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  1. Nick Meersschaut

    I am imaging how sticky it is

  2. Luka Hanif

    Plj Plj contact me its my Wp Nombr 8787501126 I want to buy some materials

  3. Jeriah Paul Serrrano

    Hotdogs with batteries!!

  4. Regan D

    What about freeze drying caramel and chocolate?😝😋

  5. Loie Iñego Larazi

    And make a series about it please

  6. Loie Iñego Larazi

    You should make a minecraft video

  7. charmaine joyce Pacaigue

    The quickest to get rid of cotton candy is eat it 🤣😂🤣😂🤮😂

  8. Nigel Fisher

    How not to inspire idiots

  9. maximus primus

    Just spray it with some mist and it will be a rock

  10. lddlmurphy

    Nate are you the leader of king of random

  11. Justice McWilliams

    What a coincidence I literally watched SuperRaeDrizzle video before this and it was also sponsored by RayCon

  12. Som Bhattacharya

    Make sky ball

  13. Ben McInnis

    Use a drill or motor to make it automatic

  14. The Ender Dragon

    Congratulations! You're now sterile.

  15. Lilly R

    *see kids, this is why the chocolate inside your pocket melted*

  16. Joshua Mcmaster

    Deep fry cotton candy

  17. Holly

    They really like fairy floss 😅😂🤣

  18. cherritrg

    2:15 ... ... *b l u e*

  19. Turbhoe Heflin

    Please please please ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee make M&Ms thank you have a greatest hour day year

  20. naytik alijar

    try making a a droping fire ball

  21. DogeisCut

    The boo blue box font is pusab


    you should try to make it super solid, and try to see how much pressure it can hold

  23. Toby Shew

    Cali, "that's too bad", nom nom nom....

  24. Luna Lovegood

    How is this published on the 2nd of April if it’s 1st of April today? Not angry, just wondering

  25. ind vk

    We r doing this for millions of years in india man...

  26. reddit sheep

    could you guys do something different like a react to Australian things just an idea

  27. Andru K

    Will it work with a water balloon

  28. Austin Ferebee

    I really agree with Nate monster legends is like the best I have basically every single animal it’s like such a great game you should really download it

  29. Dakota Wilkins

    And I thought you guys were smart. (I’m just jokin!)

  30. johnny rainbolt

    You can make it tighter you have to roll it like clay. It can be done try again

  31. Sri Dathha

    Is that real diamond?

  32. Gilbert San Jose

    dry aged nails?

  33. Lemurian Mapping

    Its still weak if its *edible.*

  34. KC

    My favorite part was when he said huuuuur and said he'd trade 5 bread for 1 emerald

  35. Rocket rat_YT

    You shood do ice cream and malted ice cream

  36. Emily Baker

    You should microwave cotton candy

  37. Diet Schweppes

    It would be really cool if you put a sheet of aluminum foil over the front


    Hi! Make the world's largest cotton candy ball

  39. -KIMG-

    What about a rope made of nerds rope?


    TwoSet: *Sacrilege*

  41. Luke TheBaker

    Me Thinking: Liquid Oxygen? That doesn't make sense. Also Me: I want to try to drink it

  42. Loser YT

    I instantly recognized the Bumper2Bumper soundtrack after the montage

  43. Melissa Pearce

    Make your house water proof

  44. CutiePie Ella

    I’ve literally been watching you guys for a while and just now I got a thought in my head.. that girl looks a heck of a lot like ms Wen Weaver

  45. play master


  46. Thomas Ahern

    You should cover yourself in cotton candy like you become the cone

  47. Laquidal Currie

    Freeze dried McDonald’s food

  48. Tiny CheeseGiant

    Have you guy and gal tried making maple syrup cotton candy? In theory it should work

  49. Blender Bach

    5:30 "Little Living Wormy Inky Dudes" -Calli 2020

  50. Cracker Jack

    Id like to know what would happen if you put some paintballs in the freeze dryer. Will the paint balls pop or shrivel up?

  51. Sherry Landers

    ' 'oh no my finger "Calli said .Nate"lets eat it"

  52. aabsc

    I hope this was recorded well before the pandemic, they keep eating cotton candy that's touched everything imaginable.

  53. Matt Struhs

    zip tie rope?

  54. Dinoking LJ

    Make strong marshmello rope

  55. Renno Rüütli


  56. Vermino

    Welp, we need to ban sunlight now...

  57. Jameson Zepp olsen

    Can you make a rope of duct tape

  58. Jay_ofall _Trades

    Licorice ropes next

  59. Kate Thomas

    I'm so disturbed right now 😂

  60. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    0:46 Steven at the end of “Everything’s Fine”

  61. Sherry Landers

    Small price to pay for nothing

  62. Preinstallable on Roblox

    Everyone is using raycon as a sponsor, first it was NileRed, and now its you guys

  63. Kayla Snow

    Hey guys, just curious. What kind of pocket knife are you using?

  64. Redev

    Put tinfoil infront of it

  65. Michael Loftus

    Do a rubber band rope!!

  66. Haunted Penguin

    Make a twizzlers rope

  67. Sweet Dreams

    What happens if you eat lots of caffeine pills with melatonin pills

  68. Sherry Landers

    We are maniacs tkor

  69. brookepeet

    Your face

  70. Lil'Berry 27

    You should do something with erasable pen ink. They are the pens with white/clean plastic eraser ends.

  71. MythicLordz GT

    TKOR TEAM:Has 8 cartons of cotton candy cartons Nate:I will make cotton candy Her:Eats it all Teacher What does she have left? Me:DIABETIES

  72. Kristen C

    You should contact How Ridiculous and do a giant one off of the tower in Australia!!!

  73. yinghung man

    2:17 If the water has white food coloring and the super glue has yellow, it would look like a fried egg.

  74. DAGin Gamer

    Is that even a strad? Can we get Eddy and Bret on this AmAzInG video?

  75. Gideons Word

    Does anyone know the "durability", of the Plaster forge liner? How long will it last?

  76. Pranav Krishna

    What will happen when you put ash in the furnace

  77. loading

    my right shin shows camera shot of it hitting his left shin

  78. Berenice Flores


  79. Samuel Smith

    10:40 you forgot nerd ropes

  80. ClearedButton25

    Ok but why

  81. Laura, Katya & Jack Woodcraft

    Do a wig or ur hair in golly ranchers

  82. Zachary Clark

    That’s not laminar flow

  83. neh1122

    When you swing on cotton candy

  84. Now thats ok Ok

    Why a russian melee to make bread

  85. Gabriel Lawrence

    1000 watts, weak. My microwave puts out 1400 watts!

  86. Hanuma K S L N

    I moved 1 meter away from my mobile while watching this video

  87. yinghung man

    Annoying Orange: 'AHHH! A MONSTER!!!'

  88. NTH Awesome rishi

    0:10 how to flex on 2020

  89. Aydin Yeung

    Feel bad for Callie

  90. Bunny girl Hop

    Most people,6 feet away from each other and wash your hands Me, whatever 😒

  91. Poseidon 2000

    Can you try putting cheese powder in the cotton candy machine to make cotton cheese?

  92. Anjy Masmil

    I wonder how many Guinness world records they've broken unknowingly


    cali being adorable again This is why I'm here

  94. The Raptor King of the West

    You guys are the modern day MythBusters

  95. kay'lon Kelley

    Try to make cotton candy from freeze dried candy or other things

  96. lucifer

    What I always do is light them on fire and then take the crisp outer shell off and then eat the melted inside

  97. sharkmagic

    Man this guys would be hunted down in Fahrenheit 451

  98. Nicholas Olea

    Are you two together?

  99. YaBoi JdøubłeV