I'm a singer... I'm from tacoma WA and everyone tells me I have the best voice of all their friends. I'm planning to someday get discovered and become famous. My inspirations are britney spears, avril lavigne, spice girls (i know they are old school, but they have so much talent!), and of course josh groban. I hope you enjoy my singing!

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  1. Yeny Vargas

    Miranda is stupid ☝️

  2. Azuolas ozinskas

    Im very dumb😖😖😖 I swallowd tooth paste my tummy hurt

  3. Phil Mc grath

    It looks exactly like camila cabello

  4. Lakisha Lee

    No I'm famous

  5. Claire Harrison

    Jake Paul has a new girlfriend called Tana Mogeu

  6. Kayla McCarthy

    Bille is a GIRL

  7. Trey Prater

    you suck do not cut her hair jojo is pretty than you ugly

  8. Tanya Coombes

    Are you collienn balenger

  9. Amanda Hood

    “Tic Took” btw no one will ever follow u

  10. Ajax Charles

    I literally cringed!!

  11. Azuolas ozinskas

    I love her so much💜💖💜❤💝

  12. Jordyn Wells

    I was born in 2008

  13. cleetje

    Smart Peeps doesn’t get a poisend stumach for a overdosis of toothpaste

  14. Jenyse Welcome

    It’s a girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. imy imy

    hahah she just said billie is khalid and jacob sartorious at the same time haha like if they looked alike

  16. Pandy524


  17. Dana Taha

    I love you Miranda sings I like you comb the cat hahahahah so funny 😂

  18. Wolfylover_YT Youtub


  19. Trey Prater

    you are so bad hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah and ugly tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo your name is farty pants

  20. Adanna Atuchukwu

    I ate three Mexican candy

  21. Bates Diane

    Did you just say stupid

  22. Jasmine Smith


  23. Lucia Fluffy Cat

    This is how many times Miranda said Jo Jo’s stuff was ugly ⤵️

  24. Madison Courtland

    Stephanie your mouth

  25. stephen clancy

    James Charles side is defanatly better

  26. Maddison Scarbro

    Why is there a blue you can't see her titeys

  27. Teryll Lucero

    I love that you are so pretty

  28. Kelley Fender

    shake your ass stupid

  29. Lailah Young

    Do a video eating a TACO

  30. Sucdi Abdi

    Miranda, where is the the best place I should get some "listick"? Btw ur next vid should be a Q&A and plz make this a question!!

  31. Jacob Peabody

    What I’m I supposed to do use my chestical milk?! Hahahahaha

  32. Kaylee Lisenby

    why does miranda have more subs than colleen? 😂

  33. Karolynne Rodrigues


  34. juch86

    Show as the baby please

  35. Mary Jordan

    U r dum and stupid and fat POO!

  36. Jacob Peabody

    Ilysm Miranda or Colleen ily both ❤️

  37. Tayla Gregory

    Nobody draw on that

  38. allison world

    I hunt you ko stop doing you yup

  39. Mr. Edgley

    Do it

  40. Layla Olazabal

    I’ve watched this vid an unhealthy amount of times 😂

  41. Shelby Langford


  42. Shelby Langford

    Its ugly your hear ewww 😆😆 YOUR STUPID LIKE A BOY U CANT FINE MEEE 🤣😂

  43. AllyPlays Roblox

    Yes that is the best hydroflask ever

  44. Ali Roblox & more

    Do an elmers what if box

  45. catilyn beth

    I feel so bad for you and JoJo

  46. Rosanna Coon

    Someone in your family

  47. Athena Aguiar

    Skskksks and i oop

  48. Athena Aguiar

    I saw a long tie dye shirt

  49. Alyssa rdz

    Mexican people be like:😑how is that spicy?

  50. Unhxrmed

    Can you make an epic makeup tutorial for your amazing looks

  51. Scott Hudson

    That did look like a braid

  52. Sanjay Rana

    This is not a live Miranda

  53. Timberley Clark

    Can I Haaaaaaaaaave him

  54. Tmobile Customer

    It looks like you still have lipstick on

  55. Nada Plays


  56. Jess-Bee Channel

    Is that WIKI Stix? Like if mini Miranda is the best!!!👍🏻 I’m scolding you to do this cause I’m am the president!!! And you’ll be thrown in there

  57. Chrissy Rose

    If you look at the garbage there is Starbucks

  58. Agnieszka Kuberna

    Did any one notice Miranda had lip stik under her nose

  59. Adegbenga Ayoola

    When you sing you hurt my ears shut up fuck you bitch

  60. tia Hussen

    Scary ahhhhhh

  61. Lilly Ann

    Didn’t mean to dislike I love your videos

  62. reyna solano

    Not cool

  63. Adegbenga Ayoola

    Finally you are giving up USsel you so bad at it

  64. wongXiong kathyvang

    I will never do the do the charity Carly chalige

  65. Adam Williamson

    My friends Rechrad me miranda

  66. jacqueline lucas

    I can smell your hair and moth it sticks afents

  67. Jessika reinbrecht

    Hi scary. 👇👇👇

  68. Angie Mejia

    I well like you're videos and subscribe to you're videos

  69. Emmy and Roos vlogs Emmyroo

    She thought gabby demartino Ariana Grande

  70. Jessika reinbrecht

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  71. Daily E

    Don't give him on tour why don't you a ask your family

  72. Angie Mejia

    I wached the move you made I love it so much

  73. Angie Mejia

    I fell bad for you

  74. Chelsey Schultz


  75. Keisha Williams

    It is makeup

  76. TayXnline MSP

    She sounds waaay more like Colleen that it's not that weird compare this to an old video maybe "Trying Asian Snacks" then you will understand me and hear the difference.

  77. SH1T KID

    If only pounds were worth that much

  78. Idk what life is

    Zendiya Miranda Sings-2018

  79. Antanas Narbutas

    Miranda:woah, look at these chickens! Me:uhhhh I don't know if chickens fly but yeah Miranda: *left the chat*

  80. Leanne Lewis

    Why dont you come to Wales

  81. Stephen Gray

    Colleen is hilarious

  82. lps Gummy SUFFY

    I love the hole time she’s talking bad about her self

  83. Samson Solovyev

    Your so gay ass

  84. Faith Mcvey

    Hey im a huge fan

  85. Clifford Hammonds

    I'm praying for u

  86. Kayla Flores


  87. Kyle Anthony

    Your an idiot and looser :)

  88. Nina Garner

    Hi I sall you on the slap . Com and you did a horble job

  89. Kayla Flores

    SedrexxdseePut it on the daily moms channel do you know where the bombs

  90. William Elder

    I hate you

  91. lucia teti

    The blond hair is her and the fat girl was pregnant

  92. Elijah Anderson

    I hate me for that

  93. Khadijah Fall

    You are not of this world girl

  94. Natalie Delval

    I love your hair ❤️

  95. Rulezteen


  96. Xochitl Munguia


  97. Xochitl Munguia

    What the f**k

  98. Jody Okuley

    You should react to Melanie Martinez

  99. Alexandra.C

    That waste of food 😂

  100. 2 HOLKY