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  1. Hannah Gates

    never had a HEADACHE WHAT

  2. gi cantero

    1_ Betty 2_veronita-cheryl 3_jughead 4_archir

  3. Apikali Kepa

    You're such a joy Seungkwan 😂💜love you guuuuys

  4. jAdamariE

    He better pick her up in his yacht then😂

  5. Donald MCdonald

    3:14 my dyslexic ass read that as "the meat balls". I was like what is this segment?

  6. Luxurious Llama

    I love that this got more views than their video’s so people watched this without context lmao

  7. The Ramos Family

    Zach u hottie hit me up loljk

  8. Reish

    Not a big Potterhead, but SHE HATES LUPIN WHY?! And Defense Against the Dark Arts is my faaaavvveeee

  9. Catz1a

    Dang where's the Miyeon rap verse we deserve?

  10. Chloe Schaefer

    I’m 13 and I can sprint in 3 inch heels

  11. Lip-ton

    She is so cute and innocent looking. I would definitely put a ring on it no cap.😣

  12. cocobinou

    theron is adorable asf

  13. j a y

    there’s no way that dude is 12

  14. tori elle

    when i first got my period last year when I was 14, i had to do swim class coincidentally like the next week. so I had to practice putting in tampons for like a good 2 hours and it was so so frustrating lmao. But since that day, i am not an expert 😌

  15. Noah Padilla

    We ain’t gonna talk abt how that one girl is gonna but a mansion with 10,000 bucks

  16. Fabiane Souza


  17. Carson.Cristine.

    Okay, but Andrew was so cute. I'd definitely go to Israel with him 😍😍

  18. song angelena

    why is this in my recommended *11 years later* 😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Samuel Marini

    Aqui é Brasil merdaaaa

  20. Strawberry_ Cake

    This. Is. Amazing!!

  21. Alaina Papritz

    He is the wholesomest actor!!!

  22. viviana sanchez paredes

    Minute 9.52 is Severus Snape singing.

  23. Lilly Plays

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ love you soo much your the best your soo funny and cool love you soo much ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  24. •SushiPanda•

    Are they saying they hate LGBT+? WELP I HATE THIS

  25. Nukshila Chang

    Alec is so adorable.

  26. Kaultier

    he said “is this for girls” 😭😭😭

  27. Dan .C

    She’s the most cringe person fml

  28. Lilly Wright

    colin is attractive wow

  29. lola lolandas

    Uwu que tiernas

  30. Brianna Nicole

    She looks really familiar but I don’t know who she is.

  31. Piper Mcmahan

    I miss them when they were teens

  32. Imelda Ponce

    me too justin is the best arist ever love you justin

  33. tootiefruity7768


  34. Kerry K

    First I see one of these with Kurtis and Dean and now I see one with Sam and Colby? Huh???

  35. Alligator Mermaid

    “My favourite destination is Europe”

  36. Koala

    Fun fact: You didn’t search for this

  37. rars '

    11:18 "it's kinda hard being christian nowadays" huuuum are you sure about that?

  38. Trinity Marie

    He shoulda picked that light skin gurl she was amazing n many ways n the way his face was when they picked her to leave aweee

  39. Diva Glam Nails

    Why doesn’t he have an actual show on tv. I think it would b great. My obsession with him is real. Lol Ps. Ok yellow romper!!

  40. amaya

    the background music is really annoying

  41. mynameislilligrace anxiety help x


  42. tinylilmatt

    Oh dear what a mistake clicking on this. I can see the demograph this is aimed at. Little girls who watch cat videos and Jake Paul 🤮

  43. booklover0924

    Harry imitating Kat doing a selfie is hilarious. This whole cast always has me cracking up.