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  1. Wrong Send

    Iam working in the hospital and I really need that. Can you sell me some if u have extra?

  2. YuliNoSa

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial it is great and easy to follow!

  3. D H

    This is a great tutorial...easy and quick...thankyou!

  4. D’reisha’s Creations

    Thank you!!!!!

  5. Vertigo Bear

    Right about now is when I realized I should’ve learned to sew. 😞

  6. Sandro Bertte

    Obrigado por postar.

  7. MrsGxoxo

    How are you washing this and with what kind of soap? I don’t use bleach.

  8. MrsGxoxo

    How do you make child size?

  9. B. E.

    whats the demension of that rectangle?

  10. Sunny G

    Hi Erica. I’m new to your channel. I’m doing the same thing as you and have helped over 50 people. Us seamstress ROCK ! I’m glad we are able to help . I just finished another 10 masks today. Tomorrow I’m taking a break and going to make some homemade bread for the family. God bless you. And for all the people on here. Be safe and thinking of you, especially our front end helpers. Praying for your all 🙏❤️🙏❤️

  11. TheLaffertys

    I work in a hospital, and we really appreciate the community making these for us. Ours are used as a cover that goes over top of our N95 mask to keep them clean longer. The cloth masks are taken home daily to be washed. One thing to mention PLEASE REMEMBER THESE ARE WORN BY MEN ALSO! We have so many pretty pink masks, but would love navy blue, black, sports fabrics, etc.

  12. Brigette 5280

    That was awesome

  13. B Smith

    Short and sweet and to the point without all the extra gab. Thank you for the video.

  14. Jeannie Salinas

    Thanks! Easy and simple!

  15. Krystle Nowakowski

    Thank you

  16. June Hanson

    Thanks very help

  17. Boxze

    Love that you have a pink iron! So easy.....Thank YOU!

  18. Bear Paw

    This will help me for my doctors’ appointment next week (I’m type one diabetic, along with that bad immune system, and bad asthma making me pretty high at risk even being a high school student 😅) my appoint being in the highest infected part of my state and being a big hospital this should help me out and not worry my mom, I figured I’d be fine without but making one of these will help my mom. Thanks 🙂

  19. kyddoemiko100

    Thank you also like the idea of felt in the middle ☺️👍

  20. Doris Chabot

    best video so far

  21. Leslie Alz

    yeah i do facemask and to be honest they freaking work

  22. Teri G

    Thanks for the introductions for the mask with straps. The only thing is, I thought you talked a little fast. I had to back it up 3-4 x to get it!!! And I sew.

  23. Jasmine santacruz

    I want to make masks but there's no elastic anywhere Im so sad

  24. kosom sok

    Thanks for your video and it’s very helpful for us 💕

  25. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    As a cosplayer I will answer the call

  26. Maria Wells

    The fabric!!! Love your room.

  27. Yvonne Adrian

    Really enjoying the March Sew Sampler! Have used the ruler lots this week and the Tula Pink fabric is so pretty and cheery.

  28. Lucyanne Tooper

  29. Karen Presley

    I like the ruler and fabric. 😊

  30. yollie cramer

    Can you put in a pocket in the middle so we can put a HIPAA filter in it so we can remove it to wash and put new filter in it as needed.

  31. Amy Brounley

    I've never used a sewing machine before. What should I look for in a basic model so I can make these masks?

  32. Be Nice

    Thank you. ✨🗽

  33. Raymond Steinhart

    There not big enough

  34. katina wood

    Thank you for this great tutorial!!!! You're description and instructions are very helpful. I feel confident that I can make masks for my husband who works in a grocery warehouse. Blessings from Oregon.

  35. Laura Weis

    After pleating it, how did you manage to sew thru all those layers . You had 3 layers and pleated you are sewing thru 6 layers and my machine with a heavy duty needle in still locked up.

  36. Lori Davis

    I made these and used pipe cleaners for the bridge of the nose. 3” long sewed in with a zigzag stitch

  37. Bill Anthony

    I used a bandana wrapped with a coffee filter. A little hard to pull air through, but maybe that's a good thing. Maybe one of these masks can be made with an insert to allow the coffee filter?

  38. Alyssa Pinon

    Does it matter if the fabric is on grain? And if so does the selvage need to line up with the shorter part or the longer part of the mask

  39. Julie Hodes

    Thank you for this tutorial. It helped a lot.

  40. Shake Ward

    Make me a few I’ll pay

  41. Robert McLaughlin

    Where did u get that magnetic pin holder?

  42. It’s Madi

    These videos are so nice to watch. I love that you shared with us your opinion and what’s inside. I just posted on my channel a unboxing of the fabfitfun spring box I loved it

  43. Tonia Nye

    What can you do if it starts to curl up around the corners do I have to take out all the stitches?? Thanks

  44. Miranda Bardick

    wow I love your tips thank you

  45. Ms. Michelle

    Thank you so much! This tutorial is very easy to follow. I am staring at my sewing machine and I'm ready to go!

  46. Bev McMullan-Kungl

    I'm going to sew a few of these for my children and their families. If I have enough material left over I'll use the rest and give them to my local hospital. Thank you

  47. Debbie Weigle

    I love the fabric and the ruler and pins. Love them all!

  48. Guadalupe Weaver

    Hi! The material used for this project is 100% cotton? Or 100 % quilting cotton tightly woven?

  49. bianca estela

    Is the flannel necessary?

  50. Joy Dickson

    Just got mine today. I love everything. I don’t think I’ll try the pins, but I have a decorative pincushion that I’ll put them in. Just brighten things up.

  51. Tisha H

    Great video! Thank you so much for posting this! :)

  52. R Williams

    This really IS the fastest, easiest mask!!!

  53. Patricia J Winn

    YOUR video is the easiest to follow and the best I've seen so far!! Could you possibly do one that you can insert a filter material into? That would be SOOO great!!!

  54. saintsmiles09

    What sort of measurements would you use for like a 6-10 year old? I'm wanting to make some for my kids

  55. Natasha Peters

    What is the purpose of the flannel?

  56. himmel118

    this is sow handy

  57. Persida Graham

    In Canada it’s not worth it. Our dollar is only worth .74.5 cents & the shipping is a killer

    1. Tammy Davidson

      I agree..did order them 2018/2019 but gave it up. The exchange and shipping is substantial

  58. Vicki S

    thank you for providing this tutorial. I'm going to go home from work this evening and sew these up to give to my coworkers and family members. Was specifically looking for fabric strap details since my elastic supply is limited and apparently it's hard to get more with all of us home sewists trying to make these :)

  59. Amelia Gonzalez


  60. Amber Hill

    Hi. This is great because elastic is hard to find. Is there any way to alter the mask for people with glasses like my mother and myself? We find that our glasses fog up when under the mask a tad, and slip down when over the mask.

  61. cris taylor

    This is great!!! Thank you so much!!! My neighbor was desperate looking for a pattern...she is older and does not speak English so this is really helpful!!

  62. Vesta Hagan

    What a size for a baby

  63. Judy Hodgson

    great video - clear and easy to follow. Could easily be hand sewn too for those without a machine.

  64. Teresa Conley

    any one have measurments for a kids size mask?

  65. Karla Schnell

    Great job!! This is quick and easy to make!! Love it!

  66. denice Snyder

    Thank you I am learning how to make these my daughter who runs with an ambulance her and some of her coworkers asked for them to go over there other masks.

  67. Maggie K

    Hi. I have a question about the sanitization. If I make a mask and sent it to a hospital, will they most likely sanitize it when it arrives or would I have to wash it?

  68. Linda White

    great thnx

  69. bokun chen

    I have a lot of n95

  70. Lilian Geurts

    Thank you Erica for great wee video, well explained too. I am now making for my Health service family members working in Germany, Ireland.....and here in Scotland. Well done!

  71. Stephen Rothman

    I think (though I'm not an expert), that if you can stick in a piece of vacuum cleaner filter bag, HEPA certified to remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns, you have a mask that is as good as (actually a bit better than) an N95 mask, as far as the filter function. Whether they'd be as good as far as fit and seal, I don't know, but the filter holes are even smaller, meeting the P100 / N100 standard instead of the N95. My wife says it's getting hard for her to get more vacuum cleaner bags. But you should just check if you have some in your closet. If you have good vacuum filters and don't sew, give them to someone who does.

  72. Widad A

    Looks too wide, we don’t see you actually wear it

  73. SnowWhite681

    Love the fabric you used. Where did you get this pattern? Thank you!

    1. Erica Arndt

      It is the Smitten line by Bonnie and Camille for Moda :)

  74. Angela Stoutenger

    I've been getting Sew Sampler for 13 months now. Really glad to get Wonder Clips. I use them often and happy to have more. My favorite fabric is the aqua sewing machine. Need to make a project bag with that. As far as the pins I did put them in my pin cushion for some cuteness but when I accidentally touch the top of the unicorn head it hurts. Might try filing top down a little so not so pointy.

  75. 洪至豪

    After you finish this homemade face mask (cover), it is better to put PP non-woven fabric (as a droplet-preventing layer) at outer layer for inside of this homemade face mask (cover) at least. If possible then you can put PP melt-brown fabric (as a filtering layer) at inside layer for inside of this homemade face mask (cover). ** PP non-woven fabric (as a droplet-preventing layer) can be reused and washed but do not knead it while washing. ** PP melt-brown fabric (as a filtering layer) can be reused only with highly dry heating but cannot be washed.

  76. Isabel M

    Thanks for the tutorial, great bag! As soon I can get some fabric will be making one for my crochet projects :)

  77. Penny Reese

    Where did you get your pink light ? Thanks

    1. Penny Reese

      @Erica Arndt Thank You !

    2. Erica Arndt

      Walmart last summer :)

  78. Sirena Elliott

    If you have wider elastic can it be cut in half lengthwise?

  79. Askatosch

    Thank you! :)

  80. Toni

    Such a great tutorial! Thank you!!

  81. Aubree Giarrosso

    Would it be okay to use 3 pieces of cotton instead of 2 cotton and a flannel cloth?

    1. Erica Arndt


  82. Banain Bee

    I have my brother drill a hole in my rulers that don’t come with a hole in them. Very nice sampler box

    1. Erica Arndt

      Good idea!

  83. Deidra Powell

    And you are right about the affordability. This box is much more affordable then others I watch those unboxing too but especially now can’t afford

  84. Deidra Powell

    Probably my favorite so far Liked everything. Not sure a pattern. I am newish. Love your unboxing and channel in general

  85. Pam Cameron

    very good instruction, Thank you

  86. K.A Asmr

    Could you also hand sew with this method/methods(even the ribbon method?)?(and if it doesn’t can you make a video on it?)

  87. Beatrix Roomford

    Any tips if my machine doesn’t sew over the pleats without a real struggle?

    1. Erica Arndt

      Yes, try a denim needle and go very slowly over the pleats.

  88. Stitch by Stitch

    I tried out the pins and didn’t care for them they didn’t go in smooth.

  89. Sharon Lomas

    Love the little ruler and the fabric 💕

  90. Pammila Allen

    Thanks so much for you how to video, sharing out with friends that have the skill, time, and material.

  91. Sharon Lomas

    Love your unboxing videos, thank you. I would love to get these boxes, shame the postage to Australia is so high.

  92. ranbowfox

    If the very top layer isn’t 100%cotton will it still work

  93. TheComicalCanadian

    awesome video keep it up bro

  94. TheComicalCanadian

    nice video keep up the amazing work

  95. Tim

    nice video it was really good

  96. Tim

    nice video dude

    1. Sandy Eiselstein

      How did I order the boxes and can you do only months you want

  97. chris inhawaii

    Love it! Probably the easiest tutorial out there. Thank you so much!

  98. Lawanda Finch

    I received the same box and I loved it! I just started learning to quilt about 3 months ago and I have a bit of a fabric addiction now! (Lol) I signed up for the sew sampler box because of your unboxing’s. I just love Fat Quarter Shop I’ve made several orders already. They are the sweetest! Doesn’t hurt that they are my fellow Texans and only about three hours from me. I get orders super fast. I used the clips on a couple small sewing projects and fell in love with them. They are a yes yes! Thanks for your videos Erica! God bless and stay safe!