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  1. Xingzi Z

    Yea had he become the MD, he would have had his balls and eyes taken out by surgical goners from day one.

  2. Coryann Prescott

    Thank you for this review. I was considering this diet and needed a trusted, medical opinion. Of course, I will also check in with my own doctor but I appreciate the information Dr. Mike.

  3. ubri ann

    Man I can't believe he fought with a plant

  4. Nick Poirier

    The spiders might be the nurses 😂😳

  5. Coconuttie Mango

    If ur gonna call me a simp, make sure u take the ‘p’ of the end!

  6. Crazycrafter 171

    Never had a vaccine and I’ve gotten sick less than people who have. Also get over them faster too so.

  7. Rheiz Ramirez

    I was awkward and shook as you Doc when the kid moans 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Xingzi Z

    Oh my gawd the irony. You get to be the biggest jerk and leading roles if you are just a DO. Geez all the non serious and racism issues. It all started with your inferiority issues. It’s the princess culture don’t you know the difference?

  9. Priyangshu Goswami

    I need a little clarification on the girl at 00:19 Who is she?

  10. Rumbllenow5

    You’ve been corrupted #simmer

  11. It's T.P time!

    Dr.Mike: “The planet, Pluto” Scientists: Let me tell you something let me tell you

  12. Lynniah Vandry

    yvonne: dramatically crashes onto the floor dr. mike: ok so it looks like yvonne has passed out...

  13. MTNation

    He said sphygmomanometer wrong

  14. MTNation

    He said sphygmomanometer wrong

  15. Rumbllenow5

    “Motherlode” that mofo’ and you’ll have a super fancy home all the time

  16. Santos

    There’s a lot of wood and metal in this person’s body. He should probably see a doctor.

  17. Talcia Lue-Lim

    It's physical distancing not social distancing cause I'm pretty sure that social distancing means that you dont talk to anyone and you cut off all social interaction

  18. Hannah Brenner


  19. Moon Kat

    lol he just kool aid man through doors

  20. Talcia Lue-Lim

    What do you think about the US withdrawing donations from WHO

  21. William Eldridge

    I have to disagree with your response to the comment regarding bullying. Each person is pre-programmed by their DNA to be able to handle different levels of stress. Take me for example. I was bullied for as long as I can remember. First by my sibling, then by my classmates through the entirety of my school career, and the yet again when I joined the military by my fellow soldiers. It progressively made me stronger and able to handle massive amounts of stress. Whereas, I have a friend and even what you call "acute stress" will discombobulate her for days, sometimes weeks or months. And when it happens again, it's just as bad, if not worse than the previous time. No technique, medicine, or therapy she has ever tried makes an ounce of difference. She's been like that since the day she was born. She didn't have helicopter parents, in fact they often encouraged her to do activities on her own that she claimed to be too afraid to try. We are who our DNA says we are, nothing more and nothing less. Educating yourself about your fears and such can very much help, but there is limit to that. Some people are just NOT built to handle stress, in any amount whatsoever.

  22. Just A Regular Guy

    The video was banned so that it's can be criticized without cross-criticism or defending it. Period.

  23. Marlena thorvald

    It's crazy to me that red green color blind is the most common but we still think it's a good idea to make traffic likes red and green

  24. yoongi verse

    Whenever I breathe really hard, I get dizzy and feel like I'm going to faint.

  25. Natalie Wenzl

    Me taking a bubble bath at 5 am like 👁👄👁

  26. yoongi verse

    Are you going to do a, Responding to your comments? If so I have a question, whenever I breath in really hard I get really dizzy.

  27. Julienne Bianca Arago

    Dr. Mike, hoping you can collab with your Dad! And have a medical discussion 💓

  28. Angie Bergeron

    Thank you for the info and the fun.

  29. Gaby

    Hey dr. Mike could you make some updates about covid-19, at least once a month, about the overall situation and achievements. There is a lot of information, but is hard to see the general picture, not talking about missinformation. You as a doctor and specialist understand and see better the picture. You are doing a great job, thank you!

  30. Fabian N. Martinez

    This video was amazing I’m waiting for the next one 🤩🤩

  31. deathbyalex

    I’m going to play sims instead of studying for my MCAT

  32. Amelia Jinks


  33. Wonderful Me

    Liars. Doctors are human; they may never speak about being attracted to someone but unless they are gerontologists they have been attracted to patients-well maybe not her since she treats women but he definitely has been attracted. I cannot believe no one mentioned this obvious fact.

  34. Christine Pierce

    👩‍🎤Do your exercise and fitness training on a video for us 🏋

  35. Galaxis

    "but curing diseases? chimone!" LOL was that a Michael Jackson quote?

  36. Chidi Ireaja

    What type of doctor is he

  37. Animating ourselves P and S

    I relate with the **boys**

  38. LuyoSanFox Gaming’s

    As a minecraft player myself This video give me anxiety

  39. tracyminchew

    You should play this again

  40. Ween McWeen

    The wheezing in this video tho. There is more wheezing than there is words

  41. Luke Erskine

    And I found so many errors in this video

  42. Luke Erskine

    The grammar one was good for me because when I read things I always search for grammar errors

  43. Maddie Myers

    I use the same bread😂 and we constantly get stuff from thrive market!

  44. I Vape for living

    Mike please react to Dr stone

  45. SunnyDaysRFun

    You are so wrong ya make me sick.

  46. Cassuallix

    I learn more stuff from the internet then what I learn in School 0-0

  47. Abhinav Kumar

    More bear videos he is too cute

  48. Master Brian Gaming

    *Cough* *cough* meme review. Sorry I have death disease

  49. Helena Royal

    I'm pretty sure houses usually have most if not all of the rooms assessable to one another without having to go outside. 🤣 It's very clear that was your first time playing the Sims. I look forward to seeing more.

  50. ella aw


  51. Olivia Bird

    Only person I know who looks better in real life than their sim

  52. Mara Bruyere

    Dude. DUDE. you should have watched one.. just ONE Sims video before this hahahaha

  53. besson Brock Wdw XPLR

    I'm watching this in my John deer tractor 500 x iPhone 4

  54. ggpyemul


  55. Jessie Beaty

    This is painful😂

  56. ya boi

    Does he know of the other uh.. "Beautiful creations"

  57. Anna _

    Who is watching this now? 😂

  58. Nonexistent Housefly

    Do you have any tips to stop a nail biting habit?

  59. Jessie Beaty

    Mike..no baby....what is you doin

  60. Ose Ekhuemelo

    you forgot thiccc thighss

  61. Fiona Colby

    The little 11 kid just like vibe

  62. Hadley Meldrum

    ooooh, "eating like a savage", *Sureee thats what we'll call it.*

  63. Athena's Priestess

    Please ask lilsimsie to build you a proper house, or to help walk you through building one. She's a great builder for the game, and she's here on USsel.

  64. Tabitha Kelly

    Things new Sim players say: How do I build a house? What? You're hungry? How do I feed you?! Oh my god, my sim is going to die. Dr. Mike them all.

  65. Kieran McAvoy

    I love it ! Dude...HMU for some Sims tips! Pro simmer here

  66. Phonché

    Im loving this.... deconstructed home LOL i figured you would just get a house from the gallery though...

  67. Megan Petrow

    Pls include lots of emotional support bushes in ur hospital 💜🙏🏼

  68. The Warrior Cat Hashtag

    6:43 Pam: I think your trying to be like him Dr Mike quietly: *i am*

  69. Emma McGregor

    Dr. Mike: Nut sponsorship Me: HAHA NUTTY

  70. Allison Corona

    There is a great Derm MD on Tik Tok I forget his handle.

  71. Hammad alam

    I dont see many evidence coming from you either. Above all such intentional acts doesnt leave much evidence

  72. Dayna Hornbrook

    😱 he didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom 😵

  73. Golden Fonz

    😂My doctor touch me while i was sleeping to wake me up for group meeting on how chemo was going his hand smelled like hand sanitizer and it was hella COLD!!

  74. Eve Becker

    no one: still no one: literally not a soul: dr. mike: why do his scrubs not match??

  75. dope grape


  76. Darlene Buck

    hey a little trick there's a cheat called motherlode and I use it for my sims 3 game.

  77. Beast 88000

    I like the roof -Dr. Mike 2020

  78. Arnav Ratan


  79. Ms. Melissa Ann

    Dr. Mike, your daily tasks are behind where you placed your head in the video

  80. Victoria Mvc

    If you’re gonna keep doing sims videos can I teach you how to play Sims? Like use cheat codes and build an actual house!

  81. Asha Marion

    Can u pls use ur platform to talk about the black lives matter movement


    as a nurse student who cant show to the hospital with scrubs of the same color but unmatching hue, this sims is giving me a headache

  83. Bor Golob

    I have very bad penut allergie

  84. Johny Boat610

    I like the dude he cool and genuine but I wanted to say he’s payed he a doctor and 5mill subs 🤯

  85. Powder Blue

    “Doctor” Mike is just mad because he doesn’t want there to be more psychiatrists out there who can help people. He wants to make all that money from handing out prescriptions to his big pharma buddies. Gaga said one sentence that identified a problem, and this bruh throws a tantrum. He doesn’t want to solve the problem because he profits from it.

  86. Unbiased Lasagna

    I like how he keeps calling those rooms his “house” sksks

  87. Nim Gol

    Well I can smell the cold in its first few hours and I tell my friends I think I am getting a cold and they laugh about it. It smells like kinda medicines and spoiled milk or something like that. Can’t describe it but I can smell it.

  88. Inuzuka Anan

    I laughed too much.. Oh, doctor......😂

  89. Slice of Bri

    As someone who has played sims since 2000, I laughed so hard watching you play. Thanks for this. Make sure you connect the rooms for your house. Also, make sure your sim is only doing the tasks that come up on the top left for their daily work assignments because that will improve work performance so you can get a promotion

  90. kujtime Ajro maizi

    Dr mike Can u discuss mold toxicity and treatment and diet

  91. me

    You can place a house on your lot😂😂

  92. JD Vera

    I straight up thought #19 was Eugene from The Try Guys.

  93. MewTUBE 916

    Chest compressions

  94. rave 522

    I love how he called slimes bushes 🤣🤣🤣

  95. 전혜지

    As a person who's like a "sims pro" (sad flex lol) The fact he's so bad at this makes me laugh lol

  96. Helen Gorelik

    Well thats easy, then. Lets just eat humans! There, no more alpha galan stuff!