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  1. Heather Powell

    Wow thats awesome , God bless this wonderful man 🙏❤

  2. 34L H445

    In South Africa political parties sing and talk about killing white people, these "far right" Germans are a walk in the park if you ask me.

  3. MrMelgibstein

    I use to ride the train we these guys.They were a super entertaining couple.The wife could do all kinds of impressions especially when the train was full and she had to share a seat with her husband.Sometimes they would miss their stop.

  4. ionutz car


  5. Muhammad Qasim Jafri

    0:41 Americans got rid of Saddam? Are you kidding me, I swear the Americans were sending funds to Saddam to invade Iran

  6. strontboer strontboer

    No China people in europa

  7. Justin Morgan

    Great way to take out the older population as if it were planned and genetically structured to do exactly what its doing.

  8. Mantralightofangels

    I wish the government would understand not every situation is cut and dry. There are circumstances where people need resources and government help even though they have some resources. Not everything is cut and dry. This is the case with so many benefits and systems that people need help from. You need it but If you do anything outside those guidelines you get into trouble.

  9. maximidze228

    Wait he is not dead?

  10. Simple Games

    I didn't know anything about these protests, even though I'm from Russia. Why?!

  11. Joker

    Trump 2020

  12. Asia Musa

    That’s so cute and kind god bless him and I pray for him to become a Muslim insha allah because he has a nice heart that can make people feel Masha allah alla yaa hadeek 😍😍😍

  13. Newyorker USA

    Pakistan is worst country

  14. Tan Caldwell

    Beautiful heart/Beautiful Soul❤️

  15. It’s Honey

    It’s sad that One day I’m going to have to talk to my son about the color of his skin... it shouldn’t be that way but I rather prepare him then not tell him at all..

  16. Yashsvi Dixit

    So much of that is from India.

  17. Fernando Margellan

    The queen of England forever 😅?

  18. Suzanne_RCDM

    BBC always manages to turns any humanity disaster into a political issue ! Shame on them, the Chinese are saving no efforts to try and contain it.

  19. xllxRUDE_DOGGxllx


  20. Alba Lopez

    wow so amazing God bless the 3 of them❤

  21. Klashnikov-A

    They both took 2 way diffirent paths and still ended up meeting each other again and still cared about each other and that is the only thing that matters.

  22. Burning Cloud

    Mafia is not " underground organisation" and it has infiltrated many countries, including the UK. And not just in London, check out the police operations about the county lines drugs....do you think that cocaine , heroine and other class A drugs flooding the UK are growing by magic in the moors?

  23. Marie Lastname

    Why would those (former) candidates have websites in incorrect Spanish if there are so many perfectly bilingual people in the US they could hire for the translations???

  24. Am King

    Those ship crew isn't hospital medical crew so don't expect a good quarantine procedure was followed to the dot.

  25. judah schwartz

    2nd amendment was written for defense not offense

  26. Mc Mongo

    Press F to pay Respect 😞


    I'm from India I support Putin

  28. Skyler Rose

    China knows something

  29. Samim Khoshal

    Every piece of this gold belongs to someone.

  30. Tom Hewitt

    I'll bet cash money that many of these losers are convicted sex offenders.

  31. D J

    BBC conveniently left out the facts, such as the video of Biden admitting he threatened the Ukrainian government by withholding a billion dollars of aid until they fired the prosecutor investigating his son.

  32. AriesAllDay4/14

    I love this story ☺️

  33. Earthy Nomad

    It happened to me was a tourture😷😷😷😷


    This aint the real abu hajjar

  35. King Sun

    Walking dead episode 😳

  36. Jordi Dunn

    BBC Licence Fee Boris and Cummings should do the correct thing and abolish the TV Tax now. The BBC keep claiming that they produce product that the public wants-Well they shouldn’t have a problem going to subscription base only then.

  37. Tom Hewitt

    These guys probably call themselves "male feminists" on facebook.

  38. khan imran

    A Romanian complaining about his room but very proud of picking a pocket or two he thinks they should put him in holiday inn

  39. Mamashell

    They seem like the nicest people ever and the rich dude just don't want to be there friend, you can see it in how he acts. It's a shame because the couple would be there for him at anytime if need be. Just shameful

  40. Steven Rogers

    @2:26 that kid must be it least 10

  41. vivian bhebhe

    I wish there was another love button, just for the happy ending!

  42. Steven Rogers

    Kids under 15 in prison wtf.....

  43. Amberly Kay

    You can see the love in their eyes! Such a beautiful thing... and the man who let them stay in the house was so nice and beautiful I can’t put it in words

  44. j valeska

    Man child

  45. Aurobindo Ghosh

    bbc growing tomatoes to mushrooms on mattresses

  46. Ana Crotteau


  47. Leuart

    The cops that arrested him were stupid. They should‘ve first shot him in the heart then in his head. That guy deserves to die and rott in hell.

  48. Manan Gosalia

    This hit himself is Muslim. Explains it all

  49. Franco Palumbo

    The Chinese Government must be the Stupidest People on Earth - with Today's Technology They just Lie out their Communist Ass! The Entire World Knows what is Going On - The Chinese Government could Care Less that We Know!

  50. fruitofthespirit galatians522kiyee

    Oh he's getting paid!

  51. Aurobindo Ghosh

    did bbc pay to frame the picture?

  52. Misty Dawn

    The Coronavirus was released on purpose. Like I been saying. There is a book called "The Eyes of Darkness" written in 1981, a fiction thriller book about a virus created in Wuhan that was released and part of a biological weapons program in China!! PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING!! ALL these events have been planned out YEARS ago. Its all a stage

  53. Angry Gran

    First uk guy released from quarantine: "yeh, just had a free 2 week all inclusive...now im ready to infect the world!" THIS IS UTTERLY SICKENING!

  54. roman casanova

    Stephen's kings the stand rebirth

  55. Kyle.

    Dumbass bringing them back. I dont even care anymore. Bring these infected back home let's see how long it takes forall of us to catch this Bullshit infection

  56. Aurobindo Ghosh

    bbc went there for free health checkup?

  57. nupur rao

    That's a man with knowledge and experience of the world🤘

  58. G K

    The tone of this video is that what China is doing is condemnable. For me, godly desires towards more devotion, obedience imposed by clergy leads to more insanity. So if cleansing of brain is achieved then it should be seen as a way to reform a society. If it was not Islam but something else even then i would have said the same thing. China may be able to show a way out of indoctrination. Running amok by uncensored Internet, ghettoisation (same community living clustered) leads to radicalisation. It needs to be broken up in West. There needs to be clear control on giving consents for building new religious buildings, religious schools etc. Giving consents for Community centres is different but all religions needs to be discouraged everywhere across the world to bring more calmer diverse populations.

  59. イエローケーキ


  60. Rootical

    He didnt catch the virus He was killed off because he told the truth about the virus

  61. Meow Milev

    *Finally can start planning!*

  62. Nitro Ares

    They're probably think what to to next ?

  63. Green Rhonda

    im american but it concerns me tht the bbc is more worried about us citizens and whts going on in japan than asking questions to your government on why they hvnt sent a plane for british citizens. I cant believe that isnt the biggest story for you guys

  64. Louisiana Girl

    Aww that guy is awesome and EXTREMELY rich. (Not referring to wealth.)❤️

  65. Paul Scott Baker

    Leave now you rat fink you just signed that mans death certificate why did you do that to him

  66. Veronica Brown

    Once the door of the airplane opens the virus gets in the air I see no end to this

  67. Maruf Hasan

    The ship left the port of Japan on January 20. At that time WHO already announced its concerns. You can't ignore or avoid a pathogen which is deadly whatever you are. No way on earth is wise to do it.

  68. J L

    "Politically inexperienced" - The line used by old politicians to discredit younger people who have an interest in governing and policy. After all, the old bags won't feel the ramifications of their wrong decisions because they'll be dead by then.

  69. Veronica Brown

    If they in the same room it never stop spreading

  70. Daniel Crutcher

    Comment Section: Indians Crying

  71. Cole C.

    Justice served

  72. Veronica Brown

    Something ant rite with this virus we just have too pray

  73. vishwavijay singh

    Developing country india ? ????

  74. Coco blade

    I was at dollar store standing in line and this lady walked off and this other person got on line like pretending like shift change and she was counting money but she had gloves on I didnt realize until afterwards I think its going to get worse if this dsnt get contained. Iam not even Chinese Iam Korean and i don't even speak Korean but all Asians r target because we r Asians! This virus is weaponized bioweapon patent funded by bill gates foundation. psychological warefare by media for UN to usher medical martial law and depopulation control! Watch utube call aplanetruth 4u.

  75. imloser 999

    Guys I’m from Lebanon. I want to say that these ppl aren’t rlly protesters. We call them “Zaaran” because they are the aggressive ones that only care about destroying. The real protestors are the ones who are peaceful.

  76. Eritrawyan Alena 1

    They have health issues and they can’t get help. What are taxes for to keep the rich rich smh. Terry is phenomenal.

  77. Daley Ryan

    that is so great that the way how people should share dont matter the colour or race help the world if you can

  78. Daley Ryan

    that is so great that the way how people should share dont matter the colour or race help the world if you can

  79. Angry Gran

    Why are all of the world's governments downplaying, hiding and doing all the wrong things around this virus! The borders shud have been sealed weeks ago!

  80. Sunny0430

    This cruise ship applies British laws, which means the British captain also has a huge responsibility landing in Japan. They returned to Honk Kong for the infected Honk Kong citizen. The British captain should have canceled at that time but continued, and continue to have parties to spread the virus. Japan doesn’t have the capacity to test over 3,700 all at once and to hold and quarantine that many on their land. Japan could ask the cruise to go away as other countries did for other cruise ships; instead, they decided to rescue sick people from the ship. Hundreds of non-Japanese patients have treated in top-notch facilities; infected facilities only can hold 1,700 patients currently. Japanese government spends a lot of money to help non-Japanese passengers by Japanese citizen tax money. At this point, other countries have a responsibility for Rescuing their citizens. Why doesn't the British government rescue its citizens from the ship? America did, Canada, Honk Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, Italy, etc. will. Why is the British the last???

  81. Suzie Wan

    a well disguised ww3!

  82. Andreas Kreissl

    This story says a lot about the American society, the government/politics and the life of colored and other desperate people. Not so much about this generous man who took them in. With all my respect for him, but it seems he´s a water drop on a hot stone. The society must change and moreover the politics towards all people.

  83. Ahmed Al'Mohammedi

    Lol UK propoganda UK pretending to be rich country lmaoooo UK is shithole country!!! 😂👌🏾

    1. Daniel Crutcher

      Unlike Pakistan, which is a wealthy, vibrant paradise full of prosperity and never ending peace...

  84. Jeremiah17v9

    I see 2 people who love each other dearly, even under circumstances that would test the vast majority of people and I see another man with a good heart who equally is doing something that the vast majority of people wouldn't do. Uplifting whichever way you look at it.


    Terry is right how can you start sustaining yourself but on the flip side the couple is also right they are disabled but the government will cut their assistance ( my mother an I argue about this all the time)...different modes of survival and exposure levels too...

  86. Agnes Randolph

    Dear Lord, remember that good Samaritan in your kingdom.

  87. Jason Jones

    How does this shit still happen? My son Was born in 2016 and they literally put a bracelet with my and my wife name on it color matching the same one my wife was wearing. With a sensor on it if the baby left hospital grounds security would be alerted. Insane how in this day in age Hospitals still get it wrong.

  88. Nicolieolieolie Jacobs

    I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  89. James Simms

    Good heart people do exist

  90. Penny Pike

    Are they scared on stage? Who is most likely to forget lyrics?

  91. nazmi nazmi

    French: WE SURRENDER classic french

  92. Omasa Baden


  93. John Mathew

    If we say this we are named As anti indian

  94. raine Rimsy

    Am I rhe only one came to read the comments expecting a blood bath in the comment section? Anyway happy to see fellow muslims.

  95. divinethought

    They said “we had to think about it” just made me crack up haha

  96. Dice Strike

    5:17 How am I not surprised

  97. Erica  Sykora

    What an amazing person. He didn't see them as homeless but instead as "people".

  98. Alla Uddin

    You are day dreaming. They cant make good policies and management. So live with global war.

  99. Tenzin choden

    Modern Afghanistan to traditional Afghanistan! 😑

  100. Angela Zorempuii

    Where I'm from if someone/family don't have a house, the whole community would cash in and build them a new house.