop

  3. vqy x

    1:53 goddamn she getting it alll

  4. Kodjo Swole


  5. Angelia Allison


  6. Jay too saucey

    the android lmaooo

  7. Mazermarrish _2

    Best song by da baby!

  8. Ng Puay Seng

    “No Guitars were harmed in the video”

  9. Charles Dana

    Bop irl pls guys 🕊👌🏼🍀


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  11. jake 101 eddie vr

    like bitch im not touch u broke ass bitch

  12. jake 101 eddie vr

    he was looking at the floor /

  13. Sherman Bell

    I love da baby

    1. Sherman Bell

      And Roddy rich both to I wanna see them

  14. solomon king

    Anyone notice that this song and Friends by Marie Ann and marshmallo have the same guitar beat.

  15. jake 101 eddie vr

    dancing on a table

  16. jake 101 eddie vr

    whynba dont stand on the floor

  17. Francesca S

    Amazing production also, the whole flow is tight. Just sayin'.

  18. Marky Mark

    No social distancing ?

  19. Azevedo




  21. Drink_Bleach_07

    NBA youngboys`s grill must be worth like 750k must be nice to have that kind of money

  22. Cameron Barker

    NBA Youngboy when he starts singing: 👁👄👁

  23. TheGamin Pug88

    I pull up🔥

  24. Alejandro Acosta


  25. jj


  26. Isaac Judy

    So we forgetting about post malones version?

  27. Maxwell Abegunde

    He’s been throwing money

  28. Phish Phrog

    Dis shit hot garbage

  29. Modigga Gaming

    lit lit lit lit lit

  30. Gustavo Partida

    1:15 the next Fortnite dance

  31. Life with Trey1k

    The singing at the beginning killed me😂

  32. Clifford Devoe

    We need them on another banger

  33. Michael Blouir

    I heard this beat before!!!! where did it come from??

  34. K C


  35. Money man Dan Charles

    SoundCloud zodon509

  36. Jesus Martinez

    👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 bitch black life matter 🤜🏿🤛🏻

  37. Ace Newgate

    Dis song booty

  38. Bobby Castro

    He said YNW



  40. Ryder Hyuuga

    4:28 me after eating at a family event

  41. Yerboifrank

    Bro these dudes are have the personality of black or forces with blood on them

  42. youz boner

    got to give it to him that would be a great movie trail and also there were 6 or more people armed with guns and none of them shot hime when he was standing in front of the door like are ya idiots ...... of course their idiots for not straight up busting the in instead of talking infront of the door and think they ant gonna see ya"ll in the small peeking hole... anyways it was good

  43. Tamara Breeden

    Love you have a good night

  44. 1_0_1vlogs aa

    Fuck all ya bitchs out there

  45. FuckNiggas

    Ye sir

  46. Jamari Jacobs

    LETS GOO!!

  47. Fierce

    Da baby carried young boy

  48. justadrum

    Maybe I'm over thinking this but.................Ginuwine's "Pony" is like the only Pony song everybody know...and by the time this came out, we kinda already liked DaBaby. If this came on after I listened to Ginuwine I wouldn't be mad. He'll get checks forever lol

  49. Vronx

    People saying “i didnt come from tik tok“ came from tik tok😹🤦🏾‍♂️

  50. It’s Aubrey

    0:07 what the hell-

  51. cooljbasketball

    nba youngboy back at it again wit da mhmnfkmgf

  52. cooljbasketball

    the song was all good until roddy rich pulled up

  53. GamingViBEZ

    dababy singing????

  54. Kaian Ritchie

    Ligma dick

  55. Nathan Darr

    No tiktokers we don't care that you found this from that.

  56. Bailey White


  57. The 80’s Skater boy

    I got this from ProjectSupreme

  58. Ceili Gomez

    You can use me as an I came from tiktok button

  59. A'Reel Wilson

    Offset sound like quavo

  60. Carl Wheezer

    2:03 Tf is Youngboy doing back their?? 💀

  61. Rnim Quavo

    Song remind me of simpler times 🔥👌

  62. Mr Gilbert

    Didn’t come from tiktok but the bit from tiktok is my favourite

  63. 20,000 subscribers With 0 videos

    for the 1% of people reading this, I hope you have an amazing rest of your year

  64. Ghost Smoke

    Listen to C lanski-Give No Fucks,2.5 (official audio) its the best song of 2020 hands down

  65. Chris Subscribe to DKrecords

    Play back speed at 0.75! 🔥

  66. Arlishia Stiger


  67. Jordan Gomez

    They both good but not rlly a good duo😂

  68. Sha Monroe

    Bangaaaaa😻 song on repeat !

  69. Isisis Creamsz1

    Does any one it does your momma mind it she isnt hear that reminds me

  70. John Stern

    Yb hipe

  71. John Stern

    Yb was killing it

  72. Dylan Nguyen

    dababy really made a whole god damn movie out here

  73. Joe

    2:57 is funny

  74. NbaJessie King

    Slime 4ktrey gang life 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🐍

  75. P2Dionn Minettee

    Is love all your song this my song

  76. Chunky Dinuguan

    So lit mobile just sent me their solar wireless charger

  77. bible. exe

    this song ass

  78. Mar'Khi Dixon

    He would use the pizza 😂

  79. LofiWackPainting

    This was bound to be a classic no cap 🧢

  80. Alison Chesterfield


  81. family Clancy

    To this is Amazon love da baby and robby rich you rock ❤😁👍

  82. TheRealYanN

    0:38 when your delivery guy mad at u

  83. Margarita Hernadez

    Remix and nl shoppa

  84. Carlos Trevino

    No wonder my packages have been taking so long

  85. Crystal Tenner

    Sitting at WinCo foods and sad thinking of Abagale and how she wouldn't ever say what I just read so ha

  86. Mob

    Roddy doesn’t sound good on dis.

  87. bojak cates


  88. unreal pandas vlogs

    The people who dislike is the people didn't get there mail

  89. Faze Lala

    They look nice


    This is actually a music video it has music and is long like a video

  91. Leonardo Amigoni


  92. Sum Helicopter Nigga

    This shit so ass man

  93. Jessica Chambers

    from baton rouge to atlanta.........BATON ROUGE GANG COULD ONLY LIKE

  94. Jose Emanuel

    O toque é igualzinho do começo da música da Iza evapora

  95. Mr. G


  96. Edwin Vargas

    The song is sad


    "plug" I am making a mixtape of this.