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  1. Gavin Fisher

    POV: you’re looking for Morgz comment

  2. Meditate For Awareness

    Look at the Pie 🥧 speaking English but pretending theres no revolution going on in America... that’s the funniest thing about this vid 😆

  3. Egor Malenkov

    Hate coronavirus

  4. Erzsébet Baján

    Pewdiepie kula

  5. Poonis Png

    3:13 he almost said it guys. That was close

  6. Jaedon Martinez


  7. Void

    Pewdiepie comes out number 1 on strong man

  8. Gd Wadeplayz

    Felix: *calls geometry dash impossible game* Me: “what a retard lol hahahaha funny”

  9. Ahmed Nefzi

    1:22 PewDiePie quotes 🌼

  10. Graham Dietrich

    Does anyone know what the song was

  11. Joshable

    T series is weird

  12. mochapond

    Pewds: *beats 25% of a game* Pewds: yea i beat the game

  13. Gwen Cowan

    This is why I love your vids you are so funny

  14. Lexie Duran


  15. Jeremiah Morrisseau

    5:26 pewds spit on himself n left it for a while

  16. Time Burger

    the camera can't decide to whome to focus

  17. expert's experience

    Bt ur a great 💯💯👍👍👍😶😶

  18. Thelma Dunayevich


  19. Jay

    Getting ready for my playthrough of Far Cry 2

  20. expert's experience

    Ur like skeleton, that is fake aabs😂😂😂😂😂😂, u sit on the chair like homeless man 😳😅😅😅😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  21. elGAVO2001

    Conor Magregor?¡??¡?¡

  22. Brendon Page


  23. what is a boy

    and pewds you should do asmr with that precious voice XD

  24. MegaCyberC

    how?? and why??

  25. Mortus Evil

    5 SoJ for Diablo's balls

  26. RonMcDon


  27. aa gaming lol

    Plis pew 360 vr video

  28. janrick morales

    Pewds is copying Davie540 hahahha joke thats your choice Davie540

  29. samantha huszar

    love this video

  30. ClainBill

    Thank hell for auto-correct Tambooreen -> tambourine

  31. Jon Carlowie

    still love this music, i downloaded this like a year ago

  32. Wissam Gagnon

    The little boy finally became a man 😭😭😿 its so cute

  33. Helena Brito

    Felix looks so adorable

  34. Sextant Rouvier

    Is it just me or is pewds starting to look like conor mcgregor ?!?!?

  35. Wee Adam09

    You should do a dare live stream

  36. Svtfoe edits


  37. Lead

    That's exactly how I feel about exercise. Do it until you fail.

  38. RingoTheFlamingo

    Anyone else notice the og intro

  39. RonMcDon

    The amount of views on this video

  40. پویا رجایی

    We did it BOIS YES!

  41. ClainBill

    We just saw a man trapped in a cave and starve to death and all anyone says is rip tambourine

  42. Beatle4 -11

    This is so inspirational, thank you Pewds 🙏 I will take all this advice to heart, I need to learn how to get fit

  43. Svtfoe edits


  44. aa gaming lol

    Whath the ****

  45. Angelo Langenhoven

    When you use the wrong formula and make it work after 10 millenniums

  46. diego cordoba .

    like si utilizastes traductor para leer esto tan solo por que dice ( Pewdiepie ) y no entiendes el español like para que Pewdiepie le esto aprenda el español y pueda tener mas supcriptores pew

  47. Chef in training

    8:14 that part made me stand up out of my hospital bed

  48. Ashley Nguon

    Dude I’m a girl And my. Cuz In is a boy and I more pro then him

  49. Ralph Tan

    Took u 2 years to get married im happy for u

  50. Joeyfridays

    so are you just always wearing over the ear headphones?

  51. Obiero Pete

    *Tambourine Breaks* PewDiePie: He was like father to me, I loved him like son

  52. Podemos llegar a 1000 subs sin subir videos???!!

    Dont see my name. Pd: Good video

  53. Angelo Langenhoven

    This is a cover up for killing water sheep aaaaghhhhhhh

  54. notlawnad


  55. Luka S Gasso

    i came searching piudipai and i come back with the rock

  56. Ahmed Nefzi

    12:56 that's so depressing ....

  57. larry Spiller

    Never heard of a lock nut/lock washer felix? Haha. Put some on your loose bolts and they won't keep coming off

  58. ʚʙʟᴜᴇʙᴀʙʏʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ'sɞ

    I wonder.......... How many of those dislikes *ACTUALLY* *are* dislikes, and how many are there just because he said so? 🤔🤔🤔🤷‍♀️

  59. Oxygen_OW

    Jokes on you I don’t have speaker

  60. danny thanos

    We must take over rise my brothers

  61. ProtoBike

    F for the tambourine.... :))))

  62. Sienna Dz

    I refuse to believe that they are two grown 27 year old men.. they are CHILDREN

  63. MrsCarol Yuen

    RISE UP STEP CHICKENSSSS!!! STEP CHICKENS WHERE ARE YOU!!! WE SHALL GROWWW AND TAKE OVER!!! (I know my profile isn’t a step chicken but it’s because this is my moms account )

  64. Kai Angulo

    Alternate Title: watching a swedish man suffer for 12 minutes straight.

  65. By Forza

    Title should’ve been rick sanchez and elon musk host meme review

  66. The Professional Cringe

    *104 days of summer vacation*

  67. Farah Aisyah Binti Mohamad Khalik

    Dang pewds 😂 can’t believe i’m back here to listen to this masterpiece

  68. MLGsniper7

    Naruto: doesn't help Sakura Sakura: *wait but that's illegal*

  69. Cecilia Margarita Ruiz

    Like si habas español y no entiendes lo que dice el yutuber más famoso del mundo

  70. Prometheus Vvv

    ww3 happend

  71. Nash Horton

    I played clash of clans

  72. kiiing savage

    He said 19 year old grandma

  73. بكسؤن FM


  74. DontGiveMeThe HeebieJeebies

    I screamed so loud I couldn’t hear pewds scream, I’m fkn scared

  75. KMIQ

    I watched Pewdiepie for 8 years (finally got an ipod to watch yt), so I was 14yrs old and now i am 22. Fridays with pewdiepie was one of my fav segments that I would religiously watched.

  76. Mansu


  77. Keven Leung

    What is song at 2:29

  78. Sunic

    No do not end

  79. SmG Zeus

    Woah 1.5m

  80. Daniel Lay

    This was just in my recommended. Time to rewatch 19yr olds

  81. Nuel Sanchez

    u a Viking now

  82. NuxBlox

    Wait, how does pewds have legs??? did he lie to us???

  83. Kinni Noob

    Wath in 0,25 kk

  84. Chacob

    Here's a thought: doesnt working out waste a hell of a lot of your already numbered and depleting time?

  85. Egor Malenkov

    I hate coronavirus

  86. Mr_ slto7

    Hi/سلام I lovi you/انا احبك معا السلامه/good day

  87. Aplus_Nerd

    Give me a couple months to get swole like Felix. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

  88. Caio curiosidades

    sou do brasil e mesmo assim adoro o pewdiepie

  89. Sarah Chong


  90. Daniel :v

    I will tell my grandsons that i was part of this war

  91. EeeYeeRee

    almost one year anniversary gamers

  92. Rohan THOMAS

    "i got sick" = mans got corona

  93. Apollo Instinct

    R.I.P George Floyd😥

  94. Vergel Tongson

    Don't mind me still being pissed because of the comments moving (._.)

  95. John Wick

    This is a hate comment

    1. John Wick


  96. aurora waite


  97. 10k subscribers without any video Challenge

    I like the part when he said “bitch lasagna”