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  1. Noah Bucknell

    I grow up listening to Shawn Mendes

  2. Regina Boone

    Chris Brown Look At Me Now Pharrell Happy OutKast The Way You Move The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song 5sos Teeth 5sos Chainsmokers Who Do You Love Mark Ronson Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Bruno Mars The Lazy Song

  3. Jaelin Knight

    This video made me LOVE Tori😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 shes hilarious

  4. softjin

    React to bts new album MOTS:7

  5. Jonny Heart

    React to Bulletball.

  6. mariah dominguez

    Bruh what made me most mad was Jayka saying she parks like that

  7. Théo Andernack

    autostéréogramme are also pretty good (I don't know how to translate the word from french sry)

  8. Frenchie

    I’m so confused, was she eating a real hairbrush??

    1. jkllinh

      no it’s made from dyed pasta

    2. natasha william

      Frenchie obviously not her teeth would break

  9. Juhaliza

    There's no way I'm following yet another one of your channels

  10. Commander Ponds

    How do people get hired to work on this channel?

  11. Andressa Mendes

    Brandon, how can you???

  12. stefan land TM

    Can you react to I Disagree (poppy)

  13. Mariposa

    Illumnati confirmed

  14. Lone Wolf

    Says to catherine: So, this makes you a little mad. Catherine: ThiS mAkEs mE vERy MAd

  15. Pierre Tarazi

    Where is the kaitlyn bennet

  16. Luan Rafael

    Kids react pearl jam

  17. Anora

    Mary was actually a really good singer

  18. Josías Ugalde

    I love Catherine so much❤

  19. Samuitsuki

    So much talk about the Try Not To channel, yet some of the Try Not To videos are posted on FBE and React instead?

  20. Dila1843 Walsh

    React to txt please

  21. Shash

    Kids react to behemoth please

  22. Myia.nevaeh

    Competitive cheer is a sport not high school and stuff

  23. Darwiin

    Bruh Robert be chilling

  24. Shai Randomer

    Jayka actually made me so mad with the "Yeah I can't get mad at this I park like this sometimes", like she's almost proud of it. There's a reason that's in the 'Try not to get Mad' challenge and it's not because it's a perfectly acceptable thing to do. In my whole life I parked like this once and it was because the 2 cars next to me parked the same way and I literally had no choice, and I still felt bad about it. (I had an errand to run and really rushed it in like 15 minutes just so I can get back to my car faster and vacate the spot in case the other people came back to their cars and moved them, they didn't).

  25. David Stark

    Stephanie had wwe and jb at top 2, that got changed in the end to t series and pewdiewpie. Also a few other changes. So desperate for points.

  26. Aleks Moc

    Kids react to Michael Jackson

  27. Emily Placido


  28. Lil Gloomy

    React to lil peep!!!!!

  29. Eben Suarez

    Can you do a elders react to lil peep

  30. Aimee Cammack

    Marth Say He Love The Baby Nut One

  31. Heyit'sDakota

    “Editors note: do not do this” Tom: DO IT!

  32. Gísli Felix

    In the last clip I felt more sorry for the cat. The cat was definately a 5 after seeing that food slide off the plate.

  33. Yoongis Mittelfinger

    First I thought Ash seemed kinda rude but I actually relate to what she said and shes actually pretty cool and kind

  34. Elias G

    Ahhh good ol tom to lose everytime. And to over dramatize the episode to make it better.

    1. Taylor Robertson

      When Tom was in teens react, didn't he mention a few times that he was into drama? This doesn't surprise me that he over dramatizes a lot.

  35. Frozen Hearts

    Guyssss Jaxon's mom looks like Shakira!

  36. P Kop.

    React to German rap !

  37. Vasectomy Fail

    everyone do the "find jayka's car and key it" challenge. everything she said made me mad

  38. Rukmani Sindhu Thangam

    When your OCD starts pouting because this is not on the Try Not To channel

  39. Ali Avendator

    Teens react to beatbox

  40. Brice & Charlie Edmonds

    can i be on a try not to sing along challenge please?

  41. Brendan Fleming

    Lol I got some of them! and I'm nine

  42. Hi

    She’s a horrible person.

  43. Barbora Macková

    8:51 me too, bro ❤️ 😂😂 I HATE loud and unexceptable noises.. that freaks me out immediately :D

  44. reee tarded

    Do a react video with this ussel.info/video/video/rn63aJSMxJ-hjZs.html | V

  45. Evan Rañeses

    Ok, let's be clear. The olympics already made cheerleading a sport officially.

  46. Junior Productions

    A kid got expelled for the challenge at my school

  47. Deshawn Morris

    Let them react to pizzagate

  48. Rachael Lehman

    I love ash so much

  49. Juana Ventura

    Can I be in kids react plzzz I am your number 1 fan

  50. Eli Koger

    Bruh everyone hating on max in the comments tho

    1. [Skyrim]

      I think its cuz everyone is vibin and he is like ”this sucks”

  51. river D

    react to brit awards

  52. Noor Aghbar

    I like how no one there was like “i know Charli damelio” or “its avani” lol

  53. MissRayyaSunshine

    I love sour candy. Is it weird that I want that punishment 🤔

  54. Shadz

    Wait, people seriously think cheer is not a sport irl 😯

  55. Haylee Moore

    3:45 "does it smell like mine?" *giggles* oh man. i love this already

  56. Lacey Franklin

    People commenting that cheer isn’t a sport must be jealous because they don’t look as fab as cheerleaders do whenever they compete and physically exert themselves 💁🏼‍♀️

  57. Sonali Ray

    Hey random person Scrolling through the comments 😍

  58. Troy Lasick

    Tom: I’m not in the mafia “nervously sweats”

  59. Saecsee

    I love Tom.

  60. Manali Gaikwad

    Typical Indian dad will always tell you science behind it

    1. bazingaa zumba

      But they are Sri Lankan

  61. cafesmitty

    Scrubs Bin Laden episode... c'mon now.. everyone knew that he was chilling in Pakistan... everyone.

  62. M E

    Penny challenge! 😍😜🥳

  63. ROR ONE

    R.I.P Mr.penut

  64. MelancholyMountain12

    Omg! Finally I see somebody else who has a fear of balloons popping!

    1. lalnun puii

      totally me😂

  65. dusty rice

    I wanna thank FBE for this video, and for introducing an eye-opening series for me to appreciate.

  66. Asmila Mohamed

    I want Bts!!!!! 🖤 🖤

  67. Carmen Leferink op Reinink

    I think my ears are bleeding 😵

  68. Meow Ross

    It’s like a Warhead on steroids 😂😂😂

  69. Gabriella Onolaja

    Is it just me or dont you wanna try the penny challenge now😂

    1. Septuple Anti

      I don't want my house on fire so no

    2. Mariana Bloom

      Hahahahahaha... Yeaaaaahh noo

  70. Yvng Nxzel

    REACT TO POP SMOKE !!!! 🙏🏾

  71. Alexis K .Nielson

    "if your gonna say something at least be right" TRUEEEE

  72. Lacey Franklin

    👏🏻 CHEER 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 SPORT!!!

  73. Juan Pablo Hernández

    Okay, but you had to give Brandon a bit of leeway in a couple videos.

  74. Troy Lasick

    Who do you guys thing are the cutest couple in this video

  75. limors

    1:59-2:04 I choked on my food

  76. Jack Tapman

    "That's way to much, maybe like 1 time a day is fine"

  77. eliza khan

    lol hahha

  78. Divisha Agarwal

    Here I am thinking if there will be an Osaka virus in future.......

  79. Rojus B

    Why is no one talking about how they called the ride a roller coaster

  80. Jotirmoy

    parents react to xxxtentacion part 3 please

  81. JungkookIsWoah


  82. Lunar Jesse

    "It's almost like a Warhead on steroids." I love her😂😂

  83. Saki S

    I like this channel and hunnibee asmr both😊 her channel is so satisfying for me😊

  84. Gabby Rapoport

    i wanna be like catherine when i grow up

  85. chris kosloski

    the hell they brought out toxic waste... not kidding around <3 (i love sour as much as my family loves spicy XD)

  86. TLX Gamer

    Can you do parents react to Eminem Godzila?

  87. Rota Vanbuiten

    React to bts on

  88. aka Cam ツ

    I get mad at everything so I would lose anyways

  89. chris kosloski

    im in LA county and NEED to try this challenge XD i love anger videos!!! ive challenged a friend to something like this and i won ♥ screeching was easy but ASMR... i gagged but laughed at myself for just ONE crunch

    1. chris kosloski


  90. Celeste Ramos


  91. jasmine cotton

    Do people find toxic wastes sour?? Like is that an American thing??

    1. Razorback2u

      Na warheads are the sour ones it's less toxic waste is sour than it just doesn't taste good

  92. NYC Nikki

    did i jus watch a bunch of outlet compilations...maybe

  93. Wizard Neal

    Tiktok is shit

  94. jokitalinda10

    I like how they keep uploading Try not to videos here after they said a ton of times that they weren't gonna upload them outside of the try not to channel anymore.

  95. amaizinggirlzfairy

    I’m sure if I was on that I will be mad in just 1 second. I get mad easily

  96. Noël Laurie

    Catherine is my girl!!!


    The kid who said he doesn’t know them cause he was born in 09 was the GOAT 🐐

  98. Cheap Zip

    That kid said he doesn’t like it. Now I’m in jail, thanks FBE

  99. STFU

    Wow Chaeryoung voice is so soft .

  100. nolene paulse

    Okay but I like Jaxons mom