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  1. MusicMadeToine

    Mane dababy the real goat🐐

  2. ryanbcreative

    That's one Gnarly 1-take S?O to them for pulling this off

  3. ʟɪᴘsɪɴ

    My nigga put the jabbawockees in here to lemme slide

  4. Matt Garcia

    0:48 lmfaoo OHH OHH

  5. LeFredd 25hunnit


  6. Tanya Lemieux

    aww was expecting so much more from the Jackwockeez though



  8. Lx5 Gaming GG

    Thos video is legendary af

  9. Katarina DelCamp

    ****gets higher throughout the video

  10. Tyre Wilson


  11. Drew One

    0:27 why dude on the left pull that lil baddie’s white dress DOWN tho??? 😆😅😆

  12. Mya Jones

    1:24 mistake on the right

  13. Charles the dancer

    Why that girl on the right in the end tryna stay in frame like that 💀

  14. skudda 2 fresh

    Remix this with pee wee longway n offset.

  15. Keaton Srpski

    2:20 what’s the name of those dancers?!

  16. Mike Payne


  17. Troy Taylor

    Who is the girl?

  18. ethan vernon


  19. VAnKev

    Bro the unison on point 🤩

  20. Alexander Lazowski

    For anyone wondering, the girl in the front's name is Courtney Sanderson, and she has Instagram. 👀👀👀

  21. Twisty Blunt

    I call a lie, she would have flipped out seeing them girls twerking on his phone. 😂💁🏽‍♂️

  22. Navarro Pierre

    Keep your foot on the gas bro

  23. Forbis


  24. Joshua Kumoyo

    Ayyyyyyyeeeee this is a vibe

  25. Cole Bullock

    This video is a BOP

  26. Nick A

    Did anything hit harder than that whole crowd woah?


    Look, this music video was great but when the Jabbawokeez stepped in, they murdered it!

  28. Jamaican Cashew

    The future kingz and JABBAWOKEEZ in the same vid, christmas came early

  29. Lawrence W.

    Get the pale bitch outta here...

    1. Tripp’le H

      Lawrence W. Gay ass

  30. Louis Caceres

    This man keep making banger hits n vids 🤦‍♂️🔥 keep going my guy 💯

  31. Youngasianboii

    1:19 that was hella clean 🥶🥶🥶

  32. Squally - Bryan G.

    2:56 this girl fucked up the whole end scene....

  33. kriston

    This man so creative.



  35. Clash

    The symbolism in the song represents how much of an influence DaBaby's music is having on the new generation and the entire nation and how his music is bringing the world together. That's why there are so many different types of people being represented and they are all dancing in unison and feeding off of each other's energy. The bottom line is, there is strength, fun, and happiness in diversity.

  36. Josh Gonzalez


  37. WhatsUpProductions Presents Popeyee


  38. Jasmine McCoy

    I loveeeee youuu🎶🎶

  39. Braden Floyd

    I'm saying who that girl throwing ass like that

  40. Nathan Ker

    jabbawokeez hit the hardest woahs on jah

  41. julius warren

    My boy gunna is so my fiy

  42. rtmkev

    he running around like a extra LMFAOOO

  43. Mrs. Miles

    His flow sound the same tho, but I'm not a rapper

  44. davion anderson

    When is he gonna stop wearing that Jersey.. lol .. and why he gotta steal bop from blueface lol

  45. LAMZ NYE

    This video’s wilding in instagram 😂🔥🔥

  46. Giovanni Baeta

    Instantly instantly instantly my favorite song bruh


    Best video 2019

  48. Tika L.

    The video is so clever 👏👏👏 I think the main reason I like DaBaby is because he reminds me of my brother that passed away 😖💜

  49. Chris B

    Idk how anyone can hate on Da Baby

  50. Online Clientone

    Jabs hit that Bruno Mars🔄

  51. Yg Aris

    Yeah 3x vibes

  52. iamsula

    He brought out the jabawakis in 2019 & they came out shhhhmoooooooooth as fuuuuhhck

  53. Aunt Jemima

    She’s twerking and walking on her hands at the same time. How tf

  54. Brew J

    So called blacks hispanics and native Americans are the lost 12 tribes of Israel.

  55. James Baker

    if you listen to highskys diss on tfue he has the same beat as this song and even uses some of the same bars

  56. Aah'Niya T.

    Yoooo this song litt I saw {DAI&NIYA GANG} reaction to this song. 🔥

  57. Aunt Jemima

    I did not want this video to be over

  58. Gladys Grace

    From an artistic point of view! This was amazing creatively. I love the fact that the dancers are from all walks of life from size, shape, color etc #INCLUSIVE #COLORBLIND

  59. KaHLiL 2Classy


  60. D

    Danileigh tho

  61. Remi Ogunsanya

    The dancer with the fro is from Aliya Janell’s [email protected]

  62. Aunt Jemima

    Thank god for choreographed videos beyond twerking

  63. Itz OnlyOne CashLoc

    Keep doing ya thing Cuh , 🖕🏾 a hater 💯💪🏾

  64. SI- 4anem

    Im additcted to this🙂

  65. Blue Hart

    Haha that was Moneyy

  66. Tyrell Thompson

    I was bumpin this shit all happy then he just calls me a bitch ass nigga Nice.

  67. Blank Blank

    At 21 seconds da baby's is waving his hand up and down LOL

  68. Whysofire


  69. Young Newport

    This definitely doesn’t sound like baby on baby suge or all his other songs 😂😂

  70. Tasia Stanford

    Okay okay!!

  71. Austyn Laporte

    Why all of his songs sound the exact same??

  72. sher ehtaw

    Call everyone a b***h as n****a shit funny as f**k😂😂😂

  73. LaMont Davis

    Dude got good music Lou talk

  74. Aloysius Solas

    Dude brought out the GOAT jabbawockees🚀🚀

  75. LaMont Davis

    Come to the Lou I made this dance money talk my drop dance whn I'm on my first of the month money I swear same dance it's crazy I got tht bop as tht drop

  76. Sam Rankin

    @2:37 is the coldest dance move I ever seen

  77. Eric Hollingsworth

    Like how he did that in basically the same outfit it might got shot in by them good pressing him! Da baby is fireee bro

  78. Tomas Echevarria

    I’m just here for that buttock. I don’t know the baby.

  79. Kamryn Janeé

    The girl in the pink had one job!!

  80. litty.chungus 1

    I read the title as kidz bop musical

  81. Wow 30 Something

    Didn't know they still make videos this good 💥🔥💥🔥🔥

  82. Masked Rider Ken

    Okay I see you Jabawockeez

  83. master fox


  84. SI- 4anem

    That twerker fucked my mood.

  85. Ginger Fuq

    Need an @@ on the girl twerking while doing a hand stand 🤤🤯

  86. Serenity Willis

    This shit bang dababy!!!!

  87. Zig_Zag Jr

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn bro

  88. TwoNiggahs

    did my boy kill this or what? soundcloud.com/yvngboysos/pornstar

  89. Antonio Johnson

    That shit was dope AF!!

  90. Aisha Fav’Clips

    Damn!!! Very creative ❤️it

  91. Cadillac Greg


  92. leonthunde 'Gaming

    No wonder cali always onfire

  93. Chop Stick

    *I got greens beans potatoes tomatoes*


    Too bad mufasa didn't perform

  95. Tracy Knowles

    sexy dress wooo wooodi...cl wooo trapped hmmm jamming music 🎶 we're going tagged eagles one Witt west lillyh selah 🔥 🔥 🔥 families cuuzz come ..tagged woo boig bae dad .popa woo

  96. Mason Compston

    RIP dababby dad

  97. B Money cash

    Why the future kings are always in music videos

  98. Anjelica Gonzales

    How many girls were in the video ⬇ ⬇

  99. V3NOMUS

    What's that twerking girl's insta anyone?

  100. Joe

    Jabbawockeez the only group to make it off ABDC