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  1. Nthabi Xaba

    i liked Shakir a lot

  2. Just Mari

    I just came because i saw one of descendants cast 👀

  3. jorja

    all the comments r like 'can i have an ian' but i dibs

  4. kk sibs

    Ian's @ is @ian.o.boyle on instagram if you're wondering

  5. Sh¡¡FFer

    if yall could see, my eyes are going 😍

  6. Alexa Mendes

    How do i get his gf instagram lol. I wonder if they are actually dating or its just for a show

  7. What Is Up

    I remember me and my sister getting ours. We loved them!

  8. Jilma x

    Hell naawww what did she do ...what kinda friend is that

  9. Jessy taylor

    i knew nothing but the miley and dua lipa lol

  10. Christopher Sanchez

    See this is what happens when you live in a free country. People start making shit up.

  11. Abby .v


  12. Meg Erick

    When u barely know your sisters song 😂😂😵😵

  13. Jakevious Henderson

    Tori fine asf

  14. Nicole Oosterberg

    she rlly did her wrong

  15. mariam khalafalla

    I really liked Oliver

  16. Alexandra Laird

    I almost died at 8 I almost drowned

  17. Cass L

    what's ian's instgram tho?

  18. OhshizitsTaylor

    1st of all, the fact that Ian didn't win is honestly an injustice! He was disappointed, Ari was disappointed, shit EYE was disappointed! You SHOULD fight Chrissy for that sis! 2nd of all, Kurtis is gonna have a field day with this OMG

  19. BeastgameR

    40% comments about Isabella, other 40% kiernan and the video title, 19% about shipping Mitch and Isabella, 1% Me about how beautiful this movie is.... And of course Isabella and kiernan are so beautiful and their are both so alike maybe their will connect easily

  20. Veronika Podczaszy

    What the heck is wrong with the bestie:“ Ian is mine now“ u had one job...I fucked it up

    1. Veronika Podczaszy

      U fucked it up*

  21. sunny

    I feel like everyone wanted avan to be Aladdin in the new movie..well 'Aladdin'.🤣

  22. Mao Lee

    I see her with Matt or RJ (or maybe Ian) so well please hope she’s gonna contact them (if it doesn’t work out with Josh of course 😏

  23. ICE BEAR

    Dont break Josh's heart !!! HES A NICE GUYY

  24. Brian Mercedes

    matthew can be my boyfriend anyday

  25. Maria Ventero

    I recently started using them and I love them! I was so scared to use them because I thought they would hurt, but they don’t!! Just don’t pull the tampon while it’s dry or else it WILL HURT. 😬

  26. Soumya Rana

    I need an Ian type of person in my life 😂

  27. Adventurer girl

    If the bestie didn't have a boyfriend I would say that she really wants Ian

  28. Seonmul Kang

    Mark,your shirt soo sexy ☺️

  29. bella_ isn'tcool


  30. Yass Boii

    Ok but why is no one talking about Oliver 😭😍

  31. Miss Y

    i liked Matt. 🙂 Edit: they would've looked so cute together. 😍

  32. EliteG4ming_YT

    honestly i wanted Juliana to win once it was just those two

  33. mrcarter121793

    MY GOD when she does gnarls.. that soul comes out and makes me want an r&b rhythm from her. Uggh we need that tori!! Haha

  34. Rethabile Mosia

    I love RJ Who agrees?

  35. writegirl42

    RJ and I are in the same musical theatre program!! We just did Beauty and the Beast together. He's such a fun guy to be around and Arianna DEFINITELY should have ended up with him.

  36. Lexi Fox

    noooo I loved shakur they just seemed to match and his personality >>>>>>>

  37. Mercy Munoz

    I feel like her friend knew since the beginning that she was not choose the right person

  38. Mercy Munoz

    I feel like the bestie was choosing for herself like sis is bestie finds bestie a bae, not bestie finds herself a bae

  39. taylorcockrellmakeup

    why do I feel like they aren't actual friends??? lol

  40. Arijana Dekanovic

    She should reconsider who her best friend is..

  41. maritza sumano


  42. chloe b

    not to be a boomer but how do all these kids on this show always have their own companies n shit lmao

  43. cass

    yall did rj dirty i cannot cope rn

  44. Oneofakind _

    Lmao bruh why would you elimate RJ. the person has the same exact goal as your friend like wtf

  45. cass

    first of all ..... whats ian's @

  46. Tiffany William

    honestly seventeen should consider having all the guys/girls with headphones on while one person answers the question, so nobody can take somebody else's answer and "improve it"

  47. Shannon Casey

    I feel like Saleem was good for her though

  48. Berry Mint Drawing

    If you don't want Ian i can get him you know...

  49. ABCD Kurdish


  50. ABCD Kurdish


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  53. ABCD Kurdish


  54. ABCD Kurdish


  55. ABCD Kurdish


  56. Shannon Casey

    Why was Johnnys soap never mentioned!??!?!?! WHY DOES JOHNNY GOT SO MANY SOAP!?!?!? *MIND YO BUISINESS DAVID!!!!*

  57. sarah.


  58. Molly Murtagh

    Eh I don’t like the besties energy at all she seems really fake and the other one seems genuine

  59. Moe M

    I loved Matt!!

  60. LeneLanguini


  61. Elayn D.

    Bambam hahahahaha whyy

  62. em

    *great 😩 wife me*

  63. Haley Mikels

    Rj was perfect for her omg i hope if her and bae dont work out she finds him omg

  64. Linh Phạm Phương

    Im not her bestie but im sure that i could pick the right guy

  65. XCuteAnimeGirl

    Me Watching this now realising aren’t they tiktok famous

  66. Katya

    Oh my god Alexis liedddd She said she was 17 when it said on the thing she was 16

  67. AimzAmy

    i was rooting for ian or rj and they both got eliminated at the end :(

  68. Katharine Restrepo

    I only watch this so I can read the descriptions

  69. General Josh

    All these dudes are so cool

  70. Cara Low

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like wait that’s not Noelle’s hand than I clicked in and I loved the tutorial!! Love this video and can’t wait to see more! ❤️ keep going Margaret!

  71. Chris Heisler

    Durty dom?

  72. Kay Rey

    I think her bestie did a good job. I was rooting for the final 3 the whole time, but I thought Josh would go before the other two. I liked Ian a lot, but overall I think she did a good job! Josh is really into the arts and specificity dancing which Ari said she loves dancers! I did feel a little bad for Josh when Ari told her friend “You’re dead!” When Ian got eliminated. That probably didn’t make him feel that great.

    1. Kay Rey

      XOLloverr 23 oooo I totally forgot about that!

    2. XOLloverr 23

      Kay Rey it doesn’t make sense tho because he’s close to his ex and she clarified she didn’t want a dude like that?

  73. Maurica Hawkins

    Bro i pray to god i never have a friend like her

  74. Foreverrr Alyssa

    Am I the only one that gets a weird vibe about their friendship ?

  75. Yesenia Pacheco

    Also the fact that she picked the one guy who is still friends with his ex and that was her friends only rule

    1. XOLloverr 23

      Yesenia Pacheco right??? That didn’t make frkin sense

  76. Yesenia Pacheco

    RJ is so perfect why

  77. K P

    Ian is too good for her

  78. _amxnda_ 2266

    Is it me, or does it look like Lewis is high with drugs? 😂😂😂 Lol, no hate 🌼❤️

  79. Mikaela Lecuyer

    Yo I can’t believe her friend did that shit ... should of picked a different bestie for this one lol..

  80. Kay Rey

    These girls are the best contestants yet! They’re so adorable and sweet!

  81. Linh Phạm Phương

    When u say a joke but no1 understand

  82. Danae Tanhueco

    Mean girl

  83. Jasmine Messinger

    i bet she let ian go cause she wanted him. 😡

  84. iMmA pOtAtO Skksksskskkss

    Put RJ onto Bestie Picks Bae he deserves a perfect girl 🥺❤️

  85. elyse ;

    my man RJ did a DEATH DROP and gave pretty much the exact answer she was looking for :(

  86. Tyreah P

    What’s Great Instagram lol 😂😂

  87. Zara Hussain

    I love doves voice

  88. Amanda Motion

    11:46 surfer Keanu Reeves lolol

  89. Zu Zu

    Ian is my husband...I’m not Italian but uh yeah please marry me Ian

  90. SenorDonut486 Eiland

    Bring Ian back as a contestant that dude is god tier

  91. Mono Coccyx

    It's been a week and David did not talk about it in he's vlog? What happened?

  92. L C

    ian was literally perfect what

  93. Hilary Molina

    okay but we ain’t gonna talk about how Zim and Asher be hella fine for no reason tho ?

  94. leslie fernandez

    Idk why but ian looks like jess in gilmore girls, i need his @

  95. K P

    My favourite musical is Dancing In The Rain ☔

  96. Tyler cartwright

    She sucks honestly Ian was the best

  97. ok then

    yea i gonna kill ari’s bestie. but yeah i really do hope ian and ariana find each other someday because i swear they’re perfect for each other 🥺

  98. Giana Carrera

    oliver, ian, and kane i’m singleee

  99. Tyler cartwright

    That’s not your friend wth

  100. Vanessa Martinez

    Me:omg Everyone:ikr